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Four Online Painting Classes Will Make You Want to Pick Up a Brush and Find Your Inner Artist

Learn how to work with acrylics or expand your skills with these online painting courses from My Modern Met Academy.

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The Art of Color Psychology in Design: Evoking Emotions and Enhancing Projects

Color is a powerful tool in the hands of designers, capable of evoking emotions, setting moods, and influencing perceptions. The field of color psychology

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Al Jaffee, 102, Cartoonist Found His Inner Jewish Superhero

The illustrator’s not-so-secret identity was as creator of “The Shpy,” hero to generations of children

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Scientists find secret ingredient in da Vinci paintings

It was originally believed to have been from contamination, but researchers now say it was intentional.

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Remembering Marc Chagall and the Righteous Rescuers of the Holocaust

“In the Garden of the Righteous” by Richard Hurowitz (Harper, 2023) “In the Garden of the Righteous” chronicles extraordinary acts …

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Here's Why You Should Approach Your Business Like an Artist

Learn how artists approach their creative work so you can apply the same principles to increase your business's growth trajectory.

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Artists say AI image generators are copying their style to make thousands of new images — and it's completely out of their control

Artists work for years on their portfolios but people can now make copycat images using programs like DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney.

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9-Year-Old Reprimanded for Doodling in Class Gets Hired To Cover Restaurant in His Drawings

A 12-year-old British boy named Joe Whale, AKA The Doodle Boy, has become famous for his striking doodle art.

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A hidden self-portrait of Van Gogh has been discovered. Here's what you can see so far

As it prepared for an exhibit, the National Galleries of Scotland found a previously unknown self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh, covered by glue and cardboard, on the back of another of his paintings.

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30 Interesting Facts About Vincent Van Gogh You Might Not Know

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous and revered artists of the world. Commonly known as a tortured individual, but highly respected by artists and spectators alike. Even though van Gogh was never

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How Mental Illness Shaped the Works of These 5 Artists

The link between art and mental health problems is a popular topic of discussion. The individual circumstances of artists suffering from and being influenced by psychological disorders vary.

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Self-Taught Artist Draws the Most Amazing Optical Illusions

Aria, a 25-year-old self-taught artist from Japan, specializes in 3D color pencil drawings that look ready to jump off of the sheet of paper they are drawn on

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Abstract Art Ideas, Techniques and Tips for Every Medium

There's nothing like the expressive freedom of abstract painting. Dig in to our roundup of abstract art ideas and techniques from the pros!

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The art of Bob Dylan: 60 years of relentless reinvention

On Bob Dylan's 80th birthday, Halcyon Gallery in London opens a double show honouring 60 years of the legendary singer-songwriter's art and music

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Five Experts Discuss Monet’s Most Beguiling Paintings

Curators discuss and analyze their favorite paintings by Claude Monet.

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Here's a Simple Optical Illusion You Can Use to Make Any Painting Come Alive | artnet News

Artnet News critic Ben Davis talks about the "Haunted Painting Effect," aka Motion Aftereffect (MAE), and how it can bring art to life.

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Artist Spends 113 Days Chronicling Her Time in COVID-19 Quarantine

When COVID-19 lockdowns began, artistVik started a massive daily art project in which she completely filled a wall in her home with doodles.

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The Pandemic Kicked The Rolling Stones Off The Road, So Ronnie Wood Revived His Art Studio In Quarantine

The collages and etchings caught the eye of Other Art Fair founder Ryan Stanier, who met with Wood to the rocker’s London studio and discuss the art.

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11 Emerging Artists Redefining Abstract Painting

A new generation of painters, all 40 years old or younger, are rethinking what we might call, for lack of a better term, abstraction.

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“At the Party” by Black Belt Eagle Scout Review | Pitchfork

As Black Belt Eagle Scout, Katherine Paul often draws on her childhood growing up in the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community—roots that hold deep meaning in the now Portland-based singer-songwriter’s music.

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The Many, Many Theories About Leonardo da Vinci - The Atlantic

The artist, inventor, and all-around Renaissance man has been dead for half a millennium, but there’s no end to the wild sleuthing about him and his work.

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Adorable 3D Sidewalk Chalk Characters That Cleverly Incorporate Surface Cracks, Flaws and Interruptions

View this post on Instagram No haircut, no problems. #streetart #sidewalkchalk #environmentalart #anamorphosis #teen #puffyvest #weedhead A post shared by

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Your guide to acrylic paints

Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s number 1 magazine for original art. Buy original artwork direct from the artists.

