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Sex trafficking victim, suicidal in prison, seeks clemency - Los Angeles Times

Kieana Aldrich was 17 when sent to prison. Her mental health has deteriorated behind bars, but the coronavirus has cut off nearly all help.

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Betrayal? California Gov. Newsom Helps Chinese Get $1 Billion in COVID Aid

The governor hasn't even informed the California Legislature on the details yet.

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Democrat Gov. Newsom: Trump Has Met ‘Every Single Direct Request That He Was Capable Of Meeting’ | The Daily Wire

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom praised President Donald Trump during a CNN interview on Friday night, saying that Trump has met every request that California has made that Trump was capable of fulfilling. “Tonight, you know, obviously,

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California Gov. Newsom blasts PG&E for 'greed' after taking utility campaign contributions

Newsom's 2018 campaign took $58,400 from PG&E, and the political spending group "Citizens Supporting Gavin Newsom for Governor 2018" took $150,000.

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Gavin Newsom Reveals Plan For Single-Payer Healthcare In California 'Regardless Of Immigration Status'

California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom doubled down on claims he made earlier this month that he'd turn California into a single-payer healthcare state, telling the Pod Save America podcast that he plans on expanding Medicare to cover every