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Cabinet poised to give nod to formal recognition of unauthorized settlements

  The government is poised to vote on a series of measures aimed at retroactively approving dozens of unauthorized outposts

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Pilgrimage to Joseph's Tomb an increasingly perilous journey

Every visit to the Jewish holy site in Nablus since March has been attacked by terrorists.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Palestinians in Hebron celebrate the murder of a Jew

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

Politics | Judea & Samaria

Watch: Police stand by as Arabs shoot ball bearings at Jewish protester

Police distributed tickets to Jews protesting recent attacks as Arabs threw rocks and fired ball bearings.

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Elder Of Ziyon - U.S. Ambassador Tom Nides: I Work Every Day to “Eliminate” Jews from Judea and Samaria

Tom Nides tells the JTA he works every day behind the scenes to eliminate any Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: Yamit: The Forgotten Expulsion (Judean Rose)

Candid interview with Isser Coopersmith about the evacuation of Yamit.

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Six Day War: Israel's victory marred by indecision over what comes next

The day after the Six Day War, Israel lacked a grand strategy for the lands that had fallen under its control.

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Did Abraham use a smartphone?

One anachronistic untruth is the same as any other. If ancient Hebron can baldly be called "Palestinian", any claim can be accepted. Op-ed.

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Ukraine crisis shows Israel the international community won't rescue you

Even though Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria is fully supported by history and international law, and Russia illegally occupies large parts of Ukraine, accusations against Israel will continue.

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Pirate Palestinian quarry chips away at ancient aqueduct

  An illegal Palestinian quarry in Gush Etzion is causing gradual damage to a major archaeological site – an ancient

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There’s no apartheid in the West Bank

The policies that Israel has enacted in the West Bank are not apartheid and this charge is being used to delegitimize Israel.

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US Ambassador Thomas Nide's refusal to visit Judea-Samaria Jews - opinion

Nides’s statements are a painful indication that the ambassador wishes to appease the PA’s terrorist dictatorship, radical Islamists and radical leftists.

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What Worked in the Golan Will Work in Judea and Samaria

A general view shows the town of Majdal Shams near the ceasefire line between Israel and Syria in the Golan …

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GOP bill would keep settlement products labeled ‘Made in Israel’

Tenney argued that returning to the pre-Pompeo policy would empower those who seek to boycott the Jewish state.

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Why Rename Judea and Samaria?

A view shows Palestinian houses in the West Bank village of Wadi Fukin as the Israeli settlement of Beitar Illit …

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US begins to label settlement products as 'Made in Israel'

Policy shift was announced by Pompeo during unprecedented recent visit to a West Bank winery; unclear if Biden administration will uphold it

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'Esther was murdered with monstrous cruelty' - Inside Israel - Israel National News

52-year-old mother of six Esther Horgan, who was murdered by an Arab terrorist while jogging, will be laid to rest this morning.

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Murder in Samaria: 'She was a woman full of life, full of light' - Israel National News

Elazar Roth, head of Tel Menashe's first-response team, describes searches for missing mother of six who was found murdered.

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Report: UAE-Israel deal to be phased to block Israel from applying sovereignty before 2024

Man in comma since Hanukkah stabbing opens eyes, is breathing on his own, sources say.

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Why The West Bank Is Not ‘Palestinian’ Land

The community of Beit El in Judea and Samaria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. “Who can challenge the rights of the Jews …

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'I hope sovereignty is a matter of when, not if,' says former US envoy

Former US Special Representative for Middle East Affairs Jason Greenblatt on Wednesday called on those who opposed the suspension of

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Jewish group wants remote archaeological sites included in sovereignty bid

The Israeli government is facing calls from campaigners to declare sovereignty over ancient Jewish ruins on land in Judea and

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Democratic congresswomen try to derail Israel's sovereignty bid in new letter

Four Democratic members of the US House of Representatives have been circulating a letter to US Secretary of State Mike

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BDS groups plan anti-annexation ‘Day of Rage’ across the US

"We demand the defunding and dismantling of US police alongside the defunding and dismantling of Zionist colonialism and racist Israeli apartheid."

