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PODCAST | Why Is It We Don’t Learn From These Things?

Before I intro this morning’s segment on America’s Third Watch, I want to point out the overt and deliberate attack on innocent Israelis in Jerusalem last Thursday by Hamas terrorists. This attack resulted in the murders of six people and the severe i

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It’s Time To Dispense With The Embarrassing ‘Debate’ Charade

If you have watched any of the circus acts that are being shopped to the American public as the Republican Presidential Debates then you are probably no stranger to this question. “What have I learned?” The most common answer to that question is this.

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DeSantis accepts Newsom’s debate challenge: ‘Just tell me when and where’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Wednesday said he’s ready to debate California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D). “Absolutely. I’m game, let’s get it done. Just tell me when and where,” DeSa…

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How to Talk to People You Disagree With

Bridge the divide with thoughtful conversation techniques, next-level listening, and a dip into the science of changing minds.

Miscellaneous | Education

Learning to Argue

A new curriculum to teach students how to disagree.

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VIDEO: Warnock Refuses to Renounce Marxism in Debate Against Loeffler

Standing before a COVID safe crowd and the country, courtesy of CNN, two of the opposing candidates in the Georgia

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Pelosi to Headline Mega-Bucks Fundraiser for Democrats Warnock, Ossoff

The run-off elections for the two US Senate in Georgia are first and foremost the election of representation in the

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Georgia Senate Candidate: ‘The Marxist Critique Has Much to Teach the Black Church’

Aside from muddying the waters when it comes to the separation of church and state, Rev. Raphael Warnock seems to

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Israeli Teens Return Victorious From Yale's Debate 'Tournament of Champions'

Israeli Teens Return Victorious From Yale’s Debate ‘Tournament of Champions’ re-post Jewish Press ByTPS / Tazpit News Agency An Israeli delegation of high school students attended the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions, hosted by Yale Un

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Five things to watch in tonight’s last debate - POLITICO

Clinton's on defense and Trump has nothing left to lose.

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Presidential debate raises Blood Pressure

With the upcoming presidential election, could the ongoing debates raise you blood pressure?

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13 times Trump was dead wrong at the debate, and 2 times Clinton was

Plus a host other instances in which the candidates bent the truth.

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Mark Cuban live-tweeted the whole debate — here's what he said - Business Insider

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban live-tweeted the entire second presidential debate on Sunday.

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Donald Trump's Implosion

At the second presidential debate, the Republican paced and pouted and sighed, but failed to patch together his collapsing campaign.

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6 things Trump definitely said that Pence claimed he didn’t

Pence was lauded for his debating acumen, but scored on accuracy, he fares far worse.

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Debate Takeaways: Hillary Clinton Digs In and Prevails - The New York Times

The Democratic candidate appeared to gain strength as the debate progressed, ultimately beating back Donald Trump in the late exchanges.

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Trump: My mic was 'defective'

He questioned whether it was tampered with deliberately.

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Is Trump Really Going to Come to the Post-Debate Spin Room?

It would be untraditional for a presidential nominee to come to the “spin room” on behalf of himself following a presidential debate.

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The Republican Race That Might Have Been

Without Donald Trump dominating the stage, the GOP candidates offered a glimpse of a very different primary election.

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GOP tells NBC next debate suspended over 'gotcha' questions - Oct. 30, 2015

The Republican National Committee told NBC in a letter today it is suspending plans for a February debate on the network over the use of "gotcha" questions.

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‘Grand slam’: Carly Fiorina’s comeback to Trump’s ‘face’ insult wins the night (so far) [Vine, video] | Twit

Donald Trump was quoted in Rolling Stone magazine as saying about Carly Fiorina, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?” Trump later put a spin on that comment to say he was referring to Fiorina’s “persona.”

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Candidate Forum: Deliberate Void in West SFV Congressional Race

Will the League of Women Voters host a Candidate Debate for the 30th Congressional seat, BEFORE Oct 6th when Absentee Ballots are mailed?

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All American Candidate Challenges 2% Political Article Accuracy

The 30th Congressional District is in the San Fernando Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the United States