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London Has Fallen; UPDATED

I have been following London’s decline for a while now, and have written a fair amount about the societal decline in Britain.
I often speak of Western culture, and the Anglosphere as a subset of...

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British Police Crack Down on the British Flag Being Draped Over Barriers

 Britain really is a cautionary tale for the United States. They've cracked down on free speech to the point where you can be arrested for praying silently across the street from an abortion clinic.

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The 'Great Replacement' Is a Fact: Baby Muhammads Overrun the West

Newborn baby Muhammads are taking Western Europe by storm — with Berlin being the latest target.  According to a May 8, 2023, report in the German weekly newspaper Junge Freiheit:...

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France: Half of the bestselling children’s books are about Islam

What will France be like in ten years? Twenty? Thirty? The answer is quite obvious. "Among the 8 bestselling 'children's books' from Amazon France, 4 books are on Islam," translated from "Dans les 8 meilleurs ventes “livres pour enfants” d’Amazon France,

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The entrenchment of Western Jew-hatred

As the age of reason skids off the road, diaspora Jews are rabbits in the headlights

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WATCH: Pro-Palestinian Mob Attacks Car on the Streets of London

BNigel Farage declared that "London in 2021 is not a safe place to be" following footage showing pro-Palestinian activists attacking a car.