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Oh, baby! Walmart to offer big discounts on Feb. 23 for 'Baby Savings Day'

Cribs, car seats, clothes, sippy cups, diaper bags, pacifiers. There is a lot that goes into having a baby, and Walmart&

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Police Called To Texas Walmart For Woman Riding Electric Cart In Parking Lot, Drinking Wine From Pringles Can

A caller said the woman had been driving around the parking lot since 6:30 a.m. A Texas woman was banned for life from a local Walmart. Her crime? Police said she was riding around the store’s ...

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This Map Shows The Largest Employer In Every State

Take a look at this map. What's the first thing that catches your eye? If your reaction was "Wow, Walmart controls A LOT of the country," you'd be right.

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Walmart’s 10 best deals of Black Friday 2018 – BGR

Black Friday 2018 is in full swing and there's really no question whatsoever that it's one of the best sales we've ever seen. In fact, it might very well be the best.

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Bernie Sanders Wants To ‘Stop Wal-Mart’? From What? | Investor's Business Daily

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-declared socialist who's never held a steady job outside government, thinks he knows better than CEOs how to run a business. And, yes, he's serious.

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Target forced to apologize after selling a card game that jokes about 'torturing Jews'

Target apologized for selling the Cards Against Humanity pack, which is still available on Walmart's website.

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Great Walmart iPhone Trade-In Deal - Business Insider

Walmart is offering a new trade-in deal that could be a good bargain if you're looking to get rid of your older iPhone.

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Walmart Apologizes for Decorative Poster of Nazis' Dachau Camp

Walmart and other retailers pulled a poster of Nazi Germany's Dachau concentration camp intended for home decoration.

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Walmart to cut iPhone 5C and 5S prices on Friday - CNET

The price of the iPhone 5C falls to $29 and the 5S to $99. Does this mean the iPhone 6 launch is nearing?

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New York Times Columnist Couldn’t Have Expected Walmart’s Epic Response to Hit Piece: ‘Hope This Helps’

New York Times columnist Timothy Egan got an unexpected response from Walmart after he attempted to smear the corporation in a “wildly inaccurate” article. David Tovar, Walmart’s VP of corporate communications, edited Egan’s piece like a high scho

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Walmart Pays Workers Poorly And Sinks While Costco Pays Workers Well And Sails-Proof That You Get What You Pay For

A protest in Utah against Wal-Mart (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Costco’s most recent quarterly earnings report reveals a fairly healthy eight percent rate of growth in year-on-year sales—including a five percent rise in same store sales. Wha