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How to Paint Your Porch Ceiling

'Tis the season for sweet tea and rocking chairs; happy hour cocktails and wicker chaise lounges. It's that time of year in the South when life moves outside—to the porch. And if your outdoor retreat is looking is a tad weather-worn or maybe just a litt

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What is the Difference Between Photorealism and Hyperrealism?

Photorealism and Hyperrealism were similar art styles that emerged out of 1970s New York, but each had their own very distinctive traits.

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How to create an abstract acrylic painting

Abstract acrylic painting is a great form of expression, but where do you start? Esther Curtis shares some ideas

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Here's a Simple Optical Illusion You Can Use to Make Any Painting Come Alive | artnet News

Artnet News critic Ben Davis talks about the "Haunted Painting Effect," aka Motion Aftereffect (MAE), and how it can bring art to life.

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11 Emerging Artists Redefining Abstract Painting

A new generation of painters, all 40 years old or younger, are rethinking what we might call, for lack of a better term, abstraction.

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Paris mounts first Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition in three decades

An exhibition showing the works of painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, famed for ...

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Your guide to acrylic paints

Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s number 1 magazine for original art. Buy original artwork direct from the artists.

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Banksy painting shreds itself moments after being sold for $1.4 million at London auction

The 'Girl with Balloon' painting by artist and prankster Banksy appeared to self-destruct after selling for $1.4 million at a Sotheby's auction in London.

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Banksy Painting Self-Destructs After Fetching $1.4 Million at Sotheby’s

The British street artist Banksy appeared to pull off one of his most spectacular pranks on Friday night, with a frame that shredded his “Girl With Balloon” after it sold.

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Mark Rothko on How to Be an Artist

The beloved Color Field painter left behind wisdom on what it takes to be an artist, from channeling childlike instincts to taking ego out of the equation.

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The Rhythm and Energy of My Paintings

My paintings have a life of their own and creating them has been a dialogue with an expanded part of myself— as in a dance or puzzle which unfolds before me.

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Multi-Million Dollar Willem de Kooning Paintings Discovered in a New Jersey Storage Locker

New York City art dealer David Killen purchased the contents of the locker, consisting of 200 paintings from a late art conservator's studio, for $15,000 in 2017.

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What Is Abstract Art? | 5 Solid Designs That Work

Artist Mark E. Mehaffey defines "abstract art" and presents you with five compelling, proven compositions and solid designs for eye-catching paintings.

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Why Rembrandt Is Considered One of Art History’s Most Important Old Masters

Dutch artist Rembrandt is considered one of the most important and influential Old Masters. Here, we look at the most famous Rembrandt paintings, drawings, and prints to understand why he is such a prolific figure in both the Dutch Golden Age and in all o

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Want to experiment with painting knives? Here are five pointers to get you started

Artists & Illustrators is the UK’s number 1 magazine for original art. Buy original artwork direct from the artists.

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How Rejection Will Make You a Better Artist

Trying to sell your art frequently comes with a lot of rejection. Yet, persistence and lessons learned can lead you down the road to success. Here's why.

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14 Abstract Painters to Follow on Instagram – Design*Sponge

Lately I’ve found myself drawn to abstract art, as it feels like such a boundless territory. The painter Arshile Gorky once said “Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes.”

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Step-by-Step Tutorial: Painting Abstracts From a Photo

Learn how to paint abstracts using a reference photograph as a starting point and source of inspiration with this tutorial.

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Art that grows backwards: The abstract paintings of Erica Beck | Creative Boom

Having spent 12 years dependent upon technology, graphic designer [Erica Beck](www.eboriginalart.com) began to crave art that was meant to be cherishe...

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Explore these key elements to abstract art success

Whether you do abstract art, non-objective, or even realistic, you'll find at least one, if not more, of these 6 basic elements at work.

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This incredible artist can paint songs using colors she sees in her head due to a neurological quirk - News - Alternative Press

Human beings are remarkable in so many different ways. Melissa McCracken, for instance, is a synesthetic artist, and you've got to see her beautiful creations.

