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Kayleigh McEnany DROPS Hakeem Jeffries for gross, blatant lie about Republicans and the Holocaust

And the media won't call Hakeem out ...

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Wikipedia Editors Deliberately Distorted Holocaust Articles

For over a decade, a group of nefarious editors has been distorting Holocaust entries.

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How Can Jews Support Ukraine After the Holocaust?

An exchange between Bernard-Henri Lévy and Natan Sharansky, from the recent Tablet event in partnership with the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

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Remembering Marc Chagall and the Righteous Rescuers of the Holocaust

“In the Garden of the Righteous” by Richard Hurowitz (Harper, 2023) “In the Garden of the Righteous” chronicles extraordinary acts …

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American Bar Association removes reference to IHRA in resolution

This revision of the resolution is a result of a major campaign waged by extremist anti-Israel groups, incl. Human Rights Watch (HRW), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and others.

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Noam Blum buries the Courier Journal for their ridiculous Holocaust Remembrance Day article

A Courier Journal opinion piece said 'Jews do not have a monopoly on persecution and atrocities' in an article about Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Almost A Quarter of Dutch Millennials Believe Holocaust is Myth: New Survey Elicits Shock In Netherlands

A street in Amsterdam, Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz led a chorus of outrage Wednesday over a …

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AJC survey: Half of Americans don’t know how many Jews died in the Holocaust

Those with more years of school tend to know more about the Shoah.

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80 years later the echo of Wannsee persists

Today's Iranian regime is pursuing the project begun by Hitler, declaring plans to wipe Israel off the map and even adopting the phrase 'the final solution'

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In memory of World War II veteran Lester Tanner: 'We are all Jewish'

World War II veteran Lester Tanner passed away last week at age 99 — and during his funeral, an American flag was given to his family in his honor. Here's his story.

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Holocaust memorial: Welsh government minister excludes Jews from vigil invitation

Julie Morgan MS refused to apologise after sending vigil invitation for 'gypsy, Roma and traveller' victims, but no mention of Jews

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New exhibit on DP camps showcases ‘extraordinary energy’ of the Jewish people

“You see this extraordinary power of their will to live, to create a future for their children and themselves that is connected to their heritage to their traditions,” said Jonathan Brent, YIVO CEO and executive director, of the exhibit at United Nations

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Where’s the outrage over Biden comparing illegal immigrants to Holocaust victims?

Millions of economic migrants crossing the U.S. southern border want a better life. But most are neither refugees nor analogous to Jews fleeing Nazi slaughter.

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'The great unpunishment': How, why so many Holocaust perpetrators got away with it

Fewer than 600 of those who enacted the Holocaust received heavy sentences after WWII. David Wilkinson's docu explores how the mass of Nazi criminals, collaborators escaped justice

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Biden Makes More of a Mess, Compares Illegal Aliens to Holocaust Victims

Biden lies his head off about the GOP and needs Kamala to help him respond...

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Holocaust survivor, among last prisoners of Auschwitz, passes away

Mordechai Papirblat was a prisoner who worked in hard labor for a period of about 900 days until he managed to escape from a death march at the end of January 1945.

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Whoopi Goldberg renews incendiary assertion that Holocaust wasn't about race

In interview, 'The View' host labels Holocaust 'white on white violence,' echoing remarks made in January that led to her two-week suspension from US talk show

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Whoopi repeats claims that Holocaust was 'not about race,' says Nazis targeted the 'mentally defective'

“Remember who they were killing first,” Goldberg said. “They were
not killing racial; they were killing physical. They were killing
people they considered to be mentally defective. And then they
made this decision.”

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The Evil of Holocaust Denial | PragerU

Why would anyone deny the single most documented genocide in history? This week, Dennis responds to strong opposition he received from his recent column, If…

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The whole truth about Ukraine’s past matters

Kyiv is right to ask that Stalin’s terror famine be recognized as genocide. But it should be equally honest about those who collaborated with Hitler.

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KFC apologizes for Kristallnacht promotion in Germany

KFC has apologized for sending an alert urging customers in Germany to commemorate the Kristallnacht – the 1938 pogrom that preceded the Holocaust.

