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MAXWELL: What Is Ballot Chasing and Why Have Republicans Finally Embraced It?

 Mail-in voting is as old as the Civil War, but of course, back then, you needed an excuse to avoid Election Day furor.

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Voter Registration Charities: A Massive, Overlooked Scandal

nonprofit voter registration, or the use of tax-exempt charitable organizations to conduct and fund voter registration drives, is one of the most important and underreported political scandals of our time.

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Summer Blockbuster The Movie

This is "Summer Blockbuster The Movie" by BrabenderCox on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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Democrats’ ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ is the Death of Free Elections

Last month, House Democrats reintroduced the “Freedom to Vote Act,” signaling the Left’s latest assault on American elections with activist support.

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Time Is Running Out For Congress And States To Defuse Biden’s Election-Takeover Bomb

Through Executive Order 14019, Biden has ordered federal agencies to engage in overtly political activities that will affect elections.

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Ex-top spy admits Hunter Biden laptop letter designed to influence 2020 election, Blinken involved

Extraordinary admission by career intelligence officer Michael J. Morell provides stunning evidence that the now-infamous letter from 51 security officials in October 2021 was not an organic intelligence community event but rather a political dirty trick.

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Realigning California Would Realign America

The conventional wisdom on the Right in most of the rest of America is that California is a lost cause. Rather than fight inside California, where you are up…

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AZ Senate Elections & House Municipal Oversight & Elections Joint Committee

Riveting testimony. Cartel bribes, money laundering, kickbacks, all the way to the top according to evidence provided.

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The American Left Rigs Elections Everywhere Else, so Why Wouldn't They Do It Here?

“If we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win,” said then-Sen. Hillary Clinton in a 2006 interview with t...

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PODCAST | And You Thought FOX News Was On Your Side…

Listen now (47 min) | Before we get into this episode of Talkback with Chuck Wilder – in which I get into the Right’s ineptitude when it comes to messaging and conveying a cohesive and coherent narrative, I'd like to take issue with a podcast I h

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Pinal County Officials Stayed Mum About Vote Count Discrepancies During Election Trials

The judge presiding over Abe Hamadeh’s election challenge dismissed the case Dec. 23 without knowing that Pinal County would admit a few days later to mishandling hundreds of ballots that contained votes in the Attorney General race. Instead, numerous P

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Yesh Atid? The Center Left Has to Merge for a Future

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Yesh Atid? The Center Left Has to Merge for a Future Where do Meretz and Labor go from here? Much ink has been spilled lately on this question after the electoral debacle of Israel’s Left (or what’s left of the Left). S

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Red Wave! Red Wave!...Wait, Never Mind

The massive House and multiple Senate pick-ups promised are dramatically less than what the vacuous talking heads insisted would come to pass. And as the states continue counting ballots to get to 100 percent vote counts, the hubris displayed by the Washi

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Election Day: Champaign County, Illinois clerk says cyberattack causing 'connectivity issues'

The Champaign County Clerk’s Office is experiencing connectivity and server performance issues after experiencing what it alleges was a 'cyber-attack.'

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PODCAST | It's Election Day USA

Today is Election Day 2022. The finish line is within sight so we need to expect the dirty tricks to be in full swing. In Arizona, New York, and Pennsylvania especially, true domestic terrorists are targeting our right to free and fair elections. In Arizo

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PODCAST | So This Is What The Left Calls 'Free And Fair' Elections?

Tomorrow is Election Day 2022; the Midterms. And as we get closer to the finish line the far-Left's true colors are starting to show. In Arizona, true domestic terrorists have targeted Kari Lake's campaign, sending hoax-anthrax filled envelopes

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Steve Kramer – Judaism v Capitulation

Steve Kramer – Judaism v Capitulation Judaism v democracy in the State of Israel is a subject that many American Jews have been arguing for decades. I don’t get it. Could a country that has had five elections in less than four years, in which 71%

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Are We Really As Free As We Are Led To Believe?

