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Mark Cuban Forced to Admit Defeat, Will Reluctantly Play National Anthem Before Home Games After NBA Steps In

After saying that his organization would not play he National Anthem before home games, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was

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Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Cancels the National Anthem

The Athletic reports that billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has canceled the National Anthem at the NBA team’s home games.
The Dallas Mavericks have ceased playing the national a...

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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Like Mark Cuban and Reed Hastings Believe in Lying to Yourself | Inc.

They embrace the entrepreneur's contradiction: Balancing an unjustifiable confidence in the future with a cold, hard view of the present.

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Mark Cuban putting plan in place to pay hourly workers amid NBA work stoppage

The NBA took swift action and suspended the regular season after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, but that isn't stopping Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban from supporting hourly workers at American Airlines Center am

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Billionaire Mark Cuban: ‘One of the great lies of life is follow your passions’

Do this instead.

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Mark Cuban live-tweeted the whole debate — here's what he said - Business Insider

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban live-tweeted the entire second presidential debate on Sunday.

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DeAndre Jordan spurns the Mavericks, and the Clippers laugh at someone else for a change

DeAndre Jordan's wild free-agent circus ended with a day full of jokes and him re-signing with the Clippers. That's enough to make it one of the best days in franchise history.

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Source: DeAndre Jordan agrees to $80 million deal with Mavericks - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Jordan has already informed Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and coach Rick Carlisle that he is joining Dallas.

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Mark Cuban's rules for running a business - Business Insider

The billionaire "Shark Tank" investor and Dallas Mavericks owner follows these rules "religiously."

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Cuban: FCC Net Regs Will Spill Over, 'TV As You Know It Is Over' - Breitbart

Dallas Mavericks owner and investor Mark Cuban predicted that proposed FCC Internet regulations will end up impacting TV and “your TV as you know it is over” on Thursday’s “Squawk Alley” on CNBC.

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12 Quotes That Take You Inside The Mind Of Billionaire Mavs Owner Mark Cuban

His first job was tending bar in Dallas. Then he took a gig as a computer salesman. He was fired — and he realized he "was never going to be a very good employee."

So he started his first company, MicroSolutions, which he sold for $6 million.