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Steve Kramer – Israel and the Problem of Homicides

Steve Kramer – Israel and the Problem of Homicides   Yes, there’s gang violence in Israel, but not nearly on the scale of American gang violence. Violent crime in Israel is predominantly found in Israeli Arab towns and in mixed Arab-Jewish ci

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WATCH: Pro-Palestinian Mob Attacks Car on the Streets of London

BNigel Farage declared that "London in 2021 is not a safe place to be" following footage showing pro-Palestinian activists attacking a car.

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750+ Rioters Arrested In Israel As ‘Arab Mobs’ Torch 5 Synagogues, Attack Jewish Citizens

Israeli law enforcement officials have arrested more than 750 people this week as the nation grapples with violent racially motivated riots from Arab mobs.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Two Roads Taken Towards Israeli Integration: Arabs & Haredim

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Two Roads Taken Towards Israeli Integration: Arabs & Haredim Israel has entered a new era with its two major non-Zionist sectors finally moving to integrate into general society. But the path taken by the ultra-Orthodox har

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Arabs Warn Biden: Do Not Embrace Islamists

Several Arab political analysts and columnists, particularly in the Gulf, have voiced similar sentiments. The message they are sending to Biden and the Democrats: We do not want to go back to the bad old days when the US administration aligned itself with

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Victor Rosenthal - Plan Z and Israel Bashed for Resisting Arab Colonization

Victor Rosenthal – Plan Z and Israel Bashed for Resisting Arab Colonization PLAN Z In the Fall of 2012, Bibi Netanyahu and then Minister of Defense Ehud Barak had a plan to destroy Iran’s capability to make nuclear weapons. The plan was not execut

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Elder Of Ziyon - Another video of Gulf Muslims being harassed by Palestinians at Al Aqsa

Palestinian Muslims are proud to share videos of them insulting their fellow Muslims at Al Aqsa when they happen to come from Gulf countries.

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Arab funding for Palestinian Authority down 85% in 2020

Arab aid for the Palestinian Authority plummeted by 85% in 2020, the New Arab reported Wednesday. According to the report,

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If Israelis love the Arabs in the UAE, how can Zionism be racism?

Israel haters often say that Zionism is racism, saying that the entire idea of Zionism is anti-Arab.

This week we saw an outpouring of love from Israeli Jews to the Arabs of the United Arab Emirates. Israelis are excited to start new business initiatives, to visit the UAE with their families. Zionists worldwide are enthusiastic over the possibilities. Israelis and Emiratis are exchanging admiring posts on social media.

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Elder Of Ziyon - British census in 1922 says that lots of Arabs came to Beersheva from Transjordan and Arabia

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Arabs Riot in Jaffa After Resident Arrested for Violating Quarantine Regulations

An aerial view of the port of Jaffa. Photo: Andrew Shiva via Wikimedia Commons. JNS.org – Arab residents of Jaffa …

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In Arab Countries, Restoring Synagogues Means Never Saying Sorry for Past Crimes

The interior of the Eliyahu HaNavi synagogue in Alexandria, Egypt. Photo: World Monuments Fund. JNS.org – Last week, to much …

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Will Arab anti-Zionism revive? | The Jerusalem post

The old wall of Arab anti-Zionism has fractured, but lingering hostility against Israel could explode anew.

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Arab States Are Claiming the Heritage of Their Expelled Jews

Iraqi Jews leaving Lod airport in Israel on their way to the Ma’abara transit camp, 1951. Photo: Israel Government Press …

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Hebron Riots of 1929: Anti-Jewish Terrorism Predates the 1967 War

Arab rejection of Israel and Zionism emerges from an all-or-nothing view of justice and honor. It has never brooked compromise or moderation.

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Forced to Kiss the Shoes of a Muslim Classmate, Called A 'Dirty Jew': Antisemitic Bullying Exposed at Australian Schools

The picture posted on Instagram showing a Jewish boy forced to kiss the shoes of a Muslim classmate at the …

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The Media is Lying about Israeli Arab Parties and Israeli Democracy

Everywhere you turn, the headlines in mass media are celebrating the win of the joint Arab list in Israeli elections.

