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Democratic Senators Mull Legislation Conditioning US Aid to Israel

US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) on Thursday said that he believes the US should condition aid to Israel based on the country's support for a two-state solution. “I worry that we are at a moment in which we are watching a future Palestinian state be obliter

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‘Woke’ Effectively Describes The Left’s Insanity, And That’s Why They Hate When You Say It

Woke-ism is intentionally ambiguous, so your describing it is offensive to those who wish for its intentions to remain murky.

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A willful blindness about antisemitism from the left

“Top Story” with Jonathan Tobin and guest Joel Pollak, Ep. 88

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UN Secretary-General: ‘For Well Over a Millennium, Islam’s Message of Peace Has Inspired People’

When is the United Nations day to combat the dislike of Christianity? Of Judaism? Of Hinduism or Buddhism? Don’t ask questions like that, you Islamophobe.

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What the rioting left fails to see

The attempted criminalization of Israel and Jews will continue even if the judiciary’s power is limited.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Price of Eliminating Consequences

Recently there were some remarkable online videos of a Portland, Oregon good Samaritan confronting shoplifters and forcing them to dump loads of their pilfered…

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The American Left Rigs Elections Everywhere Else, so Why Wouldn't They Do It Here?

“If we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win,” said then-Sen. Hillary Clinton in a 2006 interview with t...

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How Taxpayer Funds Are Flowing to a Group Bankrolling Anti-Netanyahu Protests

The U.S. government has been funneling taxpayer money to the left-wing group bankrolling protests against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Israeli funding documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

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7 Beloved Books Quietly Censored By History-Hating Publishers

How many other beloved books have been bowdlerized and reissued without public knowledge? These classics did not escape Orwellian butchering.

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How worrying is the far-Right’s ‘Day of Hate’ stunt?

  Far-right hate groups have got the Jewish community scared and with good reason. After the murderous synagogue shootings in

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How Trump Derangement Gave Birth To The Censorship-Industrial Complex

The Censorship Complex affects all aspects of governance, controlling the information available to you on every topic.

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Joe Biden Turns the American Government Into Wokeness, Inc.

Last week, as Presidents Day weekend loomed, the Biden administration dropped a little-noticed executive order. That executive order happened to be one of the broadest, most transformative executive o...

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We FINALLY have actual footage of a crazed Liberal in the wilderness annnd OMG-LOL it’s real

This is like the boss liberal if you're playing a video game battling liberals. Yikes.

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Can the whole world be wrong? - Melanie Phillips

A new book is essential to understanding the lunacy over Israel and the global jihad

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Yahoo News runs op-ed: White Americans 'just don't care' about mass shootings, believe in 'cartoonish version' of 2nd Amendment

A recent opinion column published by Yahoo News calls white Americans "worse" than racist, saying they "just don't care" about the victims of mass shootings.An article titled "Dear white Americans: You’re not racist about guns. You’re worse" aggregated by

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At This University, It's Racist Not to Want to Be Harassed

How many more women are going to suffer worldwide so that authorities don’t have to live with the fear that someone, somewhere thinks of them as “racist”?

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New York Times & Washington Post Obscure Reality in Reports on Jerusalem Car-Ramming Attack

Following the Ramot car ramming, both The New York Times & The Washington Post issued reports that were full of distortions and inaccuracies.

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'Anonymous Sources' Are How Media Launder Smear Operations

It happened with the Russia hoax, it happened all during Trump's time in the White House, and it happened again with the Chinese spy balloon.

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The anti-Bibi resistance wants Americans to thwart Israeli democracy

Some well-known writers and publications aren’t just gaslighting the world about judicial reform. They’re also playing into the hands of their country’s foes.

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The Woke Virus Has Landed Deep in the Heart of Texas

"Wokeness" is often associated with small liberal arts colleges and the Ivy League, but it’s also found a home at one of the largest public universities in one of the reddest states in the country: the University of Texas at Austin. 

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Biden judicial nominee can’t answer Sen. Kennedy’s questions about the Constitution

"Hoo boy this is bad."

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Woke ‘ESG’ investors guilty of anti-Semitism as they target Israel

Israel boycotters have a new home for waging economic war against the world’s only Jewish state: environmental, social and governance ratings.

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The New Age of Uniformity - The American Mind

We shouldn't fall for the postmodern Left's self-evident lie that they speak nothing but the truth on all political matters.

