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Donald Sutherland Dead: 'M*A*S*H,' 'Hunger Games' Actor Was 88

Donald Sutherland, the versatile actor who starred in such films as Klute, M*A*S*H, Ordinary People and The Hunger Games, has died. He was 88.

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Andre Braugher, 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' actor, dead at 61

Emmy award-winning actor Andre Braugher, who starred in "Frequency" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," died on Monday following a brief illness. He was 61.

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Sean Connery Made Two Demands Before Agreeing To Become The First James Bond

Sean Connery was 'it from the beginning' when it comes to casting the role of James Bond, but the actor had two demands before he signed on the dotted line.

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George Lazenby: The Con Man Who Defrauded His Way to the Top of Hollywood

Not only was George Lazenby's suit and hair phony, so was his resume. Lucky for him, IMDb wouldn't exist for another two decades.

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8 Things You Might Not Know About Harrison Ford

The actor once hit the road with The Doors and was a little ticked off over 'Titanic.'

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'Godfather' Actor James Caan Was Tough On And Off-Screen

James Caan projected toughness no matter the genre, but his finest moments may have been off-screen.

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Hollywood's Jewish tough guy James Caan dies aged 82

Kid from New York who found fame in The Godfather, Rollerball and Misery

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Ray Liotta Tributes Pour In From Martin Scorsese, Kevin Costner, Lorraine Bracco and More: ‘Passionate, Brilliant Actor’

Hollywood tributes are pouring in for Ray Liotta, the distinctive “Goodfellas” actor who died suddenly at 67 years old. The actor was in the Dominican Republic at the time of his death …

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8 Surprising Facts About Bruce Willis

According to John Goodman, 'Die Hard' star Bruce Willis was once one of New York City's hottest bartenders.

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Bruce Willis' aphasia was suspected by coworkers for years. - Los Angeles Times

In interviews with The Times this month, nearly two dozen people who were on set with the actor expressed concern about Willis' well-being.

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Sidney Poitier, Oscar-winning actor and Hollywood's first Black movie star, dies at 94 - CNN

Sidney Poitier, whose elegant bearing and principled onscreen characters made him Hollywood's first Black movie star and the first Black man to win the best actor Oscar, has died. He was 94.

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Dean Stockwell Dies: ‘Quantum Leap’ Star Was 85

Former Quantum Leap star Dean Stockwell, an Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actor, passed away in the early morning of November 7 at age 85.

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Michael Caine announces likely retirement from acting at 88 | Daily Mail Online

Sir Michael Caine announced in an interview this week that he is probably retiring from acting now at the age of 88. The legendary screen star was on BBC Radio 5 to promote Best Sellers.

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William Smith dead at 88 as wife confirms passing of actor who starred with Clint Eastwood in Any Which Way You Can

ICONIC actor William Smith, who tussled with Clint Eastwood in the movies, has died at the age of 88.His wife, Joanne Cervelli Smith, confirmed that t

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Ned Beatty of 'Deliverance' and 'Superman' dies at 83

Actor Ned Beatty, star of film and stage, has died at the age of 83. "Ned passed away from natural causes Sunday morning, surrounded by his family and loved ones," Shelter Entertainment Group Talent Manager Deborah Miller told CNN in an email.

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Actor Norman Lloyd, who worked with Hitchcock, Chaplin, starred in 'St. Elsewhere,' dies at 106 in Los Angeles

Norman Lloyd, an actor who worked with Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hitchcock, starred on "St. Elsewhere" and continued to work past 100, has died at 106, according to published reports.

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10 Celebs Who Quietly Work A Regular Job

Celebrities have millions upon millions of dollars and most of these stars may never have to work another day in their life if they quit Hollywood.

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Laverne & Shirley Star David L. Lander Dies at 73 | PEOPLE

Laverne & Shirley costar Michael McKean paid tribute to David Lander on Twitter

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Kurt Russell Thinks Celebrities 'Should Step Away' from Being Vocally Political: 'We Are Court Jesters'

Kurt Russell thinks celebrities should stick to their role as entertainers to better serve their acting

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Sean Connery: from 007 to Indiana Jones – a career in pictures

From the 1950s to the noughties, we revisit the many screen lives of Sean Connery, cinema’s first James Bond, who has died aged 90

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40 Times Hollywood Cast The Perfect Actors As Young Versions Of Older Characters In Movies And On TV | Bored Panda

The actors look so similar, some of us are guilty of not even considering that the younger and older versions could be played by different people.

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55 Actors Who Were Casually Replaced on Their Own TV Shows

Your mind is going to be blown by these 55 TV actors that were recast on some of your favorite shows including Friends, Game of Thrones, and Boy Meets World.

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Irrfan Khan, ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ Star, Dies at 53

Indian actor Irrfan Khan has died. He starred in "Slumdog Millionaire," "The Lunchbox" and Hollywood's "Life of Pi," and "Jurassic World."

