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LA drops price of permit for street vendors by hundreds of dollars

The annual price of a permit will drop from $541 to $27.51.

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WATCH: Texas Official Lays Blame for Brutal Rape and Murder of 12-Year-Old Jocelyn Nungary on Trump

 There have been several cases of late where defendants are illegal aliens charged with serious felonies. Too many. The murder of Laken Riley sparked national outrage when we learned that the suspect was admitted into the country via Joe Biden's lax/nonexistent immigration policies.

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North Carolina high school student suspended over using the term 'illegal alien': Report

A 16-year-old Lexington high school student's mom claimed he was suspended for three days after using the term “illegal alien" during an English class.

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Exclusive – Republicans Rip Biden for Erecting Fence Around Capitol While Border Is Wide Open

Republicans are incensed that President Biden would erect a wall around the U.S. Capitol while Americans suffer from his open-border policies.

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White House Refers to Illegal Immigrants as 'Newcomers' in Brief

The White House referred to illegal immigrants as “newcomers” in a Thursday brief urging Congress to pass a bipartisan bill on border security and asylum restrictions.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Absurd Democrat Border Con

In 2021, Joe Biden opened wide an inherited, secure southern border that had finally stopped mass illegal immigration. When he overturned Donald Trump’s efforts…

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Palestinian Illegal Alien Enters U.S. Via Mexico, Beats NYC Homeowner Over His Support for Israel

 In yet another disturbing example of illegal aliens from all over the world entering the U.S. via Mexico, a 26-year-old Palestinian illegal allegedly beat a New York homeowner to the ground and stole his U.S. and Israeli flags out of his yard — all while yelling antisemitic slurs.

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House Republicans Back Down on Mayorkas Appearance, Instead 'Demand' Written Testimony

 On Wednesday, the House Homeland Security Committee Chair Mark Green (R-TN) "demanded" written testimony from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, apparently instead of having the Secretary testify in person.

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The Atlantic: Trump Has Promised the Largest Deportation Effort in American History


As Twitchy reported earlier Monday, sanctuary city of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson was upset that a private plane loaded with 350 illegal immigrants landed at the Rockford/Chicago airport carrying 350 illegal immigrants from San Antonio, Texas, without any communication from Texas that they were coming.

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Biden Frees Thousands of Foreigners into U.S. from Terrorism-Linked Countries

Thousands of "special interest aliens" have been released into American communities after scheduling appointments at the border.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border

Ending illegal immigration now depends solely on the American people overriding the corrupt special interests and leaders who profit from the current chaos and human misery.

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Victor Davis Hanson: Illegal Immigration and Western Spiritual Sickness

The usual suspects have weighed in on recent belated efforts to enforce U.S. immigration laws. Our now bankrupt media, the corrupt government of Mexico…

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Why Are so Many CBP Applicants Failing Their Polygraph Tests?

A polygraph test is part of the standard operating procedure for joining a law enforcement agency and some government agencies. Every cop I have ever known has undergone the test. While not admissible...

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PODCAST | But The Media Chooses To Cover…

LISTEN NOW | I wanted to touch on the subject of media delinquency. Right now, the biggest story for the mainstream news media is George Santos and the fact that he's a liar and never should have been elected to Congress (another product of New York

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The shallowness of anti-Trumpism

Joe Biden’s flip-flopping over the US-Mexico border reveals an elite bereft of principles.

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Biden's Parole Pipeline Frees over a Million Migrants into U.S., Exceeding Populations of 6 States

President Biden has released over a million migrants into the U.S. via a parole pipeline -- exceeding the populations of six states.

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Price of Eliminating Consequences

Recently there were some remarkable online videos of a Portland, Oregon good Samaritan confronting shoplifters and forcing them to dump loads of their pilfered…

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Washington, D.C.'s Vote-Stealing Law Is Treason

We’re reliably told by the Google machine that treason is “the crime of betraying one’s country.” Unless the Left changes the dictionary again, a distinct possibility, an act o...

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Sanctuary City of Boston Protected Over 100 Criminal Illegal Aliens from Deportation in 2022

In Boston, Massachusetts, the pro-sanctuary city government protected over 100 illegal aliens with criminal records from being deported by the federal…

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Title 42 and You - The American Conservative

Biden is seeking to reopen a loophole that the Trump administration plugged with a clever and surprisingly effective legal mechanism.

