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Saving Sinwar – Commentary Magazine

The most important part of the Wall Street Journal’s expose on Yahya Sinwar’s text messages isn’t a message written by the Hamas leader at all. It is, rather, the collapse

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A World-Historical Transformation Is Taking Place in Britain, Yet Few Have Noticed

 A world-historical societal transformation is taking place before our very eyes, and yet few have taken notice. Britain, the erstwhile leader of the Western world and the foundation and source of English-speaking civilization, is in its last days as a free society, and will soon become an Islamic state.

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Cancellation At the Service of the Lie, Part I - The American Mind

A free and decent civilization won't survive if intellectual life becomes merely a weapon in the hands of those with an ideological agenda.

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British candidate wins, shouts ‘Allahu Akbar! A win for the people of Gaza’

  British Green Party candidate Mothin Ali, who won the Gipton and Harehills seat in Leeds with 3,070 votes, proclaimed

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'London Has Fallen': Pro-Muslim Immigration Mayor Saddiq Khan Is Reelected for Third Term

 London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been reelected for a third term in the United Kingdom's capital city.

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UK threat to withhold Israel arms sales is a show of Western weakness

Opinion: Western weakness has wider implications beyond its immediate unintended consequences, and at a time of increasing danger from the despotic China-Russia-Iran axis, it seems to be afraid to stand by its allies when the going gets tough

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How Atrocities, Beheadings, and Carnage ‘Heal Muslim Hearts’

 In a recent communique, the Islamic State called on its followers to slaughter and terrorize every single Western person they could reach. A snippet follows:

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The United Kingdom: Police trained on ‘Islamophobia’ by jihadist backers

Controversial group Mend, which was criticised in Sir William Shawcross’ review of Prevent, also gave courses to universities and the NHS

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The moral bankruptcy of the West: Accepting terrorist propaganda as truth

And while I don’t expect the world to stand on the sidelines and applaud the IDF, we should be able to expect some semblance of integrity.

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Chilling winds towards Israel from Britain and America

Obsessional hostility has even infected counterterrorism experts.

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London Has Fallen; UPDATED

I have been following London’s decline for a while now, and have written a fair amount about the societal decline in Britain.
I often speak of Western culture, and the Anglosphere as a subset of...

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British Police Crack Down on the British Flag Being Draped Over Barriers

 Britain really is a cautionary tale for the United States. They've cracked down on free speech to the point where you can be arrested for praying silently across the street from an abortion clinic.

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The 'Great Replacement' Is a Fact: Baby Muhammads Overrun the West

Newborn baby Muhammads are taking Western Europe by storm — with Berlin being the latest target.  According to a May 8, 2023, report in the German weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit:...

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France: Half of the bestselling children’s books are about Islam

What will France be like in ten years? Twenty? Thirty? The answer is quite obvious. "Among the 8 bestselling 'children's books' from Amazon France, 4 books are on Islam," translated from "Dans les 8 meilleurs ventes “livres pour enfants” d’Amazon France,

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The entrenchment of Western Jew-hatred

As the age of reason skids off the road, diaspora Jews are rabbits in the headlights

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WATCH: Pro-Palestinian Mob Attacks Car on the Streets of London

BNigel Farage declared that "London in 2021 is not a safe place to be" following footage showing pro-Palestinian activists attacking a car.