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UNPACKED: Next Year in Jerusalem: Why Is This City So Important?

UNPACKED: Next Year in Jerusalem: Why Is This City So Important? Jerusalem has, is, and will continue to be, a central location of religious significance to Jews, Muslims and Christians. Through a deeper dive of Judaism’s four nicknames for the city, th

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Why won’t the UK recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

The opening of talks on a UK-Israel free-trade agreement (FTA) is a welcome development for both countries. The negotiations, launched by Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan in a meeting with Israeli ambassador Tzipi Hotovely on Wednesday, follow a bilat

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DISPATCH FROM THE MIDDLE EAST: How To Get Away with Killing Americans In Terrorist Attacks: One Father’s Chilling Story

Listen now (13 min) | “The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship. It exceeds concern for life itself.” - James E. Faust It is every parent’s worst, most unimaginable nightmare. August 9, 2001.

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Fallout from Biden’s Visit Undermines Israel in Area C, Eastern Jerusalem

The PA Arab bourgeoisie told the visiting Americans they prefer to let their population live in poverty rather than be disloyal to the folks in Ramallah.

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Biden staff removes Israeli flag from presidential vehicle - in Israel’s Capital, Jerusalem

'PM Lapid receives 'failing' grade for this visit,' Danny Danon responds. 'Scary to think what future diplomatic visits might look like.'

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Biden Admin Takes Major Step To Roll Back Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Move

The Biden administration elevated diplomatic relations with the Palestinian government, in what diplomats warn is the first step to walking back the United States’ historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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Liberating our Jerusalem

Confronting the forgotten history of Muslim occupation of Israel.

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Shavuot, the Six-Day War and the Sorry ‘Status Quo’ on the Temple Mount

Palestinians shout slogans at the compound that houses Al-Aqsa Mosque, known to Muslims as Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as …

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Demonization of Jews, not flag march, at fault for Jerusalem unrest

Opinion: Those making the dangerous and wrong claim that Jerusalem Day tradition is the catalyst for Palestinian riots, must remember the debunked 'al-Aqsa in danger' motto has been used as incitement against Jews for centuries

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The alternative universe of Palestinian ‘sovereignty’

The Palestinians push a false reality that the rest of the world buys into, and then insists Israel buy into it as well.

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The Temple Mount: ‘These Stones Are Not Silent’ - Meir Y. Soloveichik

On May 6, 2022, Israel’s Independence Day, the Temple Mount was opened to Jews for the first time in 11 days. Jewish visitors, calmly and proudly walking

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Steve Kramer – Jerusalem – In Whose Hands Is It?

Steve Kramer – Jerusalem – In Whose Hands Is It? On Sunday, May 29, 2022, Israel commemorated Jerusalem Day, marking 55 years since the Israeli forces (IDF) liberated the Old City from the 19-year Jordanian occupation of 1948-1967. Jerusalem h

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The Jewish nation's capital throughout history - Jerusalem

Islamists artificially inflate Islam's link to the city, but Islamic terrorism turned Jerusalem, literally the City of Peace, into a bloody battleground and thus forfeited any claim to share in the city's destiny. Op-ed.

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Jerusalem Day: Media, Why Is Raising a Flag Only a 'Provocation' When Israelis Do It?

On Sunday, Israel and Jewish communities around the world are celebrating Jerusalem Day, marking the 55th anniversary of the Jewish state's victory in the 19...

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Yom Yerushalayim: Correcting a Historical Injustice

Israel’s first prime minister David Ben Gurion. Photo: Wiki Commons. JNS.org – How are we to understand the meaning of …

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New Segment of the Ancient Low-Level Aqueduct to Jerusalem Exposed

The aqueduct was the main source of water supply to Jerusalem consecutively for 2000 years. IAA to host public without cost at the archaeological excavation in Armon Hanatziv as well as in several other fascinating archaeological sites in the city.

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The Untold Story of a Paratrooper Who Captured Jerusalem in 1967

If you appreciate our work, please consider making a donation to support us at https://theisraelguys.com/donate/. Listen to The Israel Guys Daily: https://th...

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We should restore the sounds of holiness to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

How much more will we allow this to happen before we wake up and change the music?