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Where’s the outrage over Biden comparing illegal immigrants to Holocaust victims?

Millions of economic migrants crossing the U.S. southern border want a better life. But most are neither refugees nor analogous to Jews fleeing Nazi slaughter.

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Bill Melugin lays out why Biden did not see the actual border crisis: 'This was hard to do'

Bill Melugin and Tom Homan reacted to Joe Biden's visit to the southern border and the criticism he received from the visit for avoiding areas of migrant hotspots.

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Joe Biden Reopens Welfare-Dependent Legal Immigration to the U.S.

President Joe Biden has officially reopened legal immigration to foreign nationals with a history of using welfare benefits. 

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‘I Never Saw More Damning Quotes’: NYT Reporter Scolds Biden Officials For Treating Migrants Worse Than Trump Did

New York Times reporter Michael Shear cornered White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby — during a Friday briefing — about the administration’s handling of the ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Biden Makes More of a Mess, Compares Illegal Aliens to Holocaust Victims

Biden lies his head off about the GOP and needs Kamala to help him respond...

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Coast Guard returns 143 refugees to Cuba, warns about illegal migration

The Coast Guard says anyone trying to illegally migrate by sea will be returned.

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Data: Elites Use Migration to Replace Unwanted Americans

Biden pulled at least 1.9 million extra migrant workers from poor countries, minimizing the incentive for CEOs to reverse the exit of 2.1 million Americans from work.

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Patriot Truth News - Federal Data Quietly Reveals 100 Terror Suspects Caught At Southern Border

Newly published federal data reveals that close to a hundred individuals listed on the FBI terror watchlist have been apprehended at the Southern border in the last year, a record high and a huge uptick in recent months. The Customs and Border Protection

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Did Ron DeSantis' Martha's Vineyard Flight Save Illegals From Hurricane Death Toll?

This is the question liberals should be asking themselves: Did Ron DeSantis save the lives of 50 Venezuelan illegal aliens by shipping them to the hurricane-free shores of Martha’s Vineyard? Wit...

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Victor Davis Hanson: Martha’s Meltdown Model

Martha’s Vineyard has been all over the news. The tony resort community so loves aiding and comforting the undocumented immigrants who were flown in from…

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PODCAST | The Hypocrisy of the Left's ‘Sanctuary Lie’

Vice President Kamala Harris’ insistence that the southern border of the United States is secure is a statement fully encamped in the realm of the absurd. And now that some of the more traditionally far-Left bastions are experiencing the many negative e

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Martha's Vineyard Claims It Doesn't Have Room for Immigrants, but Airbnb and Hotels.com Say Differently

No room at the inn? Residents of Martha’s Vineyard, a haven for wealthy Democrats, liberals, and Blue Anons, had their chance to put their money where their virtue-signaling lawn signs are and e...

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DeSantis Shreds Claims That Illegal Immigrants Were ‘Falsely Lured’ Into Going To Martha’s Vineyard

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) dismissed claims Friday from Democrats and left-wing media that the 50 illegal immigrants who were sent to Martha’s Vineyard were “falsely lured” or “enticed” into going.

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AOC calls Martha’s Vineyard booting illegal immigrants off the island after just 24 hours a ‘blessing’ then gets BUSTED lying about her own district

C'mon, we all knew the Socialist Democrat Darling would chime in on Martha's Vineyard at some point, right?

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Don’t Be a Newsom: California Governor Wants DeSantis and Abbott Investigated for Kidnapping Charges

I would like to propose a new swear word. We already call people jerks, jackasses, lowlifes, SOBs, dirtbags, and jag-offs (for you people in Pittsburgh). I would like to add “Newsom” to the list....

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Ron DeSantis Flies Planes Full Of Illegal Immigrants To Martha’s Vineyard

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis followed through Wednesday on a promise to send illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled areas by sending two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island, that is home to wealthy progressives like former President Barack Obama (D).

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The Role of Border-Jumpers in the Uvalde School Shooting – PJ Media

The Uvalde school alert system was overwhelmed with reports of bailouts by illegal immigrants in the months leading up to the shooting.

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Biden's DHS Creates 'Office of Health Security' for Illegal Aliens in Custody

President Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created an "Office of Health Security" for illegal aliens.

