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3 SEO Trends Every CEO Should Know

AI has caused many changes in SEO. Here's how the changes are impacting your online visibility and what you can do to maximize your business growth.

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McDonald's to sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts nationwide

McDonald's will add another sweet treat to its menu offerings by expanding its partnership with Krispy Kreme. It will sell the doughnuts nationwide by 2026.

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10+ Top LinkedIn Tools That'll Make You a Marketing Master

Maximize your professional presence with LinkedIn tools designed for effective outreach and seamless connection building.

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Duolingo lays off staff as language learning app shifts toward AI

Educational technology app Duolingo laid off around 10% of its contractors as the company moves to rely more heavily on artificial intelligence, the company told CNN Tuesday.

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Elon Musk Just Told Advertisers, ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ | WIRED

In a rambling interview at the ‘New York Times’ DealBook Summit, Elon Musk suggested advertisers fleeing X were blackmailing him and could kill the platform.

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Deutsche Bank May Have Just Destroyed Letitia James' Civil Fraud Case Against Trump

Deutsche Bank might have just blown up Letitia James’s civil fraud case against President Trump.

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35 ChatGPT Prompts to Help with Marketing Your Startup

Startups need more than just a good product; they need out-of-the-box marketing strategies. But how can artificial intelligence reshape how startups market themselves, especially tools like ChatGPT?

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Netflix jacks up the price of its premium plan to $23 a month

Netflix raised prices on two of its subscriber tiers today during its earnings report.

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Elon Musk’s X drops article headlines, as report details bleeding ad revenue

Elon Musk's X revamped its look to eliminate headlines on article links Wednesday, the same day that Reuters reported the platform has seen massive monthly...

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How to Grow Your Brand's Digital Presence in Just 6 Months

Here's how to embrace the journey from obscurity to prominence — and watch your brand soar in just six months.

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'A sad day': Nordstrom officially closes San Francisco flagship store, shoppers say goodbye


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The shoplifting crisis is a nightmare. Here are 5 things this ex-NYPD inspector wants you to know | Fox News

The shoplifting crisis is a national nightmare. This former New York police inspector wants you to know these five essential things about the spike in thefts.

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Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Bought The Site Back For $1

The Barstool Sports founder had sold the site for $550M over the course of two transactions, the latter of which just closed in February.

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Twitter: 'X' sign removed from San Francisco headquarters

The city's department of building inspection responded to 24 complaints against the sign which had intrusive lights and did not appear to be secured safely to the roof.

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How To Make Money Fast: 10 Real Ways To Make Money Quickly

Want to make extra money ASAP? Check out this breakdown of 10 ways to make money fast to get inspired and start earning quickly.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 9, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel July 9, 2023 This week’s newsletter theme is “connections”.  It was prompted by the news that Israel is building infrastructure to establish the Jewish State as a communications and solar ener

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ChatGPT prompts: How to optimize for sales, marketing, writing and more

To help folks both new to ChatGPT and looking to learn new tips, we've compiled a list of the best ChatGPT prompts for any type of workflow.

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10+ Top Social Media Profile Tactics to Stand Out Online in 2023

Boost your online presence with 12 powerful tactics for creating an engaging social media profile. Plus, misconceptions to avoid!

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What Is an LLC? Here's How It Works.

Deciding whether or not your business should be an LLC is a big decision. Continue reading to learn the pros and cons of starting your own LLC.

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Target pulls some LGBTQ Pride products following boycott, queer and transgender designers blame 'domestic terrorists

Target boycott forces retailer to pull some LGBTQ Pride products, queer and transgender designers Ash + Chess blamed domestic terrorists for having LGBT items pulled from stores.

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Special Free Access to the Managing for Accountability App | Workplace Coach Blog

Accountability: free access to the managing for accountability apps to the first 15 blog readers who have a wonderful use for the apps

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Woke & Broke: Leftwing Publications Like 'Vice' Are Failing Left and —Well, Left

Once-thriving lefty webzine Vice is going into receivership with a George Soros organization, but the site’s stunning failure sits perhaps only at the middle of an ongoing trend best described a...