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Hollywood Pays Tribute to "Incredible Icon" Kirk Douglas | Hollywood Reporter

In the wake of Kirk Douglas's death on Wednesday, Hollywood came together on social media to share tributes and memories of the late actor who died at age 103.

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Social Climbers Charts: Ricky Gervais Goes No. 1 With Golden Globes Gig | Hollywood Reporter

The 2020 Golden Globe Awards spur multiple gains on The Hollywood Reporter's Social Climbers charts, most of all for the night's host, Ricky Gervais, who vaults to No. 1 on the Top Actors tally dated Jan. 15.

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People are sharing the actors who instantly ruin movies for them

Everyone has an actor whose presence in a film instantly sends it spiralling. Who's yours?

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Robert Forster Dead: Resurgent Oscar Nominee From 'Jackie Brown' Was 78 | Hollywood Reporter

Robert Forster, the stalwart leading man whose Oscar-nominated performance as a bail bondsman in Quentin Tarantino's 'Jackie Brown' made for one of Hollywood's most heartwarming comeback stories, has died. He was 78.

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Robert Downey Jr.’s charm is no match for incredibly awkward interview

Pressing the limits to which Robert Downey Jr.’s affable charms can be strained has earned billions for Marvel so far, but today it’s earned Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy some viral infamy (which is worth far more in Internet dollars).

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The Planets, the Stars and Brad Pitt - The New York Times

With two major performances this year, the 55-year-old actor and producer talks frankly about his future onscreen, masculinity and getting sober.

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Want Bill Murray to Star in Your Movie? You’ve Got to Call a 1-800 Number

To pitch your film to the 'Ghostbusters' star, you have to track down an unlisted 1-800 number and leave a message.

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A Guide to Mark Hamill’s Colorful Non–’Star Wars’ Career

Mark Hamill is more than just Luke Skywarer, and his non–“Star Wars” career has been a wild ride, from voice roles as the Joker in “Batman” and Chucky in “Child’s Play” to some regrettable action films. We list all of Hamill’s other work

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Photos of Jack Nicholson Just Being Cool in the 1970s

Heeeeeeere's Johnny! Jack Nicholson, the star of films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining, and Chinatown turns 82 today, with a legacy as big as the legends he played on screen. While we're used to seeing him courtside at Lakers games these

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Before He Was A Star, Timothy Olyphant Was A Failed Stand Up Comedian

Olyphant started and ended his career at the Boston Comedy Club, along with Marc Maron, Sarah Silverman, Dave Atell, and Louis C.K.

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Here's What These 16 Famous Bald Actors Looked Like When They Had Hair

Here’s what some famous bald celebrities—from actors like the The Rock and Bruce Willis to Terry Crews and Jason Statham—looked like before they shaved their heads.

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10 Surprising Facts About Christopher Walken

The quintessential character actor—who was a child star and worked as a lion tamer as a teen—is turning 76 years old today.

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Chuck Norris is Hosting a Chuck Norris Look-Alike Event in Texas | Mental Floss

Attendees will get a “sweet belt buckle,” fake beard, and a “Chuck Norris style T-shirt” to assist in the look.

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11 TV Characters Who Were Re-Cast With Different Actors | Digital Trends

The casting change known as The Darrin Effect or The Darrin Syndrome involves recasting a popular television character with a different actor. Here are some of the biggest roles that have been played by multiple people for various reasons over the course

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Southerners Aren’t Always at Home in Hollywood

Nine actors talk about how their accents — and culture — helped and hindered them as they forged screen careers.

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Jeff Goldblum is fine being cast as Jeff Goldblum

Some actors, like Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman, prefer to disappear into their roles, to so fully inhabit a character that audiences don’t even realize it’s them on screen. Others, however, are just too damn weird to do that. Someone like, say, Cr

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Brendan Fraser Alleges He Was Groped By Former HFPA President | Daily Wire

So, what happened to Brendan Fraser, whose starring role in 1999's "The Mummy" propelled him to international stardom before falling into relative obscuri

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Brendan Fraser on His Comeback, Disappearance, and the Experience that Nearly Ended His Career

The actor talks about being sexually harassed over a decade ago, and the result of speaking up: “The silence was deafening.”

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Harry Dean Stanton Dead: ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Big Love’ Star Was 91 | Variety

Harry Dean Stanton, the actor with a gaunt, bedraggled look who starred in Wim Wenders’ “Paris, Texas,” has died.

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Actors In High School

With school starting back up again, here's what some of your favorite celebrities were like in high school.

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Robin Williams' childhood friends recall his days in Lake Forest

Growing up in Lake Forest in the early 1960s, Renee Hodgen Daley recalls being mesmerized by her older brother's pack of friends, in particular an especially funny pal, Robin Williams .