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Jerusalem's Supreme Muslim Council, Headed By Grand Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, In 1925: The Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound's 'Identity With The Site Of Solomon's Temple Is Beyond Dispute'

The Haram Al-Sharif Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the old city of Jerusalem, known to Christians and Jews as the Temple Mount, is a focal point of tensions between Israel and the Palestinians.

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As Israelis, we should march proudly in our capital

  Someone has to stop the insanity. Just like every other capital around the world, Jerusalem hosts mass marches. Of

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Israeli court upholds ban on Jewish prayer at Al Aqsa compound

JERUSALEM (Reuters) -An Israeli appeal court on Wednesday overruled a magistrate who had stirred Palestinian anger by questioning the legality of barring Jewish prayer at a contested Jerusalem shrine, as the United States warned its citizens over travel i

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Israel's refusal to Jewish claims on Temple Mount encourages Islamists

It is the un-Jewish “status quo” that Jordan, with American backing and Israeli acquiescence, is seeking to force on us all.

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Media Accuse Israel of Violating Jerusalem 'Status Quo', Turn Blind Eye to Foreign Gov'ts That Actually Do

Virtually unreported internationally, countries ranging from Iran to Turkey to Jordan are undertaking initiatives meant to weaken Israel's sovereignty

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Jerusalem Court Rules in Favor of Jews Praying on Temple Mount

Jewish worshippers visiting Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Photo: Reuters/Ammar Awad. i24 News – The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Sunday ruled …

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Israel is losing sovereignty over east Jerusalem

There are certain neighborhoods in east Jerusalem that would be life-threatening for Jews to step into.

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Staff in shock: Arabs riot at Jerusalem hospital after being told their family member died

Family members of patient who was evacuated to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus rioted after being notified of his death.

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The Temple Mount: The Astonishing Israeli Concession of 1967

In a triumphant moment, Israel’s flag was hoisted over the newly conquered Temple Mount—then quickly taken down.

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Palestinian Who Stabbed Officer at Damascus Gate Had Scanned Area, ‘Wanted to Harm Innocent Civilians,’ Officer Recalls

Israeli Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai visits the area around Damascus Gate to Jerusalem’s Old City on May 8, 2022. Photo: …

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Revealing the truth behind al-Aqsa and 100 years of lies

You would think that after nearly 100 years of history repeating itself, the media would catch on, but alas the last few weeks proved otherwise.

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The Status Quo on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount Has Greatly Changed since 1967

The parameters of the status quo have changed, mainly in favor of the Muslims - The Status Quo on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount Has Greatly Changed since 1967

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Jordan's attitude towards Temple Mount is antisemitic and hypocritical

Jordan has demanded that Israel relinquish more control over Temple Mount to the Wakf following the recent terror wave and Temple Mount conflicts.

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The Temple Mount travesty and poor US policy

The falsehood that Israel is storming and trying to take over the Aqsa Mosque is an ongoing antisemitic propaganda ploy with multiple aims.

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Gaza violence intensifies as Jerusalem clashes resume

Israel's air force and Palestinian militants traded fire across the Gaza frontier early Thursday as clashes erupted again at Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site.

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Malawi president plans to move embassy to Jerusalem, MP tells ‘Post’

Christian MP Joyce Chitsulo was in Israel on an Israel Allies Foundation Chairmen's Conference trip.

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Police ban flag march, gov't may close Temple Mount to Jews for 2 weeks

  Due to ongoing tension and violence in and around Jerusalem, the Israel Police decided Tuesday not to allow a

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The Incredible Tunnel of King Hezekiah

According to the Biblical story, Hezekiah launched one of the most technologically complex operations in all of ancient history.

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Al-Aqsa Mosque Is by No Means Under Threat

Palestinians walk at the compound that houses Al-Aqsa Mosque, known to Muslims as Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple …

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Live Updates: Jerusalem Calms After Israeli-Palestinian Clashes at Holy Site

Violence broke out at the Aqsa Mosque compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, in the morning on the first day of a rare convergence of Ramadan, Easter and Passover.

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As Palestinians Destroy Jewish Holy Sites, Media Focus On Fake ‘Attacks’ on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Palestinian rioters this week twice damaged Joseph's Tomb, a Jewish holy site under Palestinian Authority control.

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Biden’s Israel ambassador tells BDS group he wants Jews out of Jerusalem

“Your agenda is where my heart is,” is what Nides told APN, which opposes Jews living in Jerusalem and opposes anti-BDS legislation. Op-ed.

