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65 Easy New Year’s Eve Appetizers to Get the Party Started

Here are 65 recipes for appetizers that are festive, filling, low-stress, and guaranteed to soak up all that Champagne.

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New Year’s Eve 2020: Pictures From Around the World - The New York Times

Confetti is flying as the new year makes its way across the globe.

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Chicago launching major New Year's Eve celebration

Chicago is looking to start 2016 in a big way, with a large-scale New Year's Eve celebration it hopes will rival New York's, packing in tens of thousands of revelers downtown.

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How Much Can You Drink Without Getting a Hangover?

The best way to prevent a hangover is not to drink. The second best is to trust in science.

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Fast Food Places Open On New Year's Day - What To Order When Hungover

If you don't eat these fast-food meals when you're hungover, all of 2015 will be ruined.

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How to Do New Year's Eve Right, According to 'The Apartment' - New Year's Eve in Film - Esquire

'The Apartment' has the greatest New Year's Eve scene in the history of film, apologies to 'When Harry Met Sally' and 'Sunset Boulevard.'

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The 27 people you see at every New Year's Eve party

On any given night there're plenty of types of terrible people in bars, but New Year's Eve is a special powder keg of people-watching. Whether you're at a pub, restaurant, or old-fashioned house party, it's amateur hour all night long, and even teetotalers are downing bottomless cups of the most intoxicating spirit of all: new beginnings.

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Inject Some 'Mad Men' Glamour Into Your Party With Vintage Cocktails This New Year

New Year's Eve is approaching, and if you are looking for a last-minute party idea, serving up a vintage cocktail is a fun, easy way to channel your inner Don