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Yikes! Sky News Anchor Dubs the Holocaust a 'Voluntary Relocation'

 This is truly unbelievable. A 'Sky News' anchor called the Holocaust an 'voluntary relocation'. What?

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'When infants are murdered - that's a Holocaust'

Ruth Haran, who survived both the Holocaust and the October 7th massacre, leads viewers on a chilling journey showing the similarities between the two.

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Stop exploiting the Holocaust as a weapon against Israel  

Since October, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have distorted the memory of the Holocaust to wage political and economic war on Israel, thereby diminishing the scale and severity of the atrocities that were carried out by Nazi Germany.

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New Report Reveals Global Landscape Of Holocaust Survivors

According to the report, 48.7 percent of the total survivor population, totaling approximately 119,300 individuals, currently reside in Israel

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'Hide Under the Bed': How Hamas Made a High Schooler's Holocaust Education Trip Unnecessary

Ola Metzger, 45, had planned to send her daughter on a Holocaust education trip to Poland. But on Oct. 7, days before the trip was to depart, a holocaust came to them.

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The disturbing rebirth of Holocaust denial

Surveys suggest ever growing numbers of young people think the historical slaughter of six million Jews is a myth. This is deeply disturbing

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20% of Young Americans Think Holocaust Is a Myth

One in five young Americans say that the Holocaust is a myth, according to a poll released Thursday, and around 30 percent express anti-Semitic views.

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Germany Earns The Ultimate Facepalm: Anne Frank Daycare Center To Be Renamed

 The explosion of overt antisemitism in recent weeks has been disturbing to see no matter where it takes place. We live in the United States, so we're most horrified about it here, but scenes from London, Australia, and elsewhere are equally concerning. This is not the way a society behaves ... at least if it wants to survive.

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Israelis Commemorate Exodus 1947, The ‘ship That Launched A Nation’

On July 18, 1947, some 4,550 refugees - survivors of the Holocaust - set off across the Mediterranean Sea, just two years removed from the destruction of Europe - Click the link for more details.

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A Slaughter of Jews in Ukraine

Who perpetrated the Lviv pogrom of July 1941?

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'Exodus' immigrant's diary shows hardships of post-Shoah refugees

Miriam Sternberg Wechsler was 19 when she boarded the ship alone.

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ZOA to Biden: rescind ‘horrific, frightening’ Holocaust Museum council appointments

Leaders of anti-Israel groups don’t belong at the helm of a museum, whose founding principles call for “support for a Jewish homeland,” according to Zionist Organization of America.

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Polish Responsibility for the Holocaust Was Not Minor

A New Read on Jewish Life

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Escape From the Nazis - Against All Odds, a Treasure Survives - Chabad.org

On Kristallnacht, the family hid in their apartment with all the lights out and the windows shut. The children peered through the edges of the curtains and watched the Nazis storm into the small synagogue below their apartment and throw the Torah scrolls

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Israel Capitulates to Poland’s Demands to Expose Jewish Children to Holocaust Denial

This is the second attempt of a Netanyahu government to help erase Poland’s participation in the mass murder of Jews.

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Ben Ferencz, last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor, passes away at 103

Ferencz, a Jew who grew up in New York, was able to present the entirety of his case in just two court sessions. All defendants were found guilty.

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Misconceptions about Warsaw Ghetto Uprising abound, says historian Zachary Mazur

Ahead of a lecture commemorating the 80th anniversary of the uprising, Mazur told JNS that “there is plenty of ignorance” about the uprising and its context.

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American Bar Association removes reference to IHRA in resolution

This revision of the resolution is a result of a major campaign waged by extremist anti-Israel groups, incl. Human Rights Watch (HRW), Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and others.

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Noam Blum buries the Courier Journal for their ridiculous Holocaust Remembrance Day article

A Courier Journal opinion piece said 'Jews do not have a monopoly on persecution and atrocities' in an article about Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Almost A Quarter of Dutch Millennials Believe Holocaust is Myth: New Survey Elicits Shock In Netherlands

A street in Amsterdam, Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz led a chorus of outrage Wednesday over a …

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AJC survey: Half of Americans don’t know how many Jews died in the Holocaust

Those with more years of school tend to know more about the Shoah.