Politicians and ideologically-based special interest groups are quick to tell us that we are “free” in the United States. True, the citizens of the United States exist in a state that is much freer in comparison to most nations around the world. But w

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – The Election as a Reflection of Israel’s Quiet (R)evolution

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – The Election as a Reflection of Israel’s Quiet (R)evolution Whatever you feel about Israel’s election results, they indicate something else that’s good news for every self-identified Zionist: in practice (albeit not n

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It's Time to Vote...No Excuses

Over my lifespan, I have witnessed a growing apathy when it comes to exercising our rights to vote. Too many people hold to the notion that one vote doesn't count. That is a ridiculous and clueless notion disproven by the many purple-fingered people

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Diesel, Weasels & Witches

A reminder to parents, please be sure to check your child's trick-or-treat candy. There are reports of candy-looking fentanyl going around. Ingesting just a little bit of it could kill your child. So, please make sure your child knows not to eat any

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Jonathan Feldstein – Israel:The unscientific poll of my crazy friends

Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: The unscientific poll of my crazy friends  With nothing better to do than engage people whose opinions I had not yet asked about tomorrow’s election in Israel, yesterday I sent a simple message to a few dozen friends

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???? Watching Out For The Goblins

With Halloween weekend upon us, please be sure to check your child's trick-or-treat candy. There is a candy-looking fentanyl going around and ingesting just a little bit of it could kill your child. You will also want to make sure your child knows no

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PODCAST | Tempting War Through A Failure To Acknowledge History

If we are guilty of at least one thing in our fast-paced, self-indulgent society it is this. We consistently fail to learn the lessons that an adequate knowledge of contemporary history affords. As the Biden administration - and even former-CIA director a

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Missing The Lessons Of History

There is a lot of truth in the adage, “history repeats itself.” Even a pedestrian student of history understands that if we ignore the important moments of history – if we ignore the lessons of history, we both hobble ourselves to being able to capi

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PODCAST & ARTICLE | The United States' Dance With Political Persecution

For the record, I can take or leave Steve Bannon. When he came on the scene at Breitbart all those years ago after Andrew’s death – at which time I was writing for the Big Government section there, the online publication moved away from one of its cor

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PODCAST: The Buffoonery of the Biden's & The Awakening of Gabbard

Last week, former US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat from Hawaii, stunned her party by rejecting them, announcing that she had left the Democrat Party because of their intolerant and extremist ideology; an ideology centered in divisive racism and se

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Has The Day Of Reckoning Come For The Fascist Progressives?

Since before the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States, I have warned of the coming re-emergence of fascism at the hands of the Progressives. I argued that the Progressive movement was a destructive Fifth Column that meant to kill our

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Is Free Speech In Your Shopping Cart?

It can be argued that the first volley in the attack on Free Speech took place quietly in the fledgling days of the Wilson Administration, when the federal government purposely moved from direct representation of the people to empowering “experts” wit

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PODCAST | Biden Saber-Rattling DefCon 2?

As conditions continue to devolve in Ukraine - and as Russian Vladimir Putin slowly positions himself to the Cat-Bird seat, the idea that all is not as it would seem comes into play. Recently, we had a former head of the Joint Chiefs opine that Putin was

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Watchdog files lawsuits over voter registration duplicates, finds millions lacking required ID

One voter with duplicate registrations is "in a mental hospital, a convicted child sex offender" and appears to have "managed to cast two ballots in the 2020 election," said election lawyer J. Christian Adams.

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PODCAST | The Storm We Can See Is Only The Beginning

In this two-part episode I tackle a few subjects because, as they say, when it rains it pours, and we just had one of the worst storms in American history. In the first segment, Matt Bruce and I talk on The Captain's America: Third Watch about Hurric

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Debunking Some Of The More Ridiculous Claims About A Convention of States

If you are a regular reader and listener, you know I have come one-hundred-eighty degrees on the issue of a Convention of States. Years back I was against it because I was only exposed to inaccurate information by the very well-funded establishment factio

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PODCAST | The Biden-Garland Brownshirt Raids In Pennsylvania

The heavy-handed tactics of the Department of Justice and the FBI in using full-on, militaristic brut force against non-violent suspects in their raids has crossed the line from questionable to unacceptable. These are the tactics of the Castro's in C

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PODCAST | This Ian Isn't The James Bond Author

