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NASA Releases Stunning 4K Video of Apollo 13 Views of the Moon, Ending All Conspiracy Theories - news.scienceclub

NASA has developed a stunning view of the Moon using data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) and combined with the views recorded by Apollo 1

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Moon vs. Mars: NASA's ultimate destination has varied over the decades

The moon and Mars have battled for precedence in NASA's exploration priorities.

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Artemis I is go for launch to the moon and back, NASA says | CNN

Managers of the Artemis I mission at NASA have concluded that the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft are ready to launch on Monday, August 29.

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Total lunar eclipse: How to watch Sunday's rare "super flower blood moon" - CBS News

A spectacular full moon is fast approaching. Here's everything you need to know to see it.

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Here’s how and when to watch longest lunar eclipse in 580 years

Mark your calendars, the Beaver Moon eclipse is a must-see — and it's the longest of the century!

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Apollo 14: ‘A Wild Place Up Here’

Apollo 14 was the eighth crewed Apollo mission and the third to land on the Moon. On January 31, 1971, Apollo 14 launched from Kennedy Space Center with a cr...

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Why Doesn't the Earth Have a Bunch of Mini Moons? | WIRED

To answer this question, let's take a look at something called the Three-Body Problem.

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The Moon is Changing. Really!

A new study, following up on earlier research that found the moon has shriveled as it's cooled over time, shows that it's still shrinking and experiencing so-called "moonquakes" in the process.

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Something Mysterious ‘Five Times Larger Than the Big Island of Hawaii’ Is Discovered Buried on Moon

Scientists have discovered an unknown material on the largest crater of the moon and they are yet not sure what it is all about.

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The moon may be tectonically active, and geologists are shaken

A new look at Apollo-era seismic data revealed that the moon's insides might be warmer than scientists thought possible.

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First Moon Landing 1969 - YouTube

The video of the very first moon landing of the apollo 11 mission in 1969! Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon with his now legenday words "One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind."

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NASA studying 'untouched' moon rocks from '70s

NASA is taking a closer look at moon rock samples gathered through the Apollo program, launched nearly 50 years ago.

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The Full Moon Has a Denser Electrified Atmosphere

New measurements show what happens to the moon’s thin exosphere when the lunar orb slips into Earth’s protective magnetic bubble.

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A rare Blue Moon lunar eclipse will happen this month

One of the more exciting events of 2017 was the total solar eclipse that was viewable across the US. And if you enjoyed it as much as I did, I have some good ne...

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2017 Full Moon Calendar

Calendar with dates and times for the full moons of 2017.

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All the American Flags On the Moon Are Now White

NASA has finally answered a long-standing question: all but one of the six American flags on the Moon are still standing up. Everyone is now proudly talking about it. The only problem is that they aren't American flags anymore.

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Top 10 Facts About The Apollo Mission That NASA Wanted To Keep Secret

Getting to the Moon was a fantastic achievement, and the technology was amazing. It also had the added complication of involving human beings. At the time,

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Triple treat: Eclipse, comet, full moon all coming Friday night

Skywatchers will enjoy a rare space tripleheader: A penumbral lunar eclipse during the full "snow" moon and also the flyby of a comet.

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NASA's Moonwalking Apollo Astronauts: Then and Now

Only 18 people have flown on missions to the moon. Here are the astronauts of NASA's Apollo manned journeys to the lunar surface.

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Eugene Cernan

Eugene Andrew "Gene" Cernan (March 14, 1934 – January 16, 2017), He traveled into space three times: as Pilot of Gemini 9A in June 1966, as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 10 in May 1969, and as Commander of Apollo 17 in December 1972, the final Apollo lunar landing.

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Major earthquakes might be caused by the moon

The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the 2004 temblor in the Indian Ocean may have been precipitated by tidal stress from the moon.

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What Happened To The Object That Created Our Moon?

What happened to the object that slammed into the Earth to create the Moon? Was it destroyed entirely, or does it linger in one place?