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New exhibit on DP camps showcases ‘extraordinary energy’ of the Jewish people

“You see this extraordinary power of their will to live, to create a future for their children and themselves that is connected to their heritage to their traditions,” said Jonathan Brent, YIVO CEO and executive director, of the exhibit at United Nations

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Where’s the outrage over Biden comparing illegal immigrants to Holocaust victims?

Millions of economic migrants crossing the U.S. southern border want a better life. But most are neither refugees nor analogous to Jews fleeing Nazi slaughter.

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'The great unpunishment': How, why so many Holocaust perpetrators got away with it

Fewer than 600 of those who enacted the Holocaust received heavy sentences after WWII. David Wilkinson's docu explores how the mass of Nazi criminals, collaborators escaped justice

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Holocaust survivor, among last prisoners of Auschwitz, passes away

Mordechai Papirblat was a prisoner who worked in hard labor for a period of about 900 days until he managed to escape from a death march at the end of January 1945.

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The Evil of Holocaust Denial | PragerU

Why would anyone deny the single most documented genocide in history? This week, Dennis responds to strong opposition he received from his recent column, If…

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The whole truth about Ukraine’s past matters

Kyiv is right to ask that Stalin’s terror famine be recognized as genocide. But it should be equally honest about those who collaborated with Hitler.

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Chilling, newly discovered photos show Nazi Kristallnacht up close

Yad Vashem says images are first to show pogrom from indoor vantage point; indicate German public was aware and that violence was coordinated by authorities

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The Holocaust Is Not Your Metaphor

"A production of Romeo and Juliet for non-binary performers"

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How Ken Burns Misuses the Holocaust

Ken Burns’s documentaries blend striking visuals of still photos or archival film with colorful and often insightful analysis and narration. But his skill as

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Torah scroll in memory of the million and a half children killed in the Holocaust

The woman whose three siblings were murdered in the Holocaust is going on a mission to memorialize them

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Auschwitz Was Not Bombed Because the World Didn’t Care

The sign “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work makes you free”) is pictured at the main gate of the former Nazi concentration …

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The first Jew to escape Auschwitz helped save 200,000 lives -- but few know his name

Rudolf Vrba should be celebrated for his role in preventing the deportation of many of Budapest's Jews, says UK author Jonathan Freedland in his new book, 'The Escape Artist'

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Historian: Ken Burns Holocaust Documentary on PBS Whitewashes FDR

Holocaust scholar Rafael Medoff says Ken Burns's new documentary, "The U.S. and the Holocaust," whitewashes FDR's record on saving Jews.

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America’s Holocaust failure through the lens of 21st-century politics

Ken Burns’s new documentary focuses on immigration law and anti-Semitism in ways that both illuminate and distort the lessons of history while largely giving a pass to FDR.

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American filmmaker Ken Burns has a Palestine problem

Why is Burns trying to disqualify Palestine from the conversation? Why resort to a technicality about sovereignty in order to try to push Palestine out of the discussion?

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Inseparable to the last: Sisters who survived Holocaust, moved to US, die days apart

Ruth Scheuer Siegler and Ilse Scheuer Nathan, who said they helped each other survive Nazi camp, are remembered for remaining inseparable throughout their lives

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Has Wolf Blitzer’s father just pulled the rug out from under filmmaker Ken Burns?

Wolf Blitzer's father and the bombing of Auschwitz. Op-ed.

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Mass grave holding ashes of 8,000 Nazi victims discovered in Polish forest

  Special investigators in Poland say they have found two mass graves containing the ashes of at least 8,000 Poles

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AI identifies rocker Geddy Lee’s mother in Holocaust photos

Google engineer develops algorithm to identify lost faces in WWII photos as part of Numbers to Names project

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What have we really learned from Yom Ha’Shoah? | Israel National News

Yom Ha’Shoah comes to teach, to remind, to educate and to wake up a sleeping nation. Even in Israel, a major wake-up call is needed.Opinion.