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U.N. Says Joe Biden's Border Is 'Deadliest Land Crossing in the World'

President Joe Biden's migrant-welcoming border with Mexico is the deadliest land crossing in the world, according to a United Nations group.

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So Many Muslims Are Crossing the Border That a Shelter for Muslim Migrants Has Opened in Tijuana

Border Report notes that “a shelter for Muslim migrants opened over the weekend in Tijuana, the first of its kind in Mexico.” This is no small-time effort.

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MORE WINNING: Court Strikes Down NY Law Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote

The New York State Supreme Court delivered a crushing blow to the Democrats’ power grab in New York City, ruling that non-citizens cannot vote in local elections....

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Aircraft Records Reveal Secret Migrant Flights Across U.S.

The federal government has been ferrying illegal immigrants nabbed at the southern border throughout the country, using a secret itinerary dependent on chartered flights and small regional airports, a Daily Wire investigation has revealed.

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BREAKING: Judge Blocks Biden Administration From Ending Title 42

A federal judge on Friday blocked the Biden administration from ending Title 42, a Trump-era border policy, days before it was scheduled to lapse.

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The Case Against the Border Wall Is Crumbling

The image of a wall on the southern U.S. border has become a kind of national Rorschach test. Those in favor see a long-overdue tool to reduce the further…

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Mayorkas looks to divert VA funding to illegal immigrants

A bad idea far ahead of its time

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Federal Judge Bars Biden From Lifting Trump-Era Border Policy

A federal judge has barred the Biden administration from ending a Trump-era public health policy that affects immigration which is scheduled to lapse in late May.

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George W. Bush Meets with Illegal Aliens to Promote Amnesty, Snubbing Angel Families

Former President George W. Bush met with illegal aliens this week to promote his amnesty and legal immigration expansion agenda.

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Sanctuary State Oregon to Spend $15M Helping Illegals Avoid Deportation

The sanctuary state of Oregon is set to spend $15 million in state taxpayer money helping illegal aliens evade deportation. 

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Joe Biden SCOTUS Nominee Refuses to Use ‘Illegal Alien,’ Opts for ‘Noncitizen’

President Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, refuses to use the term "illegal alien" in her court opinions.

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Exclusive: GOP Lawmakers Demand Details About U.S. Funding Of Migrant Shelters In Mexico

U.S. tax dollars are funding migrant shelters inside Mexico, but the Biden administration won’t release any details.

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NOT SATIRE: Border Agents Asked to Leave Southern Border, Go to Poland for ‘Operation Ukraine Support’

As America continues to be inundated with migrants, we can console ourselves with the knowledge that our government is taking care of Ukrainian refugees.

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Feds steer $200M in COVID-19 relief to left-wing nonprofit to aid illegal entrants

The Vera Institute of Justice reportedly received more than $10 million in funding from progressive megadonor George Soros' Open Society Foundation from 2016 to 2019. 

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Blanco Supremacy! Mexican Illegal Alien Painted Swastikas in D.C., Won't Be Deported

Every time someone finds a symbol of hate, the left poops their crocs and bangs the gong of white supremacy. Then they PRAY the police arrest a troglodyte in a MAGA hat.

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Congressional Republicans Demand Release of Report on So-Called ‘Whippings’ by Border Patrol

On Monday, a group of Republican lawmakers sent a letter to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas, demanding that the Biden…

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Mayorkas: No More Workplace Raids to Arrest Illegal Aliens

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is serious about dismantling the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

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Still Riding: Border Patrol Horse Unit Active Despite White House Lies

Despite lies, the U.S. Border Patrol’s horse patrol unit continues daily operations to keep the country and illegal migrants safe along the Rio Grande.

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INSANITY: Mayorkas Admits 12,000 Haitians Released Into U.S. › American Greatness

Here is what's on 46 agenda today: 10am: The President and The Vice President receive the President’s Daily Brief 1pm: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen…

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Photographer Who Took the Picture Has Some Bad News for the #WhipGate Crowd

The man behind the polarizing #WhipGate photos told El Paso’s KTSM News that “I’ve never seen them whip anyone,” and that his own photos “can be misconstrued” when seen out of...