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Shushan Purim - Why Jerusalem celebrates a day later

All cities that were walled at the time when the Israelites, under the leadership of Joshua, entered Canaan, observe Purim on the 15th. This results in the occasional unique phenomenon of a “triple” or three-day Purim.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Of Angel Moms and Boys who are Murdered because they are Jews: Interview with Rivkah Moria

Interview with Rivkah Moriah, whose 16 year old son Avraham David Moses was murdered in the Mercaz HaRav Massacre.

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EoZ: Saudi-American academic couldn’t visit the Al Aqsa Mosque because of Palestinian hate

EoZ: Saudi-American academic couldn’t visit the Al Aqsa Mosque because of Palestinian hate Ederofziyon Najat Al-Saeed is a Saudi-American independent academic researcher who teaches in Dubai and writes for Israel Hayom. Earlier this month she tweete

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Steve Kramer – Undivided Jerusalem Must Remain So

Steve Kramer – Undivided Jerusalem Must Remain So Israel and the United States are at odds over the Israeli capital of Jerusalem. You may not remember that Congress passed – by more that a 10:1 margin – the ‘Jerusalem Embassy Act of 19

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CNN Erases Jews from the Story of Jerusalem

CNN has a problem with Jerusalem’s history. The network apparently views the utter destruction of the city, including the Second Temple – a historic

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Mel Alexenberg – Digital Flights from Israel to Iowa and Abu Dhabi Reveal Isaiah’s Vision

Mel Alexenberg – Digital Flights from Israel to Iowa and Abu Dhabi Reveal Isaiah’s Vision As an American-Israeli artist, I launched cyberangels from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem to the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art to celebrate the Na

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6 Arabs Arrested for Multi-Million Sheikh Jarrah Real Estate Forgery Scam

The suspects, using forged documents and inside information, allegedly stole millions of state-owned land in Eastern Jerusalem.

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EXCLUSIVE – Saving An Unconscious Man In The Old City of Jerusalem

EXCLUSIVE – Saving An Unconscious Man In The Old City of Jerusalem Jerusalem – On Tuesday evening, at 5:00 p.m. in Jerusalem, a 56-year-old man was taking a nap when his daughter came to check on him and found him blue-faced and unconscious wi

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Jerusalem During the War of Independence—Now in Color!

The blockade of Jerusalem began during the first few days of the War of Independence, spreading from the Old City's Jewish Quarter to the rest of Jerusalem. These color photos from 1948 show us what life was like in the city that was cut off from the rest

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The Sheikh Jarrah property dispute and the false claim of Israeli land discrimination

The claim that Israeli law permits Jews to reclaim ownership of lands they owned prior to 1948 but denies Palestinians such a right is false in every particular. 

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Inside the Battle for Jerusalem

Israel’s bombing of Gaza has killed 213 people and Hamas rockets into Israel have killed 13. The latest violence between Israel and Palestine came after week...

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The myth of the Al-Aqsa 'siege' continues to ignite Palestinian violence | TheHill

Hamas saw the need for a pretext to elevate its standing among Palestinians and proclaimed the Mosque to be under attack.

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David Lawrence-Young – Israel Scene May 2021 from Jerusalem

David Lawrence-Young – Israel Scene May 2021 from Jerusalem To paraphrase George Orwell, in 1941 he wrote: (1941): As I write, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead, trying to kill me.*   Well, this isn’t exactly true, but while

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Shlomi Shabat – Famous Israeli Singer Perfectly Captured Jerusalem

Shlomi Shabat – Famous Israeli Singer Perfectly Captured Jerusalem In English and Hebrew H/T Israelbehindthenews Jerusalem is definitely not easy to describe. There’s a feeling that goes with it that only those who have been there can understand.

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Understanding the Sheikh Jarrah Property Dispute

The entrance to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Photo: Tamar Hayardeni/Wikimedia. JNS.org – The current dispute in Jerusalem’s Sheikh …

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On the 54th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification

54 years ago, on the Jewish date of the 28th of Iyar 5727, (June 7, 1967 CE on the Gregorian calendar), Israeli forces smashed through Jordanian barriers illegally dividing the city of Jerusalem in the final days of the Six Day War.  As gun...