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Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: Christians and Jews Unite to Bless and Comfort Holocaust Survivors

Jonathan Feldstein – Israel: Christians and Jews Unite to Bless and Comfort Holocaust Survivors The timing may be coincidental but there are no coincidences.  This week, two parallel, complementary organizations – one run by an Orthodox Israeli A

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Chicago Jewish students protest after principal shrugs off Nazi Halloween costume

Teens at one of city's most selective public high schools call for improved Holocaust education after classmate goose-stepped across stage in a German military uniform

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The Fatal Hike That Became a Nazi Propaganda Coup

In 1936, a school group from south London went on a hike in the Black Forest. Despite the heroic rescue attempts of German villagers, five boys died. Over eighty years on, locals are still asking how it happened.

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The Holocaust Is Not Your Metaphor

"A production of Romeo and Juliet for non-binary performers"

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Kathy Hochul pictured with Dem fundraiser & holocaust denier Maher Abdelqader

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul attended a Harvard Club fundraiser in New York City where she stopped to take a few photos with Maher Abdelqader.

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Torah scroll in memory of the million and a half children killed in the Holocaust

The woman whose three siblings were murdered in the Holocaust is going on a mission to memorialize them

History | History

Auschwitz Was Not Bombed Because the World Didn’t Care

The sign “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work makes you free”) is pictured at the main gate of the former Nazi concentration …

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Combatting anti-Semitism must include emancipating Zionism

Knowing the real-world harm that excludes Zionists from equal access and participation—in university book clubs, in support groups for victims of sexual harassment, in class, etc.—is an unacceptable reality.

History | History

The first Jew to escape Auschwitz helped save 200,000 lives -- but few know his name

Rudolf Vrba should be celebrated for his role in preventing the deportation of many of Budapest's Jews, says UK author Jonathan Freedland in his new book, 'The Escape Artist'

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Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi's predictable (antisemitic) 'CBS News' performance

  The brouhaha surrounding Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's comments about the Nazi genocide of the Jews, during an interview that

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PBS Holocaust documentary perpetuates well-worn myths to glorify FDR, says historian

Streaming this week, historian Rafael Medoff says 'The U.S. and the Holocaust' misrepresents President Roosevelt’s actions leading up to and during the genocide

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Historian: Ken Burns Holocaust Documentary on PBS Whitewashes FDR

Holocaust scholar Rafael Medoff says Ken Burns's new documentary, "The U.S. and the Holocaust," whitewashes FDR's record on saving Jews.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

America’s Holocaust failure through the lens of 21st-century politics

Ken Burns’s new documentary focuses on immigration law and anti-Semitism in ways that both illuminate and distort the lessons of history while largely giving a pass to FDR.

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American filmmaker Ken Burns has a Palestine problem

Why is Burns trying to disqualify Palestine from the conversation? Why resort to a technicality about sovereignty in order to try to push Palestine out of the discussion?

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Inseparable to the last: Sisters who survived Holocaust, moved to US, die days apart

Ruth Scheuer Siegler and Ilse Scheuer Nathan, who said they helped each other survive Nazi camp, are remembered for remaining inseparable throughout their lives

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Has Wolf Blitzer’s father just pulled the rug out from under filmmaker Ken Burns?

Wolf Blitzer's father and the bombing of Auschwitz. Op-ed.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

Holocaust inversion: Abbas' longtime weapon of choice

Palestinian Holocaust Inversion will unfortunately not die any time soon, despite the international condemnations. It will just return to the more mundane daily incitement.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

Not just slip of the tongue: Palestinian textbooks rife with Holocaust denial

Despite walking back his controversial Holocaust remarks, Palestinian leader continues to nurture hatred toward Jews by initiating education reforms in West Bank that include praising terror, demonizing Judaism and inciting to violence

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Actress Lisa Kudrow Talks About Family's Holocaust Experiences in Podcast Episode

Lisa Kudrow. Photo: Lan Bui via Wikimedia Commons. Jewish actress Lisa Kudrow opened up about her paternal family’s experience in …

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Ken Burns distorts FDR's policy on Jewish Refugees

Burns' claim that FDR took in more Jews during the Holocaust than other country is simply false. Is the rest of the movie the same? Op-ed.

Politics | Hamas, Gaza & The Palestinian Authority

Mahmoud Abbas's lifelong falsification of Jewish history

The PA president's remarks in Berlin reconfirm his abiding rejection of Jewish history - ancient and modern, in Israel and in exile. It's why he has failed his people and ours

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Elder Of Ziyon - Whoopi Goldberg Really Needs to Stop Talking about the Holocaust and All Things Related (Judean Rose)

Whoopi puts her foot in it again, calling TPUSA participants complicit with neo-Nazi protesters.