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Top Arab official has been unknowingly spying for Israel for 5 years

IDF's human intel unit unveils one of Jewish state's most important assets in an unspecified Arab state, a spy known as 'Torpedo,' including details of his remarkable recruitment

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Group of Israelis Brutally Attacked in Warsaw by Arab Men Shouting 'Free Gaza'

Israeli Yotam Kashpizky after being beaten by a group of Arabs in Warsaw, Poland, September 8, 2019. Photo: Facebook screenshot. …

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"Palestinian" Arabs Celebrate By Showing Their True Colors

Fellow Arab Muslims just murdered 17-year-old Rina Shnerb while she was swimming with her father and brother and this is how they celebrate.

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Did Arab Violence Really Start With the 'Occupation'? | HonestReporting

 Arab violence is frequently justified because of the "Naqba" of 1948 and the "occupation" of 1967. After all, they insist, Jews forced Arabs from

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Rami Dabbas - Arabs Have Everything to Gain from Normalization with Israel

Rami Dabbas – Arabs Have Everything to Gain from Normalization with Israel H/T to United With Israel My people don’t understand that Israel is actually our friend and that if we followed the Jewish state’s example, then we, too, would become pro

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YEMACH SHEMOM: Palestinians Shoot Fireworks As Thousands Attend Levaya Of Dvir Sorek HY”D [SEE THE VIDEO]

Thousands of people accompanied the funeral procession of Corporal Dvir Sorek (19) which took place in the regional cemetery in Ofra on Thursday night. Sorek was found murdered early on Thursday mo…

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Life’s a Beach in Gaza | Israellycool

Yet anti-Israel propagandists would like the world believe Gaza is a 'concentration camp' and 'open air prison.'

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Do Arab Israelis Really Suffer From Apartheid? | HonestReporting

The claims of “apartheid” regarding Arab Israelis often heard in college campuses and parliaments around the world ignore just one point – the facts. The 

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Arabs: You can’t Judaize Jerusalem | The Jerusalem Post

The Pilgrimage Road is part of Jewish history, and as Friedman said, Israel is as likely to give up that heritage site as the United States would surrender the Statue of Liberty.

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Turkish organization teaches Arab kids from east Jerusalem that Israel is theirs

A Turkish organization, seeking to deepen Turkish influence in Jerusalem, has launched this summer a series of summer camps for

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The silence about black slavery in the Arab world | David Meir

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in the US about a demand by certain black organizations (like Black Lives Matter) for a financial compensation by the “white” people for slavery.

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Micha Danzig - Analysis: The true history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the 'Nakba'

Micha Danzig – Analysis: The true history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the ‘Nakba’ The Algemeiner Contrary to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib’s fake narrative, the ‘Nakba’ is a catastrophe of the Arabs’ own making. To be clear, and contr

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Elder Of Ziyon: Vile: US Rep @RashidaTlaib pretends Palestinians helped Jews after the Holocaust

This is unreal.

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Arab Music Videos Mocking Jews And Making Light of Terror | Israellycool

Depicting religious Jews in grotesque fashion and making fun of the fact we are living under constant threat of terror

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Supporting the new Arab-Israeli alliances in the Middle East is more important than the "Peace Process"--and T

Supporting the new Arab-Israeli alliances in the Middle East is more important than the “Peace Process”–and Trump Knows It

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Arabs are torch-bearers for Nazi anti-Semitism | JNS.org

The myth of the Arabs as innocent bystanders, who had no responsibility for the Holocaust—and indeed, paid the price for a European crime when Israel was established—is widely believed.

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Report: More Arabs Want to Vote in Jerusalem Municipal Elections, but Face Threats From Palestinian Terror Groups

Ahead of the upcoming Oct. 30 municipal elections in Jerusalem, Palestinian terror groups are pressuring Arab residents of the city...

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An Arab Muslim in the Israeli Army | PragerU

Why would an Arab Muslim serve in the Israeli military? Because he, like many Israeli Arabs, proudly defend the nation that has given them freedom and opportunity. Mohammad Kabiya, Israeli Air Force reservist, shares his remarkable story.

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Does Israel Discriminate Against Arabs? | PragerU

Does Israel discriminate against Arabs? Is it today's version of apartheid South Africa? Olga Meshoe, herself a South African whose family experienced apartheid, settles the question once and for all.

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Arab man says he murdered Jewish girlfriend to ‘free Palestinian prisoners’ - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Body of pregnant Michal Halimi, 29, of Binyamin found bludgeoned in Holon after having gone missing for a week.

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Palestinians, Arab World Celebrate, Take Credit for Israeli Fires With #IsraelIsBurning Hashtag | Jewish & Israel Ne

As Israel battled tirelessly for the third day in a row to extinguish and contain dozens of fires that erupted...

