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55 Iconic American History Photos And The Stories Behind Them

From the Civil War to the Great Depression to the Space Race, these famous photos show American history as it really happened.

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Assaf Erez – Explores His New Photos of Israel

Assaf Erez – Explores His New Photos of Israel Assaf takes us to the beach and on the streets of the cities and villages throughout Israel.

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The 10 Most Photographed Gardens Around the World

From the New York Botanical Garden to Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, here are the horticultural locales that visitors love to photograph.

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The Best iPhone Camera Apps of 2021

As there is not a one-size-fits-all best camera for all, there certainly is not any single best iPhone app, but these are the best for most.

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How to Shoot Portraits: Tips for Beginner Photographers | Shutterbug

If you're a beginner photographer who wants to learn how to shoot portraits, there are lots of resources out there. One place we turn to frequently for great beginner photography portrait tips is Bach Photography. In the below video, Bach explains in plai

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Photographer Wanders NYC Streets To Reveal Neo-Noir Stories Hiding in Plain Sight

Photographer Nicolas Millers' neo-noir images capture the cinematic nature of life in historic New York City.

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Assaf Erez – Presents Once Again His Unique Photos on Israel

Assaf Erez – Presents Once Again His Unique Photos on Israel Assaf provides us with his unique and often off-beat view of a side of Israel most would see as every day. But he views it through a lens of an Israeli that has spent all his life in Israe

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PHOTOS: The Essence Of Mary Ellen Mark, The Invisible Made Visible

Mary Ellen could see a story in the ordinary that another person might walk by and not even see.

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

Ed van der Elsken at the Rijksmuseum: an exhibition full of surprises | Financial Times

An unfinished book found in Dutch photographer’s archives is just one of the discoveries on show

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Favorite Autumn Gardens from Garden Photo of the Day - FineGardening

Fall is often a favorite time of year for gardeners. Winter is dreary. Spring is frenetic, filled with garden chores. Summer is hot, and we’re constantly worried about if we […]

Visual Arts | Photography

This Photo by Stephen Dalton Isn't Photoshopped. It's Kodachrome!

Photographer Stephen Dalton shot this photo of a Lacewing Fly in the 1970s using Kodachrome. It's a single photo with no Photoshop.

Science & Technology | Tech News

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera: Why this pro photographer is super excited - CNET

A longer zoom, a bigger image sensor and vastly improved night mode? Count me in.

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5 photo tricks to try with your iPhone while you're bored in quarantine this fall

Self isolating at home? Here are five great ways you can keep your creativity skills on point.

Pets & Animals | Other Kinds Of Animals

Hilarious Finalists of the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Check out the hilarious finalists of the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which show the humor of animals.

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Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr dies aged 81

Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr dies aged 81 | Music | The Guardian

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff!

Getty uses remote working in effort to preserve photo archive

Site in London seeking to prevent damage to millions of images during UK lockdown

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Space Images | Curiosity's 1.8-Billion-Pixel Panorama

NASAs Curiosity rover captured its highest-resolution panorama of the Martian surface between Nov. 24 and Dec. 1, 2019.

Style & Fashion | Style & Fashion

Lancôme and Photographers Duo Mert & Marcus Announce a Flaming Hot New Make-up Collection

/CNW/ -- Lancôme and Mert & Marcus unveils a unique make-up capsule collection. The world's leading luxury beauty brand and the photographers duo bring their...

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Whether You Like It or Not, Film Is Having a Resurgence

The world of analog photography went through a dry spell for a while but has been making a strong comeback in recent years. This video is one of the more recent productions put together by NBC Left Field. It features 3 heavy hitters in the YouTube film ph

Miscellaneous | Stuff I Like

Concorde's last flight: Is this the greatest aviation photograph of all time?

In 2003, Lewis Whyld took an instantly classic photograph of the Concorde on its last flight, soaring over the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Visual Arts | Digital Photography

Awesome phone photography: How to take great-looking pictures on iPhone or Android

Here's how to get the best results from your smartphone photography, whether you're on iPhone or Android.

Style & Fashion | Style & Fashion

Photographer to the stars Terry O'Neill dies aged 81

He took some of the first photographs of The Beatles, and his death is described as the "end of an era".