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Pokémon GO April Earnings Drop to Lowest Monthly Earnings in 5 Years | Pokémon GO Hub

April saw a lot of change in Pokémon GO, with the controversial remote raid changes coming into action, and many trainers being incredibly displeased with both the limit of 5 remote raids daily, and the increased cost, rising from 300 coins, to 525 coins

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Twitter won't make government agencies, public services pay for automated tweets

The move marks a big reversal for Musk, who has a record of making big changes and then reversing course.

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How Podcasting Works

Podcasting combines blogging and mp3s to make an exciting new medium. Learn about podcasting, how to make podcasts and about popular podcasts.

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6 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use ChatGPT to Save Time

From content creation to customer service, artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT could be a boon for small business owners — if they know how to use them properly.

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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from The Beatles

Here's what The Beatles can teach entrepreneurs about building successful businesses and unlocking new levels of innovation.

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How to choose website design templates that're SEO friendly

SEO-friendly site templates can propel your online business by improving your search engine rankings, and overall user experience.

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3 New Generative A.I. Tools That May Save Small-Business Owners Time

Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and GoDaddy's recently launched content-generation tools are designed for busy entrepreneurs.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 16, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel April 16, 2023 It’s hard to be positive when a tragedy occurs such as that to Lucy (Leah) Dee and her daughters Maia and Rina. All I can report is that the organs Lucy donated have benefited five Israelis

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Digital conglomerate buys right-wing app Parler

The digital media conglomerate Starboard said Friday it purchased the conservative social media site Parler and will temporarily take down the app as it undergoes a “strategic assessment.” The deal came months after another acquisition agreement with rapp

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How Bookshop.org Survives—and Thrives—in Amazon’s World

Andy Hunter’s ecommerce platform was a pandemic hit. Now he’s on a mission to prove that small businesses can scale up without selling out.

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Twitter stokes confusion as 'verified' drama continues

Twitter's handling of legacy verified and Twitter Blue users continues to shift after a number of developments over the weekend..

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Levi's Use of AI to 'Increase Diversity' is Wildly Tone-Deaf

Last week, Levi Strauss was heavily criticized for its decision to start using digital models generated by artificial intelligence (AI) instead of using

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5 'Shark Tank' Fails That Cost Big Money

"Shark Tank" is an ABC TV phenomenon in which angel investors, known as "sharks," consider startup business ideas by aspiring entrepreneurs to see if they want...

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Here’s What The Research Shows About Why Negotiations Fail (And How You Can Do Better)

Negotiators, even professional ones, make surprisingly many wrong decisions that doom negotiations that should have succeeded.

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Tesla says it will cut costs of next generation cars in half

Tesla says it will cut the cost of its next generation of vehicles in half, largely by using innovative manufacturing techniques and smaller factories

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Want to Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business? Here’s How.

After quitting her 9-5 job, Amy Porterfield went on to create an $85 million dollar business. She sat down with Jessica Abo to talk about her new book Two Weeks Notice and how you can go from employee to entrepreneur.

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Instagram is killing live shopping in March, will focus on ads instead | TechCrunch

Instead of pushing live commerce, Instagram will now focus on advertising as one of the main ways people discover businesses and shop on Instagram.

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CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Feb. 9, 2023

CTECH: Latest Israeli Innovation & Technology News Feb. 9, 2023 She-VC | “Our philosophy is that a woman shouldn’t have to give up on anything to pursue her career.” Shelly Hod Moyal and Mor Assia, Co-CEOs and founding partners at iAngels, tell

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AMC charging more for better movie seats is moronic

Movie theater tickets are getting even pricier now that bozo theater chain AMC announced this week that it’s going to begin selling the best seats in its cinemas nationwide at a premium.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 5, 2023

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Feb. 5, 2023 This week’s newsletter is packed with life-enhancing creations from the minds of Israeli scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators. Cell therapy to fix genetic diseases; Artificial Intelligence

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Instagram could be working on a paid verification feature

Instagram might be considering the possibility of offering paid verification to users, based on code seen by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi..

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Kind Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky made a $220 million mistake—it turned his startup into a $5 billion company

Kind Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky had to make some tough calls while building his company into a $5 billion snack brand.

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Twitter to end free access to its API in Elon Musk’s latest monetization push

Twitter will discontinue offering free access to the Twitter API starting February 9 and will launch a paid version.

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4 Signs That Disney Parks Are in a Lot More Trouble Than People Think

The value of a Disney Parks vacation is getting worse, and there are concerning signs that things won't improve for many years.

