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18 Instant Pot Tips and Tricks | Recipes From A Pantry

These 18 Instant Pot Tips and Tricks will help you get the most out of your Instant Pot. Includes links to popular Instant Pot recipes you'll love to try!

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You’re going to love our superb shakshuka recipe - ISRAEL21c

It’s not hard to make one of Israel’s favorite breakfast foods in your own kitchen. Follow along as ISRAEL21c’s Jessica Halfin shows you how as part of our Tayim recipe series.

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My Favorite Kosher Gluten-Free Challah Bread

Gluten-free baking can be an exercise in frustration, but this bread recipe has never let me down. For me, the success is in the texture. As you can see, it has plenty of aeration which lends it some of the fluffiness of real bread.

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Top 10 All-Time Favorite Pies

F&W editors present their favorite pies of all-time including chocolate cream, deep-dish strawberry rhubarb and Andrew Zimmern's go-to coconut custard.

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We Tested 4 Famous Pumpkin Pie Recipes and Found a Clear Winner

We picked four of the most popular pumpkin pie recipes and battled them against each other: from Ina Garten, Julia Child, Alton Brown, and Libby's.

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Kosher Vegan Black-Rice Stuffed Mushrooms!

If you haven't tried black rice before, don't be scared. It's good stuff. More similar in taste and texture to wild rice than to either brown or white rice. You can also try it in this warm fall salad I made a couple of years ago, which is still a favorite.

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Pumpkin Pie

Get Pumpkin Pie Recipe from Food Network

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Mom's Homemade Spaghetti Recipe (& Meat Sauce) | foodiecrush.com

This easy spaghetti recipe with meat sauce takes just a few minutes of prep and then a low simmer on the stove for the best homemade spaghetti dinner.

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55 Copycat Recipes From Your Favorite Restaurants, Taste Just Like The Real Thing But Save You Money

You don’t need to go to a drive-thru or sit down restaurant to get your favorite menu items.

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Bake this easy apple cake with chocolate chunks for yourself, just because

As much as I love a cake that’s an effective frosting delivery service, there’s always a soft spot in my heart for a cake that’s more of an all-day cake: The kind of cake you can sort of defend as a breakfast choice, the perfect companion to an afte

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French Apple Cake

It's interesting that there are so many views of Paris, which you notice if you follow the variety of voices that write about life in the city. I tend to find all the quirks and report on the sardonic side of things, which for some reason, always find the

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Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie Recipe on Food52

Caramelizing the pumpkin puree means that this is a pie with guts, one that won't just sit there phoning in the pumpkin flavor, burying it under lots of spice. But its genius is much more than that. You don't have to blind bake the crust. You use

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The BEST Drunken Noodles Recipe & Video - Seonkyoung Longest

Jump to Recipe·Print Recipe You’ve been waiting long enough for my drunken noodles recipe! The BEST Drunken Noodles recipe is right here no need to look around any more! Mix…

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Libby’s just made a big change to its classic pumpkin pie recipe

Libby's go-to pumpkin pie recipe for many Thanksgivings has been updated for the first time since XX.

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Delicious Chicken Pot Pie Recipes!

From classic chicken pot pie to new chicken pot pie ideas, like making a cornbread topping, get all the best chicken pot pie recipes at Food & Wine.

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32 Italian Desserts We Love | Food & Wine

Italian dessert recipes, from pumpkin-gingersnap tiramisù and creamy rose panna cotta to biscotti and parfaits.

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Best Roasted Chicken Recipes – Baked Chicken Dishes | Food & Wine

Roast chicken recipes include Julia Child's favorite roast chicken and juicy honey-and-lemon-glazed roast chicken. Plus more roast chicken recipes.

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Smoked Chicken Wings Recipe

The best smoked chicken wings with extra crispy skin! Easy to follow recipe.

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Sweet, Sticky Bourbon Chicken Is a Weeknight Winner

No one will ever say no to this super-easy chicken stir-fry dressed in a sticky-sweet glaze of bourbon and brown sugar. Here's how to make it at home.

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Recipe: How to Make Spicy Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles With ChickenThese Spicy Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles Are the Ultimate Comfort Food

In advance of his new book, "The Gaijin Cookbook," New York City ramen maestro Ivan Orkin walks us through a mouth-watering dan dan noodles recipe.

