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Here are our picks of the most disturbing movies of all time | Complex

From ‘Martyrs’ to ‘A Serbian Film,’ ‘The Last House on The Left,’ and ‘Cannibal Holocaust,’ we’ve compiled a list of the most disturbing movies of all time.

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The 78 Best Documentaries of All Time | Vogue

Here is a list of the best documentaries ever made, from the likes of Errol Morris and Orson Welles, Laura Poitras and Les Blank.

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10 Underappreciated American Noirs of the Late 1950s and the 1960s

While preparing for a recent appearance on a podcast episode about John Boorman’s 1967 film, Point Blank, I thought a lot about American noir cinema of the very late 1950s and the 1960s. I find it …

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The Best Nicolas Cage Movies You Can Stream Right Now

Whether he's playing a mute, a treasure hunter, or someone convinced he was bitten by a vampire, Nicolas Cage leaves it all onscreen.

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Is Alec Baldwin Going to Jail for the Death of Halyna Hutchins?

Shootings on set shouldn't happen. What happened here and who is going to pay for it?????For a LIMITED TIME get CuriosityStream AND Nebula for 26% OFF! https:/...

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Pirates of the Caribbean Original 1967 Version (Full Ride)

Video of the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland as it was in 1967

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New Netflix Holiday Movies 2021

I hope you're ready for <i>The Princess Switch 3.</i>

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Secret Netflix codes: A hidden trick to escape the endless scroll of movies

Make the streaming algorithm work for you and use genre codes to find hidden, bingeable gems. Here's how.

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Woke Bond: New James Bond Director Accuses Sean Connery's 007 of Rape – RedState

Espionage evolves...

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Jane Powell Dies: Hollywood Golden Age Actress & ‘Royal Wedding’ Star Was 92

Jane Powell, who danced with Fred Astaire in 'Royal Wedding' and was one of seven brides for seven brothers in the classic 1954 film musical, has died

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At 91, Clint Eastwood throws a punch and rides a horse in his new movie. And he’s not ready to quit

With 'Cry Macho,' Clint Eastwood may be the oldest American to direct and star in a major motion picture. But ask if anything has changed since his start and you get the verbal equivalent of an amused shrug.

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31 Great Star Wars Details Even Casual Fans Will Like

Mark Hamill didn't know the twist while filming <i>The Empire Strikes Back.</i>

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7 Classic Noir Films to Stream: ‘The Big Sleep,’ ‘Shadow of a Doubt,’ and More

If you love Old Hollywood movies, we rounded up a list of the best noir films from the 1940s and 1950s.

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Every New Movie and TV Show Hitting Amazon Prime in August

The Cannes festival hit 'Annette,' starring Adam Driver, highlights the new arrivals on Prime Video this month.

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10 incredibly meta films about films within films | Dazed

As the fourth wall-pushing 00s romcom America’s Sweethearts turns 20, we look back at the best movies about... movies

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The 75 Best TV Shows on Netflix to Binge Right Now

A helpful curated list of addictive shows, from original series to classic programs.

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Why Did So Many Movie Theaters Have Funky Carpets in the 1990s?

If you frequented movie theaters in the 1990s, you may remember the funky, galactic carpets that were once ubiquitous. It turns out their design served a practical (and disgusting) purpose.

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All the Netflix Original Movies Coming Out This Summer

The streaming giant has some solid original films scheduled over the next few months.

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Amazon Prime Video: 22 of the best movies to stream this week - CNET

Craving some good old-fashioned fantasy? Another version of Pinocchio hits Amazon this week.

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Netflix June 2021: 11 incredible sci-fi shows and movies to watch ASAP

The best sci-fi on Netflix in June ranges from black-and-white classics to brand-new action movies and animated anthologies. Here are 11 great sci-fi shows and movies you need to watch this month.

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James Bond: The impact of MGM’s Amazon deal on the 007 movie franchise explained

JAMES BOND studio MGM has been bought by Amazon and now a 007 expert and author has weighed in on the deal's impact on the film franchise going forwards.

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20 of the biggest movies that will try to convince you to return to theaters this summer

13 movie studios gathered together in Los Angeles to show off the first films they hope will bring moviegoers back to theaters during Hot Vax Summer.

