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Jerusalem, dead Jews - and a history of media excuses

Seven Jews are murdered in Jerusalem and the media rolls out the excuses. It seems they have been doing this for a very long time.

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Elder Of Ziyon - It’s Not a “Terror Attack.” It’s a Terror Attack

Why would journalists put "terror attack" in scare quotes when describing the Neve Ya'akov synagogue shooting?

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NGOs Blame the Victims: A False “Massacre” in Jenin and “Legitimate Resistance” outside a Jerusalem Synagogue

NGO responses to the terrorist attack in Jerusalem and counter-terror operations in Jenin reflect an immoral agenda that stands in direct contradiction to the human rights mandate that they and their funder-enablers claim.

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Jenin, Jerusalem and intentional false equivalence

American Islamists and media figures are whitewashing Palestinian terrorism and slandering Israel for defending itself.

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New York Times blasted for 'shameful coverage of Jerusalem terrorist attack

“Here’s the New York Times reporting that Jews were murdered and they had it coming,” tweeted former head of speechwriting at Israel’s Mission to the United Nations, Aviva Klompas.

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Rashida Tlaib Pays Lip Service to Israeli Terror Victims, 'Honors' Palestinian Terrorists

Following a terror attack in Jerusalem, US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib implicitly compared the terror victims to Palestinian terrorists.

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Who was really behind the Jerusalem terror attack

This isn’t random terrorism, it’s carefully calculated terrorism.

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Sickening reaction over Israeli massacre

The west's liberal hypocrites have Jewish blood on their hands