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New Report Reveals Global Landscape Of Holocaust Survivors

According to the report, 48.7 percent of the total survivor population, totaling approximately 119,300 individuals, currently reside in Israel

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Soldiers liberate Holocaust survivor from death, for second time in his life

"Our mission was clear: thwart terrorist activities, rescue trapped civilians, and ensure the safety of Israeli residents."

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Holocaust survivor, among last prisoners of Auschwitz, passes away

Mordechai Papirblat was a prisoner who worked in hard labor for a period of about 900 days until he managed to escape from a death march at the end of January 1945.

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Robert Clary, Holocaust Survivor and Corporal LeBeau on ‘Hogan’s Heroes,’ Dies at 96

The French actor and singer spent 31 months in a concentration camp but said he had no reservations about starring in a TV comedy about the Nazis.

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Inseparable to the last: Sisters who survived Holocaust, moved to US, die days apart

Ruth Scheuer Siegler and Ilse Scheuer Nathan, who said they helped each other survive Nazi camp, are remembered for remaining inseparable throughout their lives

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Ukrainian Holocaust survivors are being helped to flee Putin's army by a US-based charity

Israel has taken in almost 300 Holocaust survivors from Ukraine. Among them is 100-year-old Dova Govergeviz (pictured), who is now in an Israeli care home.

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Fleeing war yet again, 21 Holocaust survivors touch down in Israel on rescue flights

Hundreds of Ukrainian Holocaust survivors have immigrated to Israel since Russia invaded their country two months ago

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Pre-Pesach Rescue of Three Holocaust Survivors From Ukraine Is a Sign of Hope

A photo of the Ukraine rescue operation. Photo: United Hatzalah. Earlier this month, amid air raid sirens and bombings, we …

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91-year-old Holocaust Survivor Perishes in Mariupol Basement

As she lay dying in a Mariupol basement, freezing and pleading for water, Holocaust survivor Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova wanted to know only one thing: “Why is this happening?”

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82 Years Later, Reunited Childhood Friends Torn Apart By Holocaust Zoom Regularly

Survivors at the Dachau concentration camp cheer their liberation by US soldiers. Photo: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Courtesy of …

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“Students for Justice in Palestine" proud of harassing a Holocaust survivor

This video was proudly uploaded by a branch of Students for Justice in Palestine.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Arab plumbers in Haifa refuse to charge Holocaust survivor

Here is a nice story that was only in the Hebrew-language media a couple of weeks ago.

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Holocaust survivor owes her life to a Nazi officer’s Great Dane

Nina Dinar, 93, has loved dogs since childhood and that saved her in a Nazi labor camp in Poland

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declines Auschwitz visit with Holocaust survivor - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post

Edward Mosberg told the congresswoman, "now is an opportunity that won’t repeat itself"

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Israeli Tech Entrepreneurs Host 2nd Hackathon To Support Holocaust Survivors

TLV Starters will host its second hackathon aimed at promoting Holocaust education and aiding Holocaust survivors. | NoCamels

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‘The Invisibles’ Tells the Amazing Tale of Four Holocaust Survivors

A scene from “The Invisibles.” Photo: Courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment. When death knocked at her door, Hanni Weissenberg refused to …