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Lego’s New Millennium Falcon Is the Most Affordable Version of the Ship Yet

The new Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon set is under $90. In honor of the Lego Star Wars 25th anniversary, get your set on Amazon today.

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When ‘Voltron’ Ruled the ’80s

The cartoon from Japan was perfect for an American audience--so long as producers edited out all the beheadings.

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Downsizing: The Shrinky Dinks Phenomenon of the ’70s and ’80s

In 1973 Wisconsin, two Cub Scout leaders discovered a neat trick involving heated plastic. A classic toy was born.

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10 Retro Treasures From a 50-Year-Old Lego Toy Catalog

Before movie tie-ins, video games, and $800 models, Lego's appeal was a lot simpler.

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Why LEGO Pieces Have Been Washing Up on English Beaches for 25 Years

In 1997, 4.8 million LEGO pieces—many of which were nautical-themed—fell off a cargo ship. They're still turning up on beaches 25 years later.

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Playmates Returns to Star Trek With New Action Figures, a Phaser Replica, and the Enterprise

Last year, Playmates Toys announced that they were returning to the Star Trek universe with a new toy line after a 12 year absence. Today, they made good on that promise with the debut of a wave of action figures and replicas that cover a wide range of St

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Looks like Disney has made a 'real' lighstaber and this is how it works

Disney has made many a fans dream come true by creating its very own lightsaber. The weapon of choice for Jedis has had many a toy replica, but a new patent...

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Toys “R” Us Is Officially Back in Business! | Mental Floss

A year and a half after Toys “R” Us closed its doors, the toy titan is back with a smaller, cooler type of store.

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Fans of The Office Can Now Build Their Own Dunder Mifflin!

Those who love the NBC hit show can construct the reception area, Dwight and Jim’s desks, and Michael Scott’s office.

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Barbie lists her real-life Malibu Dreamhouse on AirBNB for $60 a night

The pink palace will be listed for only $60 a night to commemorate Barbie brand’s 60th anniversary and can only be booked once.

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The LEGO Group Is Releasing a Central Perk Set for the 25th Anniversary of Friends | Mental Floss

Reenact a 'Smelly Cat' concert by Phoebe or your own favorite laugh-out-loud scene with LEGO’s latest incredible 'Friends' set.

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Ziggy Stardust Barbie Debuts for 50th Anniversary of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' | Mental Floss

David Bowie's space-age alter ego Ziggy Stardust has been immortalized as a Barbie doll, complete with a metallic suit and platform boots.

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Toys ‘R’ Us is back from the dead and will open U.S. stores in 2019 | AdAge

Maybe American kids will only have to live through one Christmas without Toys “R” Us.

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LEGO Releases Lunar Lander Module Set for Apollo 11's 50th Anniversary | Mental Floss

The LEGO Creator Expert Apollo 11 Lunar Lander module set recreates many of the details of the original spacecraft in 1087 interlocking pieces.

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Razor Electric Skateboard

The Razor Electric Skateboard or the RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard is a high-performance rear wheeled powered skateboard. This electric skateboard is powered by a rechargable lithium ion battery that delivers 125 watts which will allow you to cruise

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11 Fun Facts About Barbie | Mental Floss

Barbie has been a cultural icon since she hit runway—er, toy aisles—60 years ago. Now, Mattel is going all out to celebrate her diamond jubilee.

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Zedd's New Art Installation at Home Has a Tiny Lego Club Inside: Watch | Billboard

Zedd took home decorating to a whole new level with a brand new installation by a dear friend that turned Legos into high art.

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New study finds LEGO sets may just be a better investment than gold | SYFY WIRE

Buyer beware; but at least if you can’t sell a LEGO set, you can still play with it.   

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Toys 'R' Us cancels bankruptcy auction; plans brand revival

Does this mean more Toys 'R' Us stores could soon be on the way?

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The World's Most Iconic Toy Store Is Reopening After Suddenly Shutting Down 3 Years Ago

The brand was known for its famous flagship store on 5th avenue in NYC, which closed in 2015.

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When WWF Wrestling Figures Ruled the '80s | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Take A Look at The 40-Year Evolution of the LEGO Minifigures | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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LEGO made James Bond’s Aston Martin, complete with working ejector seat

There’s a new Aston Martin DB5 on the market and it’s everything you’d expect from the vehicle used by James Bond in the movie Goldfinger. The only drawback: It’s too small to drive. LEGO has created a replica of the Aston Martin DB5 used by super

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Mego Toys Returns With Retro Line Of Figures Coming To Target, Including ‘Star Trek’ – TrekMovie.com

The 1970s are coming back from the company that made the first big wave of mainstream 'Star Trek' toys.