Visual Arts | Photography

New video pits the iPhone 11 Pro against a Canon DLSR, and it’s closer than ever

YouTuber Matti Haapoja has put the iPhone 11 Pro to the test against a $7,500 DSLR camera – can you tell which image is from the iPhone?

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Life in Alaska in the Round-the-Clock Darkness of Polar Night | The New Yorker

Coralie Kraft writes on the photo series “Polar Night,” by the photographer Mark Mahaney, which chronicles a two-month winter period of uninterrupted darkness in Utqiagvik, Alaska.

Entertainment | Entertainment

"It Was the Last Good Time": Celebrity Photographer Randall Slavin Shares Candid Photos from '90s Hollywood Hangouts

“It was the last good time where you could fully let go, and I was fortunate to have a front row ticket to most of it,” he says, reflecting on the photos in his new book, We All Want Something Beautiful.

Visual Arts | Photography

Photography Cheat Sheet: Privacy and Copyright for Photographers

Today's photography cheat sheet is all about the rights and responsibilities of photographers when it comes to matters concerning copyright and privacy.

Visual Arts | Photography

In the Mirrorless Age, Here’s an Argument for a DSLR

Mirrorless cameras might be the future. But there's a reason why most professional photographers still choose to shoot with a DSLR.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Celebrities on Planes in the 1970s: The Photos

In these photographs from the same decade—when air travel wasn't the nightmare it is today—​movie stars and musicians relax, party, and pose on their private jets.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

8 photographers share the best way to store and organize the photos on your phone

Headlines about crushing student loan debt seem to have made a pretty strong impression on college-bound students in Generation Z, defined as a more-than 70 million strong cohort of teens and young adults born after 1996 — or more generally as those…

Science & Technology | Science

This Milky Way Photo on Nat Geo is Raising Eyebrows

National Geographic recently published a series of gorgeous photos by photographer Beth Moon that shows some of the world’s oldest trees under the stars. But one photo, in particular, is now raising eyebrows after sharp-eyed readers noticed something strange about it.

Visual Arts | Photography

Garry Winogrand's Color Street Photo Exhibit is Enthralling and Confusing

Garry Winogrand Color is a fantastic exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum that showcases much of the photographer's rarely seen slide film.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

The Infinite Scroll: Life under the unbreakable lure of the screen.

“Phoning it in” means to do something with very little effort or enthusiasm. The idiom seems oddly prescient now, given that it dates back to a time before the internet.

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

14 Influencers Talk About Their Most Popular Image on Instagram - Feature Shoot

© Christopher Anderson Christopher Anderson “To be honest, this IG thing confuses me. Some images I am convinced will be crowd pleasers don’t generate interest, and then some that I almost don’t post because I think they are not good en

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Unearthing Photography’s Time Capsule - The New York Times

Four trailblazing photographers — Robert Frank, Robert Heinecken, Dave Heath and John Wood — collaborated on a project that was hidden for 30 years.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

The New York City Subway in the 1970s: The Photos

The MTA gives New Yorkers plenty to complain about these days, but hey: at least they got rid of all that graffiti (and crime). 

History | History

History Comes to Life Through Beautiful Colorized Photographs

"The Paper Time Machine" is a book that pulls together 124 colorized historic photos by Jordan Lloyd of Dynamichrome and Wolfgang Wold of Retronaut.

Science & Technology | Tech

The Best Camera Apps for the iPhone | Digital Trends

Smartphone cameras are nothing to scoff at, but there's something to be said for an app that works to extend the functionality of your phone. If you're looking to improve your Instagram game, or to simply capture better stills, we've rounded up some of th

Science & Technology | Technology

How to shoot on iPhone - Photography - Apple

Portrait Lighting on iPhone 8 Plus makes it easy to add artistic studio lighting effects to your portraits.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Hubble captures mysterious nebula in gorgeous new image – BGR

You might think that with so many telescopes at its disposal NASA and the astronomy community at large would have plenty of time to gaze at whatever they want, but space is just so big that even some of the most interesting anomalies in the sky fall throu

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

Pet Photographer Kaylee Greer Highlights Dogs in Shelters: Photos

Kaylee Greer, a pet photographer, is using her talent to highlight dogs in shelters — find out more

Visual Arts | Photography

The Mystery Man Who Spent 20 Years Photographing North American Buildings

His name was Barry Gfeller, and he left behind an astonishing 50,000 previously unseen images.

