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‘Error 53’ fury mounts as Apple software update threatens to kill your iPhone 6 | Money | The Guardian

It’s the message that spells doom and will render your handset worthless if it’s been repaired by a third party. But there’s no warning and no fix

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iPhone 6s Rumor Roundup: What to Expect from Apple's New iPhones

As September quickly approaches, iPhone 6s rumors swirl and grow ever-more grandiose. We now know the announcement will be held on Wednesday, September 9, at 10 a.m. CST, with pre-sales rumored for the 11th and the iPhones expected to reach store shelves

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Is this Apple’s secret weapon that could force Android users to buy an iPhone?

There are many reasons why Android users switch to iPhone, and vice-versa, but Apple may have a secret (or not-so-secret) weapon that could pressure some Android fans to considering a move to the other side. No, it’s not Apple Pay, an exclusive iPhone 6

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Watch 7 years of iPhone evolution in one hypnotic GIF | VentureBeat

Has it really been only seven years since Steve Jobs first walked on stage and gave the epic demo of the first iPhone?

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5 awesome paid iPhone apps you can download for free right now (a $30 value!)

Bummed that CES 2015 is over? No worries -- we'll try to cheer you up by telling you about some paid iPhone apps that you can download for free for a limited time. Taken together, these five apps w...

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Apple's iPhone 6 dents Android's crown

Android's share of the smartphone market has shrunk in the U.S. for the first time since 2013, according to new research.

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Pro tip: Troubleshooting 8 known iOS 8 issues

Jesus Vigo reviews eight documented issues affecting iOS 8 and offers troubleshooting tips to work through them.

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Apple Might Release 3 New iPhone Models Next Year - Business Insider

We might see a true successor to the iPhone 5S in 2015.

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13 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone 6 Could Do

Apple's iPhone 6 is selling like crazy and for good reason – we think it's the best smartphone you can buy right now. Take a look at some of the cool features hidden in the iPhone 6.

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The Perfect Gaming Phone

As a recent acquirer of an iPhone 6 Plus I had thought that a bigger phone would have better battery and be easier on my eyes. However what I hadn't expected..

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New A9 Chip Will Be 'Made in America' For The Powerful iPhone 7

The first A9 chips have rolled off Samsung's fabrication lines in Austin. The chips will be used in the next-generation iPhone from Apple, potentially exploiting 14nm technology, and filling the order books of the South Korean company's semiconductor busi

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Apple announces iTunes Best of 2014: apps, music, movies, TV shows and books | 9to5Mac

Apple has announced its favorite apps, music, movies, TV shows and books of the year, with Elevate - Brain Training declared iPhone App of the Year while number puzzle game Threes! won iPhone Game ...

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5 Can’t-Miss iPhone Apps You Should Download This Week | TIME

We explored the App Store and found five iPhone apps actually worth downloading this week.

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Why I Left My iPhone 6 For an iPhone 5S

A week after the iPhone 6 launch, I found myself drunk, eligible for a contract phone upgrade, and holding my finger perilously close to the checkout. $200 for Apple's latest seemed like a no-brainer. Two months of less-than-blissful life with the 6 l

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How To See Your iPhone's True Cell Signal Strength - Business Insider

Ever find yourself questioning how accurate those little signal strength dots are on your iPhone?

Luckily, there's a trick to reveal your iPhone's true signal strength, and it takes less than a minute to enable.

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Next iPhone Camera Said to Pack a 'Weird Two Lens System' That Delivers 'DSLR Quality'

One of the big selling points of each new iPhone since 2007 has been improved camera quality. If new rumors are to be believed, we may not have seen the bi

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Better Battery Life And Faster Charging: 11 Tricks For The iPhone 6

So you’ve bought your iPhone 6 and your wallet is looking depressingly slim, but now what? The iPhone 6, together with iOS 8.1, comes with a range of new features that you might yet not be aware of. READ: iPhone 6: The 5 Best Reasons To Buy One Did you

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8 awesome paid iPhone apps that are free for a limited time (save $35!)

It's hard to believe that November is already here and before you know it, it'll be 2015. Of course, there are plenty of paid iPhone and iPad apps to be had for free before the year is over. We're ...

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Why Is It' Always 9:41 on the iPhone 6? - The Atlantic

In ads for the latest version of Apple's phone, it's always the same time. Here's why.

