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Harrison Ford Explains How His Younger Face Was Used in Indiana Jones' De-Aging

The wonders of de-aging impressed Harrison Ford after being used in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

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Star Trek: The Original Series has connection to new sci-fi series

Star Trek: The Original Series has connection to new sci-fi series, The Ark, which will premiere on the Syfy channel on February 1.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 29, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 29, 2023 This week’s positive Israel newsletter is full of healthy facts and innovations. Israel’s subsidized medical treatments have just received a record annual increase of funds. There is ne

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Star Trek: What Is A Star-date?

It’s about ‘time’ this Star Trek concept was properly explained.

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VHS Resurrection: Why Some Tapes Are Selling for Thousands

The seemingly archaic piece of physical media is making a comeback. Here's why some tapes are currently selling for thousands.

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Star Trek: Exploring The Unusual Uses For Transporters

Taking a deeper look at how these matter transporting devices can be used for a wide range of strange purposes.

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'That 90s Show' Is Everything Wrong With Modern Entertainment

Yet another beloved franchise bastardized by writers unwilling to take chances.

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Cobra Kai to End With Season 6

'Cobra Kai' ending: Netflix has renewed the 'Karate Kid' sequel series for Season 6, which will be its last — get full details here.

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'Tron 3' may finally be happening with Jared Leto

'Tron 3' could finally start filming this August with Jared Leto reportedly set to star.

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Yes, 'Night Court' Fans—Night Court Actually Exists: The Real Court That Inspired ’Night Court’

Harried judges in Manhattan and elsewhere hear cases into the early morning hours, including allegations of cleaver attacks.

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How Film Noir Reflected Society After World War Two

Following World War II, much of the world saw cultural shifts take place. What made them alarming was that these changes took place in the home.

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Why Quentin Tarantino Says He Wants to Retire

Quentin Tarantino recently announced his impending retirement as a filmmaker. Here are the reasons behind the famed director's decision.

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See The Redesigned Enterprise Bridge From Star Trek’s Lost 70s Series That Never Aired

A new image has caught fire on the internet, which shows what the redesigned bridge would have looked like in the 1970s Star Trek series.

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See The 70s Enterprise Redesign Star Trek Built But Never Used

Did you know there was a Star Trek sequel series that almost happened in the 1970s? See the Enterprise that would have appeared in it!

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The Ten Movies We Think You Should Stream This Weekend

Looking for a good new movie to watch this weekend? Here's our guide to the ten best choices out there.

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The Best Movies Where Nothing Really Happens

Films where nothing happens are exactly what we need to break up the plot-driven franchises of today's cinema.

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Elvis gets animated with teaser poster for adult action comedy Agent Elvis

Marking what would have been Elvis Presley’s 88th birthday yesterday, Netflix and Sony Pictures Animation shared a teaser poster for Agent Elvis, the upcoming adult animated series which sees the King of Rock and Roll inducted into a secret government spy

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Star Trek: Every Version Of The Enterprise Explained

The Federation flagship, the USS Enterprise, has a long, fabled history, and each version of the classic Star Trek spacecraft has its own unique look.

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How Many Episodes Are In 'That '90s Show' Season 1?

Jackie and Kelso are returning to the basement as guests in 'That '90s Show,' and here's what else you can expect soon.

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The 20 best gangster movies of the 1990s

The best gangster movies of all time, including 'True Romance' with Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson

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Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Here are all the details we have so far about Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, including the sneak peeks, the cast, and more.

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The 43 Best Movies of 2022 Streaming Now: Hulu, Netflix, HBO, more | IndieWire

Where to stream the best movies of 2022 now, including "The Batman," "Elvis," "Top Gun: Maverick," "Aftersun," "Glass Onion," and more.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 1, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Jan. 1, 2023 We leave 2022 looking forward to another year of Israeli innovations, discoveries and positive achievements. This newsletter publicizes new Israeli therapies that allow us to look forward to eradica

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The best sci-fi movies of all time

The best sci-fi movies of all time, revealed: our pick of great sci-fi movies you need to see at least once.

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An Amusing Compilation of Three Second Clips From Every Episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'

SentinelOfSomething put together an amusing compilation of three second clips from each episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News 12/20/22

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News 12/20/22 She-Inspires | “The future belongs to diversity. Not because it is fair but because it is right.” Tami Mazel Shachar, CEO at Incredibuild, doesn’t just talk the talk regarding prom

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Cecily Strong says farewell to Saturday Night Live

Strong is one of the longest tenured female stars of SNL who made a career out of spot-on impersonations of Melania Trump, Majorie Taylor Greene and Krysten Sinema.