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We're all obligated to remember the victims of the Holocaust

  "Dear Berthe, this is already the fourth day. I am on the train car now. I hope, my child,

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Global Jewish Population Not Yet Recovered From WWII, According to Israeli Data

Thousands of runners take part in the 2018 Jerusalem Marathon on March 9, 2018. Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash90. JNS.org …

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‘March of the Living’ Resumes After 2-Year Hiatus: ‘Almost the Last Opportunity to March With Holocaust Survivors’

Participants attend the annual “March of the Living” to commemorate the Holocaust at the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, in …

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96-year-old Holocaust survivor killed in Russian shelling of Kharkiv

Boris Romantschenko, who was not Jewish, survived four concentration camps including Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald

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Thanks, Whoopi! Why Holocaust Education Is mostly counter-productive

Shoah education proposes that Jews are easiest to murder without payback, and it makes Jewish youngsters want to escape that fate. Op-ed.

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How the Science of Racism Led to the Holocaust - The war against the divine image in man

Can the world survive on ethics devised by human reason? Well, we tried. It’s called the 20th century.

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Holocaust reenactment at D.C.'s Watkins Elementary School should remind us antisemitism is a severe threat

How many attacks must we sustain before the world accepts that a message of Jew-hatred has become systemic?

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88-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Challenges ‘The View’ After Whoopi’s Comments: Put Me On The Show

On Monday evening, prompted by ABC’s “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg making harshly insensitive comments about the Holocaust in which she insisted, “It’s not about race. It’s not about race. … It’s about man’s inhumanity to man. That’s what it’s about. … These are two white groups of people,” an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor tweeted a message to “The View” challenging them to have her on the show.


'Shema Yisrael' pendants discovered in Sobibor Excavations

The pendants were uncovered in areas where victims were forced to undress before being herded into the gas chambers and near one of the mass graves.

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Wannsee Conference: The most shameful document of modern history

The Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, was not about consumer trends, projected profits or shareholder value, it was about life and death. Specifically, systematic death.

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‘Nothing Compares to This’: Survivors Denounce Online ‘Trivialization’ of Holocaust Found in Study

Dutch vaccine refusal activists are seen wearing images and clothing associated with the Nazi Holocaust at a demonstration. Photo: CIDI. …

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Holocaust Education and “The Elephant as the Table”

Interview with Master Holocaust Teacher Dorene Schwartz-Weitz on the need for mandatory Holocaust education.

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Holocaust manipulation: Do not defile their memory

“She gave my dad life and then he gave me life and now I’m helping her to survive,” said Toronto physician Dr. Jordana Sacks.

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The First Lesson of the Holocaust: The Jewish People Will Never Allow Anyone to Do This to Us Again

Iran parades missiles with the words: “Israel must be wiped off the map.” - The First Lesson of the Holocaust: The Jewish People Will Never Allow Anyone to Do This to Us Again

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‘Poland Cannot Hide The Truth:’ Anger Among Jewish Leaders as Warsaw Court Orders Holocaust Scholars to Apologize for Alleged Libel

Spectators attend a commemorative ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two in Warsaw, Poland …

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The Jews who fought back during the Holocaust

Our communal sense of history and peoplehood give us the strength to continue while our enemies fall by the wayside. Op-ed.

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Sheldon Schreter - The Shoah and the Creation of the State of Israel

Sheldon Schreter – The Shoah and the Creation of the State of Israel Many Jews and non-Jews, both friends and enemies of Israel, assume that Israel was founded as a result of the Shoah of European Jewry. While the Shoah was indisputably an important

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Obituary: Moshe Taube, renowned cantor and Schindler’s list survivor

Squirrel Hill resident was a ‘giant in the community,’ a leading cantor and prominent witness to Holocaust  

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Study: More than one in 10 Americans under 40 thinks Jews caused the Holocaust

Holocaust knowledge particularly low in New York, despite state having the largest population of Jews in the US

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Fountain dedicated to Holocaust survivors vandalized at Santa Rosa cemetery

Antisemitism, antisemitc incidents and Anti-Zionism anti-semitism anti-semitc

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In eastern Europe, when Nazis killed Jews, a 'carnival atmosphere' prevailed

In a new, second book about ‘Holocaust by bullets,’ Father Patrick Desbois depicts in grim detail local bystanders' culpability while Nazis implemented the Final Solution

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Twin sisters were liberated from Auschwitz, but not from Mengele

The experiments to which Yehudit and Lea Csengeri were subjected to by Dr. Josef Mengele have made them afraid of doctors to this day

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Why the Bombing Auschwitz Argument Still Matters

The Allies’ refusal to devote sufficient resources to rescue and halt the Nazi murder factory is one more reason why a sovereign State of Israel is necessary.