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New play unravels untold Holocaust history

"Here There Are Blueberries" at the La Jolla Playhouse follows an album of surprising photos from Auschwitz, and the Holocaust Memorial Museum archivist who works to uncover the album's origins and secrets.

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The Holocaust was not just another genocide

Antisemitism education in schools is not up to the job and requires deep and urgent reform

News | Antisemitism Watch

Anne Frank wouldn't Trust this

The Anne Frank Trust UK 'apologised' for one speaker at one event. Tragically the truth is far deeper and far darker than one antisemite.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

No, Anne Frank did not have ‘white privilege’

Critical Race Theory cannot cope with the Holocaust so it pretends those killed were oppressors

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Mass grave holding ashes of 8,000 Nazi victims discovered in Polish forest

  Special investigators in Poland say they have found two mass graves containing the ashes of at least 8,000 Poles


Shocking Holocaust denial: Twitter debates whether Anne Frank had 'white privilege'

  Anne Frank trended on Twitter over the weekend, but not because of her world-famous diary, writing talent, or death

News | Antisemitism Watch

Twitter debates whether Anne Frank had 'white privilege'

The debate about Anne Frank allegedly spawned out of a series of convoluted unrelated arguments on Twitter over the course of months.

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AI identifies rocker Geddy Lee’s mother in Holocaust photos

Google engineer develops algorithm to identify lost faces in WWII photos as part of Numbers to Names project

History | History

Massacre of Iraqi Jews Remembered on 81st Anniversary

Young Iraqi Jews who fled to pre-state Israel following the 1941 Farhud pogrom in Baghdad. Photo: Moshe Baruch Jewish groups …

Politics | American Politics

House Votes to Bestow Medal of Honor on Last Surviving Nuremberg Prosecutor

Ben Ferencz, honored earlier this year by the State of Florida, was 27 when served as a Nazi prosecutor after the end of World War II.

History | History

The New York Times’ ‘Nazi Correspondent’ - Tablet Magazine

As Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany and then embarked on his program of world conquest and mass extermination, The New York Times’ Berlin bureau chief was busy slanting the news in his favor

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Global Jewish Population Not Yet Recovered From WWII, According to Israeli Data

Thousands of runners take part in the 2018 Jerusalem Marathon on March 9, 2018. Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash90. JNS.org …

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‘Glory to the Heroes’: Warsaw Marks 79th Anniversary of Jewish Fighters’ Ghetto Uprising

Monument to the Ghetto Heroes in Warsaw, Poland on 7 February 2022 Photo: Mateusz Wlodarczyk/NurPhoto via Reuters The 79th anniversary …

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96-year-old Holocaust survivor killed in Russian shelling of Kharkiv

Boris Romantschenko, who was not Jewish, survived four concentration camps including Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Thanks, Whoopi! Why Holocaust Education Is mostly counter-productive

Shoah education proposes that Jews are easiest to murder without payback, and it makes Jewish youngsters want to escape that fate. Op-ed.

History | History

How the Science of Racism Led to the Holocaust - The war against the divine image in man

Can the world survive on ethics devised by human reason? Well, we tried. It’s called the 20th century.

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Whoopi Goldberg Suspended By ABC’s ‘The View’ for Holocaust Comments – The Hollywood Reporter

Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended by ABC's 'The View' for comments she made about the Holocaust.

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88-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Challenges ‘The View’ After Whoopi’s Comments: Put Me On The Show

On Monday evening, prompted by ABC’s “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg making harshly insensitive comments about the Holocaust in which she insisted, “It’s not about race. It’s not about race. … It’s about man’s inhumanity to man. That’s what it’s about. … These are two white groups of people,” an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor tweeted a message to “The View” challenging them to have her on the show.

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Whoopi Goldberg: 'The Holocaust Isn’t About Race'

Whoopi Golberg told her co-hosts Monday on ABC's "The View" that "the Holocaust isn't about race" while discussing a Tennessee school district removing Art Spiegelman's graphic novel Maus from their curriculum. | Clips

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A Tennessee school district has voted to ban the Holocaust graphic novel 'Maus'

The 10-member McMinn County School Board voted unanimously earlier this month to remove the book over foul language and an image of a nude woman.