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Yes: annexation, No: Palestinian state - The Jerusalem Post

There is no compelling moral, historical or political reason why annexation in whole or in part should be made contingent on agreeing to the creation of a Palestinian entity.

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ZOA Criticizes 19 Senators Threatening Israel If It Applies Sovereignty to Parts of Judea Samaria

ZOA President Morton A. Klein and Chair Mark Levenson, Esq. released the following statement:  ZOA strongly criticizes a dangerous letter authored by Sens. C

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The Jewish people are not “settlers” in their own ancestral heartland

Why should 'peace' between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs require that Israel give its ancestral birthright for a mess of potage?

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Former justice minister: Israel should begin annexing Area C without prior US approval

In order to realize the promise contained in the recently unveiled Middle East Peace Plan, Israel should begin annexing Area

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It's time to build in Judea and Samaria as we do in Tel Aviv

US President Donald Trump has spent months formulating the much-anticipated counter-Oslo Accords measure. Yes, it is precisely this president, who

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Netanyahu to Bring Annexation of Jordan Valley, All "Settlements" to Cabinet Vote Sunday

Briefing reporters after White House released peace proposal, PM hails 'a revolutionary change from previous peace proposals'

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President Trump Checkmates PA President Abbas Who then Curses Trump "Son of a B***tch"

We are witnessing history live-streamed in epic proportions. The question is, who is noticing?

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The ICC and the Orwellian denial of Jewish presence in Israel

This announcement has sparked considerable reactions and commentaries on whether it was legally grounded or not.

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After Likud win, Netanyahu vows to 'finalize borders,' get US to back annexation | The Times of Israel

In speech after big victory over party rival, PM lays out six-point plan that also includes stopping Iran, normalizing ties with Arab countries

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Israel needs to say categorically that enabling Jews to live in the West Bank is not a war crime

Israel needs to say categorically that enabling Jews to live in the West Bank is not a war crime.

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Political Advocacy Journalism Distorts Coverage of US Policy on Settlements | CAMERA

There is no better illustration of the prevailing political advocacy journalism than the recent coverage of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s announcement about

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The Trump Administration Is Absolutely Correct To Call Israeli ‘Settlements’ Legal

In a move that will only further buttress the Trump administration’s well-deserved claim to being the most pro-Israel American presidency since the 1948 founding of the Jewish state, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced today that it shall hence

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Why The Palestinian Problem Is Dying of Natural Causes

"West Bank grows calmer as pocketbook issues take priority of protests" is the headline of a New York Times story today. It seems that the Palestinian jihadists of the old intifadas are more concerned about making a living than killing Israelis. Writes re

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At Start of Travel Season, AP Runs Hatchet Job Against Pro-Settlements Duty Free Chain | The Jewish Press

Simon Falic also told the AP: “We are proud to support organizations that help promote Jewish life all over the Land of Israel.”

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Dershowitz: Trump's ambassador is right on Israel's annexation. His posturing, pro-Palestinian critics are wrong

David Friedman is right: International law supports Israel retaining some of the West Bank. I should know – I helped draft it.

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WATCH: The Scary Moment When Terrorists Throw a Molotov Cocktail at Bus of High School Girls in Judean Hills

Muslim terrorists in the Gush Etzion area threw a molotov cocktail at a bus of High School girls driving home after a special school weekend getaway.

News | Israel לב ישראל

Everyone needs to know the truth about the West Bank - and here it is

People refer to the West Bank as "occupied." But is that even what it's called? Are the Jewish people occupying their own land? Here are all the answers!

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FDR's letter to the Palestine Pavilion at the World's Fair and the legality of Jewish settlements

n 1939, this letter by President Franklin Roosevelt was published by the organizers of the Palestine Pavilion at the New York World's Fair....