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Trevor Noah: Responding to the moment

When the pandemic shut down his studio, Trevor Noah took "The Daily Show" online, and for the stand-up comic it's become a stand-out moment. Jim Axelrod repo...

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The Surprising Characters on Friends Who Were Originally the Show's Main Couple | Mental Floss

Fans of 'Friends' know the story of Ross and Rachel well, but the original plan was to have Monica and Joey get together.

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The worst film versions of popular TV shows

The idea of taking the premise and characters from a popular television show and turning it all into a movie — with different actors in familiar roles — has been a Hollywood staple. That doesn't mean it's always a good idea.

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You Have 10 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

Charlize Theron. Zac Efron. Cate Blanchett. They all have new Netflix movies and TV show premiering this week. Which one should you watch right now?

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100 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now (July 2020)

The best TV shows on Netflix right now include The Office, Friends, Breaking Bad, American Crime Story, Mad Men, Frasier, Unbelievable, and more. We list the 100 best TV shows streaming on Netflix right now.

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'Strange New Worlds': 10 glorious Star Trek cameos that could totally happen

From 'Discovery' regulars to one-off characters from 'The Original Series,' here are characters we would love to see tango with Pike, Spock and Number One.

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Saving Private Ryan: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know About The Movie

There are few war movies as visceral and emotional as Steven Spielberg's 1998 World War II epic Saving Private Ryan.

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'Mad Men' will stream for free on IMDb TV starting July 15th

It'll hit Amazon Prime Video in some non-US territories starting Friday.

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Carl Reiner, creator of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,' dead at 98

Legendary actor, director and producer Carl Reiner, best known for his work on “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” died on Monday at age 98. 

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Broadway to Remain Closed for the Rest of the Year Due to Coronavirus

The Broadway League is is offering refunds and exchanges for tickets purchased for all performances through Jan. 3, 2021

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel June 29, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 29, 2020 The severity of the second wave of Covid-19 infections is still “up in the air”, but Israeli treatments, equipment and personnel are ready to face it. Meanwhile, the airways are full of

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Now The Simpsons Is Also Stepping Away From White Actors Voicing Characters of Color

Following in the footsteps of Big Mouth, Central Park, and Family Guy, The Simpsons has decided to replace white

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Oscars 2021 Delay: Why the Academy Made the Wrong Call

In choosing to extend the Academy’s eligibility window for the 2021 ceremony, it missed out on the chance to do something really special.

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Everything Leaving Netflix in July 2020

Here are the movies and shows leaving Netflix in July 2020.

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12 Jaws Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know

Earlier this year, Jaws celebrated its 45th anniversary. Once meant to be a simple man vs. shark movie based on a paperback novel, this early Steven Spielberg movie became the highest grossing film of all-time

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40 Times Hollywood Cast The Perfect Actors As Young Versions Of Older Characters In Movies And On TV | Bored Panda

The actors look so similar, some of us are guilty of not even considering that the younger and older versions could be played by different people.

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Justin Bieber Denies Claim He Sexually Assaulted a Woman in 2014

Justin Bieber took to Twitter on Sunday, June 21, to deny a woman's claim that he sexually assaulted her following a performance at SXSW in Austin, Texas, in 2014 — read more

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel June 21, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 21, 2020 Many of this week’s positive Israel articles highlight Israelis working with nature for global benefit. They include urban and desert agriculture, accessible beaches, renewable energy, water

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The 15 most-watched shows on Netflix right now – is your favorite on this list?

Our latest ranking of the most-watched shows on Netflix right now has it all: Returning favorites, like Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, and Ozark, as well as new series such as Space Force and White Lines.

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Friends Reunion Special Will (Hopefully) Shoot In August, Says Co-Creator Marta Kauffman

Ever since the cast of 'Friends' confirmed that a reunion special would be making its way to HBO Max in 2020, fans of the '90s sitcom have been awaiting details about when it will air. 'Friends' co-creator Marta Kauffman has some good news.

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30 Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video Right Now (Updated June 2020)

Netflix isn't your only stop for good movies to stream. Put that membership to good use with the 30 best movies on Amazon Prime.