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The Podcast | Underground USA | Which Way Do We Go - DeSantis vs. Schumer-Pelosi

There are two distinct visions for our country and they can be summed up in one confrontation: DeSantis versus Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. One vision embraces personal freedoms and government that touches the citizen less, and the other engages the pu

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Thousands of Haitian Illegal Aliens at Border Being Released into U.S.

New reports indicate that thousands of illegal aliens, including many from the island nation of Haiti, are being released right back into the United States…

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Jen Psaki confirms that those border agents on horseback have been placed on leave pending an investigation

What investigation? Try looking at the photos and finding a whip.

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Biden’s Rush to Bring Disease and Extremism to America

If Joe Biden has been consistent about anything since assuming the presidency, it has been his pathological habit to get stuck on one colossal mistake by…

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Texas Borderland Doctor States the Obvious: The COVID Surge Is Coming From Biden's 'Grossly Irresponsible' Border Policies

The mainstream media, (other than the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, notably) which isn’t reporting on the border much these days, says in unison that the current surge in COVID cases is not linked t...

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Feds exempting some illegal migrants from normal ID requirements on flights

"We are abandoning every single security norm we learned after 9/11 just to move illegal aliens through the country," said Mark Morgan, former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Prevention.

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Biden Admin to Border Agents: Prepare for the Flood

The Biden administration is telling immigration agents to prepare to process hundreds of thousands of migrant families and asylum claims as the White House moves to reverse Trump-era border and coronavirus policies, according to internal documents obtaine

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VIDEO: Democrats, Marxists Deny More Funding for Border Patrol Amid Border Crisis

With over one million illegal immigrants having been apprehended at the southern border of the United States since just October, House...

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Report: 'Border Czar' Kamala Harris's Book Is Purchased With 'U.S. Taxpayer Dollars' and Given to Illegal Aliens

The Biden administration is reportedly handing out copies of Kamala Harris' book to illegal immigrant kids.

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Joe Biden Bans Terms ‘Illegal Alien,’ ‘Assimilation’ To Make U.S. Seem More ‘Inclusive’

President Joe Biden has banned federal immigration agencies from using terms such as “alien,” “assimilation,” and “illegal alien.”

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Why Is the Biden Administration Still Seizing Land for a Border Wall if He's Not Going to Build It?

The Biden admin is still seizing land along the U.S. southern border for Donald Trump's border wall despite announcing that he was not going to finish it.

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Clueless in DC? Historical Border Data Burns Biden's 'Happens Every Year' to Charcoal Briquette

"Well, I guess the Biden White House line that this is the usual annual migration surge at the border is no longer operative."

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Why We Need to Know Who Is Coming Into Our Country

As the Biden administration struggles to graduate from a sophomoric performance at the US-Mexico border, US Customs & Border Patrol...

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Biden Administration Seeks to Unload Migrant Children on Overloaded Foster Care System

Foster parents in California are reportedly being asked to house migrant children from overflowing federal facilities...

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108 Illegal Immigrants Released by Border Patrol in Texas Tested Positive for COVID-19: Officials

More than 100 illegal immigrants released into Texas by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection have tested positive ...

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ARIZONA: Deputy Sheriff Confirms Mexican Border Already Far More Dangerous Under Biden

The new Biden administration border and immigration policy is already resulting in a massive tidal wave of illegal immigrant crossings

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Biden Halts Border Wall Construction, Signals Open Arms To Incoming Migrant Caravans

In one of Joe Biden’s first moves as President of the United States, he halted construction of the border wall

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Possible Biden Presidency Sees Surge in Illegal Border Crossings

The possibility of a Biden presidency is seeing a spike of illegal entries into the United States along the US

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Trump signs order to prevent illegal immigrants from being counted in redrawing of voting districts | Fox News

President Trump on Tuesday will sign an executive order to prevent illegal immigrants from being counted for the purposes of re-drawing congressional districts after the 2020 census.

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Kyrsten Sinema Leads Bipartisan Push To Streamline Removal Of Migrant Families With Invalid Asylum Claims | Daily Wire

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is spearheading an effort to streamline the screening and deportation process for migrant families who have entered into the United States without valid legal claims for asylum.

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Mexico to Meet With 19 Countries for Plan to Counter Illegal Immigration

Mexico said they would meet with 19 other countries in the coming weeks to gather support for a plan to stem the flow of illegal aliens entering the U.S.