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ZOA Praises U.S. Senate for Passing Amendment to COVID Budget Res. to Keep the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein, Chair Mark Levenson, Esq., and Director of Government Relations Dan Pollak released the followi

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Western Wall Hanukkah candle lighting to continue amid COVID-19 pandemic

Tours of hanukkiot in Jerusalem will also take place throughout the holiday – both in person according to Health Ministry guidelines and online.

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Ancient Muslim Texts Confirm the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem | Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Jerusalem Center researcher Nadav Shragai responds to modern-day Muslim and Palestinian fabrications about the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem with the

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U.S. Embassy of Jerusalem Issues First Passport with ‘Israel’ Listed for Jerusalem-Born American

Menachem Zivotofsky who fought for the change was issued the first passport with "Israel" listed as his country of birth.

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Barry Shaw - Muslims can pray in Jerusalem. It's easy. Come in Peace.

Barry Shaw – Muslims can pray in Jerusalem. It’s easy. Come in Peace. I read an article in the London edition of the Al-Arab newspaper. It is always interesting from a strategic point of view to get a feeling of the mood of the Arab world and this

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel May 24, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 24, 2020 Israel has just celebrated the anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem, resulting in a beautiful modern city that now benefits all. There are many more examples in this week’s newsletter

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Dov Lipman - Watch: Jerusalem Day: Celebrating the Return to Israel's Ancient Capital

Dov Lipman – Watch: Jerusalem Day: Celebrating the Return to Israel’s Ancient Capital Jerusalem Day is one of the highlights of the Israeli and Jewish calendar. After 2,000 years of hoping to return to Zion, the Jewish State was re-established in

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Mel Alexenberg - Jerusalem Day Cyberangels Fly to JerUSAlems in USA

Mel Alexenberg – Jerusalem Day Cyberangels Fly to JerUSAlems in USA I am celebrating Jerusalem Day as a new media artist by launching Rembrandt-inspired cyberangels from Jerusalem in Israel to states in USA with places named JerUSAlem. There are Jer

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My Journey From Pakistani Muslim to Jerusalemite Jew - Stories of Return

My parents were secular Muslims who respected their religion; we all prayed and observed the holidays and some of the fasts. I turned out to be the most religious of the four daughters

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Next Year in Jerusalem: How American Volunteers Helped Survivors Sail From the Holocaust to Israel

Next Year in Jerusalem: How American Volunteers Helped Survivors Sail From the Holocaust to Israel This is Cameron Jessop’s National History Day 2019 Documentary about the American volunteer sailors that helped smuggle Holocaust survivors from Europ

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International Law Expert: US Anti-Settlement Policy is now "Killed & Buried"

International Law Expert Explains Implications of Pompeo's Statement on Settlements in Judea & Samaria.


More Than 11,000 People Urge Canada to Reverse UN Vote Calling Western Wall ‘Occupied Palestinian Territory’ | Jewis

The United Nations General Assembly hall. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. More than 11,000 people have signed a petition urging the Canadian …

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"Palestinian" Arab Muslims Attack Saudi Arabian Blogger on the Temple Mount for the Most Surprising Reason

Saudi Arabian blogger, Mohammed Saud, visited the Temple Mount for the first time in his life, as part of a special Arab media contingent.

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Israel Demolishes Arab Buildings Illegally Built in Jerusalem

The Arab world and mass media are having a field day attacking Israel for demolishing a number of illegal Arab homes in Jerusalem.

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The Muslim who Loves King David's Jerusalem more than the Jew - Israel Unwired

Share on FacebookTweet WhatsappIt might be hard to imagine, but in the following videos we meet a Muslim in Bahrain who is seemingly more connected to Jerusalem than the Israeli journalist who interviews him. While the journalist pushes the Muslim about v

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Nikki Haley in Jerusalem: "A Strong Israel Makes a Strong America"

Ex US envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, was the special guest at an evening tonight outside the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

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Around the world in 7 years: Taiwanese cyclist gets to Jerusalem!