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Mary McCartney on the importance of Abbey Road

Mary McCartney has discussed the importance of Abbey Road beyond The Beatles ahead of her upcoming documentary, 'If These Walls Could Sing'.

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10 Differences Between 'The Wizard of Oz’ Book and Movie

‘The Wizard of Oz’ is one of the most famous films of all time—but it differs quite a bit from the novel on which it was based. From the color of the coveted slippers to a one-eyed Wicked Witch, here are 10 key differences.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 11, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Dec. 11, 2022 Israel was ranked the 5th safest country in the world for tourists in a recent study using U.N. and W.H.O. statistics of rates per capita of homicides, vehicle accidents, disease, and other causes

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15 Wild Facts About 'Yellowstone'

Though 'Yellowstone' wasn't an immediate hit, the modern-day Western has since become one of the most popular shows on TV—and is turning into a bona fide franch

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Dive! Dive! The 5 Best Submarine Movies of All-Time

Roughly a month ago, the Naval Order of the United States held its monthly movie night, and the film of choice was the WWII action movie Operation Pacific, starring John Wayne. That inspired me to write this article, naming my highly subjective Top 5 List

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Quentin Tarantino's Movies Ranked By Their Excellent Soundtracks

Tarantino is one of the modern masters of the movie soundtrack. Here's how his movies stack up.

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The Wonder: Netflix viewers calling new psychological thriller 'the best movie of the year'

Florence Pugh's latest film The Wonder has been dubbed the 'best movie of the year' by Netflix viewers.

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'The Fabelmans' Is the Best Independant Movie by Steven Spielberg

Some factors to consider before seeing this Spielberg film, which came out last week.

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Terry Bradshaw Show 'The Bradshaw Bunch' Canceled Due to Former NFL Star's Health

Terry Bradshaw's reality television show, "The Bradshaw Bunch," will not air Season 3 because of previous health concerns.

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The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now Besides 'The Noel Diary' | HuffPost Life

A psychological period drama and biographical film are also trending on the streaming service.

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‘Die Hard’ actor, UNLV professor Clarence Gilyard dies

Clarence Gilyard, a UNLV film professor, was famous for his role as computer-terror expert Theo in “Die Hard.”

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 27, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 27, 2022 The Israeli technology detailed in this week’s positive newsletter gives us a taste of the future benefits for everyone. In medicine, Israeli scientists have developed cancer-killing antibodi

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See What Remains of the Lost, 3.5-Hour Cut of ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’

John Hughes speculated that the original cut of ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ is lost for good, but you can find remnants of it if you know where to look.

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Jon Hamm Was A Major Distraction On The Mad Men Set

Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm, caused major distractions on the Mad Men set, one of the show's cast members claims.

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Jay Leno gives health update as he’s seen behind the wheel for first time after being released from hospital

Photos revealed Jay Leno's burn scars from a fire he escaped at his Burbank garage last week where he was sprayed with gasoline while working under the hood of a car.

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15 Fun Facts About ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’

John Hughes’s own hellish trip from New York City to Chicago inspired ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles,’ the 1987 Thanksgiving classic starring Steve Martin and John Candy.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 20, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 20, 2022 Jews read in the Torah this week that our ancestor Abraham lived 175 years. This week’s positive Israel newsletter includes plans for both an Israeli Longevity Center and an Israeli Healthy A

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10 Facts About Snoopy

Snoopy debuted in Charles M. Schulz’s ‘Peanuts’ comic strip on October 4, 1950, though it took a month for him to get a name. And nearly a year before he became

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Star Trek Reveals The Fate Of Kirk's Enterprise Shuttle

Star Trek: Prodigy's visit to a planet that worships Captain Kirk and the Starship Enterprise reveals what happened to the shuttlecraft Galileo.

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After #RIPJimmyFallon trends on Twitter, Elon Musk responds to the TV host with jokes

'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon asked Elon Musk for help after fake news about his death began spreading on Twitter. Here's what the Tesla CEO said.

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“Complete And Utter Rubbish”: Ex-UK PM Tony Blair Adds Voice To Those Debunking ‘The Crown’ Season 5 Scenes

UK former premier Tony Blair has added his voice to those saying The Crown is using the fifth season to present events in the 1990s on screen as real, when in fact they have been invented.  To…

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Footage of a time traveler holding a mobile phone at an Elvis concert in 1977!