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Spotify lands exclusive rights to new Kim Kardashian West podcast

The deal could lure a more diverse, female-centric audience to the platform.

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'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 theory could solve a 26-year Jean-Luc mystery

In 'Generations' Jean-Luc only pulled one personal item from the wreckage of the Enterprise-D; but what 'Star Trek: Picard' presupposes is: maybe he didn't?

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Welp, Wonder Woman 1984 just got bumped back 6 weeks, too

A lot of very expensive dominoes are starting to totter and potentially topple this evening, as Warner Bros. announced a couple of late-Friday, “nothing to see here” shifts to its summer and fall movie schedule—such as it is. Hot on the news that Ch

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Was The Office's Kevin Malone Actually a Genius?

Kevin Malone from 'The Office' was not known for his quick wit, but one fan theory suggests that it might have all been a ruse.

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The Sopranos Creator David Chase Accidentally Reveals Tony's Fate

In a recent roundtable discussion promoting his new book, The Sopranos Sessions, creator David Chase slipped up and confirmed the fate of his legendary character.

Entertainment | Mad Men

'Maybe we've had some discussions': Elisabeth Moss teases possibility of Mad Men reunion via Zoom

I don't think I am in a position to officially share anything. But, yes, we are aware that people are doing reunions and we've never done one, which is so crazy,' she told Entertainment Tonight.

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The 15 Best Time Travel Movies, Ranked | Collider

We look back on the time-travel genre and rank the 15 best time-travel movies of all time, from Groundhog Day to Terminator to Edge of Tomorrow.

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Bill and Ted Face the Music gets a most excellent trailer - The Verge

Bill and Ted Face the Music — the third movie in the classic time-traveling comedy franchise — has gotten a new trailer that gives a first look at the upcoming adventures of Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves in their roles as the stoner buddies who must, once

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Ridley Scott Wants to Use a New Movie to Answer an Obvious Question Raised by Alien

Ridley Scott seems like there’s somewhere in his brain that is always thinking about Alien. He’s never quite been able to leave the franchise behind, and after returning with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, it does feel like he’s camped out to stay. And w

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Bruce Lee: The Mystery Surrounding the Martial Artist's Death

The actor was just weeks away from the premiere of 'Exit the Dragon' when he suddenly — and shockingly — died in Hong Kong.

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Top Netflix, streaming shows this week: 'Lucifer,' 'Defending Jacob' - Business Insider

The most in-demand streaming originals this week include Netflix's "Lucifer" and Apple's "Defending Jacob."

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Here's When Jeopardy! Will Run Out of Original Episodes Due to COVID-19

Jeopardy! will soon be in all-encore mode. TVLine has learned that the iconic Alex Trebek-hosted game show — which halted production roughy three months ago due to the coronavirus pandemic — will a…

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What's The Best Film Of The Past Decade? Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino Weighs In

The Oscar-winning director speaks about what movie he enjoyed the most over the past decade.

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20 Celebrities You Completely Forgot Were in the Cast of 'SNL'

From Robert Downey Jr. to Joan Cusack, you'll be surprised by this trip down memory lane. These 'Saturday Night Live' actors may have had a relatively short-lived appearance on the show, but for many, it was the beginning of a long Hollywood career.

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Download video chat backgrounds from your favorite MeTV shows

Use these classic television sets to jazz up your calls in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more!

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50+ Secret Netflix Codes That Open Up Films and TV Shows We Had No Idea About

If you’re bored of rewatching your favorite shows on Netflix or want some inspiration for your next binge-watch, we have a solution for you. There are numerous hidden subgenres that can be accessed by entering the 4- or 5-digit codes listed below on your

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45 of the best documentaries on Netflix | WIRED UK

Our edit of the best Netflix documentaries right now, selected by the WIRED editorial team and updated twice monthly

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel May 31, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel May 31, 2020 Many of Israel’s latest innovations will support the new reality that will exist when the current pandemic is over. Patients will be monitored remotely both inside hospitals and outside. Radar

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CBS Survivor behind-the-scenes secrets and fun facts - Insider

There are a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets and bizarre fun facts you may not know about the CBS competition show.