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Mamie Eisenhower's Fudge Recipe | Taste of Home

My mother came across this fudge recipe in a newspaper some 40 years ago. One taste and you'll see why it doesn't take long for a big batch to disappear. —Linda First, Hinsdale, Illinois

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Milk Bread Recipe

Soft as clouds, white as snow, Japanese milk bread is the tender everyday loaf we want to bake right now.

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Chewy Molasses Cookies Recipe

The molasses cookie recipe you need to bookmark for every holiday season. These things are perfectly chewy for days and days.

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Culinary SOS: Brown Sugar Kitchen's waffle recipe

The best waffles commercially available, I am prepared to state, come from Brown Sugar Kitchen, a small, fragrant breakfast diner on Mandela Parkway in West Oakland.

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Amish Cinnamon Bread | Cook's Country

Our goal: Make a quick version of this beloved “friendship bread” without losing any of its sweet flavor or knockout aroma.

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How to Braid Challah - Learn to Braid Like a Pro

Learn to braid challah dough, step-by-step pictures. Tutorial. 3 strand, 4 strand, 6 strand, turban round challah, linked loops, challah rolls.

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Hot Cocoa Cake

Serve this versatile cake warm with lots of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. And a cup of hot cocoa, of course.

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cinnamon sugar scones

I realize that there is not a dearth of scone or biscuit recipes on this site, the internet, or cookbook shelves at large — they’re easy to make, and the good ones are, to me, a revelat…

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Marshmallow Web Ghost Cake

Get Marshmallow Web Ghost Cake Recipe from Food Network

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Healthy Recipes | Hoag Health System

Healthy Recipes. With facilities throughout Orange County, The Hoag Health Network offers diverse health care to patients in the area. Learn more!

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

Sour Cream Coffee Cake Recipe. The best cinnamon coffee cake baked in a bundt pan is irresistible with golden raisins, pecans, and cinnamon.

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Argentinian Beef Empanadas Recipe

There are as many variations of empanadas as there are cooks in Argentina. This version was developed by BA Test Kitchen Manager Gaby Melian, who is from Buenos Aires and was taught as a little girl by family members how to make them. After years of perfe

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Bone-In Chicken Thighs Are Just Plain Better

It's time to put that boneless, skinless nonsense aside. There's so much more flavor to be had.

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Spicy Cashew Dressing Recipe

Inspired by the nut-based Caesar dressings at NYC’s Lalito and Scarr’s Pizza, our version starts with roasted cashews. The result is deeply toasty and, thanks to red pepper flakes, fiery too.

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31 Delightful Blueberry Desserts Beyond Pie

These incredible blueberry dessert recipes include blueberries suspended in a gorgeous hibiscus gelatin and a goat cheese cake studded with blueberries.

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21 Easy Family Meals from the Slow Cooker

Easy Crock-Pot dinner recipes for feeding the whole family.

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Chocolate Cobbler

Make this blue-ribbon award winning chocolate cobbler with easy to follow step-by-step directions including photos! This recipe is sooo good it's been shared over 205,000 times. How to Make Chocolate Cobbler: 1. Preheat oven to 350. In a 9x13 glass baking

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Super Easy Italian Cheesecake | Eat Good 4 Life

This super easy Italian cheesecake is the real deal. Not only it is delicious but very tasty. If you like cheesecake you are going to like this variation.

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Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken) 唐揚げ • Just One Cookbook

Karaage is Japanese fried chicken that is fried to perfection with a crisp texture on the outside and super juicy and tender on the inside.

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Oooey Gooey Cinnamon Swirl Cake

This is a quick and easy fix for when you just have to have that cinnamony cake thing :) Most of the ingredients we already have on hand and throwing it together is no fuss and no muss! Great for a quick Sunday dessert or breakfast and also works well for

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Braised Meatballs in Red Wine Gravy

Braised Meatballs in Red Wine Gravy serve over Spinach Gruyere Mashed Potatoes makes a heart and delicious cold-weather meal. Large, tender meatballs coated in a full-bodied sauce.

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38 Meatball Recipes for Any Occasion

Meatballs are a fast, easy addition to many different meals, and an easy way to use up extra ground meat and vegetables. Here are all of our meatball recipes together in one place from the classics to brilliant ways to eat them.