A Reddit user spotted a woman holding up a smartphone at Elvis’s last concert in 1977! Skeptics may insist that it’s just a regular pocket camera held sideways, but we know the truth: t…

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See The Fate Of One Of Star Trek's Most Famous Ships Revealed

Star Trek's Galileo shuttlecraft returned on the latest episode of Star Trek: Prodigy. See it in action.

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16 Hardcore Facts About 'Full Metal Jacket'

By the time 'The Shining' was in theaters, Stanley Kubrick had already decided that for his next project he wanted to make a film that depicted the realities of war.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 6, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 6, 2022 In the portion of the Bible that is read in synagogues this week, Abraham and Sarah invite three strangers to share a meal with them. Thousands of years later, their descendants are busy developing

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Quentin Tarantino Dismisses Kanye West’s Claim of Originating Idea for ‘Django Unchained’: ‘That Didn’t Happen’

Quentin Tarantino has dismissed Kanye West’s claim that he and Jamie Foxx “got the idea” for the concept of their 2012 film “Django Unchained” from him. West — who legally changed his name to…

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The Crown, Cobra Kai Not Available to Stream on Netflix's Ad-Supported Plan — What Other Shows Are Missing?

Netflix's new ad-supported plan is missing big shows like 'The Crown' and 'Cobra Kai' — see what other shows are missing.

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Was the Inception Ending a Dream? - Michael Caine Just Ended the Debate About the Final Scene of Inception

Michael Caine confirmed what happened at the end of Inception during an introduction to a screening of the film in August last week

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The 10 Scariest Twilight Zone Episodes

We enter a new dimension of sight and sound, ranking the ten scariest Twilight Zone episodes. Few shows have had as far-reaching an influence.

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The 89 Best Movies on Netflix in 2022: What to Watch Right Now | Glamour

With charming romantic comedies to horror and everything in between, Netflix is the destination for streaming. Here are the best movies on Netflix 2022.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 23, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 23, 2022 Health and Sustainability are two key themes of the Jewish festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles) that Jews just finished celebrating. They also feature heavily in my latest positive Israel newsletter. R

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How Midnight Movies Became a Cultural Phenomenon, According to Joe Bob Briggs

Legendary drive-in film critic and host Joe Bob Briggs talks about the history of midnight movies, his upcoming Shudder special, ‘Joe-Bob's Haunted Halloween Hangout,‘ and more.

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Details from Scrapped STAR TREK 4 Kirk Family Reunion Plot Emerge

The Rings of Power showrunners worked on a version of Star Trek 4 that would have seen Captain Kirk reunite with his dad, played by Chris Hemsworth.

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Netflix will charge $6.99 a month for new ad-supported plan starting Nov. 3 in U.S.

Netflix is debuting its advertising-supported subscription plan on Nov. 3 in the U.S. at $6.99 per month.

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Svengoolie comic books coming in 2023

New Svengoolie comic books are on their way in 2023!

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The 21 Best Star Trek Original Series Episodes, Ranked

The original Star Trek series carries many memorable episodes, but only 21 have made the cut here as the best of the best.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 9, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Oct. 9, 2022 The Jewish New Year 5783 is only 2 weeks old and already Israeli ingenuity is reaching new heights of innovation and recognition.  Israeli satellite and space technology is literally “out of

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For his eyes only: James Bond superfan keeps world's largest collection of 007 memorabilia in a secret lock-up

Nick Bennett has more than 18,000 items in his possession but says even some of his family and closest friends don’t know about his 'private' hobby

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From ‘Pulp Fiction’ to ‘Django Unchained,’ Quentin Tarantino’s Best Movies Ranked

October 6, 2022 There may be plenty of directors like him, but it’s safe to say that there is no director as bold, original, or controversial as Quentin

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The Frasier Reboot Is Officially Becoming a Series

That's right: A full season reboot of the hit NBC sitcom Frasier is officially on, starring Kelsey Grammar back in his original role on Paramount+. Find out all the details here!

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Jewish star of ‘Cobra Kai,’ 1 of the best on-screen bullies, preaches against them in real life - Rolling Out

Actor who played an antagonistic character in the classic movie ‘The Karate Kid’, uses martial arts to challenge bullying The post Jewish Star Of ‘Cobra Kai,’ One Of The Best On-screen Bullies, Preaches Against Them In Real Life appeared first on

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Happy 60th birthday, James Bond: Ranking every 007 film, from Dr. No to No Time To Die

Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Timothy Dalton, and George Lazenby delivered plenty of gems, but not every mission was a masterpiece

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The 20 Best Movies Streaming on HBO Max Right Now

From Italian Neorealist classics to recent award-winners, take a look at some of the best movies currently streaming on HBO Max.

