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NJ Conservatives Fight To Get Ballot Collection Off The Ground

'I’m an old timer. I like to vote on Election Day. But we’ve got to fight the war that we’re in,' Spadea said.

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Steve Kramer – What if New Jersey were Israel?

Steve Kramer – What if New Jersey were Israel? All my readers know that Israel is undergoing a major assault, which in its first day was the most horrific in Jewish history since the Holocaust. And this in one day! It’s hard for Israelis to get ou

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Mayor and entire council change party affiliation from Democrats to GOP in East Hanover

Longtime Mayor Joseph Pannullo and four council members have joined the Republicans, the county party said in a statement.

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FBI issues warning of credible broad threat to NJ synagogues

"We ask at this time that you take all security precautions to protect your community and facility," the FBI tweeted.

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Threats With Same Pattern as Previous Attacks Prompt FBI to Issue Alert for New Jersey Synagogues

The branch office in Newark, NJ, sent out a stark alert on Thursday.

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Kyrie Irving still won't apologize: 'I cannot be anti-Semitic'

Kyrie Irving still would not directly apologize Thursday for a social media post about an anti-Semitic film.

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Kyrie Irving raises eyebrows with tweet to movie filled with anti-Semitic disinformation

Kyrie Irving has put himself in the middle of another controversy.

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NJ Man Charged With Attempted Murder After Antisemitic Stabbing, Hit-and-Runs

Dion Marsh, charged with a string of attacks on Jews in Lakewood, NJ. Photo: Lakewood Police Department A New Jersey …

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SUNDAY DIGEST: Democrats Plan to Close Enthusiasm Gap By Paying People to Nag Their Friends About Politics

Democrats Plan to Close Enthusiasm Gap By Paying People to Nag Their Friends About Politics A group of Democrat strategists is trying to spread an organizing tactic in this year’s election called “paid relational organizing.” It boils down to paying

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2 Jews critically injured in suspected antisemitic attack in New Jersey

  Two ultra-Orthodox men were critically injured in Lakewood, New Jersey on Friday, in what authorities suspect to be an

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Exclusive -- Truck Driver Edward Durr: How I Took Out New Jersey's Top Democratic Boss

Truck driver Edward Durr (R) told Breitbart News that he won because voters were tired of the government "messing with people's families."

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Not so fast? Jack Ciattarelli rips media calls projecting Phil Murphy victory in the NJ gubernatorial election

"New Jersey officials are warning a full accounting of the governor’s race could take more than a week..."

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Defund Hillel? Defund Rutgers.

Rutgers will likely continue to sit on its hands and allow blatant antisemitism on campus. The larger Jewish community must not do so.Op-ed

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New Jersey Estate Owned by Napoleon’s Older Brother Set to Become State Park

In 1815, exiled Spanish king Joseph Bonaparte fled to the U.S., where he lived in luxury on a sprawling, 60-acre estate


New Jersey Man in Custody for Threatening to Beat Up Orthodox Jews Over Coronavirus Distancing

Anthony Lodespoto was arrested for allegedly threatening Orthodox Jews in Lakewood, New Jersey, over coronavirus distancing. Photo: Ocean County Jail. …

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'Paul McCartney's right in front of me': Beatles fans spot the singer in New Jersey

It’s not Abbey Road, but Main Street will do. Beatles fans spotted Paul McCartney in New Jersey over the weekend.

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Jersey City Kosher Market Shooters Were Carrying Devastating Bomb, Officials Disclose

Police officers and local residents near the scene of the Dec . 10 attack on a kosher supermarket in Jersey …

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Jersey City School Board Member Calls Jews ‘Brutes,’ Asks What ‘Message’ Murderers Were Sending

After a Jersey City school board member called the Jewish community in the Greenville neighborhood “brutes” who have “threatened, intimidated and harassed” black homeowners in a Facebook post after the murders in a Jersey City kosher supermarket,


NJ elected official wonders if anti-Semitic shooting was justified

A Jersey City Board of Education trustee suggested that the shooting at a Jewish market that left six dead last week, including the shooters, was justified as a result of how Jewish people treat African Americans.


Jersey City Gunmen Targeted Jewish Grocery for Lethal Attack, Mayor Says

Police responding to a shooting incident in Jersey City, New Jersey, Dec. 10, 2019. Photo: Reuters. Police in the New …


Three Jews Among Dead in Shootout at Kosher Supermarket in New Jersey

Police responding to a shooting incident in Jersey City, New Jersey, Dec. 10, 2019. Photo: Reuters. At least six people …

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Two black bears caught in intense fight in New Jersey yard

Two black bears were caught on video in a backyard brawl outside a New Jersey home last week.

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New Jersey mayor tells Twitter user to call the cops on Jewish ‘invaders’

A New Jersey mayor is facing mounting backlash for telling a constituent to call the cops on Jewish people for going to the beach. Brick Township Mayor John G. Ducey was responding to a flat-out an…

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Insisting it’s not anti-Semitic, NJ group launches anti-ultra-Orthodox campaign | The Times of Israel

Video that echoes holocaust poem urges residents of the towns surrounding Lakewood not to sell to haredi Jews, warning they are taking over the area and harming 'quality of life'

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NJ Governor signs bill allowing free tuition for illegal immigrants

Fox News Senior Judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signing a bill helping illegal immigrants get financial assistance at public colleges in the state, the push to give New Jersey sanctuary status and the Trump administ

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Newspapers Demand Christie Resign, Lament Endorsement for Supporting Trump - NBC News

Christie's full-throated support of Trump has also vexed the New Hampshire Union Leader after it endorsed the governor's candidacy in November.

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Princeton Students Take Over President’s Office, Demand Erasure Of Woodrow Wilson

Black Lives Matter activists at Princeton University have taken over the president's office and say they won't leave until the school acknowledges former U.S. president Woodrow Wilson as a racist and