If you live in Florida or on the Southern or Southeastern coasts of the United Sate long enough you are going to be in the crosshairs of a hurricane or tropical storm. Those living on Florida's west coast up into the Big Bend east of Tallahassee are

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel: Voting the Brand

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel: Voting the Brand The party lists for Israel’s upcoming elections are now set – a good time to reflect on a little remarked-upon phenomenon: party names. A question to ponder, actually two connected ones: 1- Whic

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PODCAST | The Hypocrisy of the Left's ‘Sanctuary Lie’

Vice President Kamala Harris’ insistence that the southern border of the United States is secure is a statement fully encamped in the realm of the absurd. And now that some of the more traditionally far-Left bastions are experiencing the many negative e

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PODCAST | Biden's Lame Victory Lap & Why Government Shouldn't Pick Winners and Losers

Now that the potential rail strike has been averted, it would seem a perfect time to address the ongoing supply chain issues that the Biden administration has perfectly ignored. The fact that the US Transportation Secretary wasn't even involved in th

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Tray of mail-in ballots suddenly discovered in post office nearly two years after election

Tray of mail-in ballots suddenly discovered in post office nearly two years after election

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NeverTrump’s Latest Attempt To Dismiss Election Concerns Is Particularly Dishonest

If they want to convince voters outside their bubble, they should try far harder than they did with this election report.

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Supreme Court Gives GOP Another Win, This Time Concerning Congressional Map

The GOP in Louisiana scored a win on Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated a Republican-drawn congressional map to remain in place for the next election.

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J6 Committee Focuses On Fraud Claims, Ignores Tactics Used To Rig 2020 Election

Stealing an election by fraud is not the only way to rig an outcome. Elections are rigged when systemic violations of election law occur.

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2000 Mules

Connect with Dinesh and other members of Dinesh community

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How Many Died as a Result of Capitol Riot? - FactCheck.org

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol resulted in "almost 10 dead." Four people died that day, and five others -- all law enforcement officers -- died days, weeks and even months later. Here we lay out what is publicly known

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Texas election commissioner resigns after 10,000 uncounted ballots found in last week's primary

“The buck stops with me to address issues for voters, and I did not meet my own standard or the standard set by commissioners,” Harris County Elections Commissioner Isabel Longoria says.

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Congressional Redistricting Being Hijacked By Judicial Branch, Far-Left Organizations

When the people become constitutionally illiterate and ignorant to the rules of government used to govern them, then the manipulators, the gerrymanderers, and the politically opportunistic reprobates are able to abuse our systems of government – both fe

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Hollywood, Fascist-Left Elites Pouring Money into Out-of-State Midterm Elections

We hear it from the campaign trail every election cycle, how special interest and “dark money” taints the political process, and how our electoral system is desperately in need of fiduciary reforms. The Left vomits invective about the deep pockets on

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Democrats Attempt to Tighten the Noose in Their Quest to Co-Opt Federal Elections to the Federal Government

Sneaking broad language into a bill that would dramatically alter the way the Electoral College functions when accepting or contesting slates of Electors from the states, a group of Democrat-voting senators appear to be constructing a “backdoor” for t

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PODCAST: It's Two, Two, Two Shows in One!

This episode is a two-fer. The first segment covers the confrontation between the US Border Patrol and the DHS Secretary, Congress' attempt to co-opt the Electoral College, and the gross ineptitude of the Biden administration's stewardship of th

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PODCAST: The Far-Left's Deception Knows No Bounds; Deceit from Elections to the Economy

It sounds like the stuff of fiction, but there was a time in the United States of America when those elected to office actually served the people of our country. They made their legislative decisions based on how they would benefit the people, not bleed t

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VIDEO: Exposing the Media’s Big Lie About Elections

For the past year, journalists have dishonestly claimed that the fight over election reform in Congress is a struggle over “voting rights.” Specifically, they allege that Republicans have been trying to rescind the right to vote from some portion of the e

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It's Time to Demand The US Supreme Court De-Politicize Itself and Return to the Constitution

Over that last century – and dating back specifically to the New Deal era – the United States Supreme Court has shed its constitutional mandate to be non-partisan and non-politicized, devolving into yet another disingenuous playground populated by the

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It Is Important for Manchin & Sinema to Stand Their Ground on the Filibuster

As the country commemorated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., political opportunists – including has-been Hillary Clinton and, regrettably, some of Rev. King’s own family – selfishly co-opted the core meaning of the day to call out two Demo

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Some Votes Should Not Count › American Greatness

Here’s something professional politicos know well: the broader net a pollster casts, the better his poll results will be for the Left. “How out-of-touch is the…

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So, If You're the Democrats and You've Got Nothing Going into the Mid-Terms...

