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PODCAST | Remember The Pain Going Into 2024

Listen now | I want to kind of add more emphasis on something we talked about this morning’s episode and that has to do with the pivot that the Biden team and Democrats, in general, are going to make going into the election season for 2024.

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Ohio Senate: GOP candidate JD Vance defeats Dem challenger House Rep. Tim Ryan

Fox News projects that GOP candidate and author JD Vance will defeat Democratic U.S. House Rep. Tim Ryan in the U.S. Senate race for Ohio.

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PODCAST | When Does Ideological Activism Cost Too Much?

In the aftermath of reports that an illegal alien has been arrested for repeatedly raping a 10-year-

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PODCAST | Activism On The Back Of A 10-Year-Old Rape Victim?

Before we get to yesterday's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch in which we discuss President Oatmeal's groveling to the Saudis for oil even as he and his team decimate the US fossil fuel industry and sell our strategic reserves

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Mayor Tells School Board Resign Or Be Charged With ‘Child Porn’ Over Assignment, Parents Erupt In Applause

An Ohio mayor on Monday confronted a school board over sexual and inappropriate writing prompts students were given in class, informing board members they can either resign or face potential charges of child pornography.

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Mel Alexenberg – Digital Flights from Israel to Iowa and Abu Dhabi Reveal Isaiah’s Vision

Mel Alexenberg – Digital Flights from Israel to Iowa and Abu Dhabi Reveal Isaiah’s Vision As an American-Israeli artist, I launched cyberangels from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem to the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art to celebrate the Na

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Will Ohioans Stoop to Adding Another Marxist to Congress?

With twelve candidates to choose from, the question for Ohioans in one congressional district is this. Are you going to send a Marxist...

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Ohio Woman Arrested and Tased For Not Wearing a Mask at Son's Outdoor Football Game

An Ohio woman was arrested for not wearing a mask while social distancing at her son's outdoor football game.

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Swastika sign found on Ohio couple’s pizza, employees fired

What was meant to be a simple stop for pizza at an Ohio Little Ceasar’s turned out to be anything but when the couple found an offensive message inside the box.

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Someone In Ohio Called Police On A Black Family Delivering Newspapers

Brandie Sharp and her two sons were out delivering the afternoon paper when a cop showed up.

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Supreme Court rules in favor of Ohio 'voter purge'

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld Ohio’s "use it or lose it" practice of cleaning up its voter rolls. 

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'Zombie' raccoons are terrifying Ohio residents in broad daylight with odd behavior | Fox News

Authorities in Youngstown “have responded to over a dozen” calls in recent weeks about the mammals behaving oddly, WKBN-TV reported Tuesday.

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Man or Astro-Man?- Destroy All Astromen [Full Album]

00:00 reverb 10,000 02:15 name of numbers 03:39 popcorn crabula 05:35 a mouthful of exhaust 07:31 of sex and demise 09:31 joker's wild 11:46 intoxica 13:25 m...

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Possible links between dead man, missing women investigated - AOL.com

CINCINNATI (AP) -- West Virginia police said Sunday they are sharing information with authorities investigating suspicious deaths and missing women i...

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A WKRP Thanksgiving Quiz | Online Quiz | Mental Floss

A WKRP Thanksgiving Quiz. Take the free online quiz on Mental Floss.