'This city surprised me,' Jacky Chen says of Israeli capital, after traveling through 64 countries over the last 4 years and planning to continue to Africa and Asia next

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Jews Defy Threats of Muslim Violence and March through the Old City of Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day

Every year, we celebrate the miracles of Jerusalem Day with a mass parade, marching through the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Jonathan Sacks - Jerusalem, the Beating Heart of Jewish Faith

Jonathan Sacks – Jerusalem, the Beating Heart of Jewish Faith This Saturday night and Sunday we will celebrate Yom Yerushalayim. Im eshkachech Yerushalayim. We never forgot Jerusalem, the beating heart of Jewish faith. Here is a short video celebrat

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US Ambassador to Israel with Powerful Statement about Israel's "Secret Weapon"

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman spoke at a special one year anniversary event for the historic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

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Ancient Jerusalem Comes To Life With 3D VR Tech In New Guided Tours | Technology News

The Tower of David museum partnered with Lithodomos VR to produce the first mobile virtual reality walking tour of Jerusalem, called 'Step into History.' | NoCamels

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Hasmonean-Era Village Discovered, Proof of Jewish Connection to Jerusalem

Archaeological excavations at the Hasmonean village in Sharafat. Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority. JNS.org – A large Hasmonean-era Jewish agricultural village was …

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Archaeologists unearth 2000-year-old Hebrew 'Jerusalem' inscription - Jerusalem Post

The find is the first written evidence of the name "Jerusalem" found on a column drum dating from the Herodian period.

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Archeology is changing the (sur)face of Jerusalem - Jerusalem Post

Archaeology provides the most powerful proof of the authenticity of Jewish history and the connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and particularly, Jerusalem.

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Seal from First Temple Period found at Kotel supports biblical accounts - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

The new find supports the biblical rendering of the existence of a governor of Jerusalem 2,700 years ago, says archeologist.

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Netanyahu intervenes to save Temple Mount sifting project

Days after archaeological site said it would close for lack of cash, PM steps in, saying funding will continue

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Report: More Arabs Want to Vote in Jerusalem Municipal Elections, but Face Threats From Palestinian Terror Groups

Ahead of the upcoming Oct. 30 municipal elections in Jerusalem, Palestinian terror groups are pressuring Arab residents of the city...

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Russia Hosts National Day Reception in Jerusalem For First Time

The Russian Embassy in Israel on Thursday evening for the first time hosted its National Day reception in Jerusalem.

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Experiencing a different side of Israel

I’ve visited Israel four times so far and each time has been a completely different experience. My first visit, back in 1992, had a religious focus. I had just gotten married and was living a relig…

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In Jerusalem, Not A Single Democrat Attends US Embassy Opening

Ted Cruz blames Obama's Iran deal for eroding bipartisan support for Israel, says: 'All 435 House members could have come. All 100 senators'

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In Jerusalem I found an incredible oasis of peace where divisions between Jews and Arabs disappear | Fox News

It’s sad that it takes a special needs child to bring adults together like this. But maybe God‘s plan is bigger than something I can understand.

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Jerusalem Embassy Move Will Happen Next Year, VP Mike Pence Says

“Thanks to the president’s leadership, the alliance between our two countries has never been stronger."

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Trump’s Jerusalem Decision May Lead to Permanent Peace in Israel

The Israeli ambassador to the UN welcomes America’s belated recognition of Israel’s capital.

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Archaeological find in Jerusalem ‘proves Bible passage is historically true’

Archaeologists excavating in Jerusalem have found burned artifacts dating from 2,600 years ago – which prove that a passage in the Bible is true. Researchers uncovered charred wood, grape seeds, fish scales, bones and pottery while digging in the City o

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The Islamic claim to the Temple is very recent, since 1930

Jerusalem's role as "The Third Holiest Site in Islam" in mainstream Islamic writings does not precede the 1930s.

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Senate bill seeks to force embassy move to Jerusalem

Legislation is opening salvo as Republican lawmakers look to use Congress to challenge Obama's foreign policy

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Solicitor General: Israel Has No Claim to Jerusalem, Just as Russia Has No Claim to Crimea | Washington Free Beacon

Lawyers for the Obama administration compared Israel’s control of Jerusalem to Russian claims over the Ukrainian territory of Crimea during oral arguments this week before the Supreme Court in a case concerning the rights of U.S. citizens to list Jerusa

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At 2:30 A.M., Jews Blast Shema Prayer at Muslim Neighborhood

Tired of waking up to muezzin calls on loudspeakers in the middle of the night, Jews mount an aural counterattack.

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A Click Away from Jerusalem: Largest Virtual Tour of Jerusalem Launched

Jerusalem 360 is the largest panoramic project ever launched in Israel, enabling anyone to tour over 100 locations in Jerusalem.