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Hugh Jackman Addresses How Marvel Convinced Him to Return as MCU Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has explained how Marvel Studios persuaded him to reprise his role as Wolverine for Deadpool 3.

Entertainment | Entertainment

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

The service wants to hang on to its 220 million subscribers, which is why canceling on a mobile device can be a little tricky. Here's how to do it.

History | History

The Untold Truth Of Band Of Brothers

Band of Brothers is one of the most acclaimed TV series of all time. Here are some things about the WW2 drama that you might not have known.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Rob Zombie Says He Wasn’t Allowed to Shoot ‘The Munsters’ in Black-and-White, So He Made His Dream Film ‘as Hyper Surreal as Possible’

As a horror filmmaker, Rob Zombie has fostered an impassioned following over the past two decades, with a body of work characterized by its black humor and unvarnished violence, made all the more e…

Entertainment | Movies

28 Movie Mistakes — Oh, Wait, I Mean Brilliant Foreshadowing Moments That Went Right Over People's Heads

"When Lupita Nyong'o has no rhythm snapping along in the car in Us . As someone with no rhythm, this flew over my head."

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Rumor: Star Trek 4 will be rebooting Star Trek: The Next Generation

Rumor has it Star Trek 4 will be rebooting Star Trek: The Next Generation. Citing anonymous but “trusted and proven" sources, the website Giant Frea...

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

'Andor' brings back a brilliant concept from 1970s Star Wars canon

The setting for 'Star Wars: Andor' might be a bit confusing at first. Here's how the Corporate Zone borrows from old Han Solo books, and what it all means with Star Wars canon.

Music | Music

Here’s every song on the ‘Cobra Kai’ season five soundtrack

The soundtrack to Cobra Kai season five has been revealed, featuring songs from Billy Idol, Jon Bon Jovi, Van Halen and Survivor. 

Entertainment | Entertainment

M*A*S*H at 50: The best episode for every main character

To toast the series as it reaches the half-century milestone, let's zero in on the finest performances by its 11 key players

Entertainment | Movies

How the 1980s Became the Golden Age of Spoof Movies (And Why It Couldn’t Last)

The arrival of blockbuster movies like 'Jaws' and 'Star Wars' and the rise of the home video era allowed '80s comedies like 'Airplane!' and 'The Naked Gun' to define the spoof genre like no films before them ever could.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

The 10 stupidest movie twists of all time

The worst movie twists of all time, with 'Now You See Me' with Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine...

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Harrison Ford says he's done with Indiana Jones after Indiana Jones 5

While debuting the first trailer for 'Indiana Jones 5' at D23, Harrison Ford confirmed the sequel marks his last turn as the adventuring archeologist.

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'Cobra Kai' Season 5 ending explained: Who lives, who dies, who wins the final fight?

A lot happens in 'Cobra Kai' Season 5, including the introduction of some intriguing characters both new and old. If you have questions, we’ve got answers

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How the death of Queen Elizabeth II might impact The Crown on Netflix

The death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 could shake up how Netflix markets and rolls out the rest of the hit series "The Crown."

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How The Wrath Of Khan Saved Star Trek

40 years ago, the sci-fi saga was on the ropes. Then, Nicholas Meyer's swashbuckling sequel changed everything. Read more at Empire.

Entertainment | Movies

25 Terrible Movies That Everyone Loves to Hate

These movies may be bad, but—hey—at least they're memorable.

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

10 Times Star Trek Refused To Give Fans What They Wanted

Let's take a look at some of the most popular demands from Trekkies that never made it on-screen.

Entertainment | Netflix

What to watch on Netflix: New shows and movies in September 2022

Everything coming to Netflix in September 2022, including Blonde, Bee and PuppyCat, End of the Road, and Despicable Me.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Coco The Shelter Dog Lands Role Of A Lifetime In 'Prey,' A Hit Hulu Movie - The Dodo

Coco hit the big time as sidekick to Amber Midthunder in Hulu's movie, "Prey." Here's why the former shelter dog proves old dogs can learn new tricks.