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HBO Max: Everything You Need to Know About the New Streaming Service

How is HBO Max different from HBO GO and HBO NOW? Answers to that and all your other burning questions here.

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25 Classic TV Series Audiences Most Want to See Make a Comeback

Sorry, everyone, an ‘Office’ reboot doesn’t look likely right now—but we have good news about that ‘Friends’ reunion.

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What’s New and What’s Leaving Netflix in June 2020

Say hello to a new month—and new Netflix to watch. The streaming network has released what’s coming and going from the platform in June, so get ready to clear your queue and your schedule.

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How to Get HBO Max If You Already Have HBO

Some subscribers will get HBO Max automatically, but others won't. Here's how to check.

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Never-Shown-on-TV Digital Shorts From The Office are Now Available on iTunes | Mental Floss

Now that you've watched every episode of 'The Office' for the 100th time, check out these digital shorts of the show that never aired on television.

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CBS Reportedly Planning A Spock And Kirk Star Trek Spinoff

CBS is reportedly planning a Spock and Kirk spinoff, starring Discovery's Ethan Peck and whoever plays James T. on Strange New Worlds.

Entertainment | Netflix

Netflix will release 46 original movies and shows in June 2020 – here’s the full list

Wondering what's coming to Netflix in June 2020? You're not alone, and the good news is that there is a ton of great original content set to premiere next month on everyone's favorite streaming service.

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It was supposed to be 'A Hard Day's Night' meets 'Star Wars.' It wasn't.

Remember how Hanna-Barbera made a live-action KISS made-for-TV movie in the '70s?

Science & Technology | Tech News

Not Watching Netflix? Streamer Offers to Cancel Inactive Accounts

There are a few hundred thousand people who are paying for Netflix but not using the service to stream movies or TV shows. Netflix is offering to help them cancel their subscriptions.

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The 10 best Westerns on Netflix Right Now

Feeling hungry for some gunslinging showdowns in dusty, one-horse towns? We've put together a list of the best Westerns you can stream right now on Netflix.

Entertainment | Netflix

No More Endless Netflix Scrolling — These 38 Secret Codes Tell You Exactly What To Watch Right Now

No more "what do you want to watch?" "I don't know, what do you want to watch?" conversations ever again.

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Ken Osmond, 'Leave It to Beaver' star who played Eddie Haskell, dies at 76

Ken Osmond, best known for his role at the troublemaker Eddie Haskell on the television comedy "Leave It to Beaver," died on Monday morning.

Entertainment | Netflix

You Have 12 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

Still self-distancing? These are the brand new shows and movies that will get you through another quarantine weekend.

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55 Actors Who Were Casually Replaced on Their Own TV Shows

Your mind is going to be blown by these 55 TV actors that were recast on some of your favorite shows including Friends, Game of Thrones, and Boy Meets World.

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Hollywood Bowl season canceled for the first time in 98 years. So long, L.A. summer

The Hollywood Bowl played through world wars and the Great Depression, but it couldn't beat COVID-19. How L.A. is losing its beloved symbol of summer.

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Best Concert Movies and Music Comedies to Stream | Vanity Fair

Most summer concerts and festivals are postponed, which might have left a music-shaped hole in your heart. Thankfully, there is plenty of content available to stream to bring some live-music magic back into your life.

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'Kill Bill': Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino are in talks for third film

Vivica A. Fox has given an update on the much rumoured third 'Kill Bill' film, which could focus on her character Vernita's daughter

Entertainment | New Star Trek!

Captain Pike Star Trek Spinoff Will Reportedly Introduce A New Uhura

The Captain Pike Star Trek spinoff show will reportedly introduce a new Nyota Uhura, alongside its other recast versions of the original Enterprise crew.

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Say Amazon actually buys AMC Theatres. What would that be like? | Fortune

A deal is merely speculation at this point. But it's not hard to imagine a Whole Foods-style makeover at the world's largest movie theater chain.

Entertainment | Television

Every New and Returning TV Show We're Excited for in 2020

What's coming to Netflix, Amazon, cable, broadcast, and everywhere else the rest of the year.