Visual Arts | Photography

Quick Tip: How to Use Your Camera’s Live View Mode to Get the Correct Exposure Every Time | Shutterbug

Here’s a simple trick that will help you get the right exposure in your photos without all the unnecessary stress. According to photographer Pierre T. Lambert who shares the quick tip in the short video below, the technique will speed up your shooting p

Entertainment | Culture/Art

Exploring Mexico through Graciela Iturbide’s lens

Though it’s fewer than 100 pages and can be read in an afternoon, Photographic is a fabulous introduction to Iturbide’s work because it considers the breadth of her career, not just her work in Juchitán.

Visual Arts | Photography

Olloclip has the Killer iPhone Camera Lens Kit You've Been Waiting For | The Manual

Smartphones ushered in this latest generation of mobile “prosumer” photography. While smartphone cameras aren’t yet up to par with their DSLR counterparts, they’re getting there. Thanks to clever add-on lenses like the latest from olloclip, they m

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

NASA Captures Exploding Star

NASA scientists captured images of a supernova, or an exploding star, for the first time and we are totally transfixed by the video. While NASA has been able

Pets & Animals | Animals

Wildlife photographer captures osprey carrying shark, carrying fish in 'one-in-a-trillion photograph' | Fox News

A photographer in Florida captured a stunning photo of an osprey carrying a small shark in its talons. The shark also had a fish in its mouth.

Miscellaneous | Mid Century

These photos show an idealized vision of midcentury America… with a subtle hint of weirdness

Not much is known about Nina Leen, the Russian-born Life photographer who moved to New York in 1939 and proceeded to spend the next four decades making some of the best — and least remembered —…

Science & Technology | Technology

This is How Smartphone Cameras Have Improved in the Past 5 Years

DxOMark has published an interesting look at how smartphone cameras have evolved and improved over the past half decade, starting from when the camera test

Pets & Animals | Animals

Giant Pacific Octopus totally engulfs scuba diver [Video]

This incredible footage was recorded by Dennis Chow at Dillon Rock near the amazing Browning Pass, just north of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. While exploring a wall during this particular dive, Dennis, Shaz and Wes noticed a Giant Pac

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

Apply the Rule of Thirds in your Photography - streetbounty.com

The Rule of Thirds is a basic compositional Tip that can make your photographs more visually pleasing in an instant. Learn how to apply this simple tip.

Visual Arts | Photography

52 Week Photography Challenge for 2018 - DIY Photography

The first two Dogwood Photography 52 Week Challenges were an amazing success, with tens of thousands of photographers participating from around the world. We enter the third year of the challenge with the Community Challenge! This challenge has been creat

Science & Technology | Tech

Twenty tips for creating better looking drone footage - DIY Photography

Shooting with a drone gives you an entirely new perspective and opens up plenty of new possibilities. Whether you use it for photography or video, using a drone requires some skill and planning if you want to make the best out of it. Stewart Carroll from

Visual Arts | Photography

How To Overcome Fears Of Photographing Strangers

HAPTIC presents the Ultimate Beginner's Guide for Street Photography Series -- visualizations of essential photography lessons and tips by ANNETTE KIM. Annette researched, synthesized, and visualized the key lessons to present to you a fun, easy to read V

Visual Arts | Photography

Here’s Why You Should Use Vintage Lenses with Your Modern Mirrorless Digital Camera | Shutterbug

There’s been a growing trend among digital photographers to use vintage lenses on modern mirrorless cameras. Why would you want to do that? Among other reasons is that old manual focus lenses often sell for a fraction of the cost of their current autofo

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

These are 15 of the best photos scientists took in 2017 — and they show the world in stunning ways

For their jobs, scientists explore the most unique corners of our world, observing the beauty of nature. There's lots of incredible photo opportunities.