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This artist will pay you $2,320 a month to do absolutely nothing (seriously)

This is the easy jobs. Two Swedish artitsts are offering a full-time salary and "eternal employment" to do whatever you want. But there's a catch.

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Warhol's Factory Is a What Now? A Walking Guide to Downtown New York's Most Famous Former Artist Studios

Transport yourself to the former haunts of legends like Warhol, Basquiat, Hesse, Haring, Mapplethorpe—using our guide to the art historic downtown of NYC.

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How Dealers Turn Under-Appreciated Artists into Household Names

Top-tier dealers invest in scholarship and shows, and use their relationships with collectors and institutions, to anoint new market stars.

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Why Certain Artists’ Markets Can Weather a Recession While Others’ Flop

The art market rises and falls in line with the economy, but certain artists will recover faster than others, says Andrea Danese of Athena Art Finance.

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15 Secrets of Courtroom Sketch Artists | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Multi-Million Dollar Willem de Kooning Paintings Discovered in a New Jersey Storage Locker

New York City art dealer David Killen purchased the contents of the locker, consisting of 200 paintings from a late art conservator's studio, for $15,000 in 2017.

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh: 'He was doing art deco before it existed'

From sci-fi libraries to steampunk tearooms, his dazzling creations made Glasgow a design paradise – and even crop up in Blade Runner, Doctor Who and Madonna videos. We join in the 150th anniversary celebrations

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15 Netflix Documentaries to Inspire You to Be More Creative

Here are 15 documentaries on Netflix that might inspire you with their visions of compelling artistry, incredible design and bursting creativity.

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What Is Abstract Art? | 5 Solid Designs That Work

Artist Mark E. Mehaffey defines "abstract art" and presents you with five compelling, proven compositions and solid designs for eye-catching paintings.

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Artist Ai Weiwei visited Puerto Rico as part of research into mass migration

The artist was drawn to Puerto Rico because more than 410,000 people have left the island.

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Jasper Johns Still Doesn’t Want to Explain His Art

Mr. Johns, who is now 87 and widely regarded as America’s foremost living artist, has a new retrospective at the Broad called “Something Resembling Truth.”

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Famous artists who didn’t make it until later in life | Dazed

Artists such as Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramović prove that there’s no age limit on when you can find success

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10 artists you didn't know designed record sleeves

Never mind Andy Warhol, there are several major artists whose work on the 12" canvas has never had the same recognition. Here are 10 of the best.

Music | Vinyl Records!

Record sleeves designed by iconic artists explored in new exhibition

Art & Vinyl, a new exhibition looking at artwork created for vinyl over the past 70 years, has opened at the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco.

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Creative Career Advice: Knowing Your Market and Setting Prices

We look at factors to consider when setting your prices as a creative freelancer. This includes freelance pricing calculators, a look at how to price a product, as well as market research to understand if you are setting your rates competitively for your

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How Do Artists Get Gallery Representation?

For young artists, securing gallery representation can seem like an unobtainable goal. But it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

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How Rejection Will Make You a Better Artist

Trying to sell your art frequently comes with a lot of rejection. Yet, persistence and lessons learned can lead you down the road to success. Here's why.

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Watch an Artist Build a Secret Studio Beneath an Overpass | Mental Floss

Artists can be very particular about the spaces where they choose to do their work. Furniture designer Fernando Abellanas’s desk may not boast the quietest or most convenient location on Earth, but it definitely wins points for seclusion.

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14 Abstract Painters to Follow on Instagram – Design*Sponge

Lately I’ve found myself drawn to abstract art, as it feels like such a boundless territory. The painter Arshile Gorky once said “Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes.”

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How graffiti became a global art movement | Dazed

The underground networks of young people that sparked a worldwide phenomenon by writing their names and street numbers all over New York and Philadelphia

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This incredible artist can paint songs using colors she sees in her head due to a neurological quirk - News - Alternative Press

Human beings are remarkable in so many different ways. Melissa McCracken, for instance, is a synesthetic artist, and you've got to see her beautiful creations.

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There’s a Cadmium-Free Paint Alternative for Artists Now

Artists will now be able to choose a more eco-friendly and health conscious paint option for yellows, reds, and oranges.

