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Duolingo lays off staff as language learning app shifts toward AI

Educational technology app Duolingo laid off around 10% of its contractors as the company moves to rely more heavily on artificial intelligence, the company told CNN Tuesday.

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How Bookshop.org Survives—and Thrives—in Amazon’s World

Andy Hunter’s ecommerce platform was a pandemic hit. Now he’s on a mission to prove that small businesses can scale up without selling out.

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Tesla says it will cut costs of next generation cars in half

Tesla says it will cut the cost of its next generation of vehicles in half, largely by using innovative manufacturing techniques and smaller factories

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Amazon CEO: More layoffs to come

Amazon isn't done reviewing its businesses to see where cuts need to be made.

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AT&T is launching drones into the sky as mobile 5G hotspots

Patchy internet in the countryside? No problem, AT&T's drones will beam down 5G.

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The Open-Plan Office Is Dead. Do This Instead

Three ways to convince employees that commuting to work is better than working from home.

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Amazon Is Forcing Its Warehouse Workers Into Brutal ‘Megacycle’ Shifts

The company has been quietly transitioning warehouse workers at Amazon warehouses nationwide to a 10-hour graveyard shift, known as the "megacycle."

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Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond, and other companies' decision to end partnerships with MyPillow spell 'pain' for the controversial pillow brand

Companies' decisions to cut ties with MyPillow are shaping up to be a significant blow to the controversial pillow company.

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These Are the Cities Techies Are Really Moving to, According to New LinkedIn Data

Techies (including Elon Musk) are all fleeing to Austin and Miami, right? The real story is more complicated.

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Enough With Working From Home, Amazon Is Making a Big Bet on Getting Back to the Office

The ecommerce and tech giant is investing $1.4 billion in offices and adding 3,500 jobs in 5 cities. The question is whether workers will be as excited about it.

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Microsoft is closing all of its retail stores for good | TechCrunch

As other retailers begin the slow, cautious move to reopen, Microsoft has announced that it will be permanently shutting down the vast majority of its retail stores. There are some exceptions, including flagships in urban hubs including London, New York C

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IPOs are the beginning, not the end – TechCrunch

Earlier this month at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco, we sat down with Box’s Aaron Levie and PagerDuty’s Jennifer Tejada to discuss their respective companies’ paths to an IPO, the general IPO landscape and the pros and cons of going p

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Trump tax cuts and the middle class: Here are the facts | Fox Business

While the rhetoric of the left has sought to portray the Republican tax cuts as a negative for the middle class, nothing could be further from the truth.

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Pinterest 2017 Sales Rise 58 Percent to $473 Million

Pinterest Inc. sales jumped 58 percent to $473 million last year after marketers spent more on its digital ads, people familiar with the matter said.

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Fiat Chrysler recalls 4.8 million vehicles that could get stuck in cruise control

Fiat Chrysler is recalling 4.8 million vehicles over an issue that could prevent drivers from turning off cruise control. Only one incident related to the malfunction has been reported to Fiat Chrysler, and there are no reported injuries.

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A New Harvard Study Reveals The Truth Behind Amazon's Purchase of Whole Foods (And Why Store Shelves Are Shockingly Empty)

Employees crying, empty store shelves, and irate customers do not sound like the Whole Foods we know and love. Welcome to the new normal -- at least for now.

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T-Mobile and Sprint are merging: Here's everything you need to know

The two companies argue the $26 billion deal will create a stronger player willing to invest in 5G. But how will this affect you?

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‘It’s just not what people want anymore’: Subway to close hundreds of U.S. stores

The world's largest restaurant chain, which has been struggling to turn around its U.S. business, plans to expand abroad instead.

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Uber Has Acquired Jump And Officially Joined The Dockless Bike Wars

"We’re excited to begin our next chapter and to play a significant part in the transition of Uber to a multi-modal platform," Jump CEO Ryan Rzepecki said.

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Physical Retail Is Not Dead: Boring Retail Is

The death of physical retail is greatly exaggerated. As retail performance bifurcates, middling retailers will lose out and close physical stores in droves.

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Swedish lock giant Assa Abloy acquires smart lock maker August Home | TechCrunch

The smart home market continues to heat up, and the legacy giants do not want to get locked out: quite literally. This morning, Assa Abloy, the $23 billion..

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Amazon Prime members will get special discounts at Whole Foods

Amazon Prime members will receive special discounts at Whole Foods. The Federal Trade Commission has approved Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods.

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End of the checkout line: the looming crisis for American cashiers | Technology | The Guardian

Donald Trump is fixated on a vision of masculine, blue-collar employment. But the retail sector has long had a far greater impact on American employment – and checkout-line technology is putting it at risk

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Old Navy is making 2 huge mistakes that are killing business

A recent Wedbush Securities report highlights where the retailer is going wrong.

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Social Capital’s Newest Partners On How The Firm Works | TechCrunch

Ashley Carroll and Arjun Sethi never thought they’d be working as venture capitalists. Yet in the last year, both have landed at Social Capital, a Palo..

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Uber's CEO explains why the app's arrival estimates are 'almost always' wrong

The difference in time estimated to some people is an annoyance, especially if it jumps from 2 to 6 minutes.