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Lancet Urges Shift Away from Human-Centered Health Care

Lancet medical journal urges a “revolutionary shift of perspective” away from human-centered health care in favor of “ecological equity.”

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, Plans To Hold Youth Sports Event For Elementary School ‘Girlx’

The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is hosting a youth sports event for “girlx.”

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A College Class Made Me Anti-Israel: The Threat Is Real

An anti-Israel ‘apartheid wall’ on display at Columbia University during Apartheid Week in 2017. Photo: Facebook. When I was in …

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How to Survive in the Third World States of America

It’s 2028. Our non-binary Emporer/Empress Kamala Harris has outlawed guns, meat, combustible engines, gas stoves, and testicles. Americans are starving except for those lucky enough to live in t...

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Use These Five Easy Tricks to Identify the Marxist in the Room

People are waking up to the Marxist onslaught facing our nation. If you still don’t see the pile of bolshie we are up against, I suggest you read this brilliant four-part series by Larry Alex Ta...

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The Creepy Cult Surrounding the Gas Stove Panic Gets Exposed

The government now 'needs' to ban gas stoves, according to Democrats. But where did that idea come from?

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Now The Joker Can Get Pregnant, Because of Course He Can

Now comic books are trying to tell us that men can get pregnant. Seriously.

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Should We Bring Back Traditional Gender Roles? | PragerU

Should we return to traditional gender roles? Do men and women naturally have different strengths? Aldo travels to UC Berkeley to ask these questions and…

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Coup We Never Knew

Did someone or something seize control of the United States? What happened to the U.S. border? Where did it go? Who erased it? Why and how did 5 million people enter our country illegally?

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What the Feds Are Teaching in Diversity Training

Asking an Asian person for math help is a microaggression. Reverse racism does not exist. Men can get pregnant.

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TIME Magazine: Exercise in U.S. Originated as ‘White Supremacy’ Project, Wrong to Presume Fat People ‘Not Fit’

Early 20th century pushes for exercise stemmed from “white supremacy” in order to produce “more white babies,” a TIME Magazine piece argues.

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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's 'Equity Summit' Condemns 'Individualism' as White Supremacy

Objectivity's racist, too.

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Woke Indoctrination: The Ads Tell the Story

 In Against the Great Reset, Harry Stein asks how the Left has managed to subvert the culture and trample so effectively upon the fundamental concepts of decency, equality, justice, morality, and even human biology itself, not to mention humor and modesty.

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Now Exercise and Physical Fitness Are Racist!

 Thinking about cutting back on sweets and hitting the gym as your New Year’s resolution? Well, if you are, you might be a white supremacist.

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White Students Are Prohibited From Applying to This UNC Fellowship

The public university dragged into court over its race-conscious admissions policy is now advertising a research fellowship that bars white applicants from applying.

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Is talk of globalism an antisemitic dog whistle?

The ADL and other liberals mistakenly believe critiques of efforts to undermine national sovereignty and pushing woke leftist policies are always about Jew-hatred.

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It sucks to be a Jew on the left

As Hadley Freeman leaves the Guardian for the Sunday Times, she opens up about her Jewish experience

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Victor Davis Hanson: If You Really Wanted to Destroy the United States, Then . . .

First, you would surrender our prior energy independence. Reduce new gas and oil leases on federal lands to the lowest levels of any president in history.

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Spice Girl 'Shocked' by 'Racism' of Not Seeing 'Brown or Mixed or Black' People in Colorado

'I always find myself looking.'

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Someone chucked a beer can at Ted Cruz, who was with his young daughter, and Twitter lefties love it

A man was arrested for throwing a beer can at Ted Cruz during the Astros World Series parade. Many on the Left celebrated the incident.

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Radical social justice ideology is fueling US antisemitism

Unlike antisemitism coming from the extreme Right or the Muslim world, antisemitism on the Left is frequently spoken about as if there are only symptoms and no causes.

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PSA: White people who go see the new Black Panther movie on opening weekend are ‘anti-black’

black panther

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LGBTQ+++© Police State: 'Trans Buddies' Now Assigned to Monitor Doctors for Transphobia

Respecting The Science©, as we are trained to do, obviously requires that we place LGBTQ+++© Gestapo in every doctor's office in America.

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Totalitarianism: Can It Happen in America?

What does totalitarianism look like? In the 20th century, it took the form of secret police violently silencing anyone who spoke out against the government.…

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Leftists Most Likely To See Judaism As 'Incompatible' with French Values

Those on the left are far more likely to believe that Judaism is not compatible with French values, while being the most positive about Islam.