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Hollywood Lost More Than $500 Billion in Market Value in 2022

For Hollywood, 2022 was truly an annus horribilis.Major studios, streamers, cable providers, and other media giants lost a combined $542 billion in market value in 2022, with left-wing studios the Walt Disney Co., Netflix, and Comcast accounting for the b

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Deciding What Kind of Business to Start? Here's a Simple Approach Every Entrepreneur Can Follow

Deciding what kind of business to start begins with defining success, and then considering the role of variance.

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 27, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 27, 2022 The Israeli technology detailed in this week’s positive newsletter gives us a taste of the future benefits for everyone. In medicine, Israeli scientists have developed cancer-killing antibodi

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Elon Musk Just Exposed Twitter’s Censorship Problem in One Simple Tweet

Elon Musk just destroyed progressive attempts to gaslight conservatives about the company's censorship practices.

Science & Technology | Technology

Elon Musk Insta-Killed His Latest Twitter Verification Scheme

Elon Musk nuked Twitter’s new official verification system not long after everyone pointed out how random it was

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Amazon CEO: More layoffs to come

Amazon isn't done reviewing its businesses to see where cuts need to be made.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Amazon will reportedly lay off 10,000 employees

Amazon will reportedly lay off around 10,000 employees, becoming the latest tech giant to conduct massive staff cuts.

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Elon Musk's First Email to Twitter Staff Ends Work from Home - Bloomberg

New Twitter Inc. owner Elon Musk emailed his workers for the first time late Wednesday to prepare them for “difficult times ahead” and ban remote work unless he personally approved it.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Twitter claims user growth is at an 'all-time high' under Elon Musk

An internal memo shared with Twitter's sales team claimed that user growth under Elon Musk has accelerated to an "all-time high."

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This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 6, 2022

This Week’s Sanity Report from Israel Nov. 6, 2022 In the portion of the Bible that is read in synagogues this week, Abraham and Sarah invite three strangers to share a meal with them. Thousands of years later, their descendants are busy developing

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Elon Musk gets hilarious 'actual, real email' from Twitter about 'mandatory course' he must finish in 30 days on 'what it means to be a good manager at Twitter'

Billionaire business magnate Elon Musk, who recently acquired Twitter, posted a screenshot of an email he received from the Big Tech giant inviting him to begin a course called "Managing @Twitter 101."

Science & Technology | Social Media

Elon Musk says Twitter will form a 'moderation council' before it reinstates banned accounts

Elon Musk says Twitter will form a council before it makes any major decisions on content and banned accounts..

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

Report: 84% of marketing leaders use predictive analytics, but struggle with data-driven decisions

Pecan AI’s report on predictive analytics helps marketing teams tackling challenges with AI, wherever they are on the adoption curve.

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Here’s why your Uber driver is going to be taking fewer left turns in the future

Uber said it would be rerouting drivers so they’ll take fewer left turns in an effort to reduce dangerous driving. The company is also expanding its testing of in-car audio and video recording.

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Elon Musk completes Twitter takeover and fires top executives

The world's richest man now owns one of its most influential social media platforms.

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Elon Musk is now officially Twitter's new owner, ending months of costly litigation

Twitter sued Musk in early July after the billionaire said he was walking away from his agreement to purchase the company for $44 billion.

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Meltdown as Elon Musk enters Twitter headquarters ahead of takeover: ‘Let that sink in!’ | Fox News

Fans and critics alike melted down in reaction to Elon Musk entering Twitter headquarters ahead of his takeover of the company following a lengthy battle.

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A Marketing Strategist Shares Her Top Instagram Tips To Maximize Sales For 2022

Instagram turned 12 this year – and the social media platform has grown significantly from when it began as a simple photo-sharing app. Today, it’s the seventh most visited website in the world with 2.9 billion total visits per month, and a robust marketi

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Here's Why You Should Approach Your Business Like an Artist

Learn how artists approach their creative work so you can apply the same principles to increase your business's growth trajectory.

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Netflix will charge $6.99 a month for new ad-supported plan starting Nov. 3 in U.S.

Netflix is debuting its advertising-supported subscription plan on Nov. 3 in the U.S. at $6.99 per month.

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5 Compelling Reasons to Start an Online Coaching Business

Here are five key reasons why starting an online coaching business is worth it.