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NGOs Blame the Victims: A False “Massacre” in Jenin and “Legitimate Resistance” outside a Jerusalem Synagogue

NGO responses to the terrorist attack in Jerusalem and counter-terror operations in Jenin reflect an immoral agenda that stands in direct contradiction to the human rights mandate that they and their funder-enablers claim.

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Jenin, Jerusalem and intentional false equivalence

American Islamists and media figures are whitewashing Palestinian terrorism and slandering Israel for defending itself.

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Terror in Jerusalem, Counter-Terror in Jenin, and False Moral Equivalency

While coming from different starting points, two journalistic misdeeds— drawing a false moral equivalency and applying a double standard — end up with the

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Why It Is More Likely the IDF Did Not Kill Shireen Abu Aqleh

How the available evidence casts serious doubts on the idea that the IDF fired the shots that killed Abu Aqleh