Miscellaneous | OTHER STUFF

Photographing Eastern Europe's Fading Jewish Architecture – Tablet Magazine

Photographer David Kaufman looks at the world through a historical lens. Quite literally, in fact, as he shoots with bellows, the folding attachment used on cameras since the Civil War. Though Kaufman is fascinated by the past, his old-fashioned equipmen

Pets & Animals | Animals

Photographer captures cats midair in ninja poses

Hisakata Hiroyuki, a talented photographer from Japan, has managed to snap a group of mortal tomcats in a variety of high-flying kung fu poses. Using his own rapid-fire reactions, he photographs the lovable cats flying through the air, their legs and paw

Pets & Animals | Animals

Photos: The Supreme Cat Show

The one-day Supreme Cat Show is one of the largest cat fancy competitions in Europe with over one thousand cats being exhibited. Exhibitors travel from all over to enter their cats into categories including Persian, Semi-Longhair, British, Foreign, Burmes

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Photos: abandoned real-life ghost town

In the hills east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, they used to mine gold. Now, Bodie is a ghost town, and for those allowed in at night, its slowly deteriorating houses, vehicles, and shops tell a story of time against the backdrop of the st

Visual Arts | Photography

This is the Kit This Pro Uses for Travel Photography And Why He Chose It

Photographers! Let's talk a little about this! This is the Kit This Pro Uses for Travel Photography And Why He Chose It

History | History

This woman’s portraits of wartime Greyhound passengers reveal faces of fatigue and resolve

World War II must have been exhausting, even on the home front. Beside the stress of waiting for loved ones to return from overseas, training for new jobs, or being forcibly detained, Americans were…

Science & Technology | Tech

Google's New Algorithm Makes Your Photos Perfect—Before You Take Them | WIRED

Snap a photo and the neural network can identify exactly how to make it look better in under 20 milliseconds.

Visual Arts | Photography

Top 10 Best Cameras For Travel Photography - The Adventure Junkies

Travel Cameras 101. Find out why you need a good camera, what to consider when choosing one and the best cameras for travel photography available.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

This video series teaches you all the Photoshop basics for free

Popular YouTube channel TastyTuts has put together this 33-video Beginner's Guide to Adobe Photoshop—a godsend for anybody who wants to learn Photoshop from scratch.

Visual Arts | Photography

The Top 10 Things I Wish I Had Known as a Beginner Photographer

Oh the road to becoming the best photographer you can be, you come across loads of useful information... and some not-so-useful information. Sometimes, it'

Entertainment | Entertainment

People Are Sharing Photos of Real-Life Places That Belong in a Wes Anderson Film

Director Wes Anderson has a specific style to his films. One subreddit finds places around the work with a Wes Anderson look, and the results are whimsical.

Visual Arts | Photography

How to Isolate a Moving Subject: Panning for Beginners

Panning with a moving subject is a great way to show motion whilst also separating your subject from the background. Learn how to achieve this effect in th

Visual Arts | Photography

Transforming a Boring Photo Into a Dramatic One With Photoshop

The mere mention of image manipulation may make some photographers cringe, but there’s no denying that some skill with Photoshop can enable you to completely transform an image.

Visual Arts | Photography

How to Make the Jump from Amateur to Professional Photographer

What makes a pro photographer a pro? How do you do it? Do you just wake up one day and the photo gods anoint you a pro? Do you have to pass the pro photogr

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

NASA’s latest Jupiter image will blow you away

This image, taken by the Juno spacecraft’s JunoCam, was snapped in May as the spacecraft raced passed Jupiter. I don’t have to tell you that it’s a spectacular and breathtaking look at the gas giant. Like the other incredible pictures we’ve seen o

History | History

23 Of The Oldest Color Photos Ever Taken

Here's what the world looked like in color, over 100 years ago.

History | History

Why Colorizing Old Photos Requires a Ton of Research

Artists go out of their way to make the recreations authentic.

Sports | Cycling

Cycling, Cameras, and Cats with Sandy Carson

Sandy Carson was our first team rider back in January of 2012. "Team Rider" is a term we use very loosely at Fairdale. We don't expect our riders to win race...

Science & Technology | Technology

Apple Just Revealed the Secrets to Taking Perfect iPhone Pictures

Apple has just launched a new website brimming with tips and tutorials to help users realize the full potential of their iPhone 7 camera.

