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Five things to watch in tonight’s last debate - POLITICO

Clinton's on defense and Trump has nothing left to lose.

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Presidential debate raises Blood Pressure

With the upcoming presidential election, could the ongoing debates raise you blood pressure?

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13 times Trump was dead wrong at the debate, and 2 times Clinton was

Plus a host other instances in which the candidates bent the truth.

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Mark Cuban live-tweeted the whole debate — here's what he said - Business Insider

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban live-tweeted the entire second presidential debate on Sunday.

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Donald Trump's Implosion

At the second presidential debate, the Republican paced and pouted and sighed, but failed to patch together his collapsing campaign.

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6 things Trump definitely said that Pence claimed he didn’t

Pence was lauded for his debating acumen, but scored on accuracy, he fares far worse.

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Debate Takeaways: Hillary Clinton Digs In and Prevails - The New York Times

The Democratic candidate appeared to gain strength as the debate progressed, ultimately beating back Donald Trump in the late exchanges.

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Trump: My mic was 'defective'

He questioned whether it was tampered with deliberately.

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Is Trump Really Going to Come to the Post-Debate Spin Room?

It would be untraditional for a presidential nominee to come to the “spin room” on behalf of himself following a presidential debate.

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The Republican Race That Might Have Been

Without Donald Trump dominating the stage, the GOP candidates offered a glimpse of a very different primary election.

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GOP tells NBC next debate suspended over 'gotcha' questions - Oct. 30, 2015

The Republican National Committee told NBC in a letter today it is suspending plans for a February debate on the network over the use of "gotcha" questions.

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‘Grand slam’: Carly Fiorina’s comeback to Trump’s ‘face’ insult wins the night (so far) [Vine, video] | Twit

Donald Trump was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine as saying about Carly Fiorina, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?” Trump later put a spin on that comment to say he was referring to Fiorina’s “persona.”

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Candidate Forum: Deliberate Void in West SFV Congressional Race

Will the League of Women Voters host a Candidate Debate for the 30th Congressional seat, BEFORE Oct 6th when Absentee Ballots are mailed?

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All American Candidate Challenges 2% Political Article Accuracy

The 30th Congressional District is in the San Fernando Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the United States