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Woke Bond: New James Bond Director Accuses Sean Connery's 007 of Rape – RedState

Espionage evolves...

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Sean Connery’s James Bond Was ‘Basically’ A Rapist, New 007 Director Says

Carey Fukunaga, who is directed the latest installment of the long-running spy serial, has claimed in a new interview that the 007 played by Sean Connery was “basically” a rapist.

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18 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Goldfinger

In 1964, 'Goldfinger' established many of the elements that would become regular James Bond movie hallmarks, and made 007 a global superstar.

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Star Trek: Vulcan Planet Sha Ka Ree Was Named For Sean Connery

Even though iconic James Bond actor Sean Connery turned down a role in Star Trek, his name lives on in the franchise's history.

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The 5 Best James Bond Books

Some of Ian Fleming's Bond novels are a cut above the rest. Here the 5 best; all the stories are fairly self-contained and can be picked up out of order.

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James Bond: The impact of MGM’s Amazon deal on the 007 movie franchise explained

JAMES BOND studio MGM has been bought by Amazon and now a 007 expert and author has weighed in on the deal's impact on the film franchise going forwards.

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James Bond: Outlander Sam Heughan on replacing Daniel Craig as 007 "Don't want to jinx it'

JAMES BOND favourite Sam Heughan just spoke about replacing Daniel Craig as 007 after No Time To Die. Is it second time lucky for The Outlander star, who is promoting his new movie SAS Red Notice? He previously auditioned for Casino Royale before Craig ba

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How the 'Goldfinger' Alpine sequence gave rise to Bondmania

The Alpine scenes in 1964's "Goldfinger" not only helped generate huge amounts of publicity, they set out a visual blueprint for generations of Bond movies to come.

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Star Trek: MGM Was Not Happy With Deep Space Nine's James Bond Episode

It was 25 years ago that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine took on James Bond, and the character's rightsholders weren't too pleased about it. 'Our Man Bashir' saw Deep Space 9's chief medical officer, Julian Bashir (Alexander Siddig), engaging in a holosuite pr

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Hollywood giant MGM puts itself up for sale at $5bn

Studio behind James Bond franchise looks to cash in on rocketing prices for content amid TV streaming boom

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The Best Gifts for James Bond Fans

Our list of must-have holiday gifts for the lucky James Bond fan in your life.

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How Sean Connery, an Unlikely Choice to Play Bond, Defined 007's Style

It is no little irony that the lasting, iconic style of James Bond, the yardstick against which all Bonds are compared, should first have been personified by Sean Connery.

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This James Bond scene nearly killed Sean Connery in 1963

It sort of goes without saying that working as a field agent and international superspy comes with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm. You know what shouldn't come with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm?

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James Bond Day: Why 007 has endured as a movie mainstay and will again

Bond’s initial genesis was as a post-war distraction for a rudderless writer looking to transplant his war-wise world into spiky pulp-fiction.

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James Bond’s next film No Time to Die delayed till 2021 — an entire year

No Time to Die, the 25th James Bond film, has been pushed back an entire year. It will now arrive on April 2nd, 2021, the film’s producers confirmed today.

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No Time to Die plot details reveal Bond movie’s opening, SPECTRE connections

Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie changed release dates to November 25, 2020 due to coronavirus concerns and shelter in place orders. But now new details about Rami Malek’s villain, the action sequences, and ties to Blofeld and Spectre, are making the

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Watch Daniel Craig's Hilarious 'No Time to Die' Parody on SNL

Daniel Craig's poked fun at his upcoming James Bond film 'No Time to Die' on last night's episode of Saturday Night Live. Watch the skit here.

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James Bond 'can be of any color, but he is male,' says longtime franchise producer

The next 007 won't be a woman, according to the franchise's longtime producer. 

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Bond 25: No Time to Die - Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

The 25th chapter of the James Bond film series will mark the last movie where Daniel Craig plays the British spy.

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Lashana Lynch will reportedly be the new 007. But she probably won’t be the next James Bond.

Casting rumors aside, the Bond franchise still has a long way to go before it’s meaningfully diverse.

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Bond's number is up: black female actor 'is the new 007'

Daniel Craig retains title role but 25th instalment in the franchise reveals codename has been reassigned to British actor Lashana Lynch

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'James Bond 25' Cast Unveiled, But Still No Title | Hollywood Reporter

What has been known for several years simply as Bond 25 is now... still Bond 25.

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Who Is Your Favorite James Bond Actor?

Six men have inhabited the role. Only one can do it best.

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Which James Bond Is the Biggest Drunk?

Only one 007 could drink all the others under the table.

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25 Of The Coolest Set Photos In Cinema History

30 incredible behind the scenes photos from classic Hollywood films

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LEGO made James Bond’s Aston Martin, complete with working ejector seat

There’s a new Aston Martin DB5 on the market and it’s everything you’d expect from the vehicle used by James Bond in the movie Goldfinger. The only drawback: It’s too small to drive. LEGO has created a replica of the Aston Martin DB5 used by super

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Daniel Craig Confirms He’s Playing James Bond Again

Daniel Craig confirmed on the Late Show that he’ll be returning to the role of James Bond for Bond 25.

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Christopher Nolan Is Tempted to Direct a James Bond Film

The prospect of Christopher Nolan directing a James Bond film is one that makes both film fans and studio executives salivate. It’s not something that’s happening just yet—but in a new interview, Nolan admitted he’s been tempted to do it and has a

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Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89 - BBC News

The actor, best known for his suave portrayal of James Bond, has died aged 89, his family announces.