History | LA History

A Victorian Tourist's Photo Album Of Los Angeles, Circa 1894

The fledgling city was sold into being through real estate and railroad ads, which promised a paradise of health, beauty, and endless potential.

Visual Arts | Photography

How to Take More Risks in Street Photography

Dear friend, I think the reason why street photography is fun is because it is risky.

Science & Technology | Social Media

This instagrammer’s epic shots of Yosemite National Park will make you want to travel right now

This collection of pics that will make you wanna pick your climbing gear, camping tent and head to California to enjoy one hell of an outdoor experience.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

5-Minute Tutorial Reveals How To Make Boring Photos Look Awesome | Bored Panda

There are a ton of bad photos online and it's mostly because people simply can't be bothered with editing. But as this tutorial will show you, you don't need to

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

Vibrant Street Photographs of New York City by Henry Kornaros

Henry Kornaros is a talented 17-year-old self-taught photographer and filmmaker from Vermont who currently based in New York City.

Visual Arts | Photography

Take up film photography in the digital age

Digital cameras may be easier to use, but many hobbyists still enjoy taking photos on film. Find out how, and why, you might want to try shooting on film.

Visual Arts | Photography

The Man Who Photographed a Forgotten America by Moonlight - Feature Shoot

Late Arrival, 2011 Diner, 2011 Noel Kerns is an American time traveler. His camera has taken him on road trips across Texas, down Route 66, and through the ghost towns of the American West. He’s found these bygone patches of the United States under the

Music | Vinyl Records!

Long Play: Analogue photos that capture the essence of record culture

Photographer Arne Reimer has spent over ten years capturing the essence of vinyl culture on analogue film for new photo book, Long Play.

Miscellaneous | Social Media

How Instagram Swelled To 500 Million Users While Others Struggled To Grow

Instagram now has half a billion users. How did the photo-sharing app outpace Twitter and keep us so addicted?

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

This surreal image of Saturn is not a painting

The new image shows off Saturn's hexagonal jet stream in the planet's north pole.

News | Interesting Stories

'Shark stepping on a Lego' photo goes viral; here's the real story

A toothy tweet takes a bite out of social media, but did you know the photo was taken by a shark-attack survivor?

Visual Arts | Photography

15 Pics That Show Photography Is The Biggest Lie Ever | Bored Panda

The internet is full of beautiful and amazing photographs, but do you ever stop and wonder just what went into that perfect shot? I'm not just talking about the

Visual Arts | Photography

5 Tips to Capture Lightning | Sony | Alpha Universe

Don Smith's top tips for shooting daytime lighting...how to get the shot & keep safe!

Visual Arts | Photography

One Photographer's View of NYC, Before and After 9/11

“There was something magical about them, two rectangles that grew so tall."

Miscellaneous | Stuff

Getty Images says photographer suing it for $1 billion gave up her right to complain

A photographer who put thousands of pictures in the public domain gave up her right to complain when others sell them, photo agencies and affiliated companies say in court papers.

Visual Arts | Photography

10 Tips For Photographing Your Children

You don't have to be a professional to be photographing high-quality images of your favorite subjects.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

The Weird Ways Americans Try to Make the Wilderness Comfy | WIRED

To be able to unplug and enjoy nature, you need outhouses and food trucks.

Visual Arts | Visual Arts

The best iPhone photographs of 2016 – in pictures

The winners of the 9th annual iPhone photography awards have been announced, chosen from thousands of entries from 139 countries

Science & Technology | Technology

10 ways to make your summer photos amazing

Tips and tricks for capturing the great outdoors with your iPhone camera.

Sports | My Sporting News

Remembering Muhammad Ali: A tribute to a boxing legend

View the Remembering Muhammad Ali: A tribute to a boxing legend photo gallery on Yahoo Sports. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

Music | Music

1976-1978: CBGB's House Photographer Seminal Shots

David Godlis was eyewitness to the 1970s New York punk scene. These are just a few of his seminal shots!

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

See Photographer Dafydd Jones's Party Photos From the 80s and 90s | Vanity Fair

Jones recently decided to go back through his archive and reprint photos taken for *Tatler* and *Vanity Fair.*

Visual Arts | Photography

How Photography Can Transform Social Justice In America | Co.Design | business + design

Harvard professor Sarah Lewis talks to Co.Design about the transformative power images have for social justice.