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A Growing Trend: Brave Muslim Zionists

Muslim Zionist Mahdi Satri: “After 3 years of violence against me after coming out publicly with my Zionism and I’m still the last man standing, standing against my village,”

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Arabs Destroy 'Secret Cave' of Bar Kochba Rebellion

Palestinians last week destroyed an ancient cave in the Gush Etzion area, dating back to rebellion against Rome 1,900 years ago..

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The fiction of the Israel-Palestine peace dividend - David's Harp - Israel News | Haaretz

Sorry, RAND: Israel is doing fine economically without peace, and the Palestinians should be skeptical that their state will bring them much prosperity.

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Israel's election: Arab parties have high hopes with united front - LA Times

Ayman Odeh was running late, as usual. But like the charismatic politician he is, Odeh lingered over handshakes and looked constituents meaningfully in the eye, sometimes placing his hand atop his own tousled head while he listened carefully to their ques

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Dennis Prager - What the Arab World Produces

At least since the early part of the 20th century, aside from oil, the Arab world has produced and exported two products.

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What the Arab World Produces - The Dennis Prager Show The Dennis Prager Show

At least since the early part of the 20th century, aside from oil, the Arab world has produced and exported two products. It has produced essentially no technology, medicine or anything else in the world of science. It has almost no contributions to world

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California school drops 'Arabs' for 'Mighty Arabs' | KFI AM 640

California high school retires 'Arabs' moniker to become 'Mighty Arabs,' adopts nobler logo

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Uncovered: U.K. intel encouraged Arab armies to invade Israel in 1948

Intelligence obtained by the French secret services in the Middle East sheds new light on Britain’s role in the Arab-Israeli War of Independence.

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Yup. Ok. Israel News: "Zionists trying to hide Canaanite-Palestinian civilization"

You know how Israel is always accused of using archaeology to hide any traces of Muslim presence in the land (a charge that a simple visit to the Israel Museum would dispel)?

Well, that's passe. Now Israel is being accused of hiding the flourishing Canaanite-Palestinian civilization.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News: "Cultural genocide" alert: Ali Abunimah accuses NYT of couscous-washing!

The Arabs are complaining that it is inappropriate for Livni to ever be happy for any reason whatsoever when Israel has attacked Arabs who were firing rockets at it.

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Temple Univ. Jewish Student Punched In Face And Called ‘Kike’ In Anti-Semitic Attack

“Before this I just thought Students for Justice in Palestine was crazy but I didn’t know it would lead to violence.”

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Arab doctor saves Jewish soldier hit by Arab bullets. No big deal?

Hadassah's Prof. Ahmed Eid gets a little irritated when people ask him questions about being an Arab surgeon in Jewish Israel. 'There's no drama here,' he insists. Oh, but there is...

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Making David Into Goliath | FrontPage Magazine

Empathizing with the underdog is a natural human instinct. When we see a little David facing off against a mighty Goliath, our hearts go out to the little guy. But what happens when Goliath pretends to be David and then accuses David of really being Goliath?

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Lee Habeeb - Arab Like Me

Arab Like Me - Maybe, just maybe, Arabs can break out of their self-destructive hatred and envy.

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Arab Leaders, Viewing Hamas as Worse Than Israel, Stay Silent

Led by Egypt, a coalition of Arab states has effectively lined up with Israel in its fight against Hamas, posing new obstacles to efforts to end the Gaza conflict.

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Harry Potter actress was beaten and branded a prostitute by her brother after dating man 'who was not a Muslim'

Afshan Azad, 22, who appeared in the blockbuster movies as Padma Patil, was attacked and branded a ‘slag’ when Muslim relatives found out about her boyfriend.

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Massacre at Yarmouk | Jonathan Messing

Yarmouk was home to the largest Palestinian refugee community in the country before the conflict began. 180,000 Palestinian civilians called it home. Now only 20,000 remain. Food and medical supplies are routinely denied entry and starvation is one of the three main causes of death. Recently, in the Jarabulus area, 22 people were killed and thrown into the streets to instill fear in the population. Some of them were children.

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Hamas warns Obama: Don’t visit Temple Mount

Designated terrorist group Hamas has warned President Obama against visiting the holy Temple Mount site in Jerusalem when he visits Israel next month, saying the action would be “a diplomatic catastrophe.”