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New PayPal Policy Lets Company Pull $2,500 From Users’ Accounts If They Promote ‘Misinformation’

A new policy update from PayPal will permit the firm to sanction users who advance purported “misinformation” or present risks to user “wellbeing.”

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Jayapal: Biden Should Have Been ‘Much Tougher with the Saudis’ — OPEC Cut Is Saudis, Russia Trying to Influence Election

On Wednesday's broadcast of CNN's "Situation Room," Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) reacted to OPEC's announced production cut by stating that President Joe | Clips

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Why "progressives" can’t deal with antisemitism

The war against the Jews is also the war against western civilisation

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

Civilization is fragile. It hinges on ensuring the stuff of life. To be able to eat, to move about, to have shelter, to be free from state or tribal coercion…

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The Covid Playbook Is Coming To An Energy Crisis Near You

America's legacy media has largely ignored California's brush with rolling blackouts last week after a heat wave hit the state.

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The intersectionality of antisemitism

The Black Lives Matter movement, which began in 2013, picked up serious steam during this period. Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Gaza jumped on the bandwagon.

Politics | Covid 19

Ad Council Attempts To Emotionally Manipulate Low-Risk Young People To Get The Covid Jab

Instead of featuring experts sharing evidence about vaccine efficacy and addressing safety concerns, they lean on young people's emotions.

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U.S. Forces Ordered to Stop Using Gender Pronouns to Improve ‘Lethality’

A division of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), the branch tasked with confronting China, has ordered its senior leaders and commanders to stop using gender pronouns in written formats, saying the shift to more neutral language will help improve the fi

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Elder Of Ziyon - Calling for the murder of Jews on the streets of New York City

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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You can't fight antisemitism while ignoring its supporters on the Left

Summarizing millennia of hatred in an hour is a tall task. But that’s what Dana Bash and CNN attempted with their Sunday special Rising Hate: Antisemitism in America.

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American Express goes woke, promotes left's priorities on climate, race, border

Credit card company is increasingly embracing ESG, an investing movement that seeks to engineer social transformation through corporate governance and capital flows.

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10-Year-Old Celebrated As Youngest Transgender Model On New York Fashion Week Runway

A ten-year-old child who reportedly identifies as transgender just became the youngest transgender model to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Politics | Gender Insanity

California Department of Education Advertises Sex Change Operations to Students

The California Department of Education prepared a resource that included multiple clinics that offer sex change surgeries.

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Green Fascists Are Destroying the World › American Greatness

Earlier this summer, the CO2 Coalition was banished from LinkedIn. The CO2 Coalition, with only three full-time employees and an annual budget of under $1…

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Victor Davis Hanson: Why We Lost Trust in the Expert Class

For years, European policy makers had assured the world that the relatively rapid “transition” to “green” energy was the world’s preordained future—regardless of the costs. Accordingly…

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Dershowitz: ‘Nothing Jewish’ About Left-Wing Jewish Democratic Council of America

There is nothing particularly Jewish about the Jewish Democratic Council of America, which speaks neither for Jews nor Democrats.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Elder Of Ziyon - IfNotNow says Judaism has no intrinsic meaning. Which is pretty much the definition of antisemitism

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Jewish Americans are increasingly concerned about left-wing anti-Semitism

Jewish Americans or American Jews? Survey shows Left-wing “woke” ideology bears some responsibility for anti-Semitism in the USA. Op-ed.

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The Left Should Be Happy with Biden › American Greatness

The Left should be ecstatic that Joe Biden has given them everything they wanted. The Left likes inflation. It reduces the value of old money by printing lots of new money. Those richer who have it…

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Victor Davis Hanson: Biden and The Destruction of Wisdom

There used to be an agreed-on body of wisdom, which both Left and Right, Republicans and Democrats, generally accepted. Heated arguments and invective centered on implementations and methods of…

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We regret to inform you that they’re trying to cancel the James Webb Space Telescope

"These people are fascists. Treat them accordingly."

News | Antisemitism Watch


Don't conflate Jews with a white civilisation that tried to EXTERMINATE them

News | Antisemitism Watch

Twitter debates whether Anne Frank had 'white privilege'

The debate about Anne Frank allegedly spawned out of a series of convoluted unrelated arguments on Twitter over the course of months.