Entertainment | Mad Men

How ‘Mad Men’ Became the Perfect Show for the Pandemic

Nearly five years since its series finale, the prestige TV drama has seen an uptick in viewers—old and new—since quarantine began in March. It might sound weird, but there are several reasons.

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Pay TV Subscriber Losses Record in Pandemic, Virtual Services Implode | Hollywood Reporter

It is official: the rise in unemployment and lack of live sports due to the novel coronavirus pandemic has led to a new quarterly record in pay TV subscriber losses, while virtual services like Sling and AT&T TV Now "imploded." Analysts warn that the numb

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The 13 best sci-fi shows to watch on Netflix right now - Insider

Series like "Black Mirror," "Stranger Things," and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" are all available to watch right now.

Politics | Israel

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons learns about his Holocaust survivor mother’s ordeal

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons said his mother almost never spoke about her Holocaust ordeal, including time in Nazi camps.

Entertainment | Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard's Prop Team Had to Hunt Down Data's Original Parts

Star Trek: Picard was tasked with imagining the future of the Star Trek universe. The series takes place decades after Star Trek: Nemesis, which had up until now been the farthest future point in the Star Trek canon. That means Picard had to update the lo

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NASA confirms work on a Tom Cruise movie to be shot aboard the International Space Station | TechCrunch

NASA is indeed working with actor Tom Cruise on a film to be shot in space — aboard the International Space Station (ISS), it turns out. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine confirmed the news, which was detailed in an earlier report, via a tweet today. The

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80s MTV VHS Recordings 1981 to 1989 Collection : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

'80s MTV VHS Recordings 1981 to 1989 CollectionThis is my personal collection of 80's MTV VHS recordings. I've been collecting recordings of full, unedited,...

Entertainment | New Star Trek!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Will Be A Big Tonal Shift For The Show

Star Trek: Discovery seasn 3 will be a big tonal shift for the series, promises Trek legend and director Jonathan Frakes.

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Irrfan Khan, ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Star, Dies at 53

Indian actor Irrfan Khan has died. He starred in "Slumdog Millionaire," "The Lunchbox" and Hollywood's "Life of Pi," and "Jurassic World."

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‘Homeland’ Review: Series Finale Sticks to Its Guns and Gives Two Spies a Fitting Send-Off

The "Homeland" series finale pushes Carrie and Saul's ideological differences to a breaking point, before arguing America needs them both.

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Back to the Future Screenwriter Weighs in on One of the Film’s Most Notorious Plot Holes | Mental Floss

The fact that Marty's parents don't recognize him at the end of the 'Back to the Future' has been bugging fans for years. But according to the screenwriter, this isn't a plot hole.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

The Best Movies of 2020 (So Far)

The best movies in theaters, the best movies on Netflix, the best movies everywhere.

Entertainment | Entertainment

‘Back To The Future’ Writer Settles Debate After Chris Pratt And James Gunn Get Involved – Latest Entertainment News | T

With quarantine and self-isolation leading to lots of movie watching and online trending topics, even celebs like James Gunn and Chris Pratt are getting involved. After #FivePerfectMovies became a …

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The Return of Drive-Ins Could Be the Theater Industry's Last Hope - Movie News Net

In case you hadn’t noticed, things are not looking great for the movie industry. Yes, the big film studios should be okay in this time of economic pause, as people at home are streaming content at an unprecedented level. But most theater owners have

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Lousy 'One World Together At Home' concert made us feel worse

The insufferable show — simulcast on CBS, NBC, ABC and the internet — pieced together saintly speeches from A-list celebrities and somber United Nations officials between womp-womp acoustic ballads. Didn’t we tune in for some uplift?

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You Could Get Paid $1000 for Binge-Watching 48 Episodes of Billions in 30 Days

Showtime’s high-stakes series ‘Billions’ is one of the best to binge-watch—and you could win a pile of money for doing it.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

We’ll Take ‘Alex Trebek’s New Memoir Will Make Us Sob’ for $1,600

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek will released a memoir called The Answer Is…: Reflections on My Life in July.