'Shema Yisrael' pendants discovered in Sobibor Excavations

The pendants were uncovered in areas where victims were forced to undress before being herded into the gas chambers and near one of the mass graves.

History | HISTORY

Wannsee Conference: The most shameful document of modern history

The Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, was not about consumer trends, projected profits or shareholder value, it was about life and death. Specifically, systematic death.

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‘Nothing Compares to This’: Survivors Denounce Online ‘Trivialization’ of Holocaust Found in Study

Dutch vaccine refusal activists are seen wearing images and clothing associated with the Nazi Holocaust at a demonstration. Photo: CIDI. …

History | History

20 years before the Holocaust, pogroms killed 100,000 Jews - then were forgotten

'In the Midst of Civilized Europe' by Jeffrey Veidlinger revisits the brutal violence in 1918-1921 that portended a genocide of Europe's Jews, and was soon overshadowed by it

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Over Half of UK Population Doesn’t Know Six Million Jews Were Killed in Holocaust, Study Shows

The arrival of Jewish refugee children in London, Feb. 1939. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. A new survey found disturbing levels of …

News | Jewish Community

Last Remaining Footage of Polish Jewish Community Before Holocaust Premieres as Movie at Venice Film Festival

Townspeople of the predominantly Jewish village of Nasielsk, Poland in 1938 as seen in Bianca Stigter’s “Three Minutes – A …

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Last Known Survivor of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Leon Kopelman, Dies at 97

A Polish soldier lays a wreath during the commemoration of the 78th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, amid the …

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Another Olympic Opening Ceremony Hitch — The Director Is Fired For Holocaust Comments

It's another setback for the troubled event on the same week that the ceremony's composer was forced out. Still, the show will go on tomorrow, officially kicking off the long-postponed Tokyo Games.

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Hat Shop Apologizes For Selling Yellow 'Not Vaccinated' Stars

A shop owner in Nashville is apologizing after outrage over the store selling "not vaccinated" yellow star fashioned after the insignia Jews were forced to wear

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PODCAST: Antisemitism in the US Is Reaching Dangerous Levels

The best prediction of where we are going as a society is based on accurate, fact-based, and sometimes disturbing history. Shockingly, the American Left is marching down a road Germany did in the 1930s. But will We the People have time to stop it...

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UNPACKED: Watch How a Group of Housewives Beat the Nazis

UNPACKED: Watch How a Group of Housewives Beat the Nazis In July of 1938 32 countries and 24 NGOs attended the Évian Conference, convened by Franklin D. Roosevelt to solve the pressing problem of Jewish refugees. Over the course of the nine-day conferenc

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Speaking of Holocaust comparisons, here’s a flashback thread of Dems and the media comparing the Trump administration to Nazi Germany

Holocaust comparisons weren't off the table during the Trump administration.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

AOC's and Her 'Squad's' Love Fest With Hamas Gives the Head of Simon Wiesenthal Center a Shocking Case of Deja Vu

The bombs between Israel and the Hamas terror group overseeing Gaza are quieted for the moment, but the rhetorical bomb-throwing is still going, especially in Washington, D.C....

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UNPACKED: Watch Magnum Opus of a Monster: Faces of the Holocaust.

UNPACKED: Watch Magnum Opus of a Monster: Faces of the Holocaust. Maria Mandl, an art and music aficionado, was one of the highest ranking female SS officers of the Nazi party. Known as “The Beast”, Mandl was ultimately held responsible for the death

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

High School English Teacher Downplays Holocaust

A North Carolina teacher’s lesson on slavery included a discussion question that downplayed the Holocaust and likened 19th-century Americans to Nazis.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

The First Lesson of the Holocaust: The Jewish People Will Never Allow Anyone to Do This to Us Again

Iran parades missiles with the words: “Israel must be wiped off the map.” - The First Lesson of the Holocaust: The Jewish People Will Never Allow Anyone to Do This to Us Again

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Rav Itzchak Marmorstein: What would Rav Kook say about the holocaust?