It's got to be a frightening proposition. Imagine, if you will, you are a leader in the Democrat Party and you are facing both 2022 Mid-Term and the 2024 General Elections and you have an achievement list that has nothing on it. What do you do? You c

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The Hard-Left Exhibits Its Hatred for Both the Constitution and State Sovereignty

In their quest to bring State governments to heel, the Schumer-Pelosi Democrat-led Congress is pulling out all the stops to execute a power-grab that will do more damage to the American form of government than even the 17th Amendment did when it hobbled p

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When the Myth of Voter Fraud Comes for You - The Atlantic

To support the Republican narrative that our elections are rife with misconduct, someone needs to take the fall.

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PODCAST INTERVIEW: From Hopelessness to Hope and Beyond | Underground USA | United States

Free speech, and those who defend it, are under attack in both the United States and the West; the free world. From Britain to Australia, the US to Argentina, the globalized Fascist Left is aggressively taking aim at both free speech and the free markets.

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The Latest Alleged Election Fraud in California May Have Overturned an Election

The U.S. Supreme Court said in 2008, when it upheld Indiana’s voter ID law, “that not only is the risk of voter fraud real but that it could affect the outcome of a close election.” 

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Why H.R. 4 Imperils Free and Fair Elections › American Greatness

As the summer comes to a chaotic and tragic close, I can think of many reasons why members of Congress should be called back from their August recess.

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What’s Inside Democrats’ ‘For the People’ Bill and Why It Must Be Stopped

Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), indicated before Congress went on recess that Sen. Jeff Merkley’s (D-OR), election reform “For...

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Wisconsin Governor Advances The Lies Of Voter Reform Disenfranchisement

Wisconsin's Governor, Tony Evers (D), vetoed several pieces of legislation aimed at reforming absentee voting laws passed by the state...

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ID Required for Unemployment Compensation But Not Voting?

Pennsylvania now requires individuals filing for unemployment compensation to prove their identity before receiving payments. In an...

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Texas Democrats Disenfranchise Their Non-Aligned Constituents

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), said Democrat state lawmakers who abandoned a special session of the State Legislature to avoid voting on a...

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Pennsylvania Goes to War Over Election Transparency

The Pennsylvania Department of State last week ordered county boards of elections to not provide any access to third parties that are...

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Ranked-Choice Voting Forces People to Vote for Candidates They Don't Choose

A vote tabulation mechanism embraced in two states, “ranked-choice voting,” has come under fire from the right and rightly so. It, in...

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Georgia Secretary of State to Takeover Fulton County Election Operations

Embattled Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), said he will, under the State’s new voter integrity law, seek to take over...

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Democrats Slate Another Power-Grab Bill to Federalize Elections

With the “For the People Act” now safely six-feet under, many who exist on Capitol Hill with their eyes open are sounding the alarm about...

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Steve Kramer – Upheaval in Israel’s Government

Steve Kramer – Upheaval in Israel’s Government A new governing coalition has been formed by Ya’ir Lapid, whose centrist Yesh Atid party (There is a future) came in second behind  Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu’s Likud. The paperwork proving that L

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Barry Shaw – Israel’s Unity Government. Give it a Chance

Barry Shaw – Israel’s Unity Government. Give it a Chance The newly announced Israeli unity government has to run the gauntlet of a week-long Knesset opposition attempt to dissuade members of the burgeoning new government from supporting   their

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Schumer to Strong-Arm Unconstitutional Election Reform Law Through Senate

In what should culminate in a filibuster showdown moment in the US Senate, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), will force a vote...