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The Most Underrated Movies of All Time - page 10 of 68 - History By Day

The following is a compilation of brilliant films that critics and moviegoers feel have been overlooked and deserve more attention and success.

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Netflix: The 40 best movies to watch this evening

From sci-fi to comedy-romance, Netflix has a lot for you to choose from tonight.

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You Have 10 New Netflix Treats To Stream This Weekend — Here’s What’s Worth Watching

Halston and Woman in the Women will be duking it out for you attention — with many, many more new Netflix gems in the mix. Here's what you should watch right now.

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16 Hidden References And Meanings In 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood'

"A movie isn't a movie without a homage to Hitchcock." - Hitchcock, probably.

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Suitors Line Up to Operate ArcLight Hollywod, Cinerama Dome

Marcus Theatres CEO Greg Marcus told investors that some ArcLight Hollywood and Pacific Theatres locations are too productive to stay dark.

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The best comedy movies on HBO Max

We sifted through HBO Max's vast movie library so you don't have to

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AFI Launches Virtual Gallery of Robert Osborne's TCM Intros (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

The beloved TCM host died in 2017, but will live on forever on the website of the AFI, an institution he loved.

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What’s Leaving Netflix in May 2021: Movies, TV Shows

The best movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in May 2021, including Julie & Julia, Sherlock, Brokeback Mountain, The Blair Witch Project, and more.

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‘Downton Abbey 2’ Hitting Theaters in December With Original Cast Returning

A sequel to 'Downton Abbey' will open in December with Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, and Dominic West joining the original cast members.

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The 45 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now: April 2021

With thousands of titles available, browsing your Netflix menu can feel like a full-time job. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, take a look at our picks for the best movies on Netflix right now.

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PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Kidman seen for first time as legendary Lucille Ball as she films biopic

Kidman, 53, who wore a shoulder-length wig, wrapped up warm on a chilly LA day in a black hooded coat as she waited between takes.

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How Strong Is King Kong? And Could He Even Stand Up?

In physics, big things are not like small things. Here's what that means for a giant gorilla.

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Here’s every single one of the 53 new Netflix originals coming in April 2021

Netflix subscribers actually have a bunch of big releases to look forward to this month. During 2019 and the first half of 2020, that would be a ridiculous statement because Netflix subscribers had tons of great releases to look forward to each and every

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9 Best Mystery Movies on Netflix

The mystery genre is as ambiguous and varied as any in film, and Netflix has a library of films that venture into that cinematic void.

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Warner Bros. will return to theatrical releases in 2022, ending its HBO Max experiment

Warner Bros. has signed a new deal with Regal Cinemas owner Cineworld that will see the studio’s films return to theatrical exclusivity in 2022 — meaning that the current strategy of simultaneous HBO Max releases will end for films like The Batman.

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The 29 worst mistakes in films, from Captain Marvel to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

From a mix-up over breakfast in 'Pretty Woman' to a modern car in the backgroud of a battle scene in 'Braveheart', Charlotte Cripps picks some of the most famous film mistakes ever made 

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22 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

Searching for a great show to watch tonight? Let's round up Amazon's best gems.

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The Best Westerns On Netflix Right Now

From stagecoach heists to Tarantino revenge fantasies, these Westerns on Netflix get everything right about the genre.

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James Bond: Outlander Sam Heughan on replacing Daniel Craig as 007 "Don't want to jinx it'

JAMES BOND favourite Sam Heughan just spoke about replacing Daniel Craig as 007 after No Time To Die. Is it second time lucky for The Outlander star, who is promoting his new movie SAS Red Notice? He previously auditioned for Casino Royale before Craig ba

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French Film Somehow Makes Even Less Sense With Subtitles

The French film “La Joie des Moineaux,” incomprehensible in its native language, is even more confusing for foreign viewers when watched with English subtitles.

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These are the best spy thrillers to stream right now

From Amazon Prime to Disney+ (yes, really), we’ve rounded up the ten best spy thrillers to take you to the edge of your seat…

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Next Superman Movie to Be Written By... Ta-Nehisi Coates?

Kal-El is about to check his Kryptonian privilege.

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Paramount Plus will cost $10 ad-free, $5 with ads on 'base' tier launching in June

CBS All Access, the service that Paramount Plus is replacing, currently costs $6 a month with ads and $10 a month without.