Rav Itzchak Marmorstein: What would Rav Kook say about the holocaust? “The shofar of the impure animal is transformed into the shofar of Messiach. Amalek…Hitler and their ilk are awakening redemption.” -Rav Kook-Rosh HaShana, 1933 It is Yom HaZicar

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‘Poland Cannot Hide The Truth:’ Anger Among Jewish Leaders as Warsaw Court Orders Holocaust Scholars to Apologize for Alleged Libel

Spectators attend a commemorative ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two in Warsaw, Poland …

History | History

The Jews who fought back during the Holocaust

Our communal sense of history and peoplehood give us the strength to continue while our enemies fall by the wayside. Op-ed.

History | History

Medicine's Role in the Holocaust and Contemporary Implications | Ethics | AMA Journal of Ethics | AMA Ed Hub

This article considers a historical approach to teaching the Holocaust's contemporary ethical implications for clinicians and their practices.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

The First Hanukkah Light in Bergen Belsen - Chanukah

A wooden clog became a hanukkiah; strings from a uniform, a wick; and shoe polish, pure oil.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Modern Maccabees: Scope of Jewish resistance to Nazis highly underestimated

Display at London’s Wiener Holocaust Library from December 8 reveals often underestimate rescue efforts and armed uprisings, as Jews fought back against their persecutors

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Holocaust Museum In Florida Sparks Outrage After Adding George Floyd Exhibit

A Holocaust Museum in Florida has sparked controversy after opening up an exhibit to honor George Floyd, whose death in police custody earlier this year

Politics | Politics

Democrats, Media Stand On The Graves Of European Jews To Hit Trump

The Left’s exhausting and obscene obsession with comparing conservatives to Nazis reached inexcusable lows this week after Donald Trump and his

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

‘Borders On Holocaust Denial’: CNN Blasted Over Shocking Segment Comparing Trump To Nazis Purging Jews

CNN faced intense backlash on Friday over a segment that the leftist news organization aired this week that compared President Donald Trump's

Politics | Politics

CNN's Christiane Amanpour Says the Anniversary of Kristallnacht Reminds Her of Trump

What is it about Adolf Hitler that the left in America so admires?

History | History

Obituary: Moshe Taube, renowned cantor and Schindler’s list survivor

Squirrel Hill resident was a ‘giant in the community,’ a leading cantor and prominent witness to Holocaust  

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Holocaust Denial Not a Violation of Misinformation Policy, Twitter Boss Tells Skeptical Senate Committee

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testifies before the Senate Commerce Committee via a remote video link, Oct. 28, 2020. Photo: Reuters …

Science & Technology | Social Media

Jack Dorsey: Iranian Leader’s Tweets Questioning Holocaust Not ‘Misinformation’ Under Twitter Rules

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defended his company’s decision to label some of President Donald Trump’s tweets as “misinformation” while refusing to take

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Florida High School Principal Fired for Saying 'Not Everyone Believes The Holocaust Happened' Could Be Rehired

William Latson. Photo: Screenshot of WPTV News segment. A Florida high school principal who was fired last November for telling …

Politics | Politics

Almost a Quarter of Young Americans Think the Holocaust Is a Myth or Exaggerated

A 50-state survey found that a disturbing number of young Americans have bought into Holocaust denial conspiracy theories that have spread like wildfire on social media.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Study: More than one in 10 Americans under 40 thinks Jews caused the Holocaust

Holocaust knowledge particularly low in New York, despite state having the largest population of Jews in the US

News | NEWS

Nearly 20 percent of millennials, Gen Z in NY believe Jews caused the Holocaust: survey

Nearly 20 percent of Millennials and Gen Z in New York believe the Jews caused the Holocaust, according to a new survey released on Wednesday.

History | History

It’s Time to Recognize the Contribution of the Jewish Resistance to the Rescue of the Jews of France

Léon Blum, the Jewish socialist politician who served as Prime Minister of France, led the efforts of the “Vichy 80” …

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‘Understand What Evil Truly Is’: Holocaust Survivor Urges Eagles Star DeSean Jackson To Visit Nazi Death Camps After Anti-Semitic Quote

A 94-year-old Holocaust survivor invited DeSean Jackson to visit Nazi concentration camps after the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver posted an anti-Semitic quote to Instagram on Monday. Edward Mosberg penned an open letter to Jackson on Tuesday after Jac

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Fountain dedicated to Holocaust survivors vandalized at Santa Rosa cemetery