Entertainment | Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Picard - 10 Things About The Show That Still Don't Make Sense

Star Trek: Picard has been a home run for Trekkies, but it has to be admitted that there are some things in the series that don't make sense.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Here's How Long it Takes to Binge-Watch More Than 50 Popular TV Shows

Recent circumstances may have left you staying at home with a lot of time on your hands. What better way to fill that time than by bingeing an absurd amount of television?

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In Early 2020, ‘Saturday Night LIve’ Acts Like It’s the Fall of 1975 – Variety

'SNL' has over 45 seasons moved from revolution to institution. But its 'At Home' broadcast put the show on screen without the usual rules

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Space Force: The Office's Greg Daniels and Steve Carell Aren't in Scranton Anymore

'The Office' producer Greg Daniels and star Steve Carell have re-teamed for the new Netflix comedy 'Space Force.'

Entertainment | Entertainment

Westworld: The Secret Project in Sector 16 Has Been Right There

Westworld villain Serac's motivation was revealed in 'The Mother of Exiles,' and it ties back to Season 2.

Entertainment | Entertainment

You're adjusting to a new normal—which makes sitcoms weird

Feel uncomfortable watching people socializing normally on your favorite TV shows? We're adjusting to a new normal, and that changes how we feel about TV.

Entertainment | Entertainment

'The Office' Fan Theory: Why Michael Scott Hates Toby Flenderson | Mental Floss

To some 'The Office' viewers, Michael Scott's deep hatred of Toby Flenderson seems irrational. But one fan thinks it stems from a childhood trauma.

Entertainment | Entertainment

You Could Get Paid $1000 to Host a Remote The Office Watching Party

It might sound too good to be true, but Overheard on Conference Calls wants to pay one winner $1000 to binge watch 'The Office.'

Food & Drink | The Cocktail Hour

Top 5 TV Shows To Enjoy With Drinks

We like drinks, and we also like TV. So, here are our top five TV shows with some rather significant tipples in them.

Music | Music

Henry Rollins launches new four-hour (!) radio show The Cool Quarantine

Henry Rollins has launched a new four-hour radio show called The Cool Quarantine. Episode one is streaming on KCRW now.

Entertainment | Streaming

The 100 Best Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

The best movies streaming on Amazon Prime include Gangs of New York, Raging Bull, The Virgin Suicides, Lady Bird, and many more. We list the 100 best films on the streaming service.

Entertainment | Movies & Television

No Time to Die plot details reveal Bond movie’s opening, SPECTRE connections

Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie changed release dates to November 25, 2020 due to coronavirus concerns and shelter in place orders. But now new details about Rami Malek’s villain, the action sequences, and ties to Blofeld and Spectre, are making the

Entertainment | Entertainment

'Friends' Star Matt LeBlanc Says "Weird Things" Happened During Show's Heyday | Mental Floss

Matt LeBlanc, the actor who played Joey Tribbiani on 'Friends,' talked about seeing his house on the news on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show.'

Entertainment | The Original Series

Star Trek: The Original Series’ Must-Watch Episodes

Star Trek. It’s one of the most quintessential pieces of science-fiction television around. And there’s a whole damn lot of it, even if you cut it down to the current eight different shows in the franchise (there’s even more on the way!). Want to start, b

Entertainment | Entertainment

AMC Theatres May Never Recover and Shut Down for Good

Movie theaters have been shut down for weeks due to the world's current state of affairs, and some might not be able to open their doors again..

Entertainment | Entertainment

The 5 kinds of sci-fi space travel, ranked by realism

Science fiction is full of ships that can zip around the cosmos. Only some are even loosely based on actual science.

News | News

This Week's Sanity Report from Israel April 5 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 5 2020 The highlights include: Major advances in Israeli coronavirus testing and treatment solutions Bio-filter sticker gives extra protection to surgical masks. Israelis have donated millions to combat co

Music | Music

Remembering Bill Withers With 5 Great Live Performances | Pitchfork

These concert clips show the late singer-songwriter’s complete mastery

Entertainment | HBO

HBO Is Offering 500 Hours of Free Content | Mental Floss

The premium channel has unlocked shows like 'Barry' and 'Veep' as well as movies like 'Happy Feet Two' to help viewers in isolation.