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Last Auschwitz survivors speak: 'We haven't won, but we've taught our grandkids'

Heart-wrenching testimonies from survivors living in Israel, as the Jewish state prepares to host world leaders on the 75th anniversary of the death camp's liberation

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Auschwitz Memorial Twitter account minimizes Polish complicity for the Holocaust

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Poland Asks Netflix to Make Changes to Documentary About Nazi Death Camp Guard

Convicted Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk leaves a courtroom in Munich after the verdict in his case, May 12, …

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A Psychotherapist’s Shema in Auschwitz - Vaetchanan

What is it about the Shema Yisroel prayer that has inspired so many through the most trying of times and has provided such meaning and purpose to help us survive even the most despairing circumstances?

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Holocaust survivor owes her life to a Nazi officer’s Great Dane

Nina Dinar, 93, has loved dogs since childhood and that saved her in a Nazi labor camp in Poland

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Milano Comes Under Fire After Comparing Pence to Himmler

Actress Alyssa Milano came under fire on Sunday after comparing Vice President Mike Pence to the architect of the Holocaust, Heinrich Himmler, with side-by-side pictures on Twitter.

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Holocaust survivor: AOC 'should be removed from Congress'

93-year-old Holocaust survivor Ed Mosberg has no time for Rep. ­Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s statements last week, when she called the southern border’s migrant detention centers “concentration camps.”

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The Long Legacy of the Shoah in Scandinavia – Tablet Magazine

Within the Northern European countries that make up Scandinavia there has been a revival of active scholarship and popular interest into the treatment of Jews during World War II. The subject is very much alive in these countries and much more so than in

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MENKEN: AOC Is Dividing Americans And Inciting Anti-Semitism

After Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) used “concentration camps” and “Never Again” together — a unique reference to the Nazi death camps — and then retweeted leftist Jews hoping to justify the linkage while she simultaneously denied that she ever connected them in the first instance, I honestly thought it couldn’t get worse.

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Concentration Camps? Stop Hijacking Jewish History | The Jerusalem post

US media has now joined the debate about concentration camps.

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Wiesenthal Center Calls AOC’s Concentration Camp Remarks ‘Insult to Victims of the Shoah’

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Rashida Tlaib slammed by House GOP over statement that Holocaust gives her 'kind of a calming feeling'

House Republican leaders called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to "take action" against Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., Sunday after Tlaib said that thinking about the Holocaust gave her "kind of a calming feeling."

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Palestinian Television Claims Images of Holocaust Victims Show Arabs Killed by Jews

A composite image of victims at the Nazi concentration camp of Nordhausen (right) and the same image broadcast by Palestinian …

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On Yom Hashoah - look for YOUR name in the Yad Vashem database, and light a candle for you

To make the Shoah a little more real for you, look up your (Hebrew) name in the Yad Vashem database of Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

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Passover Seder to be held in Warsaw Ghetto for first time in 76 years | The Jerusalem post

Before the Holocaust, approximately one-third of Warsaw was Jewish.

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Study Shows a Third of Americans Think Holocaust Murders Exaggerated

The “Hall of Names” commemorating victims of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Photo: David Shankbone via Wikimedia Commons. …

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Allies knew of Holocaust in 1942, 2 years before previously assumed, UN documents prove | The Times of Israel

UK, US, Russia were aware of millions killed by Nazis, new book says, shedding damning light on refusal to take in refugees or try to halt slaughter

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‘The Invisibles’ Tells the Amazing Tale of Four Holocaust Survivors

A scene from “The Invisibles.” Photo: Courtesy of Greenwich Entertainment. When death knocked at her door, Hanni Weissenberg refused to …

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Outrage ensues over sausage-museum, hotel and theater plans at site of Buchenwald

Rikola-Gunnar Luettgenau of the Buchenwald memorial foundation said this plan shows a “lack of sensitivity” and a “lack of historical awareness.”