Visual Arts | Photography

This is What Different Light Modifiers Do for Studio Portraits

Starting out in studio portraiture and not sure what light modifier to choose to achieve the photo you want? In the post, we'll take a look at the differen

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

Dogs look majestic AF while basking in the breeze

Recently, Getty Images compiled a gallery of the cutest pups possible, photographed while immersed in a field of wind.

Visual Arts | Photography

Rare color photos of 1928 England, full of soul and spunk

This diverse set of English pictures was colored using the Autochrome process, the foremost photo technology of its day.

Visual Arts | Photography

Rare Color Photos Of Paris Taken 100 Years Ago | Bored Panda

Tired of the endless series of black and white photos that were popular in the day, French banker Albert Kahn decided to do something about it. In 1909, he

History | History

This Short Film Brings Historical Photos To Life

By animating historical photographs from the early 1900s, artist Alexey Zakharov offers a new way to see history.

Pets & Animals | Dogs & Other Animals

This Guy Photoshops His Dog Into A Giant In All His Pics And It’s Hilarious

Photographers can have a hard time of capturing their subjects perfectly. Waiting for the right moment can make them anxious, and any slip up could ruin

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

These creepy photos of American cities without people make them almost unrecognizable

For over 40 years, photographer William W. Fuller has traveled to cities all over America capturing them in a classic film noir style.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Here are astronaut Scott Kelly's most jaw-dropping photos from his year in space

Official site of The Week Magazine, offering commentary and analysis of the day's breaking news and current events as well as arts, entertainment, people and gossip, and political cartoons.

Visual Arts | Photography

Prynt: Transforming an iPhone Into a Polaroid - Forbes

Two months ago, I previewed in this column several new future-like, functional iPhone cases that were soon coming to market. One of them, the Prynt Case, has hit virtual store shelves. Essentially, it's a one-inch thick sleeve that your iPhone slides into

History | History

Photos combine images of Germany from WWII with today - Business Insider

The photographs artfully contrast the broad sweeps of Nazi propaganda and the devastation of the war in Berlin with the vibrancy of the city today.

Visual Arts | Photography

Photographer uses food to create amazing scenes - Business Insider

If only snow was actually powdered sugar.

Visual Arts | Photography

This glorious NYC storm photo has been compared to an impressionist painting - Telegraph

Photographer Michele Palazzo woke up extra early to capture this stunning image of the Flatiron building in New York during Storm Jonas

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links!

When wedding photographs go wrong - in pictures

Photobombs, animals and unexpected backdrops provide some of the funniest images released by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

Visual Arts | Art

Scientists have uncovered exactly what makes a photo memorable - The Washington Post

How can any photographer take an image that will never be forgotten? For starters, quit taking nature photos, whether it’s a sunset, mountain range, lake or ocean. Those images are among the least distinctive, according to an MIT algorithm trained to recognize memorable photographs nearly as well as humans.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

The Year in Pictures: How We Made the Cut - The New York Times

New York Times editors pore over tens of thousands of the year’s images to come up with the best and strongest collection.

Entertainment | Entertain Me

Stunning Rare Photographs of Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, and Marlene Dietrich from Hollywood’s Kodachrome Era | Vanit

The vivid coloring of Kodachrome images casts Hollywood's golden age in the perfect light.

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

Vintage Photos of Everyday Life in 1950s New York Discovered in Attic 50 Years Later

These vintage photographs capture a timeless energy and diversity that is characteristic of the sleepless streets of New York City. The recently discovered an…

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

NASA Captures EPIC Views Of Earth

Think you've seen an accurate image of Earth from space? Think again.

Music | Music

Nick Zinner Tells the Stories Behind 9 of His 601 Photos | The Pitch | Pitchfork

Neil Young fans have grown accustomed to waiting. Tyler Wilcox looks back at the highlights of the Performance Series' ongoing dive into the various stages of Young's onstage life over the decades, where brilliance can be found lurking in the most unexpec

Visual Arts | Photography

Winners of the 2015 Urban Photography Competition Shine a Light on Diverse Urban Life Around the World - My Modern Met

The 2015 CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Competition recently released their selection of winning and honourably mentioned images that celebrate the diver…

Pets & Animals | I Love Dogs

How To Live Like The Dogist, A Photographer Devoted To Canine Art

The Robert Capa of dogs is not surprised that you love photos of puppies.