Entertainment | Entertainment

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Release Pushed Back To Christmas Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Americans will just have to wait an extra six months before they can watch Tom Cruise jet across the skies in “Top Gun: Maverick,” the sequel to the 1986 hit movie that transformed the actor into a movie star. “Paramount is pushing back

Entertainment | Entertainment

The 50 most important American independent movies

The films on this list broke new ground, created genres, or introduced important new artistic voices.

Entertainment | Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek: Why Didn't Data Get a New Body Like Picard?

Last week, the first season of Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access came to an end. The finale episode gave Picard a new lease on life by providing him with an android 'golem' body. At the same time, it said goodbye to Data, and this time it seems to be fo

Entertainment | The Hometown

Iconic L.A. Movies to Stream While You're Stuck Inside Missing L.A.

See the city without breaking your coronavirus self-quarantine

Entertainment | Entertainment

The 15 best British shows of all time (and where to stream them)

From fourth-wall-breaking comedies to police procedurals, GamesRadar+ ranks the best British shows

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

20 sci-fi movies and TV shows to binge watch on Netflix right now

Who'd have thought we'd ever be confined to watching television for days on end? Since that's the case and there's an awful lot of TV to choose from, we bring you a round-up of the very sci-fi that currently available to watch on Netflix

Entertainment | Entertainment!

The Office Planned to Break Up Jim and Pam in the Final Season—Then (Smartly) Thought Better of It

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly's relationship in 'The Office' was truly a romance for the ages. But had the show's writers followed John Krasinski's lead, the Halperts may not have gotten a happily ever after.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Top 10 Mid Century Modern Movies and Television Shows For #QuarantineLife

While you have a little free time on your hands, check out a mid century movie or television show that expxertly captures the iconic design style!

Entertainment | Star Trek: Picard

You can watch 'Star Trek: Picard' for free right now thanks to Patrick Stewart

"Star Trek: Picard" is warping toward an epic season one finale on Thursday (March 26) and if you're in the U.S. and not watching yet, series star Sir Patrick Stewart wants you to "make it so."

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

Your Star Trek Pandemic-Themed Watch List

It seems like everyone is looking for things to relate to and, just as importantly, things to watch as we enter our new normal of social-distancing in our homes. Luckily, Star Trek serves to accomplish both of these goals! Here are 10 episodes that took S

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Tom Hanks Gives Major Update Following Coronavirus Diagnosis 2 Weeks After First Symptoms

Tom Hanks shared some good news on Twitter late Sunday, two weeks after he and Rita Wilson were diagnosed with the coronavirus. Hanks said the two 'feel better' and offered some inspiring words for his fans around the world. The couple were diagnosed with

Entertainment | Television

Jimmy Fallon to Continue Doing Self-Isolation Monologues From Home

Jimmy Fallon will continue to do monologues for The Tonight Show at his home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Entertainment | Streaming

12 Shows You Should Stream If You Like Westworld

There are a lot of TV viewers out there who love Westworld. And they're likely looking for another show like it. Here are 12 shows available for streaming that you might also enjoy!

Entertainment | Streaming

Sling is offering a bunch of TV and movies for free right now, no signup required

To help fight stay-at-home boredom, Sling TV has just launched a new "Stay in & Sling" promotion. It's a derpy name, but it means you can binge watch

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

'Friends' Reunion Special Delayed at HBO Max | Hollywood Reporter

HBO Max's eagerly anticipated 'Friends' reunion special is being delayed amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

BroadwayHD Is Letting You Watch Your Favorite Musicals For Free — For a Limited Time

BroadwayHD, a streaming service for theater fans started in 2015, has long been bringing Broadway performances to people’s living rooms. As the company explained in a statement, “BroadwayHD was created with the goal of making high-quality theater accessib

Entertainment | Entertainment

The Best Shows on Amazon Prime — and Original Movies, Too!