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Here are eight things you might not know about the moon - Business Insider

Forty-seven years later, we're still learning new things about Earth's dusty companion. And some of the things that we do know about it are pretty...

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Apollo 19 Saturn V Rocket Stage Arrives at Infinity Science Center for Display

A huge Saturn V first stage, originally slated for use in NASA's Apollo moon program, has arrived at its new home: outside the Infinity Science Center in Mississippi.

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Dark side of the moon: The grim history of NASA's space race - CNET

On this day in history: June 20 marks some important milestones in the dark history of human space exploration.

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NASA Will Return to the Moon in Preparation for Human Mars Mission

The 2018 mission will be launched from Kennedy Space Center and will travel to a distant orbit around the Moon.

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'Last Man on the Moon' Documentary Brings Space Exploration Home

"Last Man on the Moon," a documentary about the life and experiences of former astronaut Eugene Cernan, drives home the reasons for humanity's pursuit of the stars.

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Apollo 14 astronaut (and UFO seeker) Edgar Mitchell dies

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell has died at the age of 85, according to reports that emerged on the 45th anniversary of his first moonwalk.

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China Just Released True Color HD Photos Of The Moon | TechCrunch

This month, the China National Space Administration released all of the images from their recent moon landing to the public. There are now hundreds and..

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Moon Mystery Solved! Apollo Rocket Impact Site Finally Found

A sharp-eyed NASA spacecraft has spotted the final resting place of one of the rockets that took astronauts to the moon, more than 43 years after the booster slammed into the lunar surface.

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The Real Story Of Apollo 17... And Why We Never Went Back To The Moon

On December 11, 1972, Apollo 17 touched down on the Moon. This was not only our final Moon landing, but the last time we left low Earth orbit. With the successful launch of the Orion capsule, NASA is finally poised to go further again. So it’s important

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What Would Happen If There Were No Moon?

Inside Science Television produces short-form news videos about cutting-edge research and science developments. More info at http://www.InsideScience.org INS...

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We're One Step Closer to Understanding a Moon That Could Be Home to Alien Life

Finding life elsewhere would end our cosmic isolation: if there is life in our own planetary backyard, then life is probably common throughout the universe. These enticing possibilities are why my colleagues and I have spent 17 years developing a spacecra

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Here's what NASA plans to do if an astronaut dies in space

Written in an old memo titled "In Event of Moon Disaster" is Nixon's backup speech for the media in case something went horribly wrong during the moon landing.

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What Would It Be Like to Live on Jupiter's Moon Europa?

Building a colony on Jupiter may be impossible, but living at a base on its moon Europa could offer up an experience unlike anything on Earth.

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Aerospace Artists

The Forgotten Space Artist Who Envisioned the End of the Space Race

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10 mile spacecraft and 60 mile highway discovered in 1968 moon photo?

A 1968 photo taken during a Lunar Orbiter mission to the moon shows what appears to be a spacecraft that is at least 10 miles (16 km) long resting inside the Cr

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How Many People Have Walked on the Moon?

Ask someone if they know the names of the astronauts who have walked on the Moon, and most people would be able to list Neil Armstrong, and maybe even Buzz Aldrin. But can you name the rest of the Apollo

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Historic astronaut's moon mission

45 years ago, Buzz Aldrin became the second man to ever set foot on the moon.

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'Aliens on the Moon' TV Show Adds Weird UFO Twists to Apollo Tales - NBC News.co

The pixels in a photograph can be funny things, as demonstrated time and time again in "Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed," a TV documentary ai...

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Wow! NASA Spacecraft Sees Earthrise from the Moon (Photo)

The Earth rises spectacularly as a tiny blue marble above the moon in a new NASA photo that hints at the fragility of humanity and the vastness of space. NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter captured the image on Feb. 1 with its wide-angle camera, depi

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Earthrise from Apollo 8 | National Air and Space Museum

Earthrise as seen from Apollo 8 spacecraft while orbiting the Moon in December, 1968.