Antisemitism, antisemitc incidents and Anti-Zionism anti-semitism anti-semitc

Politics | Politics

Learning from the painful past instead of tearing it down

Politics | Politics

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Slammed for Failing to Mention Jews in Holocaust Remembrance Day Tweet

US Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) speaks at a rally calling on Congress to censure President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill …

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A Volunteer EMT and His Daughter Help A Holocaust Survivor Write Down His Story

A Volunteer EMT and His Daughter Help A Holocaust Survivor Write Down His Story Writing The Story of Remembrance – A Volunteer EMT and His Daughter Help A Holocaust Survivor Write Down His Story   United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Nir Winter reside

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UNPACKED - What COVID-19 Means for Holocaust Remembrance

UNPACKED – What COVID-19 Means for Holocaust Remembrance This year, Holocaust Remembrance Day, which begins on the evening of April 20, will be like no other. Although it’s Israel’s national day of commemoration to remember the six million Jews

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Watch-Rabbi Sacks on the Holocaust

Watch-Rabbi Sacks on the Holocaust Part 1: Where do you think God was in the Holocaust?   Part 2: Do you have faith in humanity after the Holocaust?   Part 3: Does God care about individual lives, or did He only ensure the Jewish people as a nat

News | NEWS

101-Year-Old Holocaust And Spanish Flu Survivor Just Beat COVID-19

A 101-year-old man, identified as ‘Mr. P’ has been released from isolation after recovering from COVID-19 in the Italian city of Rimini. Mr. P., a WWII

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

America’s Largest Population of Holocaust Survivors Is Endangered by the Coronavirus as Crown Heights and Borough Park Shut Down

The pandemic inflicts miseries that are particular to each place it visits

Politics | Politics

Clyburn Compares Trump to Hitler, Warns U.S. 'Could Very Well Go the Way of Germany in the 1930s'

Clyburn also called Trump a racist who has hired white supremacists to work in the White House.

News | Israel/Jewish Community

Trump Administration Deporting Nazi Concentration Camp Guard Back To Germany

The Trump administration announced on Thursday that it was deporting a Nazi concentration camp guard, who was living in Tennessee, back to Germany. U.S. Immigration Judge Rebecca L. Holt issued the removal order against Friedrich Karl Berger, a German nat


Auschwitz Memorial condemns Amazon's Nazi-hunting series 'Hunters' as 'dangerous' - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Inventing a fake chess match in which the inmates are the game pieces "welcomes future deniers," the museum said.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

No big deal, just James Comey’s buddy comparing President Trump firing people to… the Holocaust

"First he came for @comey, and I said nothing...

History | HISTORY

In eastern Europe, when Nazis killed Jews, a 'carnival atmosphere' prevailed

In a new, second book about ‘Holocaust by bullets,’ Father Patrick Desbois depicts in grim detail local bystanders' culpability while Nazis implemented the Final Solution

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

When 'Never Again' Means Nothing

Vague expressions of upset over an event that took place 75 years ago are no substitute for the hard-nosed defense of Jewish survival that Israel represents.

News | News

Jonathan Sacks - "Evil happens when people let it happen..

Jonathan Sacks – “Evil happens when people let it happen.. “Evil happens when people let it happen, and our best defence against it is never to forget where evil leads.” As we approach International Holocaust Memorial Day and the

History | History

Twin sisters were liberated from Auschwitz, but not from Mengele

The experiments to which Yehudit and Lea Csengeri were subjected to by Dr. Josef Mengele have made them afraid of doctors to this day

History | History

Why the Bombing Auschwitz Argument Still Matters

The Allies’ refusal to devote sufficient resources to rescue and halt the Nazi murder factory is one more reason why a sovereign State of Israel is necessary.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Saying 'Never Again' Means Nothing If It's Not Backed Up With Actions

In the case of the Holocaust, it’s easy for anyone today to insist he would’ve fought on the side of justice. But how many people flatter themselves?

Politics | Politics

‘Mockery of the Holocaust’: Macron Slammed for Visit with Abbas

The French president also threw a hissy fit against his Israeli security detail.

News | News

Holocaust Anniversary Highlights Role of Education, Legislation to Stem Violent Antisemitism

Holocaust Anniversary Highlights Role of Education, Legislation to Stem Violent Antisemitism Focus Point: ” Please share these talking points with people in your network as passionate and knowledgeable about Jewish and Israeli affairs as you.”