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It’s War In The Valley With The ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Trailer Bringing Ex-Antagonists Together Against The Biggest Villain

No one ever thought Johnny and Daniel would work together on ’Cobra Kai,’ but the Season 5 trailer brings a new set of unexpected alliances.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Cobra Kai Season 5: Everything We Know About the Netflix Show

Here's what to expect from Season 5 of Netflix's Cobra Kai, as The rivaling dojos return to the big screen for the fifth time.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Roger E. Mosley, 'Magnum, P.I.' star, dies at 83 after a car crash

Actor Roger E. Mosley, best known for his role as the helicopter pilot Theodore "TC" Calvin on the 1980s hit show "Magnum, P.I.," died Sunday, his daughter announced. He was 83.

Music | Music

Chaos reigns in the new Netflix doc "Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99"

The new 3-episode Netflix documentary project "Trainwreck: Woodstock '99" revisits the disastrous, chaos-filled music festival.

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

A Star Trek Crossover Dream-Come-True: DS9's Trials and Tribble-ations

Star Trek Deep Space Nine's "Trials and Tribble-ations" episode was a crossover dream-come-true for Trekkies.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 31, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 31, 2022 The highlights include: Tel Aviv’s new hi-tech Emergency Room is the largest in the world. All 450,000+ Israeli citizens over 75 receive free public transport. Take a ride in Haifa’s new cable

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

William Shatner's Right About Modern Star Trek

William Shatner said Gene Roddenberry would hate modern Star Trek during a panel at SDCC 2022... and even though he was joking, he's probably right.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Why The Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Movie Never Got Made

Quentin Tarantino pitched a Star Trek movie to J.J. Abrams that he described as 'Pulp Fiction in space.' So what happened to it?

Entertainment | Entertainment

Stranger Things is being edited retroactively by Netflix. Is this the beginning of a dangerous TV trend? | British GQ

Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers have openly discussed making tweaks to old episodes on Netflix. But where do we draw the line in the retconning of art?

Entertainment | HBO

The 25 Best TV Shows to Stream on HBO Max Right Now

'Succession,' 'Euphoria,' 'The Righteous Gemstones,' 'Doctor Who' ... HBO Max has all that and more.

Entertainment | William Shatner

William Shatner Says Star Trek Creator Would Be Spinning in His Grave Over the Modern Franchise

William Shatner gave his opinion on what Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry would think of the franchise in its current form.

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

10 Reasons Why Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars, According To Reddit

While both space-based franchises have their own merits, these are 10 reasons why Star Trek is better than Star Wars, according to Reddit.

Sports | Cycling

‘Drive to Survive’ Meets the Tour de France Hoping for Another Soap Opera on Wheels

The producers of the hit Formula One show sent a crew of 60 to turn their cameras on the world’s most famous bike race.

Entertainment | Netflix

Here's everything coming to and leaving Netflix in August 2022

Next month's lineup at the streamer will satisfy anyone who counts Toby Maguire as their one and only Spider-Man

Entertainment | Entertainment

The Best Sci-Fi Movies on Prime Video

Prime Video has a lot to offer from the sci-fi realm -- hopefully this guide will help you sift through its back catalogue.

Entertainment | Entertainment

When 'The Price Is Right' Offered Elephants as Prizes

The 1950s version of the iconic game show got real weird with some of their prizes.

Entertainment | TNG

A Star Trek: The Next Generation writer had plans to kill Worf's son, Alexander

A Star Trek: The Next Generation writer had plans to kill Worf's son, Alexander when he wrote an episode for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Entertainment | Entertainment

7 Amazing Roles That James Caan Rejected

‘The Godfather’ star James Caan was just as famous for the roles he didn’t play as the ones he did.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Sacha Baron Cohen defeats $95 million defamation suit filed by Roy Moore

Cohen defeated a $95 million defamation lawsuit by former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, who said he was tricked into an humiliating television appearance that lampooned sexual misconduct accusations against him.

Entertainment | Netflix

Netflix rolls out spatial audio to all devices, available for ‘Stranger Things’ and more – TechCrunch

Today, Netflix announced that it is bringing spatial audio to all devices with the aim of enhancing the listening experience throughout its catalog of original titles. Currently, the content that supports spatial audio includes the fourth season of “Str

Entertainment | Entertainment

Movies for $5: AMC Theatres brings back Discount Tuesday

AMC Theatres' Discount Tuesday movie program is back through October, movies are just $5 plus tax for Tuesday showings.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Kelsey Grammer Teases When ‘Frasier’ Revival Will Begin Shooting

Kelsey Grammer is teasing the long-awaited Frasier revival could begin shooting this fall. ViacomCBS officially greenlit the Paramount+ series last February. “Shooting? There were some conver…

Family & Parenting | Kids

The Best State Park for Kids in Every State

The best state park in every state. These are the perfect spots to visit during COVID as they won't have the crowds that the national parks do.