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Pastry Chef Turns Ordinary Desserts Into Delightful Mini Scenes Using Toys – 12 Tomatoes

The 23-year-old, based out of Monza, Italy, creates delectable desserts, but with a unique twist: he adds tiny toys in order to transform his treats into miniature scenes.

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South Your Mouth: Meatballs Made Easy

Easy recipes for basic and Italian meatballs baked in the oven. Plus an awesome tip for portioning them out to be the same size.

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Delicious Blueberry Cheesecake Cookies Recipe!

These wonderfully cheesecake-flavored cookies with cream cheese, sour cream, and blueberries are perfectly creamy, sweet, and salty with a tart berry flavor.

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South Your Mouth: The BEST Shepherd's Pie

A simple but perfect recipe for Shepherd's Pie with a layer of rich meaty gravy on the bottom topped with mashed potatoes and a little cheese.

Food & Drink | Food

Add This Ingredient to Your Beans to Avoid Gassiness Later | MyRecipes

The remedy to bean-related bloat is likely already in your spice cabinet.

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Ricotta Cheesecake Recipe

Secret ingredient time! Crushed matzo meal adds depth to this ricotta cheesecake recipe.

Recipes | Recipes

Leftover Buttermilk is a Blessing, Not a Curse

You bought buttermilk and only used 2 tablespoons for a recipe? Here’s what to do with the rest.

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Instant Pot Silky Smooth Flan (Crème Caramel) | Tested by Amy + Jacky

Learn how to make heavenly smooth Flan. Fall in love with divine creamy flavors that delicately melt in your mouth. Fancy yet Easy Dessert!

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Million-Dollar Spaghetti Recipe - Allrecipes

Everyone from the kids on up to the grownups will love this creamy mixture of spaghetti and ground beef baked into a casserole and topped with lots of Cheddar cheese.

Food & Drink | Vegetarian & Vegan Tips

10 Easy Vegetarian Recipes To Make For Dinner - Society19

Vegetarian recipes are perfect if you're in need of a meat break. Try out these 10 easy and delicious recipes you'll love!

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Mini S'mores Cheesecakes - My Baking Addiction

Decadent mini s’mores cheesecakes have the rich, creamy filling of traditional cheesecake in an individual serving size topped with fudge and marshmallow.

Food & Drink | Cooking Tips

How Much Is a “Bunch” of Herbs Supposed to Be?

You’ve likely seen this vague unit of measure in countless recipes’ ingredient lists, but how should you interpret it?

Recipes | Casseroles

The Only Casserole Formula You'll Ever Need

Anything can be a casserole as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

Food & Drink | Food

Why You Should Be Using Your Phone's Contacts to Save Recipes | Mental Floss

If you want to access a recipe hands-free, save it under a new contact and ask Siri to pull it up when you're in the middle of cooking dinner.

Food & Drink | Food

15 Go-To Pasta Recipes You'll Make for the Rest of Your Life

Whether you're making your own fresh pasta or using the store-bought variety, a good pasta dish is reliable, makes you feel good, and you can turn to it any time.

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Our 25 Most Popular Recipes This Summer - Recipes from NYT Cooking

Our 25 Most Popular Recipes This Summer is a group of recipes collected by the editors of NYT Cooking

Recipes | Appetizers

Garlicky Tomato Toast (Pan Con Tomate) Recipe

Some version of tomatoes on toast — a juicy American B.L.T or Italian tomato-topped bruschetta — is always a good idea, but that's especially true during high summer, when tomatoes are at their peak One superior combination comes from Barcelona, w

Food & Drink | Breakfast

Sheet-Pan Chocolate Chip Pancakes Recipe

Here’s a clever trick for making a big batch of pancakes that will save you from spending all morning at the stove: Bake them all at once on a sheet pan In this recipe, the batter comes together like biscuit dough by cutting the cold butter into the flo

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Apple Fritters {VIDEO} | i am baker

Making Apple Fritters is a lot easier than you would think! My video shows you step-by-step and the recipe is tried and tested. This is a WINNING recipe!

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Italian Love Cake

This is a great cake for a crowd. Because it is so rich it severs a lot of people and there sure won't be any leftover if your serving a crowd. My family loves this cake and I always make this when we are having party's.

