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A.I. perfectly predicted last year’s Super Bowl score. What happens to betting?

Last year, an artificially intelligent swarm predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl. Before that, it guessed who would win the 2016 presidential election, as well as the Kentucky Derby superfecta. If A.I. can predict these seemingly random events, what d

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AI could make trolls think twice before retweeting offensive content | VentureBeat

While hate speech in the U.S. dates back to the country’s earliest days, the rise of social media has thrust hateful keyboard warriors into the spotlight. Many social media platforms have attempted to counter hate speech using AI-driven tactics, but the

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Facebook expands AI-based suicide prevention tools

Facebook's suicide prevention AI has advanced to the point where it can proactively intervene when it detects that someone may be at risk of suicide.

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Intel to ship new Nervana Neural Network Processor by end of 2017

This morning at the WSJ's D.Live event, Intel formally unveiled its Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP) family of chips designed for machine learning use cases.

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The unforeseen consequences of an AI-built social network | VentureBeat | AI | by Vivian Michaels

Artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies invented by humankind. This technology has affected almost every industry, including the medical, finance, and banking Industries. Due to its enormous potential, investors are sinking some serious funding into AI.

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AI could help reduce bike accidents | VentureBeat | AI | by John Brandon

I started biking on a regular basis last summer. On almost every business trip, I’ve arranged to use a bike as a way to stay in shape or to commute around a city. And I’ve taken countless bike-camping trips, most of them in my home state of Minnesota.

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IBM is teaching AI to behave more like the human brain

Since the days of Da Vinci's "Ornithoper", mankind's greatest minds have sought inspiration from the natural world for their technological creations.

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Plug Pulled After Artificial Intelligence Develops Its Own Language - IGN

This isn't the first time AI began communicating in a language humans can't understand. In fact, it happens constantly.

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Police body cams will soon use AI to find missing people

The AI will even be able to identify people in crowded public spaces.

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Inside Microsoft's AI Comeback

Yoshua Bengio has never been one to take sides. As one of the three intellects who shaped the deep learning that now dominates artificial intelligence,

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The End Of User-Friendly Design | Co.Design | business design

As emotive, verbal AI colonizes our world, "user-friendly" doesn't mean what it once did.

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5 ways AI can turbocharge modern marketing

If you're a marketing executive, you may feel like the ground is constantly shifting under your feet. Everything that the industry thought was a best practice ten years ago is now obsolete, buried under an increasingly mountainous pile of data.

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Google's A.I. Just Taught Itself How to Use Encryption

Google researchers tasked A.I. systems with keeping their communications private -- so they taught themselves encryption.

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Give a 3D printer artificial intelligence, and this is what you’ll get

By retrofitting industrial robots with 3D printing guns and artificial intelligence algorithms, Ai Build has constructed machines that can see, create, and even learn from their mistakes.

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Artificial intelligence is changing SEO faster than you think

By now everyone has heard of Google’s RankBrain, the new artificial intelligence machine learning algorithm that is supposed to be the latest and greatest..

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A.I. and chatbots: How they'll impact your bottom line (VB Live) | VentureBeat | Bots | by Tobias Goebel, Aspect Softwar

Bots, done right, are the cutting-edge form of interactive communications that captivate and engage users. But what kind of potential do they have for sales, customer support and the bottom line? Tobias Goebel, Aspect Software’s Director of Emerging Te

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Here's how startups are outsmarting Siri and Alexa

Nearly every big tech company now offers a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Apple has Siri, Facebook has M, Microsoft has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa, and Google has, well,...

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Facebook Open Sources Its AI Hardware as It Races Google | WIRED

In the race to attract ever more talent and hasten the development of AI, Facebook open sources Big Sur.

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Here’s Why People Trust Human Judgment Over Algorithms - HBR

You’d think after years of using Google Maps we’d trust that it knows what it’s doing. Still, we think, “Maybe taking the backroads would be faster.”

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Tesla's Musk: AI is like 'summoning the demon': Washington Post

Elon Musk is stepping up his warnings about artificial intelligence, according to The Washington Post, saying it was akin to "summoning the demon."