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The Most Awesome Toys and Collectibles That Will Destroy Your Wallet at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

If you’ve heard a rumbling sound recently, it’s probably the tumultuous herald announcing that, oh god, San Diego Comic-Con is next week. That doesn’t just mean new trailers, crazy cosplay, and wild panels, though; it means there will be so many coo

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REVIEW: Factory’s 1966 BATCAVE Model Is an Epic Achievement | 13th Dimension, Comics, Creators, Culture

To mix Bat-metaphors, there have been all sorts of wonderful toys released since the Batman ’66 merch deal was nailed down several years ago.

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Flying Saucer Toy Recalled for Its Misleading Take on Nazi History | Mental Floss

A German toy has been recalled from shelves over concerns that it promoted an inaccurate glorification of Nazi history, Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog reports.

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Trust Us: You Want to Make Space in Your Kids' Playroom For This Year's New Lego Sets | POPSUGAR Moms

Heads up, moms and dads: you're going to want to clear some space in your kids' playroom. Lego has shared details of all the building sets it's releasing this

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Here's what Barbie looked like the year you were born

From the original hourglass figure and striped swimsuit to more inclusive representations of beauty, Barbie dolls have changed a lot over the years.

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The Best LEGO Storage Ideas

There's a place for every brick. Here are 11 cool and super functional ways to organize and store your master builder's LEGO.

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Gifts Your Parents Would Never Buy the Ten-Year-Old You

Every kid knows the best way to get almost every item on your Christmas list is to include one outlandish, obscenely-expensive item your parents will never go for. Out of guilt, they’ll happily deliver everything else on your list. But you’re an adult

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5 weird, and very expensive, space artifacts sold at auction

A space history auction on the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing fetched boatloads of cash. Here are some of the strangest items sold.

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The Ken Doll Reboot: Beefy, Cornrowed, and Pan-Racial | GQ

For decades, Barbie’s boy achieved icon status by being a basic, buff, blue-eyed bro. No longer! Caity Weaver has an exclusive glimpse into Mattel’s new take on the all-American male.

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You must have this amazing LEGO tape that turns any surface into a base

Two words: adhesive LEGOs. Just imagine the endless possibilities to keep your mini master builders busy. Nimuno has created the world's first tape that makes it possible to stick LEGOs to any surface. Read on to find out how y

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How The Newly Revealed 'Transformers 5' Title Could Be Hinting At A Major Crossover - Forbes

The new logo for Transformers: The Last Knight might be cluing us in to the start of the Hasbro cinematic universe.

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Star Wars: Custom LEGO Star Destroyer Has Three-Level Interior

A Star Wars fan creates a massive custom LEGO Star Destroyer that contains three interior levels and a hangar bay for other ships.

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Some genius built a life-size replica of an AT-ST from Star Wars | The Verge

A short time ago, on a wind-swept plain not that far away, there sat a thing of beauty: a life-size replica of the All Terrain Scout Transport from Return of the Jedi. Made of timber, plastic, and...

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Star Wars: Hasbro unveils new merchandise | Den of Geek

Princess Leia and Darth Revan are getting new 6" Black Series figures, and you can also build your own lightsaber...

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Star Wars Toys Revealed At NY Toy Fair Include Darth Revan Figure

Hasbro revealed a new wave of Star Wars action figures at New York Comic Con, with a fan favorite making the Black Series. Though some fans were hoping for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story toy debuts from Hasbro at the Toy Fair this afternoon, the company rem

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See Rick Springfield's Massive 'Star Wars' Toy Collection

'Jessie's Girl' singer shows us his impressive action-figure treasures in this exclusive Rolling Stone video

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9-Year-Old Collects Hundreds Of Barbies For Homeless Girls Her Age

"I feel like girls in shelters should have the same as girls not in shelters."

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16 super-collectible 'Star Wars' toys your mom probably threw out (pictures)

If you loved Star Wars as a kid, your parents may have tossed a toy or two, including one that was worth more than your house.

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Watch how these YouTube stars make money unboxing toys

Jason Robert Keef clutches a baby doll, contorting his face into a series of expressions: shock, then excitement and finally bemusement.