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UNPACKED – Israeli Politics Explained – Right, Left, Elections, Netanyahu, and Everything in Between

UNPACKED – Israeli Politics Explained – Right, Left, Elections, Netanyahu, and Everything in Between.    What parties make up the Knesset — Israel’s parliament? A party needs at least 61 seats to form a government, but no single part

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Steve Kramer – Will Israel Go to a 5th Election

Steve Kramer – Will Israel Go to a 5th Election Israel has held four elections in the last two years. Prime Minister Netanyahu set the stage for this farcical and unprecedented cycle of elections by dissolving his government with the mistaken idea t

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Survey: Democrats Say More Important to Make It ‘Easier’ to Vote than Prioritizing ‘No Cheating’ in Elections

A majority believe it is more important to secure the integrity of the election and prevent cheating than make it "easier" to vote.

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The Tyranny of the Minority: Radical Democrats Ignore Popular Demand for Voter ID

Polling has been consistent on the subject for decades and the most recent polling is no exception: the overwhelming majority of American...

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Why the Georgia Election Reform Bill Is Only the First Step in Protecting Elections

Georgia codified legislation that enacted several common-sense election reforms that include photo ID requirements for absentee voting...

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Why the House Provision Allowing for the Overturning of Elections Is Unconstitutional

A Democrat lawyer intrinsically tied to the litany of 2020 General Election lawsuits claims the House committee examining the possibility...

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Iowa Enacts Law to Limit Absentee and Early Voting, Close Polls Earlier

Iowa’s governor, Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), has signed legislation that limits absentee voting, shortens early voting, and closes the polls...

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Nancy Pelosi's HR1 Encroaches ‘Unconstitutionally’ on the First Amendment

Nancy Pelosi's pet project bill, HR1, is proving to be much more than a massive voter registration and campaign procedure reform bill. As is, it would gives federal bureaucrats new authority to control political free speech, something absolutely protected

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why is Lapid Beating Saar and Bennett?

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Why is Lapid Beating Saar and Bennett? The past weeks have seen some dynamic change in Israel’s election polls, mostly within the Right/Center camp. Lapid’s Yesh Atid is up by several seats (approaching twenty), while S

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Trump Won Two-Thirds of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered

The claim often repeated by the mainstream media, social-media content moderators, and fact-checkers that lawsuits filed by President ...

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TURLEY: Using 14th Amendment ‘Could Set Dangerous Precedent of Barring Opponents from Office’

As the more zealous Democrats in the US Senate prepare for the second impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, who

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FORMER ADVISER: Trump May Start New Political Party, Will Become Country’s Greatest Champion for Election Integrity

In his farewell address to the nation, President Donald Trump told the American people that the work of “Making America

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Podcast | Underground USA | United States

Underground USA is an irreverent, brutally truthful, fact-based podcast. Nancy Pelosi and the Marxist-Progressive bloodthirsty Democrats, who out of one side of their mouths plead for unity and out of the other call for crushing their opponents have impea

Business & Finance | Small business

The Value of Recounts | by Charles Haspel

Be a volunteer election worker helping me illustrate the value of recounts.

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Steve Kramer – Israel’s Rapid Fire 4th Election

Steve Kramer – Israel’s Rapid Fire 4th Election Israel has just announced its fourth election in two years, following three dysfunctional governments in a row. Unlike in the US, if the state budget is not passed within a certain amount of time (it

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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel’s Slow-Moving, Real Political Earthquake

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig – Israel’s Slow-Moving, Real Political Earthquake Tectonic pressure is never seen and moves slowly – but its effect can be huge. Israel is presently undergoing such a political pre-“earthquake”, but it’s not what th

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LAW PROFESSOR: ‘The Votes of Black Americans Should Count Twice’

In an idea that makes new math appear intelligible, an assistant professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law

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In blue counties in Pennsylvania, they counted ballots without a postmark, address and signature

Kayleigh McEnany: In seven blue counties in #Pennsylvania, they counted ballots without a postmark, address and signature which is against the law

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Dominion Confirms Clinton Foundation Donation, Former Pelosi Staffer Link - Geller Report News

Pelosi Chief of Staff Nadeam Elshami “is part of a lobbying team representing Dominion."

How is this even remotely ethical?