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Why James Bond Would Love Modernism Week – Modernism Weekly

What the Super Spy and Modernism Week have in common and why you shouldn't miss this party. Women love him, men aspire to be him. Whether your personal preference is Sean, Roger or Daniel (purrrrr!),

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No, Daniel Craig is not set for a $150 million James Bond payday, and heres why

Radar Online printed a wildly inaccurate story about James Bond and Daniel Craig, and the Internet went crazy reporting and re-reporting the story. Problem is, its not true in such obvious ways that no one should have picked it up. So why does this keep h

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Daniel Craig's Leather Gloves Posed An Interesting Problem For James Bond In 'Skyfall'

Why does Daniel Craig want out of the James Bond-franchise so badly? Charlie Lyne, a writer for The Guardian, claims that he heard Craig bought a pair of super-hot, super-expensive leather gloves while making Skyfall, and somehow convinced director Sam M

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Home of the Day: 007 'Diamonds Are Forever' house lists for $8 million

The Elrod House was designed by architect John Lautner and featured as a testament to forward-thinking and timeless style, which made it the perfect setting for the James Bond film

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Hear Radiohead's Unused James Bond Theme 'Spectre'

"It didn't work out ... but became something of our own which we love very much," Thom Yorke writes of band's new song.

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Daniel Craig on His Decade as 007 and Why Spectre Might Be His Last Bond

Craig talks about playing the "lonely" spy and what he sees for his future.

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Dressed to Kill: Exploring James Bond's Classic Style

Esquire fashion director Nick Sullivan explains how 007 pulls it all together.

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Badass Bond Girls, From ‘Dr. No’ to ‘Spectre’

The name’s Bond. James Bond. After 53 years, 24 films, and six actors portraying the titular role, the 007 franchise remains one of the longest-running and most stylish. But let’s face facts: Bond wouldn’t be Bond without the Bond girls. These leadi

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Review: 'Spectre' is two steps forward, one step back

"Spectre," the new James Bond film, has its share of thrills, but falls apart to an extent in the second half. It's about an 007 on a scale of 010.

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Missing in Action: 17 Forgotten Bond Girls

Everyone remembers Pussy Galore — not to mention Honey Ryder, Xenia Onatopp, and, ahem, Octopussy. But what about the lesser-known Bond girls, and the stars who played them? These actresses may not have been among 007’s top leading ladies, but they’

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All The James Bond Films: Ranked From Worst To Best

Does a good henchman matter, or is it more about the villain? Now – imagine a gun sight and a suited man walking into the middle of it… 23. ‘Die Another Day’ (2002) Invisible cars, rubbish Madonna theme tune (and embarrassing cameo), dull plot –

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Daniel Craig Can't Imagine Doing Another James Bond Movie: 'I'd Rather Slash My Wrists'

The ‘Spectre’ star told TimeOut that his advice for the next 007 is ‘don’t be s**t.’

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Daniel Craig Says He’d Rather Kill Himself Than Do Another James Bond Movie

There's been endless headlines speculating about who could play the next James Bond, and now Daniel Craig shared his thoughts on the role.

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These 12 Actors Came Super-Close to Playing James Bond, But Missed Out

Sorry, Dick Van Dyke and Mel Gibson, you just weren't British enough

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The 10 Greatest James Bond Theme Songs

It’s too early to tell whether Sam Smith's “The Writing’s on the Wall” will rank among the very best tunes performed in service of a James Bond film, but here are the top 10 James Bond themes as of September 2015.

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12 Photos of Sean Connery Looking Like A Boss

The first man to play James Bond reaches the ripe old age of 85 this week. To celebrate, we've rounded up some lesser-seen shots of the Scot in his debonair prime. Here-sch to you, Sch-sean.

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‘Spectre’: New James Bond Trailer Debuts!

Sony and MGM have released the first full-length trailer for “Spectre,” the new James Bond film directed by Sam Mendes.

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Spectre - NBA Finals TV Spot

Spectre - NBA Finals TV Spot

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8 Early Versions of Famous Fictional Characters | Mental Floss

Every popular movie and TV character has to start somewhere. Here are 8 early versions of famous fictional characters.

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Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci Hit Rome for 'Spectre'

The 'Spectre' production trades the Alps for sunny Rome where we get our first glimpse of Bond girl Monica Bellucci.

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James Bond Spectre: Filming halted as Daniel Craig injures knee | Metro News

The drama occurred at Pinewood Studios when something went wrong during a choreographed fight scene leaving the star in agony and needing treatment.

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SPECTRE Explained: All You Need to Know About James Bond's Big Bad

All you need to know about the nefarious James Bond world organization SPECTRE

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Everything we know about James Bond's new car, the Aston Martin DB10

James Bond has driven a plenty of iconic vehicles in his time as a 00 Agent, but he never seems more in his element than when he's driving an Aston Martin.

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Spectre to be title of next James Bond film

Spectre will be the title of the 24th official James Bond film, its makers have announced.

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Christoph Waltz tipped to play Blofeld in new James Bond movie

Inglourious Basterds baddie reportedly set to star opposite Daniel Craig in new Bond movie, making him the ninth actor to take on pussy-stroking super-villain

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We Just Lost One Of James Bond's Most Iconic Actors

Rest in peace.