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Sacha Baron Cohen On 'Borat' Ethics And Why His Disguise Days Are Over

Baron Cohen has been chased, sued and nearly arrested while in character. A scary experience with a gun rights rally while filming Borat 2 solidified his decision: "At some point, your luck runs out."

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Art House Movie Theaters Fight On Amid Pandemic | Hollywood Reporter

While some independent movie houses have closed indefinitely, others persevere with a mix of drive-ins, virtual screenings and concession sales as they apply for long-awaited federal relief.

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Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Is Back On, Chris Pine To Star

After Paramount paused all future Star Trek movies, a new rumor suggests that a Star Trek film written by Quentin Tarantino could still be in the works.

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18 Romantic Movies to Watch On Valentine's Day With The Entire Family! | FUN WITH KIDS IN LA

Here is a list of some of our favorite romantic comedies to watch on Valentine's Day that are family-friendly, and your kids can watch too! Kate & Leopold Kate & Leopold is a classic romantic-comedy fantasy film that tells a story of a physicist who accid

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Pulp Fiction's 3-Hour Cut: Deleted and Extended Scenes Explained

Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction is 154 minutes long, but there are 24 minutes of extra footage consisting of five additional or extended scenes.

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Christopher Plummer’s tortured relationship with 'Sound of Music'

Christopher Plummer had a complicated relationship with "The Sound of Music" -- he even threatened to walk off the picture, which won the 1966 Oscar for Best Picture, at one point.

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How One Movie Theater's Mistake Changed 'Blade Runner' Forever

'Blade Runner,' Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi classic, was met with a tepid reception by audiences and got throttled by 'E.T.' It wasn't until a mistake made at a revival house in 1990 that audiences saw the director's true intentions.

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Insider claims to know why Marvel wants to bring Iron Man back

A Marvel insider claims that Marvel plans to bring Robert Downey Jr. back to the MCU for an important meeting. Iron Man would interact with some of the heroes that were not available to Disney in previous Marvel movies because the company did not have the

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Everything Leaving Netflix In February 2021

Here are the movies and shows leaving Netflix in February 2021.

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Biggest Netflix original movies of all time by viewership - Business Insider

Recent Netflix originals "The Midnight Sky" and "Holidate" have entered the top 10 of Netflix's most popular movies of all time.

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The 50 Best Western Movies Ever Made

The history of movie Westerns more or less begins with the end of the Old West itself. We run down the 50 best examples of the genre, from The Searchers to True Grit and beyond.

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10 Awesome Movies You Might Have Missed

Among newly released blockbusters, there are quite a few that can exceed our expectations. That is why we at Bright Side came up with a list of movies which turned out to be not only commercially successful but also managed to create an emotional connecti

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12 Movies of the Past Decade That Withstood the Test of Time and Emotion

During the New Year holidays, many of us have this unexplainable wish to summarize the 12 months of the past year and recall all the good and bad things to come to some conclusions and set new goals. 2020 finished the entire decade and it’s another reason

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The 20 Most Underrated Movies of the Past 20 Years | WIRED

You might’ve missed them when they came out. Here’s what you should catch up on—and how to stream them.

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Russell Crowe Is Right, If You Think ‘Master And Commander' Is Boring, You Need To Grow Up

The 2003 epic film about masculine virtue isn’t for woke zoomers and permanently adolescent millennials. "Master and Commander" is a film for real adults.

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Bruce Willis Reportedly In Talks For New Die Hard Movie

Bruce Willis appears to have long since given up on any ideas of reclaiming his place at the top of the Hollywood A-list, with the veteran actor now more than happy to continue slumming it in the realm of the VOD action movie. I

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10 Ways Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Broke The Tarantino Mold

Like Quentin Tarantino's other movies, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was universally acclaimed but a departure from the director's distinct style.

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The best romantic comedies on Netflix

The A.V. Club waded through Netflix's vast library so you don't have to

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The 7 Best Movies New to Netflix in January 2021 | IndieWire

Netflix starts 2021 with a couple of Scorsese classics and a grab bag of awards contenders like "Pieces of a Woman" and "The White Tiger."

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Best Hidden Gems and Underrated Movies on Netflix

Our list of the best hidden gems and underrated movies on Netflix right now includes indies, horror movies, and even big studio films that didn't catch on.