Season 1 of "ZeroZeroZero," starring Gabriel Byrne and Dane DeHaan, has just been added to our list of 69 Amazon Prime Video original series and movies with Fresh ratings that you can stream now. Also included: "Fleabag," "The Boys," "The Marvelous Mrs. M

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Betty White Breaks Her Silence Amid Fan Concern for Her Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus began a rapid spread in the United States this week, people on Twitter began sharing their concern for their favorite older celebrities, as the virus is most dangerous for those who are elderly or have underlying health conditions. This

Entertainment | Entertainment

Staying in? 40 Movies on Netflix to Stream Tonight

We ranked the 40 best movies on Netflix right now, from classics like Taxi Driver to the latest hits like Russian Doll

Entertainment | Entertainment

Local Cable Deals

How to be Entertained While Staying Indoors in Bartlesville?

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Local Cable Deals

Is AT&T bundle a good deal?

Entertainment | Entertainment

Can you guess the 1970s show based on one freeze frame?

We give you one shot to complete this quiz.

Entertainment | Entertainment

7 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Die Hard

I begrudgingly have to admit that, while it is widely considered the finest film in the action genre, Die Hard is not perfect. The 1988 box office smash, which had explosive results for Bruce Willis’ career...

Entertainment | Star Trek: Picard

We Learn Devastating Truths in Our Exclusive Sneak Peek of the Next Star Trek: Picard

Get a sneak peek of 'Broken Pieces,' this week's episode of Star Trek: Picard, in which Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) realizes just how far many will go to preserve secrets stretching back generations.

Entertainment | Netflix

100 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now!

The best movies on Netflix include Pulp Fiction, Raging Bull, Black Panther, Roma, The Irishman, and many more. We list the 100 best films on the streaming service.

Science & Technology | Tech

Google’s next streaming player will reportedly run Android TV and come with a remote - The Verge

After years of pushing Chromecast into living rooms, Google is reportedly going to switch gears and focus on Android TV in 2020 with a new device that comes with a remote control.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

16 fun facts about 'Knives Out,' one of the best movies of 2019

From creating covers for Harlan Thrombey's books to changing lines to keep the film family-friendly, there's a lot to know about Rian Johnson's movie.

History | Historic Los Angeles

How Tarantino's Team Turned LA Back 50 Years For 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'

A tour around the city with location manager Rich Schuler and production designer Barbara Ling

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Watch Daniel Craig's Hilarious 'No Time to Die' Parody on SNL

Daniel Craig's poked fun at his upcoming James Bond film 'No Time to Die' on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. Watch the skit here.

Entertainment | Mad Men

'Mad Men' fans can peek inside Don Draper's apartment with this 3D re-creation

WeWork's Head of Visualization brings to life one of TV's most popular interiors.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

The Bachelor Ending Still Hasn’t Been Spoiled. So What’s Going to Happen?

The ending to Peter Weber’s Bachelor season still hasn’t been spoiled. Here are all of the theories about what happens with him, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Madison Prewett.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

5 Things That Don't Make Sense About Billy Madison

Straight up, I’ve seen Billy Madison at least 50 times since I was first introduced to Adam Sandler’s lovable man-child at a friend’s house in the second grade.

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This Week's Sanity Report from Israel March 1, 2020

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel March 1, 2020 The coronavirus is currently one of the top “bad news” stories, but Israel is busy countering it – there are seven relevant articles in this week’s positive Israel newslette

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Inside the Seething Boardroom Drama That Poisoned HQ Trivia

The app was America’s favorite gameshow until a toxic culture and co-founder feuding drove it off the air. Now, the CEO wants to bring it back.

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The Invisible Man Review: We Finally Have A Great New Universal Classic Monsters Movie

At the heart of what makes The Invisible Man work as well as it does is an ingenious approach to the specific terror that the monster can inspire...

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Is Star Trek: Picard’s halftime course change a problem for the series?

As the 10-episode first season of Star Trek: Picard hits its halfway point, two Polygon staffers assess the series so far, and argue about whether the sillier diversionary episode "Stardust City Rag" is a fun sideline, or a big problem for the series’ dir