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6 Reasons Travelers Are Upgrading to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus | Lea Lane

If you're a frequent traveler, consider these six factors, emphasized by Apple developers as the main improvements in this newest, long-awaited upgrade....

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One pro photographer’s secret tricks for taking world-class pics with your iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have both earned wide praise for the quality of their cameras but they still won't help you take high-quality pictures if you don't know how to use them properly.

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I Spent A Week Switching Between The 2 Best Big-Screen Phones In The World ...

For the past week I've been switching between what will end up being the top two phablets around: Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4, which launches this week in the US, and the iPhone 6 Plus, which has been out for about a month.

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Best Free iPhone Apps: 8 paid iOS apps that are now free downloads | BGR

After sharing another nine awesome paid iPhone and iPad apps with you on Tuesday that were all available for free for a limited time (some of them are still on sale if you hurry!), we're back today with another eight iOS applications that are normally pai

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iOS 8 tips and tricks: List of the 10 best | BGR

Who doesn't love learning new tricks, especially if they'll help you get more out of your iPhone? N4GM has put together a nice list of tips and tricks for iOS 8 newbies and while some of them have been covered to death — does anyone not know about time

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The greatest myth about phones is that you are in control | The Verge

In the human-machine relationship, you, fellow Homo sapiens, are commonly designated as the owner, operator, or otherwise dictator of the subservient device in your possession. Consider, however,...

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How to Take Amazing Vacation Photos With Your Phone

While the smartphone camera's point-and-shoot feature makes it easy to use, choosing the right image-enhancing app can prove more difficult....

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Samsung's iPhone 6 nightmare is getting even worse

Despite having to fight against a new iPhone each year, Samsung was surprised to see Apple’s record iPhone 6 launch in past weeks and had to move up its Galaxy Note 4 launch in South Korea and Chin...

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Great Walmart iPhone Trade-In Deal - Business Insider

Walmart is offering a new trade-in deal that could be a good bargain if you're looking to get rid of your older iPhone.

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The Best iPhone & iPad Apps From September 2014

From third-party keyboards to boutique e-commerce, we covered a lot of ground with new iOS apps in September. Here, we filter through the noise to present you with our selection... Keep reading →

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iOS 8 Features: iOS 8 tip that will change the way you use Messages

Mobile messaging apps are incredibly hot right now, as evidenced by Facebook's recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. As popular as various cross-platform solutions like WhatsApp, LINE, Snapchat, Kik and others are becoming, Apple's own first-party a

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iPhone 6 Vs iPhone 6 Plus Vs iPhone 5s: Camera comparison | BGR

Apple's industry-leading iPhones are known for several things. Stunning designs and simple but powerful software are both somewhere near the top of the list, but the iPhone line also just so happens to represent some of the most widely used cameras on th

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Dear Samsung, Thanks For Bringing The World The iPhone 6 Plus

This time, when Samsung accuses Apple of copying, it has a point. And it's about time Apple got dragged in the phablet era. The iPhone 6 Plus is gorgeous and a worthy entrant into the fastest-growing segment of the mobile market. That there were no phable

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Apple's Touch ID privacy flaw just got worse

When Apple launched its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, it had a troublesome flaw, but now that the company is allowing the sensor to be used by outside developers, that problem has potentially metast...

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Apple iPhone 6 pre-orders hit record 4 million on first day - Yahoo Finance

From Yahoo Finance: Apple Inc said many customers will need to wait until next month for their new iPhones after a record 4 million first-day pre-orders were logged, double the number for the iPhone 5 two years ago. The company ...

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Apple Through The Years

A brief history of Apple's finest moments. Did you know about the iPhone that only the biggest Apple devotees can see? Oh yeah. That happened.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Watch | Gadget Lab | WIRED

The wearable space just got bigger. Way bigger. Apple debuted its long awaited wearable Tuesday, simply called Apple Watch.

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Apple announces 4.7" iPhone 6 and 5.5" iPhone 6 Plus: New design, A8 CPU, Retina HD display

Apple's hotly anticipated next generation of iPhone was officially unveiled on Tuesday in two different screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, both sporting all-new designs and even higher resolution Retina HD displays.

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Actual iPhone 6 housing revealed on video for the first time!!!

With Apple's next-generation iPhone 6 handsets reportedly almost ready to enter mass production, we can expect leaks to kick into high gear. After all, with more than a hundred thousand people invo...