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Why James Bond Creator Ian Fleming Didn't Originally Want Sean Connery to Play 007

Everyone thinks of Sean Connery as the ideal James Bond. Everyone but 007 creator Ian Fleming, that is.

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Producer Announces 'Reinvention' of James Bond and Twitter Has Some Clear Thoughts

 Despite making nearly $800 billion at the worldwide box office, it has been reported that the last James Bond movie, No Time To Die, actually may have lost as much as $100 billion. In any case ... [spoiler alert] ... the movie made history by actually killing off the legendary British spy (fake deaths in previous films notwithstanding). In response, many fans said, 'It's about time. Just let him go already.'

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The top 25 James Bond villains ranked

From Goldfinger to Jaws to Le Chiffre, we're looking at the best of the worst in 007's cinematic rogues gallery

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The Dorchester has a new James Bond-inspired cocktail bar

The new Vesper Bar at the iconic London hotel draws on links to Ian Fleming, the creator of super-spy 007

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For his eyes only: James Bond superfan keeps world's largest collection of 007 memorabilia in a secret lock-up

Nick Bennett has more than 18,000 items in his possession but says even some of his family and closest friends don’t know about his 'private' hobby

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How to Watch the James Bond Films in Order | Esquire UK

Come, come, Mr Bond, you enjoy watching films in release order just as much as I do

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All 25 James Bond movies are coming to Prime Video next week

All 25 James Bond movies are coming to Amazon's Prime Video streaming service for a limited time on April 15th.

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James Bond Entire Filmography’s Prime Video Release Date Confirmed

James Bond movies (25 out of 27) are arriving on streaming platform Prime Video later this month.

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The James Bond theme that almost killed Tom Jones

Tom Jones had to hit a major high note at the end of his James Bond theme for 'Thunderball', so he reared back and gave it all he had.

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18 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Goldfinger

In 1964, 'Goldfinger' established many of the elements that would become regular James Bond movie hallmarks, and made 007 a global superstar.

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The 5 Best James Bond Books

Some of Ian Fleming's Bond novels are a cut above the rest. Here the 5 best; all the stories are fairly self-contained and can be picked up out of order.

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The Best Gifts for James Bond Fans

Our list of must-have holiday gifts for the lucky James Bond fan in your life.

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How Sean Connery, an Unlikely Choice to Play Bond, Defined 007's Style

It is no little irony that the lasting, iconic style of James Bond, the yardstick against which all Bonds are compared, should first have been personified by Sean Connery.

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This James Bond scene nearly killed Sean Connery in 1963

It sort of goes without saying that working as a field agent and international superspy comes with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm. You know what shouldn't come with a little requisite danger of incurring grievous bodily harm?

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'James Bond 25' Cast Unveiled, But Still No Title | Hollywood Reporter

What has been known for several years simply as Bond 25 is now... still Bond 25.

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Who Is Your Favorite James Bond Actor?

Six men have inhabited the role. Only one can do it best.

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Which James Bond Is the Biggest Drunk?

Only one 007 could drink all the others under the table.

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LEGO made James Bond’s Aston Martin, complete with working ejector seat

There’s a new Aston Martin DB5 on the market and it’s everything you’d expect from the vehicle used by James Bond in the movie Goldfinger. The only drawback: It’s too small to drive. LEGO has created a replica of the Aston Martin DB5 used by super

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Daniel Craig on His Decade as 007 and Why Spectre Might Be His Last Bond

Craig talks about playing the "lonely" spy and what he sees for his future.

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Everything we know about James Bond's new car, the Aston Martin DB10

James Bond has driven a plenty of iconic vehicles in his time as a 00 Agent, but he never seems more in his element than when he's driving an Aston Martin.

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Christoph Waltz tipped to play Blofeld in new James Bond movie

Inglourious Basterds baddie reportedly set to star opposite Daniel Craig in new Bond movie, making him the ninth actor to take on pussy-stroking super-villain