Is there not one honest Democrat in the whole of that cesspool?

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Dominion Engineer Told Antifa He'd "Made Sure" Trump Wouldn't Win, Report Says | News Thud

  Vice President of U.S. Engineering Eric Coomer shared anti-Trump posts online Dominion's top engineer told Antifa he'd 'made f**king sure' Trump wouldn't win Dominion's top engineer assured Antifa activists that he had "made f**king sure" that President

History | The Constitution

Rep. Lesko Warns Against Federalizing Elections: 'You Have to Think About What You Wish For'

The Democrats' push to federalize the election would take away safeguards that ensure election integrity, warned Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-Ariz.).

Politics | Politics

Voters Should Have to Pass a Civics Exam

We are moving in the opposite direction when it comes to voting; rather than making it easier, we should be making it harder—constitutionally, of course.

Politics | Politics

Donald Trump Signs Order to Protect Fracking Industry

Trump signed an executive order to protect both the fracking and oil and gas industries after Biden's pledge to transition from oil.

Politics | Politics

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Endorses President Trump, Marking First GOP Endorsement In Almost 50 Years

"Donald Trump is not Churchill, to be sure, but he gets things done...Mr. Biden is too old for the job, and fragile."

History | The Constitution

Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds 'Faithless Elector' Laws

The Supreme Court has unanimously affirmed the constitutionality of “faithless elector” laws that allow states to fine or ...

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Mark Okrent - Shame but not on All of You

Mark Okrent – Shame but not on All of You In reading my friend, Steve Ornstein’s recent posting titled “When will this all end – Shame on all of you?”, I identified with Steve’s intention to be the “Adult in the Room” and scold th

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Steve Ornstein - When will this all end-Shame on all of you?

Steve Ornstein – When will this all end-Shame on all of you? Everyone one from the Prime Minister to the opposition parties express their anger and frustrations at each other with little care about the country and the people. This sad and disgusting

Politics | Corruption

Obama Successfully Hunted Trump Campaign Aides Instead of Terrorists

The weekend raid that resulted in the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was named after Kayla Mueller, an American aid worker killed in Syria in 2015 while being held captive by the sadistic ISIS leader. During his Sunday morning announcement from the White H

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Netanyahu Drops Bombshell about Election Fraud

Exclusive interview with Likud member Amit Halevi who took part in special broadcast with Israeli PM Netanyahu today about election fraud.

Politics | Politics

Israel Elections Analysis: Who Won & Lost? What the Media is Not Reporting

Basically, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu didn't lose the elections but he didn't win either. Don't miss this deep dive the media is not giving you.

Politics | Politics

The Media is Lying about Israeli Arab Parties and Israeli Democracy

Everywhere you turn, the headlines in mass media are celebrating the win of the joint Arab list in Israeli elections.

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Barry Shaw - The Israel Election and Liberman's Conditions

Barry Shaw – The Israel Election and Liberman’s Conditions The Israeli elections on September 2019 proved one thing. Not only is Israel the only democracy in the Middle East, it is also a global democracy on steroids. The elections results sho

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UNPACKED - Why are Israelis Heading to the Polls Again? | Israel Elections 2019

UNPACKED – Why are Israelis Heading to the Polls Again? | Israel Elections 2019 On September 17, Israelis are heading to the polls to vote for the members of the 22nd Knesset, the Israeli parliament. If it seems like this only just happened, you’r

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Yair Lapid - The Center can bridge the gap between Right and Left.

Yair Lapid – The Center can bridge the gap between Right and Left. Jerusalem Post I believe, above all else, that people aren’t stupid. You need to take that statement seriously because it is a direct challenge to the zeitgeist. It stands in direc

Politics | Op-Ed

The Electoral College Is Under Assault. Here’s Why It’s Worth Saving.

It has never been clearer that the Electoral College is under systemic assault.

Politics | Politics

Political Parties Still Have Cybersecurity Hygiene Problems | WIRED

Three years after the DNC hack, a new report finds that political parties around the world have ongoing security flaws that leave them vulnerable to attack.

Politics | Politics

The Electoral College Still Makes Sense Because We’re Not A Democracy

What appears to deprive the populace of its power to decide a president is the very mechanism that preserves its power. The Electoral College works that way because the United States isn’t a pure democracy.

