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PODCAST | Biden's Lame Victory Lap & Why Government Shouldn't Pick Winners and Losers

Now that the potential rail strike has been averted, it would seem a perfect time to address the ongoing supply chain issues that the Biden administration has perfectly ignored. The fact that the US Transportation Secretary wasn't even involved in th

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Legal group asks IRS to audit AFT teachers union's political spending

EXCLUSIVE — A conservative legal group is accusing the American Federation of Teachers, the nation's second-largest teachers union, of misreporting funds used on political causes to the IRS and is requesting an audit of the organization.

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The Podcast: The Over-Baked Claim of Racism & Fefe Lala | Underground USA

In the echo of President Biden desecrating the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with a speech he turned into a racist screed, we witness Vice President Kamala Harris insult the French people by culturally appropriating a poorly executed French accent in lament

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Andrew Cuomo Guilty Of A Lot More Than Just Sexual Harassment

New York’s Democrat Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is refusing to step down after a concluded independent investigation revealed he sexually...

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Biden Bolsters Union Strength in Deep State; Waives Rules for Union Operatives

If the unholy relationship between labor unions and the Marxist administration of Joe Biden weren’t clear enough, Republicans are now...

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Supreme Court Case to Expose an Inequitable Union Excess in Recruiting Law

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a California property rights case that at first was minor dispute between a strawberry nursery...

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Pelosi: $86 Billion Union Pension Bailout 'For the Children'

In a transparent attempt to justify a carved-out perk for unions in the just codified COVID relief bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-CA)...

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House Set to Gift Unions the Biggest Pro-Union Legislation in Decades

On the heels of a NLRB ruling that forces carpenters to remain in a union they voted to disband, House Democrats are on track to pass...

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Biden Labor Board Blocks Construction Workers from Leaving Union

In a move that forces workers to remain in a dysfunctional labor union they want to leave, the Biden administration is blocking the exits...