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Last Auschwitz survivors speak: 'We haven't won, but we've taught our grandkids'

Heart-wrenching testimonies from survivors living in Israel, as the Jewish state prepares to host world leaders on the 75th anniversary of the death camp's liberation

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Auschwitz Memorial Twitter account minimizes Polish complicity for the Holocaust

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

News | News

Jewish Leaders Raise Alarm Over Growing Trend of Anti-Semitic Attacks

NEW YORK—The spate of anti-Semitic acts carried out over the past few months across the New York metropolitan ...

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Poland Asks Netflix to Make Changes to Documentary About Nazi Death Camp Guard

Convicted Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk leaves a courtroom in Munich after the verdict in his case, May 12, …

History | History

Historian: New evidence shows FDR's bigotry derailed many Holocaust rescue plans

In his book about Franklin Roosevelt and the Holocaust, Rafael Medoff finds links between the US president's anti-Japanese stances and his policies against Jews fleeing Hitler

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

For pro-Palestinian activists on U.S. campuses, the Holocaust is cancelled

Denounce Zionism, or we'll downgrade the Holocaust: That's the message of the Benedictine College activists who tried to bully a Holocaust survivor into backing their campaign

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

‘Deeply sick’: SJP activist confronts Holocaust survivor about Israel’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Palestinians in ‘obscenely anti-Semitic’ exchange

Harold Kasimow is a Grinnell College professor emeritus of religious studies and a visiting scholar at Benedictine University. He is also a Holocaust survivor who doesn’t believe Israel should be wiped off the map. Which apparently makes him the perfect target for Benedictine’s chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

News | Jewish Community

A Young Girl's Yom Kippur Under Nazi Rule - Contemporary Voices

Slowly the shelter came to life. My mother got up and prepared breakfast—a few crackers with some jam we still had left. But neither my two sisters nor my mother touched the food . . .

News | Interesting Stories

As Holocaust awareness fades, a survivor shares his story - Los Angeles Times

Joseph Alexander, 96, a slight man with a Polish accent, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, spoke on a sunny Sunday to a rapt crowd of about 30 at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.

History | History

Holocaust survivor owes her life to a Nazi officer’s Great Dane

Nina Dinar, 93, has loved dogs since childhood and that saved her in a Nazi labor camp in Poland

Politics | Politics

Holocaust Encyclopedia - Antisemitism

The term antisemitism was coined only in the nineteenth century, but anti-Jewish hatred and Judeophobia (fear of Jews) date back to ancient times and have a variety of causes.

Politics | Politics

The Press in the Third Reich

Detailed guidelines stated what stories could or could not be reported and how to report the news.

News | News

Singer Pink Criticized Over Photo Showing Her Kids Running At Holocaust Memorial. Her Response Is Priceless.

Pink loves her two children and posting photos of them to Instagram, but sometimes when she does, she receives cruel and critical comments from people suggesting she is a bad parent.

Politics | Politics

Milano Comes Under Fire After Comparing Pence to Himmler

Actress Alyssa Milano came under fire on Sunday after comparing Vice President Mike Pence to the architect of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler, with side-by-side pictures on Twitter.

Entertainment | Most Watched

Holocaust Survivors Come Alive in this Magical Song

When holocaust survivors come together with their families the result is phenominal.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Florida Principal Declares: 'I can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event.'

A petition has been formed asking for the resignation of a Florida principal who wrote that he could not say the Holocaust was a “factual, historical event.”

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Principal Who Tried to Stay ‘Politically Neutral’ About Holocaust Is Removed

“I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,” said the principal of a high school in Boca Raton, Fla.

Psychology | Personality

Trauma Effects the Brain of Survivors and Their Offspring

The inhumanity and cruelty of the Holocaust can not be overstated, and a new European study reports that holocaust survivors have dealt with lifelong negative changes to their brain structures.

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AOC cites ‘concentration camp experts’ again to deflect from her own contributions to border crisis she once claimed ‘doesn’t exist’

Many Republicans have been sounding the alarm, only to be dismissed by Democrats and liberals as manufacturing a crisis for political reasons, while Democrat-championed policies have encouraged more illegal immigrants to cross our borders, resulting in more overcrowding, which has in turn resulted in more deplorable conditions in detention centers.