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Another Democrat Sent to Prison for Child Sex Crimes

Jerry Harris, former Biden campaign surrogate and star of the Netflix documentary Cheer, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for sex crimes involving minors. The disgraced cheerleader pleaded guilty in February to sexually assaulting a 15-year-old

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Award-Winning Drag Queen, LGBTQ Youth Adviser Charged With 25 Counts Of Child Pornography

A drag queen performer and “LGBTQ+” youth adviser has been charged with 25 counts of child pornography, allegedly in possession of dozens of photos and videos of nude underaged boys, sometimes performing oral sex.

Politics | The Decline Of America

'Popeye' Comic Strip Getting Woke Makeover with 'More Characters Who Aren't Heterosexual'

After nearly a hundred years in existence, the "Popeye" comic strip is reportedly getting a woke makeover, with the strip's latest cartoonist promising more ethnic diversity and "more characters who aren't heterosexual."

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Cry-Baby Leftist Mind

Modern progressives assume moral and intellectual authority. Consequently, their supposedly superior ends naturally justify almost any means necessary to…

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DEBUNKED: Lies the Pro-Choice Movement Tells

Pro-abortion advocates are still lying and demonizing people of faith. They are not interested in what science says about the biology of the unborn child.

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Leaked Video From New Disney Show Features Trans Flag And Robot That Needs Help With Feminine Hygiene

Leaked video from the new Disney show “Baymax” — based around the lovable robot that first appeared in the 2014 animated feature “Big Hero 6” — shows the titular character approaching a woman in a store and asking for help with feminine hygiene products.

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: America Is More Fragile Than the Left Understands

The Left has been tempting fate since January 2021—applying its nihilist medicine to America on the premise that such a rich patient can ride out any toxic…

News | Abortion

Are Pro-abortion Leftists Really This Stupid or Just Disingenuous?

Did the people who accused Cornyn of calling for overturning Brown really believe he was doing so? Or were they deliberately distorting his meaning?

News | Antisemitism Watch

Parent Sues Woke LA Private School Over DEIJ Polices, Claims Anti-Semitism

Parents who were too scared to fight back against the DEIJ curriculum takeover are finally speaking out.

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Left Mocks Threats to Murder Supreme Court Justices: ‘Give Them ARs’

The left attempted to weaponize the recent threats against Supreme Court justices --  including threats to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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Understanding Marxism: The Enemy of Being is Having

Capitalism is the source of all evil. If we can just get rid of the capitalist system, we can eliminate poverty, inequality, exploitation, class conflict,…

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Dem strategist says that Republicans ‘want to force you to have kids so they have something to shoot at’

If this is what Democratic strategists are coming up with, November looks good.

Politics | Campus Watch

Antisemitism: Playing Defense Is Not Working on Campuses

At the same time that the ADL has done little to oppose left-wing anti-Semitism, which is what dominates college campuses, while criticizing the Jewish community for standing up to anti-Semitism, Greenblatt has turned the organization into an active polit

Politics | Politics

The Age of the Absurd

The West has gone through many eras — the so-called Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Age and the Post-Modern. The present era is

Politics | Opinion

Why the Left went from being pro-Israel, Zionism to opposing them

Solidarity with the struggle of the long-persecuted Jews for national freedom was seen as an integral element in an anti-fascist, anti-colonialist, and anti-racist worldview. 

News | Antisemitism Watch

Does Netflix Have a Problem With Israel? | Honest Reporting

The tremendous growth that Netflix has achieved in just over two decades has been attributed to a culture that encourages outside-the-box thinking so as

Politics | Campus Watch

To the Antisemites Who Sit Next to Me at School

My NYU classmates talk about the 'Zionist grip on the media' and tweet 'death to Israel.'

Politics | Opinion

The Lesson of Ukraine

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, France’s President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden talk as they arrive at NATO …

Politics | Opinion

Why liberals fail to equate Israel and Ukraine

The reaction to aggression against each country plays very differently in the anti-Semitic West. Opinion.

Politics | Women's rights

Take the Hint, Ladies: the Left Doesn't Care About You

I know women who believe the Democrats have women's best interests in mind. They vote "D" every time. And they all have a dirty little secret.

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Canada Has Become a Standing Joke

Here lies W.C. Fields. I would rather be living in Philadelphia    
W.C. Fields’ proposed epitaph 
There are a number of Canadian jokes making the rounds these days. Here are four....

