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Biden DOJ Nominee Conceals Ties To Anti-Semitic Professor

Archived copies of a scholarly journal show Justice Department nominee Kristen Clarke listed on the masthead alongside an anti-Semitic writer with whom she claimed under oath she has never collaborated.

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Biden DOJ Pick Organized Anti-Cop Conference

President Biden has once again chosen an extremely controversial nominee to lead the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division and...

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DOJ Under Biden Has Dismissed 'More Than One-Third' of Portland Riot Cases

The Biden Department of Justice has dismissed over one-third of the cases stemming from last summer’s riots and protests in Portland...

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Former Assistant Attorney General Who Withheld Info from FISA Court Back at DOJ

A former Assistant Attorney General in the Obama Administration is back at the DOJ, even though there is ample evidence he committed...

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DOJ, US Attorney Launch Investigations Into Cuomo’s Handling of COVID Nursing Home Deaths

The Department of Justice, as well as the US District Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, have launched

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Biden’s Dept of Justice To Demand 56 Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorneys Resign

The Biden administration’s Department of Justice is set to seek the resignations of almost all of the US attorneys appointed

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DOJ Officials Walk-Back Assertion That MAGA Rioters Wanted to ‘Capture and Assassinate Lawmakers’

Justice Department officials have formally walked back the outlandish assertion that claimed protesters sought to "capture and assassinate elected officials"

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No ‘Riot’ Charges for Trump as Video of Capitol Police Letting Protestors Enter Capitol Proliferates

Two US Justice Department officials have gone on record saying President Trump will not be charged with any crimes related

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Report: Investigation into Hunter Biden went quiet due to DOJ policy around ‘overt’ action that could impact an election

It would have been a shame if the Hunter Biden story had influenced the election; good thing they buried it.

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DoJ Lawyer: US Can Kill Its Own Citizens Without Review

In an argument before a US federal appeals court, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) argued the United States government

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DOJ, FBI Destroy Media’s Lie Hunter Scandal Is Russian Disinformation, Nets Spike

After repeatedly peddling what they admitted was baseless “speculation” to defend Joe Biden from the apparent evidence of his corruption, CBS and NBC had their claim of “Russian disinformation” blown up by the Department of Justice and the FBI on Tuesday.

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Justice Department Declines to Prosecute Serial FBI Leaker

The Department of Justice declined to prosecute a senior FBI official linked to the Clinton-email investigation, despite evidence ...

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BREAKING: DOJ, Mueller’s Office Release Joint Statement Clarifying Mueller’s Comments

The Department of Justice and the Special Counsel's office released a joint statement late on Wednesday to clarify remarks made earlier in the day at a press conference by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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How the DC Leak Culture Was Made Powerless to Thwart Spygate Investigations

There have been two competing narratives when it comes to the Spygate scandal. The first narrative is that ...

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18 Real Attacks on the ‘Rule of Law’

Donald Trump, we are told over and over and over again, threatens the “rule of law.” To pick a piece at random, I note that Joel Mathis of The Week recently wrote, “When we talk about Trump and the rule of law,

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EXCLUSIVE: DOJ Prevented FBI From Pursuing Gross Negligence Charges Against Clinton

The Epoch Times has reviewed records from closed-doors testimonies conducted last year regarding the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.

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Obama DOJ Treated Clinton and Trump Unequally, House Probe Concludes

The Justice Department (DOJ) under President Barack Obama treated Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump differently in 2016 and ...

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DOJ Ties Trump FISA Release to Obstruction

'Trump, according to one source, knows that Rosenstein is not on his side. If he were to fire him, however, that would provide a Democratic-controlled House with another possible case for obstruction.'

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Memorandum Opinion, Judge Mehta 8.16.18 | Freedom Of Information Act (United States) | Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Judge Mehta rules FBI must release verification of Steele Dossier

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REPORT: Department of Justice Abandons The Term 'Undocumented Migrant' | Daily Wire

Border jumpers will now be called "illegal immigrants," as before.

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DOJ: Some adults separated from kids at the border are murderers

The Trump administration says many of the adults have 'serious criminal histor[ies] including charges or convictions for child cruelty, kidnapping, murder, human smuggling and domestic violence.

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DOJ excoriates University of Michigan's 'bias response team,' says free speech is 'under attack' | Fox News

The University of Michigan's sweeping bias response policy violates the First Amendment by punishing students for offenses as minor as hurting their classmates' feelings, the Justice Department said Monday in a statement of interest filed in federal court

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DOJ IG report shows the wisdom of firing FBI leaders McCabe and Comey | Fox News

Several surprises – with wide implications – are buried in the report that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released Friday that found fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied to federal investigators.

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DOJ targets elite universities in early admissions probe: report | TheHill

The Justice Department (DOJ) has sent letters to top U.S. universities as it probes whether some schools violated antitrust laws by sharing information to aid in the enforcement of their early decision policies, according to news reports.

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Former DOJ spokesman blasts Comey after email letter

He blasted Comey's move in a 14-post spree on Twitter.

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DOJ: Apple owns your iPhone's software, so it should have a backdoor

The Department of Justice is trying to get Apple to unlock a defendant's iPhone. While Apple has stated that it can technically bypass the phone's passcode secu...

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Obama’s ICE Director: No Immigration Enforcement Until Amnesty Is Passed - Breitbart

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) repeatedly pressed Saldaña on why the Administration was taking no action against sanctuary jurisdictions.

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Report: FBI Investigates St. Louis Cardinals For Hacking The Astros

The FBI reportedly found evidence that St. Louis Cardinals officials broke into the Houston Astros’ internal database of player personnel information, according to the New York Times. Parts of that database, including updates on trade negotiations, were

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Corruption from the IRS to the DoJ | Power Line

The pro-Israel group Z Street had its application for tax-exempt status held up at the IRS. When founder Lori Lowenthal Marcus asked why, she was told that IRS auditors had been instructed to give ...

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Imam Who Said Ayaan Hirsi Ali Deserved Death Penalty Was Hired By DOJ To Teach Muslim Classes To Federal Prisoners

An Egyptian-born imam who in 2007 said that Somali-born activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali should receive the death penalty for her criticism of Islam is now a Department of Justice contractor hired to teach classes to Muslims who are in federal prison.

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Loretta Lynch Must Not Be Confirmed | Power Line

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'Election Eve Dump:' Eric Holder Releases Fast and Furious Documents That Got Him Cited for Contempt

'Election Eve Dump:' Eric Holder Releases Fast and Furious Documents That Got Him Cited for Contempt -

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Department of Justice now involved in story of man who built Obama-mocking parade float - Hot Air