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This visual timeline of the STAR WARS saga compared to years in the real world is blowing my mind

Twitter user Rik Villanueva of the Jammed Transmissions Star Wars podcast posted this, and it's absolutely blowing my mind. In other words: the Star Wars saga (or at least, the Skywalker saga) is basically just the lifespan of a Baby Boomer. In some ways,

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What the 'Love Actually' Cast Looks Like Now - Love Actually Actors Before and After

From Hugh Grant to Keira Knightley, here's what the 'Love Actually' cast looks like 16 years after the movie's original release.

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Netflix movie hack: How to access 'secret' codes when browsing for movies

A Netflix movie hack is making its way around the internet, and it makes it a whole lot easier to search for something to watch.

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Everything Coming To Netflix In December

'Tis the season to watch Netflix. Fa la la la la — you know the rest.

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HBO Max Removes Free Trial Ahead of Release of 'Wonder Woman 1984'

It looks like there is a new trend emerging as HBO Max joins the list of streaming services doing away with the free trial option. When trying to directly sign-up for HBO Max on their website, it now only gives you the …

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Movies That are Difficult to Watch All the Way Through

Movies That are Difficult to Watch All the Way Through - While horror has been a popular genre among thrill-seeking film fans for generations, most movies are relatively tame, offering a mixture of jump-scares and unsettling psychological plotlines. Some

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55 Best Christmas Movies of All Time - Top Christmas Movies Ever Made

There's nothing like gathering with your family and watching one of the best Christmas movies of all time. This guide to the top holiday films will keep you entertained all season long.

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This Bruce Willis Movie Just Hit #2 on Netflix - PureWow

Bruce Willis’s action-packed film, ‘Marauders,’ is currently the second most popular movie on Netflix.

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Warner Bros. Smashes Box Office Windows, Will Send Entire 2021 Slate to HBO Max and Theaters

In an unprecedented announcement, the studio will send 17 films — including 'The Matrix 4,' 'The Suicide Squad' and 'Dune' to its streaming service for 31 days the same day they hit theaters.

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Here's When Quentin Tarantino Says He'll Finally Retire

Quentin Tarantino has had a long and illustrious career, but is his retirement coming sooner than fans think?

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The Best Thanksgiving Movies to Stream Right Now

Comedy, family, horror, heavy drama—Turkey Day has it all (and they all involve turkey).

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Here’s Every Movie, TV Show, and Special Leaving Netflix in December 2020

December may be a festive time of year, but if your idea of a good time is settling in for another 'The Office' binge-watch, we've some bad news: Your time is running out to stream it.

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Quentin Tarantino is Releasing a 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' Novel

Arguably one of the most iconic directors of the last fifty years has just signed a two-book deal with HarperCollins. Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to the golden age of cinema Once Upon A Time In Hollywood will hit bookshelves next summer before another

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Use Your iPhone or iPad to Record Video Directly on Your Mac

If you have macOS Yosemite or later, you can use your iPhone or iPad as a video camera to record directly to your Mac using QuickTime. Here’s how!

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This James Bond scene nearly killed Sean Connery in 1963

It sort of goes without saying that working as a field agent and international superspy comes with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm. You know what shouldn't come with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm?

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Sean Connery: from 007 to Indiana Jones – a career in pictures

From the 1950s to the noughties, we revisit the many screen lives of Sean Connery, cinema’s first James Bond, who has died aged 90

Style & Fashion | Style & Fashion

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Costume Designer on How '60s Style Fashion Played a Role in the Movie

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' costume designer Arianne Phillips and actor Austin Butler discuss with Esquire.com the role of the film's fashion and what it was like to work with Quentin Tarantino.

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The Absolute Best Horror Movies On Netflix

Our list of the scariest movies on Netflix is just what the doctor ordered—provided they ordered a raise in your blood pressure.

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Rudy Giuliani faces questions after compromising scene in new Borat film

Trump’s personal attorney has indiscreet encounter with actor playing Borat’s daughter in hotel room during pandemic

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With Rhonda Fleming’s Death, These 19 Hitchcock Actors Remain | IndieWire

Fleming wasn't best known for her work with Hitchcock, but that role was key in her early career.

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18 Movies That Left Audiences Completely Confused

According to this list, Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, and the Wachowskis all love to baffle their fans.

