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Daymond John blasted for praising Louis Farrakhan speech

"Shark Tank” investor Daymond John is taking heat over a tweet praising the remarks delivered by controversial religious leader Louis Farrakhan at DMX’s funeral on Sunday.

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The Rules of Startup Success, According to Daymond John

The 'Shark Tank' investor and entrepreneur reflects on the wisdom he's gained from backing hundreds of startups-- and learning to assess himself honestly.

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‘Shark Tank’: Why these toothpaste company founders turned down a 6-figure deal with Mark Cuban

"It is shocking when someone says 'no' to me," "Shark Tank" investor Mark Cuban said after Bite Toothpaste Bits turned down his offer of a $325,000 investment. "When was the last time that even happened?"

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'Shark Tank' star Kevin O'Leary's account of fatal boat crash under scrutiny as ABC, co-stars stay quiet

Several details from the tragic boat crash involving “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary that left two people dead are still shrouded in mystery.

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Barbara Corcoran on how to make good first impression in “5 or 6 seconds”

Corcoran has made hiring decisions in less time than that - think "five or six seconds" when a candidate's presentation and panache has been flawless.

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'What the hell were we thinking?' Startup founders who landed a $55,000 deal on 'Shark Tank' nearly missed their big break

The founders of Cousins Maine Lobster appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2012 and made a deal with Barbara Corcoran. But when the "Shark Tank" producers originally reached out to them, the founders turned them down — twice — before relenting.

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Billionaire Mark Cuban: ‘One of the great lies of life is follow your passions’

Do this instead.

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Mark Cuban’s first impressions of Trump 17 years ago provide a window into how he views him today

Cuban provided a glance into his history with Trump Friday, promoting a blog post he authored in 2004 describing the initial meeting between the businessmen.

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Mark Cuban live-tweeted the whole debate — here's what he said - Business Insider

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban live-tweeted the entire second presidential debate on Sunday.

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This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop - #SquattyPotty

Buy at http://squattypotty.com - Pooping will never be the same. This Unicorn shows the effects of improper toilet posture and how it can affect your health....

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An entrepreneur who inked a $725,000 deal on 'Shark Tank' shares 4 steps she took to prepare - Business Insider

Kim Kaupe and her co-founder nabbed a deal with the Sharks. Here’s how she prepared for the live taping.

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Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Says This Is the Best Way to Sell Yourself

Channel your inner Don Draper.
So many people think ‘sales’ is a dirty word. It shocks me really. There are so many negative associations with sales and even a sales person that tend to make people think to themselves, “I could never do that,” or “that’s just not me”.

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Mark Cuban's rules for running a business - Business Insider

The billionaire "Shark Tank" investor and Dallas Mavericks owner follows these rules "religiously."

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3 Tips From the Founder Who Turned Down $2 Million on 'Shark Tank' | Inc.com

Walking away from a multimillion-dollar offer on ABC's Shark Tank is a bold move, but that's exactly what entrepreneur Patrick Ambron did during one of the show's most recent episodes.

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Barbara Corcoran on How to Start Your Own Business on the Side

It’s often easier to start a new business while you’re still doing your day job, following a hunch that what you love might be just what a lot of customers out there are willing to pay for!

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Just Starting in Real Estate? Barbara Corcoran’s Tips for | Connect.homes.com

Just Starting in Real Estate? Barbara Corcoran’s Tips for Success (2013-10-22 11:53:28): I’m asked all the time for advice about starting one’s own business, and when it comes to launching a real estate business, my ideas aren’t much different tha

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9 Most Successful Shark Tank Businesses!

Entrepreneurs who land a spot on ABC's hit show "Shark Tank" get the chance of a lifetime: to showcase their products to more than 7 million viewers and pitch their businesses to a panel of potential investors....

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The San Francisco Startup That Wouldn't Bite on $30M 'Shark Tank' Tease - ABC News

The three sisters who rejected the biggest "offer" ever on Shark Tank say they don't regret their decision to sell their dating app.

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What Your Business Should Learn from Shark Tank | Inc.com

Pitching your ideas to investors isn't the only thing you can learn from the hit show. Here are other best practices you can make your own.

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Barbara Corcoran on How to Start Your Own Business on the Side

It’s often easier to start a new business while you’re still doing your day job, following a hunch that what you love might be just what a lot of customers out there are willing to pay for!

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12 Quotes That Take You Inside The Mind Of Billionaire Mavs Owner Mark Cuban

His first job was tending bar in Dallas. Then he took a gig as a computer salesman. He was fired — and he realized he "was never going to be a very good employee."

So he started his first company, MicroSolutions, which he sold for $6 million.

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The Bouqs unwraps a $6 million Series A for its high-growth, farm-direct flower etailer

Everyone likes receiving flowers. Buying and having them delivered, however, is rarely a pleasant experience. The industry hasn’t changed much in the last two decades since the arrival of 1-800-Flo...

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Who profits the most from 'Shark Tank' success?

On this season of “Shark Tank,” the Sharks have invested $16.8 million in the business ideas pitched to them by aspiring entrepreneurs — but what happens after they close the deal? As it does each ...