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They Teach Third Graders To 'Decolonize' Themselves. They Also Advise a Prominent California Public School District.

For most kids, third grade is spent learning concepts such as fractions, long multiplication, and telling time to the nearest minute. For the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium, an education consulting group, it's spent pursuing a differ

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Prominent Anti-Semites Launch Campaign To Stop Republican From Becoming Kentucky's First Black Governor

After they were deemed too anti-Semitic for the Women's March, controversial activists Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory have their sights set on a new mission: stopping Republican Daniel Cameron from becoming Kentucky's first black governor.

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Whoopi Goldberg renews incendiary assertion that Holocaust wasn't about race

In interview, 'The View' host labels Holocaust 'white on white violence,' echoing remarks made in January that led to her two-week suspension from US talk show

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Dave Chappelle: 'Not a crazy thing to think' that Jews run Hollywood

"The list of demands to get back in their [the NBA] good graces got longer and longer," said Chappelle in his monologue.

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PSA: White people who go see the new Black Panther movie on opening weekend are ‘anti-black’

black panther

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Pelosi decimated for claiming illegal immigrants need to stay in Florida to ‘pick the crops down here’

Nancy Pelosi was blasted on Twitter for claiming during a Friday press conference that illegal immigrants should remain in Florida to "pick the crops."

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Ted Cruz confronts State Dept. chief diversity officer over 'brazen discrimination' — and he brings the proof

Ted Cruz confronts State Dept. chief diversity officer over 'brazen discrimination' — and he brings the proof

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Biden State Department Racial Equity Rep Says White Diplomats Like America Too Much

The Biden State Department this month named its first ever special representative for racial equity and justice. The newly minted envoy, Desirée Cormier Smith, once slammed white diplomats for being overly "protective" of the United States and lacking the

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Racist Joy: We Only Care About Ukraine Because They're White

On Monday night's The ReidOut on MSNBC, host Joy Reid used the last segment of her prime-time show to exploit the war in Ukraine in order to play racial politics.

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‘We Are For Our People First’: Diddy Defends Nick Cannon, Invites Him To Join ‘Truly Black Owned’ Revolt TV

It seems that some prominent media figures with mega-platforms have come out in defense of television host Nick Cannon after ViacomCBS fired him in response to blatantly anti-Semitic/anti-white comments. In a tweet on Wednesday, rapper and all-around musi

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WATCH: Black Lives Matter Activists Call For Boycott Of Non-Black-Owned Businesses

Black Lives Matter activists have called for black people, people of color, and allies to abstain from spending any money on non-black-owned businesses, especially on July 7, as well as other days after that date, to send a message about the far-left move

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‘Understand What Evil Truly Is’: Holocaust Survivor Urges Eagles Star DeSean Jackson To Visit Nazi Death Camps After Anti-Semitic Quote

A 94-year-old Holocaust survivor invited DeSean Jackson to visit Nazi concentration camps after the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver posted an anti-Semitic quote to Instagram on Monday. Edward Mosberg penned an open letter to Jackson on Tuesday after Jac

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WaPo Editor: White Women ‘Lucky’ We’re ‘Not Calling For Revenge’

On Sunday evening, the Global Opinions editor for The Washington Post tweeted “white women are lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s’. And not calling for revenge.” Karen Attiah wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “The lies & tears of White w

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Racist Jill Filipovic Thinks It’d Be Swell If ‘White Guys’ Stopped Running for President

Adding another arrow to her quiver of crazy, radical feminist commentator and occasional New York Times columnist Jill Filipovic took to social media to disparage most of the remaining Democratic presidential field. No, not because they embody some of the

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Jersey City School Board Member Calls Jews ‘Brutes,’ Asks What ‘Message’ Murderers Were Sending

After a Jersey City school board member called the Jewish community in the Greenville neighborhood “brutes” who have “threatened, intimidated and harassed” black homeowners in a Facebook post after the murders in a Jersey City kosher supermarket,

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Human Rights Attorney: Omar Would Be In KKK If Not In Congress | Daily Wire

A human rights attorney told Fox News this week that if far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) were not in Congress that she would be in the Ku Klux Klan, an assertion that she made based on Omar's behavior.

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Can My Children Be Friends With White People? - The New York Times

The rise of Donald Trump has broken bonds on all sides. But for people of color the stakes are different.

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When Liberals Club People, It’s With Love In Their Hearts

Apparently, as long as violent leftists label their victims fascists, they are free to set fires, smash windows and beat civilians bloody.

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‘2 more white guys? I’m out’! Diversi-tools cry foul over new True Detective stars | Twitchy

"Guess all that talk about representation was fifty shades of bullsh*t."