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The massive Marvel storyline to follow ‘Endgame’ will bring back Tony Stark in the best possible way

Marvel is reportedly working on a massive storyline that will culminate in a finale of Avengers: Endgame proportions and Tony Stark might be part of it again.

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Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Right Now

'The Lighthouse,' 'Midsommar,' and so much more. Here's the scariest stuff on Prime right now.

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James Bond Day: Why 007 has endured as a movie mainstay and will again

Bond’s initial genesis was as a post-war distraction for a rudderless writer looking to transplant his war-wise world into spiky pulp-fiction.

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'Star Trek 4' release date could finally reconnect the movie and TV canons

The next Star Trek movie remains a mystery, but now, it seems an old idea has become a frontrunner again. Could the Kelvin universe canon be connected to the TV canon in a new Trek film?

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James Bond’s next film No Time to Die delayed till 2021 — an entire year

No Time to Die, the 25th James Bond film, has been pushed back an entire year. It will now arrive on April 2nd, 2021, the film’s producers confirmed today.

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Everything coming and going on Netflix for the week of September 27th

Netflix is adding 61 new shows, movies, and specials on the week of September 27th. Some of the best movies joining the Netflix library this week include Cape Fear, Fargo, and Her. Netflix is also …

Entertainment | Star Trek News

Despite rumors, Paramount is still making Star Trek movies

Despite rumros to the contrary, Screenrant claims Paramount is still in the buisness of making Star Trek films despite issues around 4th installment.

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When Concorde did a barrel roll: A history of the Airport films

As you social distance at home, remember that the '70s era was the golden age of the blockbuster disaster flick, and the Airport movies were the best of them all.

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The Best Old-School Drive-in Theaters Around the U.S.

American drive-in theaters used to number on the thousands. Today there are around 300. Now, more than ever, is the time to support them and keep them alive.

Business & Finance | Money & Finance

9 Tombstone Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know

If you consider yourself a big fan of Westerns and you love Tombstone, here are some behind-the-scenes facts you should know.

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This might be the super-villain who replaces Thanos in the next Avengers movie – BGR

The upcoming phase of Marvel movies and TV shows will not include any Avengers adventures, as the studio is in a rebuilding phase where it will introduce new superheroes and villains. A series of reports indicate that the next supervillain of the MCU has

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A Music Critic Looks Back At ‘Almost Famous’ 20 Years After Its Release

Two decades after the release of the ultimate rock critic movie, a rock critic who started his career around the same time revisits the film

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Best Movies of 2020: Good Movies to Watch From This Year So Far - Thrillist

The best movies in theaters, the best movies on Netflix, the best movies everywhere.

Entertainment | Entertainment

The New Generation of Teen Movies Is Nicer (and on Netflix)

With major studios no longer making teen comedies, the genre has migrated to streaming, where it’s also adapted to the values of its current demographic

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Now showing: The return of the drive-in

Since the coronavirus and social distancing shut down nearly all indoor entertainment venues this summer, outdoor projections of movies may be just the ticket

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets Cocky While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gets talks about is career and interests is file wile sampling different stages of hot wings.

Entertainment | Movies

Chris Pine Discovers Tarantino Put Grandmother in ‘Once Upon a Time’ | IndieWire

"It’s so sweet of him," Pine said of the nod. "My mother was ecstatic, just over the moon."

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Every New Movie Coming To Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max And Disney+ This Weekend

Here's every new movie coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney+ this weekend.

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Bill and Ted Face the Music Review - Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Return With an Excellent Message

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return as two kind-hearted, middle-aged men wrestling with their own mediocrity.

Entertainment | Movies

There's An Online Page That Collects Bad Amazon Movie Reviews And Here's 30 Of The Funniest Ones

Who knew that reading a well-put Amazon movie review can be more entertaining than 2-hour cinematic boredom?

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

37 Things Americans Do In Movies/TV Shows That Truly Confuse Non-Americans

The answer to 90% of these is "yes, yes we do."

Entertainment | HBO

20 Hidden Gems On HBO Max You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

These excellent films, TV shows, and comedy specials have gotten buried under a mountain of streaming options.