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10 Dangerous Toys from Decades Past (and the Commercials That Sold Them) | Mental Floss

Baby Boomers are a hardy bunch. They rode in cars that weren’t equipped with special toddler seats, walked to and from school without being electronically tethered to their parents, ate lunches filled with allergens and preservatives, played with toys that would be quickly pulled from shelves today, and still persevered to become the largest living generation of the U.S. population.

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This Is Why Hoverboards Keep Exploding

The fact that everyone calls them "hoverboards" is annoying, but you know what's more annoying? The fact that they keep exploding. Here's why that happens.

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New Stars Wars toy leaks early, Lucasfilm tries to remove it from the Internet

The long tentacles of Lucasfilm's Intellectual Property arm are pretty much impossible to avoid, a fact a couple of Star Wars fans from Iowa recently learned the hard way.

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The Force Is Strong in Los Angeles

If the force is strong in your family, you're counting the days 'til the new movie! These activities and events throughout LA will help young Jedi's keep their cool until The Force Awakens.

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Wrapped up in Science: Top 40 Science Toys for Mighty Girls

Kids are full of curiosity about how the world works, so why not give them a gift that helps them explore it? With a high-quality science kit or toy, kids can incorporate the wonder of the everyday world into their play. In fact, it's amazing how much they can learn that way!

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Paramount Moves Forward on ‘Transformers,’ ‘G.I. Joe’ and ‘Micronauts’

Paramount and Hasbro are moving forward on selecting screenwriters for their “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” franchises along with launching a Micronauts movie. The studio and the toymaker have selected Akiva Goldsman to supervise a writers room for

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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Awesome ‘Star Wars’ Toys and Games

Merchandising, merchandising! Yogurt had it right — the only thing bigger than Star Wars is the business of selling people Star Wars stuff. You can’t swing a lightsaber without hitting a Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens-branded mug or t-shirt

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8 Tips for Beating a Claw Machine | Mental Floss

Unless you’re small enough to climb inside, grabbing a prize out a claw machine can be pretty tough. But Daily Beast entertainment reporter Jen Yamato and film critic Kim Morgan are very, very good at it.

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'Star Wars' Sneak Peek: Your First Look at 'The Force Awakens' Toys (Exclusive)

Sit back, put on a little mood music, and prepare to peruse the first wave of First Order goods, from Lego sets to Hasbro action figures, from costumes to Hot Wheels cars.

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Disney's Playmation makes us wish we were kids again (Tomorrow Daily 188)

Ashley and Khail explain why you only need your imagination to have fun with Disney's newest toy, watch a robot adapt in order to keep moving, and discuss one man's hope to reduce plastics in our oceans by 50 percent in 10 years.

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FAO Schwarz: Too priceless for words, and for customers - The Washington Post

FAO Schwarz is weeks away from closing the doors to its landmark toy store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, a store that offered more than merchandise; it offered an “experience.”

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This ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ LEGO Set is Adorably Homicidal

By now, I hope most of you have seen the new movie Mad Max: Fury Road. We reviewed it right when it came out, and it was definitely one of our favorite movies in the last few years. Between the epic car chases, and the absurd amount of explosions, the ne

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This DIY Star Wars Speeder Bike Quadcopter Changes Everything

Let Adam Woolworth teach you how to make the flying, first person camera-enabled 74-Z Speeder Bike you always wanted.

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Ultimate Collector Series LEGO TIE Fighter - Exclusive Reveal! | StarWars.com

Just unveiled at Toy Fair 2015, the new Ultimate Collector Series LEGO TIE Fighter is a brick-tastic feat of Imperial engineering.

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Hello! Exploring the Superweird world of Hello Kitty - Boing Boing

An exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum showcases the beloved 40-year-old British girl known as Hello Kitty

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The creator of those great 1960s kooky car and monster models - Boing Boing

If you’re a fan of 1960s lowbrow culture you know his art, but you might not know his name or his story.

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Early Incarnations of 11 Beloved Toys | Mental Floss

Here's what some famous toys looked like in their early days, including Barbie, LEGO bricks, and Mr. Potato Head.

Family & Parenting | Kids

10 Toys You Only Played With at the Doctor's Office | Mental Floss

The best part of going to the doctor's office as a kid.

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How the Lego company found success in the digital age — by going back to basics

Legos have been successfully entertaining kids for years — but the company was threatened by the arrival of the digital age. It wasn't until the company refocused on the bricks that it began to grow again.