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Klobuchar Lies About Voting Reform; Suggests It Can Move in Infrastructure Bill

In the continuation of Democrats attempts to co-opt federal elections, US Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), suggested packing the meat of the...

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Democrats Slate Another Power-Grab Bill to Federalize Elections

With the “For the People Act” now safely six-feet under, many who exist on Capitol Hill with their eyes open are sounding the alarm about...

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John Lewis Memorial Services Highlights Arbitrary Double Standards Of Coronavirus Policies

Representative John Lewis was laid to rest at a funeral in Georgia on Thursday. The funeral — attended by dignitaries, former presidents, and politicians from all over the country including 50 members of Congress — was the culmination of several days wort

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Apple dedicates Apple․com homepage to late congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis

Apple has updated the homepage for Apple․com this weekend to honor Congressman John Lewis, who passed away on Friday at 80 years old. Apple’s new homepage foregoes all product promotion, instead showing a picture of Congressman Lewis alongside one of his