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Facebook teams up with Yad Vashem to commemorate Shoah victims online

New project lets online users be randomly matched to one of the 4,800,000 names recorded in Yad Vashem’s central database of Shoah victims.

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The possibility of a new Holocaust with the reincarnation of antisemitism

The era of “never again” is ending in Western Europe, fading in North America and never penetrated the Middle East.

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When Jews caught “Syndrome K,” the Nazis wanted NOTHING to do with them

Jewish lives were saved in World War II due to a brilliant plan by Professor Giovanni Borremeo. "The lessons of my experience were that we have to act not for the sake of self-interest, but for principles." - Dr. Adriano Ossicini, inventor of Sy

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Steven Spielberg urges mandatory Holocaust education

Director, actors, recall filming ‘Schindler’s List’ at special 25th anniversary screening

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Why this Holocaust survivor still wears his concentration camp uniform | New York Post

Ed Mosberg’s hands stay steady as he slips into the striped cotton jacket and matching cap — an outfit identical to one he was issued 75 years ago, as a...

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102-year-old Holocaust survivor reunites with newly discovered nephew | The Times of Israel

Eliahu Pietruszka believed his brother, who escaped Warsaw ghetto, had died in a Russian labor camp, but, generations later, a Yad Vashem genealogy project led to incredible news

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Auschwitz-Birkenau: 4 out of 10 German students don′t know what it was | News | DW | 28.09.2017

Just 47 percent of 14- to 16-year-olds in Germany know that Auschwitz-Birkenau was a Nazi death camp, a survey shows. Its authors cite fewer history lessons as a reason.

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Reconstructed Auschwitz prisoner text details ′unimaginable′ suffering | Germany | DW | 09.10.2017

A newly reconstructed document written in 1944 by a Greek Jewish prisoner at Auschwitz tells of misery "the human mind can not imagine." The text was discovered buried in the ground at the Nazi extermination camp.

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The Holocaust's Great Escape | History | Smithsonian

A remarkable discovery in Lithuania brings a legendary tale of survival back to life

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The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking - The New York Times

The Germans had vastly more work camps and ghettos than anyone knew.

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Charles Krauthammer: The Holocaust and American Jews - NY Daily News

Bernie Sanders is the most successful Jewish candidate for the presidency ever.

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The BBC Flew A Drone Over Auschwitz. What They Caught On Film Sent Chills Down My Spine | Greenville Gazette

Recently, a drone flown by the BBC was flown over the remains of Auschwitz. This was one of the most infamous concentration camps from WWII and the release of the footage is timely, as the

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The indelible mark on the Jewish people - Blogs - Jerusalem Post

Yad Vashem, our constant reminder. From year to year, the hard to describe events of the Holocaust are distancing from the present. The people who survived the Concentration Camps, the Crematoria and the unimaginable atrocities, are in the process of leaving this world to take their place next to the Almighty’s heavens.

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SS 'accountant of Auschwitz' going on trial in Germany | The Times of Israel

Oskar Groening, 93, recalls the 'atrocities,' admits feeling they were 'necessary,' and now faces 300,000 counts of accessory to murder

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Holocaust survivor and American rescuer have touching reunion after 70 years

Jewish Scene: Images capture emotional moment as former Dachau prisoner salutes soldier who liberated him; 'I am eternally grateful.'

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Holocaust survivor ADOPTS the grandson of Nazi commandant Rudolf Hoess seventy years after he murdered her parents and s

Eva Mozes Kor, 80, who lives in Indiana in the US, has found the compassion to forgive her Nazi tormentors - and has even unofficially adopted the grandson of Auschwitz commander Rudolf Hoess.

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Auschwitz prisoner No. A7733 finally finds his family - Israel Jewish Scene, Ynetnews

Jewish Scene: Menachem Bodner, a twin survivor of the Mengele experiments, lost his entire family when he was just a little boy. He is still searching for his twin brother, but recently found his first cousins in California thanks to a persistent genealo