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“Neither Flesh nor Fleshless”

What’s great about Rothko’s paintings is their refutation of language, the way they push back against conclusions.

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Alternative Painting Techniques Artists Love

These painting techniques have helped to redefine the face of art’s story and have helped to create the amazing arena which is present contemporary art

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Where to Find the World's Most Iconic Pieces of Art | Mental Floss

While traveling the world, the most spectacular sightseeing opportunities are sometimes indoors. Next time you’re touring Europe, visiting Chicago, or passing through New York, take some time off from touring famous monuments to duck into an art museum.

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Cityscape #6, Acrylic on Canvas | Josh Namm: Paintings

My newest painting. I am still trying to perfect that mid-century painting look.

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Analysis Reveals Lost Colors in Van Gogh's 'The Bedroom'

A version of Vincent van Gogh's The Bedroom (1888-1889) currently on display at the Art Institute of Chicago looks a little different from the painting we're all familiar with. Instead of powder blue walls and a greenish-brown floor, the room has been updated with lavender walls and a red floor. This is no mistake. According to new forensic analysis reported by Science News, these were the shades originally chosen by van Gogh himself.

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Josh Namm: Paintings: Abstract #7, Acrylic on Canvas

Technically, this is a "quadriptych," but calling this"Quadriptych #1 seemed WAY too pretentious.

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Josh Namm: Paintings: Abstract #6, Acrylic on Canvas

I went a little more subtle with the color this time.

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Josh Namm: Paintings: Miniature Cityscape #1, Acrylic on Canvas

This painting is small: 4" x 12", hence the "miniature" in my title. It's not a typical painting experience, and therefore not a typical painting (at least for me).

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Josh Namm: Paintings: Abstract #4, Acrylic on Canvas

My newest painting. I am trying more and more to do the mid-century abstract thing.

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An Art Show Explores How Jackson Pollock Learned To Drip

MoMA's survey exhibition features large-scale paintings alongside his lesser-known lithographs and drawings.

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Josh Namm: Paintings: Abstract #3, Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas, with a heavy emphasis on spatial relationships, colors and textures. Or...insert whatever artsy jargon you like.

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Josh Namm: Paintings: Cityscape #5, Acrylic on Canvas

I want to keep doing cityscapes until I can get that mid-century vibe to them (not that I will stop at that point, but that is why I am painting so many right now). I think that I am getting closer. It needs to look like it stepped out of 1963! In general, I have an affinity for that kind of stuff. I also like that these kind of paintings set up a whole world that, for me at least, can encourage your imagination. By the way, this painting is much smaller than the others. It's actually fairly small in real life. But hey man, so was is the Mona Lisa.

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Josh Namm Paintings: Ship #1, Acrylic on Canvas

I am not thrilled with this one. But, it's my first time painting a ship and I am going to post all of my finished paintings, good or bad, on this blog. I have learned that I am not the best judge of my own work.

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Josh Namm Paintings: Cityscape #4, Acrylic on Canvas

It took me two years, but I finally painted a new one. I hope you enjoy it.

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California: Surfboards turned into works of art in Morro Bay - LA Times

More than 20 surfboards-turned-artworks are on display around Morro Bay, Calif., in the town's first such public art on display through November. The Surfboard Art Festival features boards that have been painted to convey familiar scenes in the Central Co

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Vermeer's paintings might be 350 year-old color photographs

Tim Jenison, a Texas-based inventor, attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in the art world: 
How did Dutch master Johannes Vermeer manage to paint so photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography? Here's how he conduc

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Incredible street art from around the globe

If the walls of a city could talk, they'd have a lot to say.

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Injecting Paint in Bubble Wrap to Recreate Iconic Paintings

Who says bubble wrap is just for packaging or stress relief? New York-based artist Bradley Hart, known for creating amazingly realistic pixelated portraits, h…

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The 'Mona Lisa' Just Might Be History's First 3D Image, Researchers Claim

Leonard da Vinci was the original Renaissance man, dabbling in not just art, but anatomy, geology, botany, cartography, mathematics, literature and much, much more. Not only do we give him credit for masterpieces like