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Lego’s New Millennium Falcon Is the Most Affordable Version of the Ship Yet

The new Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon set is under $90. In honor of the Lego Star Wars 25th anniversary, get your set on Amazon today.

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Lego scraps plan to make bricks from recycled plastic, and the reason is TOO FUNNY

 As we are all annoyingly familiar with, the push to 'go green' in every aspect of our lives has been massive in recent years, but it seems that the 'green' activists know very little about what it takes to actually 'go green.' Lego is finding this out the hard way and it's too frickin' funny.

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10 Retro Treasures From a 50-Year-Old Lego Toy Catalog

Before movie tie-ins, video games, and $800 models, Lego's appeal was a lot simpler.

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Why LEGO Pieces Have Been Washing Up on English Beaches for 25 Years

In 1997, 4.8 million LEGO pieces—many of which were nautical-themed—fell off a cargo ship. They're still turning up on beaches 25 years later.

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Disney+ and Lego are making a new Star Wars Holiday Special

The new Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is about Rey traveling through time and learning about the holiday spirit

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The LEGO Group Is Releasing a Central Perk Set for the 25th Anniversary of Friends | Mental Floss

Reenact a 'Smelly Cat' concert by Phoebe or your own favorite laugh-out-loud scene with LEGO’s latest incredible 'Friends' set.

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Zedd's New Art Installation at Home Has a Tiny Lego Club Inside: Watch | Billboard

Zedd took home decorating to a whole new level with a brand new installation by a dear friend that turned Legos into high art.

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New study finds LEGO sets may just be a better investment than gold | SYFY WIRE

Buyer beware; but at least if you can’t sell a LEGO set, you can still play with it.   

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Take A Look at The 40-Year Evolution of the LEGO Minifigures | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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LEGO built a life size, drivable Bugatti from over a million Technic pieces | TechCrunch

In what just might be the wildest thing anyone has ever built from LEGO, the company behind the bricks has built a full-size, driveable model of the Bugatti Chiron supercar. Seriously.

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LEGO made James Bond’s Aston Martin, complete with working ejector seat

There’s a new Aston Martin DB5 on the market and it’s everything you’d expect from the vehicle used by James Bond in the movie Goldfinger. The only drawback: It’s too small to drive. LEGO has created a replica of the Aston Martin DB5 used by super

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Trust Us: You Want to Make Space in Your Kids' Playroom For This Year's New Lego Sets | POPSUGAR Moms

Heads up, moms and dads: you're going to want to clear some space in your kids' playroom. Lego has shared details of all the building sets it's releasing this

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How To Organize LEGO

One genius way is Swoop Bags - a simple toy storage bag that contains the LEGO mess while kids play around the bag. Kids love to play with toys, but when it comes time to cleanup that can be another story.

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MIT uses Lego to prototype low-cost micro pumps

Lego bricks (or, if you're not a pedant, Legos) are highly precise and highly consistent plastic objects. Anywhere you go in the world the Lego is the same...

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The Best LEGO Storage Ideas

There's a place for every brick. Here are 11 cool and super functional ways to organize and store your master builder's LEGO.

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Lego is helping physics students stay in school, 'cos it's the best

Teachers at Flinders University in Australia are using Lego cars to help physics students understand concepts like measurement error and variability.

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The NEW LEGO House Is Coming Soon

We’ve got the scoop on this amazing LEGO experience that should officially go on your bucket list now. Read on for the details.

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A LEGO Record Player Could Become a Reality | Mental Floss

To provide LEGO fans with a double dose of nostalgia, LEGO Ideas community member Speederrider has designed a working record player constructed from the tiny childhood toys.

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You must have this amazing LEGO tape that turns any surface into a base

Two words: adhesive LEGOs. Just imagine the endless possibilities to keep your mini master builders busy. Nimuno has created the world's first tape that makes it possible to stick LEGOs to any surface. Read on to find out how y

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Timelapse Shows the Making of Life-Sized LEGO Batmobile

A life-sized Batmobile made of LEGOs was unveiled today by Chevrolet at the North American International Auto Show. The 17-foot long vehicle is made up of 344,187 bricks.

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NASA’s probe is now orbiting Jupiter and so are three Lego figures

In August 2011, NASA launched a probe (“Juno”) into space as part of one of its most ambitious projects to date. Today,…

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Star Wars: Custom LEGO Star Destroyer Has Three-Level Interior

A Star Wars fan creates a massive custom LEGO Star Destroyer that contains three interior levels and a hangar bay for other ships.

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Ultimate Collector Series LEGO TIE Fighter - Exclusive Reveal! | StarWars.com

Just unveiled at Toy Fair 2015, the new Ultimate Collector Series LEGO TIE Fighter is a brick-tastic feat of Imperial engineering.

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Camera made from one tiny Lego brick actually works - CNET

A simple hack turns an itsy-bitsy Lego brick into a working pinhole camera that turns out photos minifigs can enjoy.

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How the Lego company found success in the digital age — by going back to basics

Legos have been successfully entertaining kids for years — but the company was threatened by the arrival of the digital age. It wasn't until the company refocused on the bricks that it began to grow again.