Visual Arts | Photography

How to Improve Any Photo in 8 or Less Steps | Light Stalking

When perusing photography articles and tutorials across the Web it’s not uncommon to encounter various takes on “getting it right in camera.” From exposure to white balance to composition, the idea is to get as many things as possible right in camer

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Jaw-dropping Andromeda galaxy photo comprises 37 hours of exposure - CNET

A pair of "backyard" astrophotographers have collaborated to produce a stunning image of our nearest galactic neighbour.

Miscellaneous | Chicago Events

'Chicagohenge' Is Happening Tonight If You Know When To Look

Stand among the skyscrapers of the Loop Wednesday night, and you're in for a beautiful light show courtesy of this year's Fall Equinox.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

These pictures show what really happens in the background of stylized Instagram shots - Quartz

Our filter-friendly life is coming under so much scrutiny lately. First, hipster Barbie touched a nerve by parodying all the stereotypes of the Instagram hashtag #liveauthentic. Now, Chompoo Baritone, a Thai photographer based in Bangkok, has published

Visual Arts | Photography

Shootout: The Canon 35mm f/1.4L II Versus the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART

I recently did a shootout to compare the image quality of the new $1,799 Canon 35mm f/1.4L II against the $899 Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART. Unlike most comparison

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Astronaut photographs a single airplane from space - CNET

It's a long way from the space station down to Earth, but an astronaut still managed to photograph a tiny airplane from orbit.

Visual Arts | Photography

Photographer Documents Diminishing Darkrooms Around the World

Since 2003, Canadian photographer Michel Campeau has traveled all over the world to document the last of the photographic darkrooms. Toronto, Havana, Paris, Berlin and Ho Chi Minh City are just some of the cities Campeau has traveled to, seeking out what

News | News

Lost Weather Balloon GoPro Found 2 Years Later with Grand Canyon 'Money Shot'

Back in 2013, five friends in Arizona decided to capture some photos and video from the edge of space by sending a GoPro up on a weather balloon. The camer

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

Check out these awesome images of New York City between the 50's to 70's

Take look of images from former eras of New York, and though a lot has changed, a lot still remains the same

Visual Arts | Photography

Holga's digital toy camera lets you take Instagram pics IRL

The Holga Digital toy camera lets you take filtered photos and save them to an SD card like a normal digital camera.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Must See: The World's Wonders from Space

Three astronauts returned to Earth from the International Space Station after taking amazing space photos.

Visual Arts | Photography

A Beginner's Guide to Buying Camera Gear on eBay

Camera gear can be expensive, but one way to work around this issue is to purchase equipment used from online auction websites such as eBay. But it can be

Visual Arts | Photography

This is the Story of the Long Path to Colour in Photographs | Light Stalking

Colour, we take it for granted. We see in it and our digital sensors are capable of capturing millions of variations of it. Of course it has not always been that way. In fact, for the great majority of photographic history, most images were shot in black

Visual Arts | Photography

The Decline of Analog Photography Seen Through Pictures

The decline of analog photography is an undeniable topic these days. Luckily, Canadian photographer Robert Burley has taken action to capture some of the last remaining spaces that represent yesterday's photography. The Disappearance of Darkness: Pho

Pets & Animals | Animals

Stunning wildlife photographs

View the Stunning wildlife photographs photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

Visual Arts | Photography

8 Simple DIY Smartphone Photography Tips & Ideas - 121Clicks.com

In this video tutorial photographer Richard Schabetsberger demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks. Watch and Enjoy. For more ph

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

Here's What Happens When You Put Canned Ravioli In 2,000-Degree Lava

Behold, the most badass way to heat canned ravioli: Just kidding -- it's a terrible idea. Even if you do have molten lava in your backyard, this should go without saying: Don't try this at home

Visual Arts | Photography

DIY a Working 35mm Camera with Konstructor! | Photojojo

The best way to fully immerse yourself in any hobby is to delve in, hands first, from the ground up. The DIY Konstuktor Camera Kit is your full immersion