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Democrats Attempt to Tighten the Noose in Their Quest to Co-Opt Federal Elections to the Federal Government

Sneaking broad language into a bill that would dramatically alter the way the Electoral College functions when accepting or contesting slates of Electors from the states, a group of Democrat-voting senators appear to be constructing a “backdoor” for t

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PODCAST: The Far-Left's Deception Knows No Bounds; Deceit from Elections to the Economy

It sounds like the stuff of fiction, but there was a time in the United States of America when those elected to office actually served the people of our country. They made their legislative decisions based on how they would benefit the people, not bleed t

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As Democrats Ready for an Assault on the Filibuster, They Lie About the Voting Rights Bill

With one of their own having tossed a wrench into the Biden administration’s spendthrift Build Back Better agenda, Senate Democrat leadership is pivoting to fear-mongering about non-existent voting rights inequities and they want to dismantle the filibu

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Senior Democrat Morphs Stance on Voter ID to Contradict Himself

Just like a Marxist hiding behind the moniker of being a Democrat, House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), who for as long as anyone...

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Ranked-Choice Voting Forces People to Vote for Candidates They Don't Choose

A vote tabulation mechanism embraced in two states, “ranked-choice voting,” has come under fire from the right and rightly so. It, in...

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Biden DoJ Fires First Shot in War Against Constitutional State Sovereignty

In a move that can only be characterized as an assault on the sovereignty of States, the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit...

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Democrats Slate Another Power-Grab Bill to Federalize Elections

With the “For the People Act” now safely six-feet under, many who exist on Capitol Hill with their eyes open are sounding the alarm about...

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Failed GA Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Caught Lying About Voter ID

After railing incessantly about how election integrity laws – and especially Voter ID provisions – are “racist” beyond the discrimination...

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Manchin Drives a Stake into the Heart of S1 Voting Reform Bill Power Grab

Barring any last-minute reason for him to join his colleagues in voting with them, US Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), has all but dashed the...

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PODCAST: Oops! There Goes Marxist Power Grab No. 1 Swirling Down the Toilet

President Biden's free pass to dismantle the United States of America as we know it has come to an u

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PODCAST: Kamala, Kamala, Kamala, Chameleon, She Comes and Goes...

President Biden has tasked with Vice President Kamala Harris with yet another high-profile issue to spearhead on the heals of a not so fantastic performance on the southern border. So, with a sketchy political portfolio and a poor execution record, just w

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Biden Taps Harris to Run Point on Voting Rights After She Fails at the Border

Having failed at the two projects President Biden tasked her with prior, the President has now tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to run...

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Schumer to Strong-Arm Unconstitutional Election Reform Law Through Senate

In what should culminate in a filibuster showdown moment in the US Senate, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), will force a vote...

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Florida Joins States That Reform Election Law Away from COVID Chaos

The State of Florida, fast becoming one of the freest states in the United States, is set to codify a new law that enacts several...

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If We Expand Anything About the SCOTUS It Should Be Their Mandate to Engage

In an action that has become all too common, the United States Supreme Court has refused to hear two cases that they should have found an...

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The Tyranny of the Minority: Radical Democrats Ignore Popular Demand for Voter ID

Polling has been consistent on the subject for decades and the most recent polling is no exception: the overwhelming majority of American...

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Pelosi Pushing HR1 Election Bill Through House Without Hearings, Few GOP Amendments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority House pushed their HR1 – “For the People Act” – to the House floor Tuesday, allowing for...

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Nancy Pelosi's HR1 Encroaches ‘Unconstitutionally’ on the First Amendment

Nancy Pelosi's pet project bill, HR1, is proving to be much more than a massive voter registration and campaign procedure reform bill. As is, it would gives federal bureaucrats new authority to control political free speech, something absolutely protected

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Of Course the Census Should Ask a Citizenship Question | The Heritage Foundation

It’s being described as a loss, but the Trump administration actually won a partial victory Thursday in the lawsuits filed to prevent the reinstatement of a citizenship question on the U.S. Census.

We need accurate information on our population — includi

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SCOTUS: States Cannot Force Voters To Prove Citizenship

The Supreme Court handed voting rights advocates a victory by not hearing a case that sought for voters to provide proof of citizenship with federal forms.

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House Democrats push voting rights amendment - CNN.com

The Rev. Jesse Jackson joined House Democratic Reps. Keith Ellison and Mark Pocan at a press conference on Thursday to announce plans to introduce a constitutional amendment that would explicitly guarantee the right to vote to every American and give Cong