Miscellaneous | Diaspora

Are Jewish groups truly concerned by 'Jewish priority'?

  The question of which issues the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) designate as their “Public Priorities” is not

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Whoopi Goldberg Said What Progressives – Including ADL – Are Thinking About Racism

When Whoopi Goldberg said the Holocaust wasn’t about race, because Nazis and Jews were both white, she voiced what has become unquestioned truth in today’s progressive circles. The ADL, an organization founded to fight Jew-hatred, is complicit.

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Leftist Nonsense Is Killing DC. Let It Die

D.C. was never supposed to be like the Capitol in 'The Hunger Games,' where the wealthy clowns in charge destroy the vulnerable for sport.

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‘New low’: Justin Trudeau tells Jewish member of Parliament she (and conservatives) ‘stand with people who wave swastikas’

"Trudeau is losing it."

News | Antisemitism Watch

‘Brilliant young scholar’ and local BLM activist charged with the attempted murder of Jewish Dem running for mayor of Louisville

"This brilliant young scholar is Quintez Brown. Some of you may remember him speaking at my launch for U.S. Senate in 2019."

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Our Greatest Domestic Threat: Pro-Government Extremists

Though alarming and depressing, we can no longer avoid recognizing that America’s greatest domestic threat is from pro-government extremists. We rue that pro…

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Left-wing Israeli groups make up 77% of references in Amnesty report

  The prevailing majority of sources in Amnesty International's anti-Israel report came from left-wing organizations, a report published this week

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NY Times’ Latest Assault on Rival Joe Rogan: Stop Him, ‘Our Health Is at Risk’

New York Times editorial board member Greg Bensinger called for the massively popular podcaster Joe Rogan to be censored by his hosting platform Spotify in “Spotify Chooses Profits Over Truth.”

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The ReidOut blogger says Whoopi Goldberg’s ignorance about the Holocaust ‘said more about America than her’

No, Whoopi Goldberg's comments said a lot about Whoopi Goldberg.

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NYC teacher calls for vehicular attack on mourning NYPD officers

In case you missed it, the funeral for slain NYPD Detective Jason Rivera was held on Friday. The procession route for the funeral was lined with thousands upon thousands of police officers and other first responders. They created a type of human wave as the hearse passed by, all raising their hands to salute their fallen comrade. Some of the aerial views of the tribute were truly stunning.

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Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult

Wokeism has been described by its critics as the omnipresent use of race—and to a lesser extent, gender—to replace meritocracy and thus ensure equality of…

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Every Progressive Fundraising E-Mail This Weekend | National Review

Diversity is our strength. But unless we are united, that diversity is meaningless.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Woman Who 'Follows The Science!' Dismisses Genetics, Archaeology Tying Jews To Levant

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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Memo to the Left: We Americans Will Give Up Our Cars When You Pry Our Cold, Dead Hands Off the Steering Wheel

If there is one thing liberals hate more than guns, it's cars, because cars free the individual to go anywhere he or she chooses.

Politics | Politics

Why Is the Left Worried Suddenly About the End of Democracy?

What is behind recent pessimistic appraisals of democracy’s future, from Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Brian Williams and other elite intellectuals…

News | The News

Woke Milwaukee DA admitted that bail reform GUARANTEED innocent people would be killed

Milwaukee County DA John Chisolm, who wants to abolish cash bail, said in 2007 that his bail reforms 'guaranteed' some of the killers he let go would end up murdering people, but he still did it anyway.

Politics | Politics

Why The Left Always Projects › American Greatness

The Left is addicted to projection—the psycho-political syndrome of attributing all of one’s own sins to one’s opponents. The woke apparently do this out of…

Politics | Politics

Is Stealing Wrong? Not on the Left

To most readers of this column, the question is absurd. The reason is not that the question is, in fact, absurd; it is because most readers of this column are…

Politics | Politics

If You Can't Question It, Don't Call It Science

I'm an astrophysicist at a major university. Science is my life. But when I hear somebody somberly intone, "science says" or "follow the science," I get very nervous.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Anti-Semitic Radicals Cancel Appearance Because Jewish Groups Will Attend – PJ Media

Anti-Semitic climate “activist“ group Sunrise withdrew from a D.C. rally simply because (liberal) Jewish organizations also planned to participate.

Politics | Politics

Trump Was Right: NYC Commission Votes to Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue From City Council

The real reason why the Left hates Thomas Jefferson is for all the things for which he should rightly be celebrated: because he fought against tyranny.