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Vermeer: the artist who taught the world to see ordinary beauty | Art and design | The Guardian

Johannes Vermeer was so obscure he wasn’t even remembered when he died, let alone forgotten. But the French avant-garde rescued him – and showed the world his calm, unpretentious genius

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Twitter highlights female artists and their awesome illustrations · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club

#visiblewomen is a Twitter tag dedicated to bringing attention to the massive number of female artists in the field of comics, character design, and concept art.

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Abstract #10, Acrylic on Canvas | Josh Namm: Paintings

Another style of abstract. It's like early Pollock decided to paint stained glass. Or something like that. I like it. In person, it's clear that the texture is a big part of this painting.

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Exercise #1: Impressionism, Acrylic on Canvas | Josh Namm: Paintings

This is an exercise in Impressionism inspired by another painting. I've always liked this style and wanted to see what I could do with it. I will be doing more-hopefully a lot more.

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Success as an artist: Perseverance or predestined? | My Rick Springfield crush

I went to an open mic earlier this week, one of the most popular ones in town where many talented musicians perform. It was my first time there and besides the local legend running the open mic, I hadn't heard of any of the performers. As I watched them,

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Abstract #9, Acrylic on Canvas | Josh Namm: Paintings

A friend described this as "George Jetson meets Warhol." Hopefully it's more Warhol than Jetson - mid-century without a lot of the cliches that go along with modern mid-century style art.

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Abstract #8, Acrylic on Canvas | Josh Namm: Paintings

I am working on another painting right now that requires more detailed work. A few nights ago, I wasn't in the mood for that. So I did this instead!

Visual Arts | Art & Design

Cityscape #7, Acrylic on Canvas | Josh Namm: Paintings

I am not sure how I feel about this one. I tried the white outlines as an experiment. I probably won't do that again. In person, the green background is very deep and has some interesting texture. This is one of those paintings that I am happy to be done with because it made me really excited to start the next one!

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Cityscape #6, Acrylic on Canvas | Josh Namm: Paintings

My newest painting. I am still trying to perfect that mid-century painting look.

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Why Big Auction Houses Want In On The Growing Outsider Art Craze

"I want this to be a part of the art world that people just can’t ignore."

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Gustave Caillebotte's role in Impressionist history illuminated in 'Painter's Eye' - LA Times

In the late 19th century, everyone looked on Gustave Caillebotte as a leading painter of the Impressionists. He took part in five of the eight exhibitions that the Impressionists mounted. In fact, he organized and helped finance several of the shows. One

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Working Artist Has Developed Thick Skin For Sound Career Advice - The Onion - America's Finest News Source

RICHMOND, VA—Refusing to let constructive, practical advice get him down, painter-sculptor Marcus Chilton told reporters Wednesday that he has developed pretty thick skin for the countless pieces of sound career guidance that friends and family have attempted to give him over the last five years.

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"Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner's Reassuring Life Advice For Struggling Artists | Fast Company | Business + I

In Getting There: A Book of Mentors, the lauded creator candidly reveals his years of struggleand his eventual path to success.

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Aerospace Artists

The Forgotten Space Artist Who Envisioned the End of the Space Race

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Artists without borders. Or facts. | Opinion | Jewish Journal

I am an Israeli, I am an American, and I am an artist. As such, the following topic is especially irritating to me. As the war in Gaza breaks yet again, we have seen an influx of artists and celebrities chipping in with their personal two cents. It can come in the shape of Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz signing an open letter condemning Israeli ‘genocide’: a curiously indefensible position given the tremendous Palestinian population growth since 1967, not to mention Israeli provision of aid and medical care (even in this present war) to wounded Palestinian civilians. Or it can come in the form of a popular catch phrase such as #FreePalestine, tweeted from the likes of Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

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11 Imagination-Jarring Tips From Creative Geniuses

There are plenty of competing theories for how to boost your creativity: paint your room blue, work someplace noisy and distracting, complete a bunch of silly sentences Mad-Libs-style. But there’s no better source for creativity advice than a creative genius. Here are 11 tactics practiced by big thinkers, artists, and innovators.

Politics | From CNN

16 famous artist hangouts you can still go to!

Since the days of Hemingway and Faulkner, bars and cafes where writers, painters and performance artists go to procrastinate have often caught the public's imagination.

The romance of the artist's hangout is irresistible.