Politics | Politics

Nolte: 8 Times Michael Cohen's Testimony Cleared Trump of Wrongdoing

Here are eight reasons why Michael Cohen's congressional testimony did President Trump a whole lot more good than harm.

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Did Ballot-Harvesting By Illegals Flip Seats To Dems? | Investor's Business Daily

Ballot-harvesting is illegal in many states. Former Gov. Jerry Brown legalized the practice in California in 2016.

Politics | Politics

Mega-Donor George Soros Began Targeting Arizona and Georgia Elections in 2015

Billionaire activist George Soros helped fund Democratic efforts to flip Georgia, Arizona, and Florida in the recent midterm elections, and he nearly ran the table. All three states had razor-thin margins of victory in either U.S. Senate or gubernatorial

Politics | Politics

Barbra Streisand Rips Female Trump Voters | American Update

She is not happy......

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California Voter Fraud Scheme Involved Giving Cash for Signatures: Officials

Nine people were charged in a “large-scale voter fraud scheme” in Los Angeles County on Nov. 20. The group was hit with a dozen felony counts for allegedly offering money and cigarettes to homeless people in exchange for false and forged signa

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

"House Popular Vote" -- Democrats' Prepare to Accuse Republicans of Minority Rule | National Review

There’s no such thing — in the American system — as a “House popular vote.”

History | The Constitution

Is Voter Fraud Real?

Is voter fraud real? A look at the numbers that reveal problems with California's voter rolls.

Politics | Op-Ed

National Review: Run, Hillary, Run

If Hillary Clinton runs for president in 2020, it will be the best possible thing for the GOP -- and the country.

History | The Constitution

US House Approves Measure Against Non-Citizen Voting

H.R. 1071 passed, saying that "allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of U.S. citizens."

Politics | Trump Politics

Newt Gingrich: The Trump Republican Party is arising out of a political revolution

The biggest takeaway message from Tuesday’s primaries and the Ohio special election is that the Republican Party is becoming President Trump’s party.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg's letting researchers dive into Facebook data to protect elections

The social network says the initiative will help researchers figure out the effect social media has on democracy.

Science & Technology | Tech

How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes - POLITICO Magazine

With Russia already meddling in 2016, a ragtag group of obsessive tech experts is warning that stealing the ultimate prize—victory on Nov. 8—would be child’s play.

Politics | Politics

Clinton, Libya and Israel - Israel News

The administration has warned various government ministers that any construction of housing for Jews in Jerusalem will be viewed with hostility by the administration.

Politics | Politics

Meet the lobbyists, donors and bundlers behind Hillary's $157 million juggernaut

On the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said she will stand up to big banks, drug companies and other special interests. Yet a new report reveals Clinton has been fueled by millions from a network of well-connected Washington lobbyists, Wall

Politics | Politics

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal drops out of White House race

He struggled to gain traction in the race, often failing to poll at even 1 percent.

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A Rough Guide to Every Major Clinton Scandal

The former secretary of state turns over her private server to the Justice Department after investigators discover top-secret emails on it.

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Black Hats and White Hats

With elections upon us, a return to the Evil-Man Theory of Everything. American governance is complex – even its subcomponents are so complex that the well-meaning people who are handsomely paid to manage them throw up their hands in despair, e.g. IRS agents who freely admit that there are too many changes in the tax code – an average of more than one per day – for them to keep up with.

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Republicans Take Control - Fox News

REPUBLICANS TAKE CONTROL OF THE SENATE — Voters deal a major blow to President Obama's agenda in his final two years in office as Republicans gain control of the Senate and increase their majority in the House.

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This is what it looks like when a voting machine changes your vote

Early voters in Maryland and Illinois this year have reported faulty or rigged voting machines that changed votes for Republicans to support Democrats instead. Now, two voters from Moline, Illinois. have captured the problem on video.

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Money in Politics: What's the Problem? - Prager University

Is campaign finance reform a good way to regulate money in politics? Nationally syndicated, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and best-selling author George Will shows that, despite the innocent name given by its proponents, campaign finance reform is real