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Target Embraces Transgenderism, Hires 'Gay Cruella' for Marketing Job

Target reportedly hired a Senior LGBTQIA+ Segmentation Strategist and Pride Lead, despite declining sales over its Pride-themed products.

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Target to shutter nine stores due to violence and theft, shockingly ALL in blue states

 Urban areas in blue states have been facing issues for a while now when it comes to bringing in or even retaining the stores already in their communities that are relied on for groceries and other consumable items by their populations. In Chicago, things have gotten so bad in some areas that Mayor Brandon Johnson has begun making suggestions that are ripped right out of Mao's Little Red Book as Twitchy's Doug P. reported a few weeks ago.

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When LGBT Activists Flood Target With Bomb Threats, Media Pretend Conservatives Did It

Media are so desperate for LGBT victimhood, they're pretending threats of violence from pro-'pride' perpetrators are threats against them.

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Target Donated Funds To Group Calling To Close Mount Rushmore: Report

Target donated funds to a group that has called for closing down Mount Rushmore because it is “an international symbol of white supremacy,” according to a new report

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It's Up To Moms To Crush Target

Dudes absolutely crushed Bud Light. Now it's time for the ladies to do their part to stop the woke corporate takeover.

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Target pulls some LGBTQ Pride products following boycott, queer and transgender designers blame 'domestic terrorists

Target boycott forces retailer to pull some LGBTQ Pride products, queer and transgender designers Ash + Chess blamed domestic terrorists for having LGBT items pulled from stores.

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Target Holds Emergency Meeting to Avoid 'Bud Light Situation' Over Kids' LGBT Pride Merch

Conservatives have seen the impacts of a sustained boycott on Bud Light, and will use wokenomics against Target too. 

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Target Drive-up 'Double-Tappers' Causing Chaos and Disruption

Target Circle app users who tap "On my way," and "I'm here," in rapid succession for drive-up orders are cutting in a digital line, workers said.

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Costco Resorts to Capitalism to Attract the Best Employees Over Minimum Wage

Costco's CEO, Craig Jelinek, announced the beginning of a "minimum wage war" with competitors, Target and Amazon, saying his stores will rai

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Drama Triangle Collision & Escape - Workplace Coach Blog

The dreaded drama triangle; how it hooks you; what abusers are like; how to cut the wires.

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Target security guard breaks arm during fight with men who allegedly refused to wear face masks - CBS News

As the men were being escorted out, one of the suspects is seen on video punching the employee "without provocation," police said.

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Target’s same-day pickup and delivery services growing at double the rate of 2018 | TechCrunch

Target’s investment in same-day pickup and delivery options is paying off. The company, which today offers same-day in-store pickup, drive-up and same-day delivery through its acquisition of Shipt, said this week that these services combined have more t

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Target's Best and Worst Black Friday TV Deals

How good are Target's Black Friday TV deals? Consumer Reports breaks Target's Best and Worst Black Friday TV Deals.

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Target forced to apologize after selling a card game that jokes about 'torturing Jews'

Target apologized for selling the Cards Against Humanity pack, which is still available on Walmart's website.

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Man Hilariously Documents Everything That Happened During His First Week Working At Target On Tumblr

Working in retail is no easy task. Trust me, I did it on and off for the better part of, like, seven years or something like that. I don't know, I blocked some of it out because customers can be monsters and some days make you wonder why you're

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Guy Documents His First Week Of Work At Target, And It Couldn’t Get More Hilarious

If you thought that working at a retail store is boring, we've got news for you. Well, actually Tumblr user kimpossibooty does. He recently uploaded a very detailed and hilarious story about his first week working at Target, and it is pure gold.

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11 Brilliant Beauty Buys From Target That You Need To Discover

If you ask us here at HuffPost Lifestyle, we hit up Target for the beauty buys. Boasting aisles and aisles of affordable goodness, the Target beauty section is the place to go if you're looking to glow without breaking the bank.