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10 Yummy Soups For Fall Everyone Will Love - Society19

Soups for fall are comforting and delicious and will make you feel oh so cozy as the cold weather approaches. Try these fall soup recipes for a delicious, homecooked meal you can enjoy while curled up on the couch.

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Amaretto Pineapple Upside Down Pound Cake recipe is an elevated take on an American classic. A moist pineapple upside-down cake joins a buttery pound cake for a spectacular dessert.

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South Your Mouth: Southern-Style Macaroni & Cheese

The BEST baked Macaroni & Cheese EVER. A custard-style recipe for baked Mac & Cheese using eggs and evaporated milk.

Food & Drink | Vegetarian & Vegan Tips

15 Refreshing Cucumber Salad Recipes!

Cucumbers are a naturally thirst-quenching summer ingredient that's used all around the world. Try these refreshing cucumber salad recipes from India, Israel, and beyond.

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Momma's spanish rice

This Spanish Rice recipe is stuffed with cooked rice, tomato sauce, ground beef, peppers, onions and seasoning. Delicious comfort food!

Recipes | Recipes

Summer German Chocolate Cake

Layers of moist chocolate cake and gooey coconut-pecan frosting with surprisingly American origins.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

5 Delicious and Healthy Bread Swaps To Try

Whether you’re looking to cut back on your bread intake or you’re newly gluten-free, we’ve got you covered.

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Sticky Chicken

There will never be too many ways to barbecue chicken. In this recipe, molasses and apricot jam lend a deliciously sweet and sticky glaze to a summertime grilling staple.

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BA's Best Bolognese Recipe

It doesn’t take a lot of ingredients (or a lot of money) to make a classic Bolognese recipe. What it does take, though, is patience for the sauce to achieve the ideal authentic texture. You’re going to go low and slow—it’ll take around 3 hours, bu

Recipes | Recipes

Slow-Cooker Beef and Onion Ragu | Cook's Country

Onions are the surprising key to this dish’s rich flavor, but in the slow cooker, they misbehaved.

Recipes | Recipes

FAMOUS Chasen's Chili

Adapted from the famous Chasen's Hollywood restaurant recipe which was a favorite with actors including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Food & Drink | Food

Slow Cooker Spicy Brisket with Texas Caviar Recipe - Marcia Kiesel | Food & Wine

You've never had Texas brisket like this before, but it may change the way you enjoy it forever. More Brisket Dishes ...

Recipes | Recipes

Gordon Ramsay teaches us what goes into making the perfect burger

Gordon Ramsay knows the kind of magic every burger needs: "The secret is in the blend."

Health & Fitness | Healthy Meals

113 Vegetarian Meals - Cooking Light

Our healthy and hearty main dishes will have you swooning–sans meat.

Recipes | Recipes

Smash Burger Alfresco Recipe

We can’t get enough of the smash burger, with a squishy bun and a lacy griddled patty (make that two, actually, to maximize that crispy exterior).

Food & Drink | Yummy!

Best Darn Chicken Tenders

Love these tenders... I've made many tender recipes, but this is my favorite... flavorful, tender and crunchy... these would be wonderful to serve for your Superbowl party... they're already on my list... enjoy!! Photos are mine

Recipes | Recipes

King Arthur Flour's Banana Crumb Muffins Recipe

A hearty loaf of banana bread is an excellent way to use up a pile of leftover bananas, but sometimes you want a lighter option These tender banana muffins are crowned with a delightfully crunchy cinnamon crumb topping that lends to their addictive nature

Recipes | Recipes

Basic Bulgogi Recipe

For this basic bulgogi recipe, cutting the meat into very thin strips allows it to absorb the hot-sweet-salty marinade in minutes, not hours.

Recipes | In The Crock Pot

Foodies Reveal the #1 Crockpot Recipe They Make on Repeat

After months of summer salads and light dishes, we'll admit we're just a bit excited to take out a crockpot and make a hearty meal as soon as the temperature drops.

Recipes | Recipes

Want Perfect Scrambled Eggs? Then Don't Scramble Them

The secret to the creamiest, dreamiest eggs came straight from a little sandwich shop in Brooklyn.