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Ben Affleck returning as Batman alongside Michael Keaton in The Flash movie

Batman fans from different generations can rejoice in the news that we will see two of the most famous men to don the cape and cowl return to the role in Andy Muschietti's The Flash. Vanity Fair reports that Ben Affleck will return to the role of the Dark

Entertainment | HBO

The Best Movies Currently on HBO Now and HBO Max

Here are all of the best movies on HBO just waiting to be streamed-- whether that's on HBO NOW or HBO Max.

Entertainment | Movies & Television

Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ Idea Is an ‘Earthbound’ 1930s Gangster Movie, and It’s Not Dead Yet

Tarantino's idea was based on the episode "A Piece of the Action" from the second season of "Star Trek: The Original Series."

Entertainment | Entertainment

'Kindergarten Cop' screening canceled in Oregon, compared to 'Birth Of A Nation'

The NW Film Center canceled an Aug. 6 outdoor screening of the 1990 movie "Kindergarten Cop" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, after it was excoriated on Twitter for glorifying the traumatization of children by police and was compared to "Bir

Entertainment | Entertainment

‘She Dies Tomorrow,’ ‘Amulet’ and ‘Relic’ Mine the Horror of Isolation - The New York Times

Three new movies show why this cinematic genre is best suited to the Covid-19 era, when isolation has become not just a way of life, but necessary to avoid deaths.

Entertainment | Entertainment

10 Great Movies (And Everything Else) Coming To Hulu This August

Here are ten great movies (plus every other movie) coming to Hulu in the month of August.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Every Movie and TV Show Leaving Netflix in August

This August, Netflix says farewell to a handful of popular movies like the 'Bad Boys' and 'Clueless.'

Travel | Travel

The 50 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters Across America

Nearly 90 years after the first drive-in movie theater opened, the al fresco cinema experience is making a comeback.

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'The Terminator': What Happened to Star Michael Biehn? | Hollywood Reporter

'The Terminator' star Michael Biehn looks back at working with Linda Hamilton, being around an aloof Val Kilmer and his disappointment at not being cast in 'Avatar.'

Entertainment | Entertainment

The 20 best space movies you can launch right now

A roundup of the best space movies that are available to stream, rent or buy online, from 'Apollo 13' to '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Alien' to 'Star Wars'.

Entertainment | Entertainment

THEN AND NOW: The cast of 'Back to the Future' 35 years later

The first "Back to the Future" movie first hit theaters in July 1985, and starred Michael J. Fox as a teenager who travels back in time.

Entertainment | Movies & Television

Exploring Quentin Tarantino’s Cinematic Universe: Explaining how all his films are connected

Seeing how Quentin Tarantino's Cinematic Universe connects Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs and more.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

The 'Fletch' Reboot With Jon Hamm Is Something To Be Excited About

A deeper look into the many reasons this may be the first Fletch reboot attempt to have a real shot a success.

Entertainment | Movies

The worst film versions of popular TV shows

The idea of taking the premise and characters from a popular television show and turning it all into a movie — with different actors in familiar roles — has been a Hollywood staple. That doesn't mean it's always a good idea.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

The Best Romance Movies on Netflix (July 2020)

Not every film on Netflix is going to tug at your heartstrings, which is the reason we've compiled the most romantic movies currently streaming on the platform.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Saving Private Ryan: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know About The Movie

There are few war movies as visceral and emotional as Steven Spielberg's 1998 World War II epic Saving Private Ryan.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Oscars 2021 Delay: Why the Academy Made the Wrong Call

In choosing to extend the Academy’s eligibility window for the 2021 ceremony, it missed out on the chance to do something really special.

Entertainment | Netflix

Everything Leaving Netflix in July 2020

Here are the movies and shows leaving Netflix in July 2020.

Entertainment | Entertainment

12 Jaws Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know

Earlier this year, Jaws celebrated its 45th anniversary. Once meant to be a simple man vs. shark movie based on a paperback novel, this early Steven Spielberg movie became the highest grossing film of all-time

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40 Times Hollywood Cast The Perfect Actors As Young Versions Of Older Characters In Movies And On TV | Bored Panda

The actors look so similar, some of us are guilty of not even considering that the younger and older versions could be played by different people.

Entertainment | Netflix

The 15 most-watched shows on Netflix right now – is your favorite on this list?

Our latest ranking of the most-watched shows on Netflix right now has it all: Returning favorites, like Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, and Ozark, as well as new series such as Space Force and White Lines.