News | Antisemitism Watch

The problem with Corbyn, AOC and left-wing antisemitism

How can the Left, which proudly champions the equality of all, be bigoted against Jews?

Politics | Politics

WATCH: Australia Embraces a Two-Tiered Society of Tyranny

There are apparently no lines these lunatics won't cross.

Politics | Opinion

The Left's embrace of violence against Jews

Why the Left seems to think it’s perfectly acceptable for Jews to die in the name of Palestinian self-determination. Op-ed.

Politics | Opinion

Twenty Years After Durban, What We Still Get Wrong About Left-Wing Antisemitism

Supporters of the antisemitic BDS movement in South Africa have issued a cautious ‘apology’ for demanding the expulsion of Jewish …

Politics | Politics

Unlimited Power: The Latest Supreme Court Dissent Is A Window Into The Mind Of The COVID Bureaucracy

The left thinks its power is so broad as to be essentially limitless, and so singularly vested as to be checked virtually solely at its own discretion.

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Six Facts the Left Doesn't Want You To Know About Climate Change

President Biden implores us that climate change is an “existential threat” to humanity. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry preaches to us that “[t]he climate crisis as

News | The News

NPR Trashes Declaration Of Independence On Fourth Of July, Adds ‘Editor’s Note’ To Warn Of ‘Racist Slur’

National Public Radio (NPR) denounced the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July because of terms it deemed offensive.

Politics | Politics

Why Does the Left Hate Israel? › American Greatness

As over 3,000 rockets are fired into Israel by Hamas, the establishment of the Democratic Party seems paralyzed over how to respond to the latest Middle East…

Politics | Opinion

Why does the hard left glorify the Palestinians? | TheHill

In a world in which massive violations of human rights have, tragically, become the norm, why has the hard left focused on one of the least compelling of those causes?

Politics | Opinion

With Israel under Attack, Watch for Progressive Anti-Semitism

Not only does history's oldest virus—anti-Semitism—today receive 24/7 assistance from social media, but it metastasizes as quickly as deadly new strains of COVID-19, spawning Jew-hatred and hate

Politics | Politics

The Dark, Destructive, Murderous Psychological Forces of Cancel Culture

The cancel culture we are living in should itself be canceled. That must be obvious to most people, given the way in which it stifles the free expression of ideas, but I think there’s more happening t...

News | Antisemitism Watch

Why can those on the left never see their own antisemitism?

People who hold Marxist assumptions cannot cope with seeing Jewish achievement, says Melanie Phillips

Politics | Politics

The Scars of 2020 - American Greatness

Amid plague, national lockdown, riot and arson, iconoclasm, recession, and the most contested voting in history, the country leaves 2020 with some scars that…

Politics | Politics

Prager: The 'Good American'

The Democrats, social media, and the media are using the Capitol riot as the Nazis used the burning of the Reichstag -- to crush all opposition.

Politics | Opinion

The Torah Versus the Left

Question: What book is the opposite of the left? Answer: the Torah. The Torah is the Hebrew name of the first five books of the Bible, the “Five Books of Moses.” The Torah is the foundation of the rest of the Bible and the rock on which both Judaism a

Politics | Politics

Is Fascism Right Or Left?

Every Republican president since the 1970s has been called a fascist. Ironic, no? After all, fascism has its roots in the left. Dinesh D'Souza, author of The...

Politics | Politics

Leftists Fear Trump May Win Minnesota, Plot Post-Election ‘Mass Mobilization’

Left-wing groups in Minnesota, fearing a possible Trump win, are preparing for post-election mass unrest and

Politics | Politics

Why This Revolution Isn't Like the '60s

In the 1960s and early '70s, the U.S. was convulsed by massive protests calling for radical changes in the country's attitudes on race, class, gender and sexual orientation. The Vietnam

News | News

Black Lives Matter Was Violent From The Start, And Media Knew It

By the end of a year five police officers were killed and dozens wounded by Black Lives Matter radicals, BuzzFeed fondly looked back on 2016.

Politics | Opinion

Why Israelis are framed as "white oppressors"

Must see: 30 year old video by Arab American Institute reveals plan to manipulate the left wing to undermine US support for Israel. Op-ed.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Anne Frank was "canceled" yesterday by the antisemitic, socialist Left

A person named Gazi Kodzo is a radical black socialist who heads an organization called Black Hammer. He may be the only member but he does have tens of thousands of followers.