Recipes | Recipes

Drunk Pecan Pie Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is ahhhmmmazing in so many ways. First, pecan pie. Cmon! Then a rum sauce. Oh yeah! Make this today. You'll thank us tomorrow. How to Make Pecan Pie Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce: 1. In a large mixing bowl add eggs and slightly beat 2. A

Recipes | Recipes

Pretzel Bites With Mustard Cheese Sauce Recipe by Tasty

Here's what you need: pizza dough, baking soda, egg, coarse salt, butter, flour, milk, French’s Honey Mustard, shredded cheddar cheese, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper

Recipes | Recipes

Strawberry Upside Down Cake

This gorgeous cake is the official dessert of summer.

Recipes | Recipes

This Is NOT Your Average Chocolate Frosting - You'll See Why

Trust us, you’ll forget all about regular cream cheese frosting once you try this one!

Recipes | Recipes

Beef and Cheese Enchiladas

I love mexican food and the way it makes my house smell....all the spices are just intoxicating! I made these babies with my Machaca and used the left over broth in the sauce..To die for!! I had to drink a Margarita to snap out of it!!

Recipes | Recipes!

Refreshing Watermelon Sangria Recipe! - Southern Living

Cool fresh watermelon is summer’s quintessential treat. This pink watermelon sangria highlights it perfectly with hints of tart lime and smooth mint.

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Detroit-Style Pizza | Cook's Country

We hit the streets and then hit the kitchen to uncover the secrets of this topsy-turvy Michigan favorite.

Recipes | Recipes

Crunchy & Vibrant Summer Rolls with Almond-Miso Sauce - Vegetarian - Kosher Recipe

I first attempted summer rolls (or rice paper rolls) like these a few years ago, and I simply could not master them.

Recipes | Recipes

Marinated Cucumber-And-Tomato Salad Recipe | MyRecipes

This easy cucumber and tomato salad tastes like summertime in a bowl. The dressing is light and zingy from the vinegar, the cucumbers and onion are so

Food & Drink | The Cocktail Hour

The Myth of Hemingway: How to Make the Ultimate Mojito

Ernest Hemingway didn't drink them, but life's still better with this Cuban cocktail in hand.

Recipes | Recipes

5 Mac And Cheese Recipes That Will Make You Weak To Your Knees - Society19

Are you a total sucker for mac and cheese? We have five recipes for you that will make your mouth water!

Recipes | Delicious Recipes!

Upgrade Your Boxed Mac and Cheese With a Simple Ingredient Swap

A simple ingredient swap produces tangy, complex mac and cheese—without adding any time to the recipe on the box.

Recipes | Delicious Recipes!

Recipe: The Best Meatloaf I've Ever Made

When I was growing up, my mom never ever made meatloaf and I always wanted to try it. I started experimenting with different recipes and I finally came up with the best meatloaf I have ever made!

Food & Drink | Recipes and Food Related

Remembering Maida Heatter | Epicurious

Read a remembrance of the legendary baking author by the man who edited her final cookbook.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

Buttermilk Chicken Recipe | She Wears Many Hats

A quick and easy grilled or baked Buttermilk Chicken recipe that is full of flavor and no fuss.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken | The Country Cook slow cooker

This Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken has a ton of flavor from cooking low and slow. Stuffed with garlic and lemon and seasoned perfectly!

Recipes | Recipes

These Might Just Be the Best Italian Recipes Ever

When you're craving Italian food, try your hand at one of these dishes. Find out how to make 15 of the best Italian recipes.

Recipes | Baking

11 Ways to Make Boxed Cakes Taste Homemade | MyRecipes

There's no shame in reaching for the box mix—but here's how to make it taste like you didn't.

Food & Drink | Food

How to Grill the Best Vegetables of Your Life | MyRecipes

With some simple guidelines, you can grill any vegetable like a champ.

Recipes | Fish

Delicious! Melt-in-Your-Mouth Broiled Salmon Recipe

Fresh salmon, broiled in a sharp, snappy herb butter sauce, truly melts in your mouth.

Recipes | Recipes

5 Easy, Delicious Recipes For Busy Parents

After a long day at work, the last thing you want is a complex, time consuming and messy hour in the kitchen....

