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Opinion: Why antisemitism and anti-Zionism are so deeply intertwined

The holiday of Purim, celebrated by Jews around the world this weekend, tells a story of ancient antisemitism that has remained sadly relevant, writes Rabbi Avi Weiss.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig Despite it All: Purim Humor

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig Despite it All: Purim Humor The Talmud states that with the start of the month of Adar, Jews should try to be as joyous as possible. Thus, it’s a longstanding Jewish tradition to offer Purim jokes and/or other types of humorous f

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Purim and the Betrayal of American Jewry - Chabad

Jews feel that Western liberalism has abandoned them. This has happened before. This is what the Purim story can teach us.

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Jonathan Sacks: The Therapeutic Joy of Purim

Jonathan Sacks: The Therapeutic Joy of Purim “The fate of Haman has been throughout history the fate of individuals and nations: that those who try to destroy the Jewish people end by destroying themselves. Great empires sought to harm the Jewish people

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15 Exciting Hamantaschen Recipes for Purim

Wondering why hamantaschen are traditional Purim fare? The reasons and symbolism are abundant. Check out The History and Meaning of Hamantaschen.

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Jonathan Sacks z”l – The Therapeutic Joy of Purim

Jonathan Sacks z”l – The Therapeutic Joy of Purim There is a unique law in the approach to Purim. Mishe-nichnas Adar marbim be-simcha: “From the beginning of Adar, we increase in joy.” It is stated in the Talmud (Taanit 29a), and is based

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Chabad: Purim Backwards

On Purim, it’s a mitzvah to hear the story of Esther read from a scroll—called a “megillah”—both by day and by night.

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Why Purim Isn't The Jewish Halloween

Purim tells a story of the victory of life. Halloween contains an awful lot of the opposite.

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Jonathan Feldstein – Remembering Amalek and Being Festive Amid Terror

Jonathan Feldstein – Remembering Amalek and Being Festive Amid Terror This week Jews observe Shabbat Zachor.  We observe Shabbat (the Sabbath) every week, but this week is special.  Zachor means “remember.”  What’s unique that we are rememb

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Purim: 14 Facts About Mordecai

Mordechai was the leader of the Jews and cousin of Queen Esther, his co-hero in the Purim story.

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Elder Of Ziyon - No, Israeli rescuers didn't "steal" a megillah from Turkey

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Ancient Book of Esther scrolls salvaged from Turkey earthquake rubble

A local elder of Antakya, Turkey's Jewish community handed the scrolls over to ZAKA rescuers, who are working on transporting them to safety.

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In Ukraine, Jews Celebrate Purim With Muted Joy - Holiday goes on in cities under attack

Wearing a wide-brimmed sombrero and colorful poncho, Kherson’s Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Wolff, stood in the city’s beautiful renovated synagogue clutching a megillah.

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Shushan Purim - Why Jerusalem celebrates a day later

All cities that were walled at the time when the Israelites, under the leadership of Joshua, entered Canaan, observe Purim on the 15th. This results in the occasional unique phenomenon of a “triple” or three-day Purim.

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why (for God’s Sake) Is the Book of Esther in the Bible?

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why (for God’s Sake) Is the Book of Esther in the Bible? The Book of Esther hardly paints a positive picture of Jewish practice. Esther and Mordechai are named after the two most important “Gods” in Babylon: Ishtar an

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Thousands of Ukraine Refugees in Europe and Israel Take a Joyous Break For Purim

Late on Tuesday, Miriam Moskovitz, a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Kharkov, Ukraine with her husband Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz, received a text from a woman in her community and a photo of fresh-baked hamantaschen.

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Fascinating Facts: 15 Facts About Queen Esther

Learn all about the heroine of the Purim story, Queen Esther!

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We recognize Haman. But where are Mordechai and Esther?

  This week’s festival of Purim provided Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with an irresistible analogy. Follow Israel Hayom on Facebook

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Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Purim: A Holiday for the Jewish People but NOT for Judaism

Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Purim: A Holiday for the Jewish People but NOT for Judaism Despite its very festive nature, the holiday of Purim based on the Book of Esther is an object lesson of what can happen when we become too comfortable with a traditional

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Purim: Why Read the Megillah Twice?

Why do we read the Megillah twice every Purim, once at night
and once during the day?

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20 Ways to Increase Your Happiness in the Month of Adar

We all need to work to create a joyous atmosphere in our homes and in our lives. But before we can create the right atmospheres, we often have to adjust our attitudes.

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Holy Jewish site of Esther and Mordechai set ablaze in Iran - reports - The Jerusalem Post

'Disturbing reports from Iran that the tomb of Esther & Mordechai, a holy Jewish site, was set afire overnight,' ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted.

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A Purim lesson at the White House

The chants of “Death to Israel” wafting across the world from today’s Iran confirm that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

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In New Rochelle, Yeshivah Students to Bring Purim to the Quarantined

Young Megillah readers span out through the community

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Jonathan Sacks - The Therapeutic Joy of Purim

Jonathan Sacks – The Therapeutic Joy of Purim There’s something very strange about Purim. It is notably a festival of joy, “Yamei mishtei b’simcha”. And not only is the day itself a joyous one, but uniquely, we begin that joy two weeks befor

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Purim: Did Mordechai Act Foolishly?

Even if Haman thought he was a god, shouldn't Mordechai have bowed down to him rather than risk the lives of the entire Jewish people?

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Classic ‘Lekvar’ (Prune Butter) Hamantaschen

‘Lekvár’ refers to thick fruit butter, and when it comes to hamantaschen it typically refers to the prune filling (and sometimes apricot—although it is nothing like the more familiar store-bought apricot jams). Unsurprisingly, it is eastern European in origin.

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Your Complete Purim How-To Guide

This user-friendly wizard walks you through all of Purim’s traditions and customs.

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Purim: What's the Real Reason We Boo Haman?

Rabbi David Abudraham (14th century, Spain) writes that there had been an earlier custom for children to draw a picture or write the name of Haman on wood or stones

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Ten Ways You Can Help Alcoholics and Addicts Have a Happy Purim

Each year my wife and I host an alcohol-free Purim seudah (festive afternoon meal) in the heart of Jerusalem for Jewish alcoholics, addicts, and their families.

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Strange Parallels Between the Purim Story and the Nuremberg Trials | United with Israel

There are uncanny parallels between the hanging of Haman’s 10 sons during the Purim epoch and the post-Nuremberg Trials hanging of 10 Nazis for crimes against humanity.