Entertainment | Movies

The 50 greatest films of the 1940s

Including works by Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Orson Welles, David Lean and Howard Hawks, this is a list ranking the 50 greatest films of the 1940s.

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CTECH – Latest Israeli Technology and Innovation News June 27, 2022

CTECH – Latest Israeli Technology and Innovation News June 27, 2022 Jefferies opening office in Israel, President declares, “This is just the beginning.” Brian Friedman, President of the prestigious American investment bank Jefferies, is set

News | NEWS

Netflix Lays Off Hundreds More Amid Major Subscription Losses

Netflix made another major cut to its staff Thursday, laying off 300 employees as the streaming company reels from hundreds of thousands of lost subscriptions.

Science & Technology | Cool Stuff

40 Mandela Effect Examples - What Is The Mandela Effect Definition

This list of mandela effect examples will blow your mind. Here's everything you need to know about the Mandela Effect, false memory (and the concept that we might be living in a parallel universe).

Entertainment | Entertainment!

20 best film noirs: From Double Indemnity to Shadow of a Doubt

Rain-streaked streets, femmes fatales, hard-boiled gumshoes and antiheroes fated to die... Graeme Ross presents his pick of the 20 greatest film noirs of the classic era

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 19, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 19, 2022 Israel and Israelis were bursting with oceans of energetic ideas, activities and projects this last week. It began with Israel, Egypt and the EU signing an agreement to bring Israeli natural gas vi

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

How Did 'Top Gun: Maverick' Actually Shoot That Aerial Footage? With These Cameras and Lenses

It’s not every day that you see the boundaries of filmmaking pushed beyond what we thought was possible. 

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Peacock gets the new Downton Abbey movie next week and a 24/7 channel

Downton Abbey: A New Era is set to arrive on NBCUniversal’s Peacock on June 24th following its departure from theaters. The streaming service is also getting a 24/7 channel dedicated to Downton Abbey.

Entertainment | The Original Series

A Sobering Compilation of Red Shirt Deaths in the Original 'Star Trek' Series

John DiMarco put together a sobering compilation of the characters who met an untimely end wearing a red shirt in "Star Trek".

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Fan Theory Connects Star Wars to Indiana Jones

A famous Star Wars Easter egg in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' has inspired a convincing fan theory.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 12, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 12, 2022 So many Israeli innovations and activities are designed to solve critical problems. This week’s newsletter includes Israeli solutions to diagnose autoimmune diseases, treat dry eye disease, p

Entertainment | Entertainment

The Best Movies of 2022 (So Far)

There are already a bunch of good movies that have been released this year. Here are our absolute favorites from 2022 so far.

Entertainment | Film

The ultimate beginner's guide to American film noir

Including works by directors such as Billy Wilder, John Huston and Orson Welles among others, this is the ultimate beginner's guide to American film noir.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 6, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel June 6, 2022 Israel is like a powerful magnet, attracting global demand for its innovations and assistance.  The European Union is negotiating for Israeli natural gas. Israel is partnering Greece for innovation

Entertainment | Netflix

Will Netflix Survive the Streaming Wars?

On Gadgettes, we discuss why things haven't seemed too hot for the streaming giant, even with its cadre of brand new content.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Do the 'Cobra Kai' plot twists go too far? Oh yes. But in a fun way, its stars say

Returning guest stars from the 'Karate Kid' films and shifting perspectives all add to the series' cheeky humor.

News | News

Taiwan cheers ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ for defying Chinese censors

The flag used by the Beijing-claimed island was restored in the Tom Cruise blockbuster after being removed in an early trailer, which one moviegoer called “surprising and a joy.”

Entertainment | Entertainment

The Problem with Woke 'Obi-Wan' Isn’t What You've Been Told

The Obi-Wan Kenobi limited series on Disney+ keeps getting worse all the time, but the painfully intersectional villain, Reva, is the least of the show’s problems....

Entertainment | Entertainment

James Bond Movies to Exit Prime Video After Just Two Months of Streaming

It was just this past April that Amazon Prime Video was able to say that they had brought together all of the canonical James Bond movies under a single streaming umbrella for the first time ever, then last week the …