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

Mexican Hot Dogs

These hot dogs are grilled to perfection, then topped with jalapeno peppers, salsa, cheese, sour cream and avocados. This recipe is a real crowd pleaser.

Recipes | Recipes

24 Old-School Recipes Your Italian Grandma Used to Make - PureWow

When we?re in the mood for real Italian cooking, we blast the Sinatra, open a bottle of Chianti and turn to these recipes.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

The BEST EVER Grilled Chicken Marinade

The BEST EVER Grilled Chicken Marinade makes the most tender and juicy grilled chicken!!! The only marinade you will EVER need! A little sweet, a little tangy, absolute perfection!

Recipes | Recipes

The 7 Best Deviled Egg Recipes to Make for a Party | MyDomaine

Don't forget to make one of these seven deviled egg recipes when you have a get together. They won't just bring life to your party, they'll be the party.

Recipes | Recipes

10 Vegetarian Recipes That Won’t Make You Miss Meat

Even meat eaters will love chowing down on all of these scrumptious vegetarian-friendly recipes!

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

Pantone's New Cookbook Organizes Recipes By Color | Mental Floss

Pantone Foodmood features dishes designed to highlight the shades in Pantone's famous color guide, including blue cabbage risotto and pistachio green cakes.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

23 Quick and Delicious Recipes You Can Make With a Rotisserie Chicken

These shortcut dinner hacks are genius—and will cut your prep-work in half.

Recipes | Recipes

Easy Pasta Recipes That'll Have Guests Asking for Seconds | Greatist

These easy pasta dishes from Barilla's executive chef, Lorenzo Boni, are perfect for dinner parties. The pasta recipes are easy to make and ready in 30 minutes or less. | Greatist | Health and Fitness News, Tips, Recipes, and Exercises

Food & Drink | Sandwiches

How to Make the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Chowhound

  Does the world need a guide to making grilled cheese sandwiches? Probably not. They are one of the most basic things you can make, after all.

Recipes | Recipes

Ragù Bolognese

One of the most famous meat sauces from Bologna, ragù is flavorful and kept relatively simple.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

Recipe for Chili Lovers Chili

We are pretty passionate about our Chili around here, this my friends is my contribution to the Chili world; enter my "Chili Lovers Chili"! It will warm your bones on a cold day, it's rich, meaty, a little bit spicy, and oh so delicious!

Recipes | Main Dishes

Updated Chicken Chow Mein Recipe - Marcia Kiesel | Food & Wine

Marcia Kiesel's modern version of this Chinese-American dish includes stir-fried egg noodles with chicken sausage, chiles, basil and an unexpected ing

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

Low-Fuss Crispy Roast Chicken

Rendering fat trickles from the chicken as it roasts onto a bed of sliced potatoes and onions, resulting in a deliciously crisp and juicy low-fuss bird with a built-in side dish.

Recipes | Recipes

Master These 10 Dishes to Become an Italian Food Expert - Giadzy

Giadzy by Giada De Laurentiis  |  A place where food, family and fun come together.

Food & Drink | Recipes and Food Related

7 easy Instant Pot recipes - ButcherBox

Instant Pot! Here are some of our favorite Instant Pot recipes to make your meal cooking easy and quick.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

People and Food: Offshore Banana Pancakes

Even in rough sailing weather this simple pancake recipe, with bananas and chocolate chips, provided a much needed lift of our spirits.

Recipes | Recipes!

These Cheesy Garlic Smashed Sweet Potatoes Are Irresistible

Thick rounds of sweet potato are seasoned, smashed, and roasted, creating crispy-edged medallions with creamy, tender centers.

Recipes | Cooking/Recipes

30-Minute Chicken and Dumplings (With VIDEO)

Chicken and Dumplings is a dish that goes from prep to plate in 30 minutes! A simple one-pot recipe that is packed with chicken, veggies and delicious dumplings, with no canned 'cream of whatever' soup needed.

Recipes | Recipes

Our 10 Absolute Favorite Recipes from 2018

From dinners to desserts, here are the dishes Kitchn's staff loved most this past year — and plan on making well into the new year, too.

Recipes | Recipes

17 Quick And Easy Vegan Dinners That'll Fill You Up

Only have an hour (or less) to spare? These vegan meals have you covered.