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4 Reasons Why The Digital Economy Is Taking Over Your Marketing Strategy [VIDEO]

Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is moving along – bringing about speed, efficiency, reliability, and accuracy across all lines of business. Procurement organizations are converging people,…

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2015's Biggest Israeli Tech Exit Yet: Chinese XIO Group Buys Out Lumenis for $510 Million | Jewish & Israel News Alg

Chinese investment fund XIO Group has agreed to acquire Israeli medical technology developer Lumenis for $14 per share in cash, or an aggregate $510 million, making that the highest tech exit for an Israeli company this year so far. XIO Group paid a 16 pe

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The Fortune 500 has always included these 57 companies - Fortune

Allow us to introduce the Honorable 57. That’s how many companies have achieved the impressive feat of making the Fortune 500 every year since the list’s inception in 1955.

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After the Kodak Moment

Kodak was a huge company, but after it declared bankruptcy in 2012, the company has faded dramatically. The rapid decline in demand for its core products (read: film vs. digital photography) decimated its market, leaving the company in an untenable position—even though Kodak invented the consumer digital camera, it failed to realize how quickly that technology would catch on.

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RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction May Include Customer Data - Fortune

More than 13 million e-mail addresses and 65 million customers' names and addresses are included in the RadioShack bankruptcy auctions.

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Why the business card is thriving - Business Insider

THE details may vary. Americans sling their business cards casually across a table; the Japanese make the exchange of cards as elaborate as a tea ceremony. Some cards are discreet.

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5 Ways To Keep Customers Engaged Before They Slip Away

Generating buzz around your product or service is great, but how do you keep hold of your customers? Shannon Byrne gives her top five tips.

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RadioShack Cuts The Cord After 94 Years, Files For Bankruptcy

RadioShack, after years of puzzling bottom-seeking stock investors on how it managed to stay in business, filed for bankruptcy on Thursday evening.

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Tensions aside, Israel and Egypt do booming business | The Times of Israel

The Qualifying Industrial Zone is just one of Israel's foreign trade success stories, says the country's top trade official

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Best Jobs in 2015 - 25 Best Jobs in America for 2015

We're not saying you should give up on becoming Ben & Jerry's chief flavor developer/the person who spritzes Jamie Dornan with Evian in between takes, but there's probably a dream job out there that's just a little more…realistic.

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What Your Business Should Learn from Shark Tank | Inc.com

Pitching your ideas to investors isn't the only thing you can learn from the hit show. Here are other best practices you can make your own.

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The Power of an Unconventional Brand Name

Lolly Wolly Doodle founder Brandi Temple explains why you shouldn't think twice about choosing an eccentric company name.

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Why marketing is a great year-end tax write-off | VentureBeat

GuestLiterally every dollar invested in marketing can be effectively written off.

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Amazon glitch leads to rush over 1p 'bargains' in UK - Telegraph

Businesses fear they could go bankrupt after a software error led to items being sold for a fraction of their worth on Amazon

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6 Surprisingly Effective Networking Tactics They Won't Teach You in Business School

Stop networking like your grandfather, start making connections that matter.

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Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts are as easy to use as old-school radio but as specialized as blogs. Listening to them is one of the few examples of effective multi-tasking.

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How To Make $50,000 A Year By Driving For Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar - Business Insider

If you're working for Uber, you'll have to give more than 60 rides a week to make $50,000.

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The Most Important Stories In Advertising December 1 - Business Insider

From the 10 best ads of 2014 to Novak Djokovic starring in a global campaign for Jacob's Creek wine.

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Google's First 21 Employees: Where Are They Now?

Only seven early Googlers still work for the search giant that made them rich.

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What I Wish I'd Known About Running a Startup

I knew building a startup would be hard. I knew it would be slow. But these are the things I wish I could've predicted.

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Slack is Valued at $1 billion - How messaging services are ruling offices - Esquire

The internal messaging service Slack is now valued at $1 billion. What does that mean for the future of office communication?

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Snapchat COO Emily White Wants To Make Ads Incredibly Obvious To Users

Snapchat isn't a fan of native advertising, according to the company's COO Emily White.

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Americans prefer male bosses, even though women are better for business - Quartz

A new Gallup poll found that American men and women prefer a male boss to a female one. Though the popularity of women bosses has improved since the 1950s, it hasn't changed much in this century. Instead, the number of people who say they prefer men has

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Did Starbucks start a pumpkin boom?

Ever since Starbucks (SBUX) introduced its famed pumpkin spice latte about a decade ago, pumpkin sales have skyrocketed. It's led to the increased popularity of pumpkin-spiced everything, including spicy pumpkin beef jerky and pumpkin beer.

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Top New Women Leaders in Technology: Glamour.com

Meet the top young women leaders who are changing the face of technology.

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This Startup Makes It Totally Free To Get Anything You Want Delivered To Your Doorstep In San Francisco

WunWun, the app that lets users order anything from any store or restaurant in New York City or the Hamptons without a delivery charge, is launching in San Francisco.

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Uber Now Recruiting 50,000 Drivers A Month - Business Insider

"Hundreds of thousands of partners" are connected to Uber's platform, and the company is now creating 50,000 jobs a month, Mashable reported.

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RivCo Supes Hope to Incentivize Businesses to Hire Veterans By Offering Competitve Edge

The Veteran Incentive Purchasing Program is intended to

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'How can this be a billion dollar company?' and other BS questions VCs ask

While I get why a late stage investor would ask the question when the valuation is in the $250 million range, I really don’t understand why a seed investor would ask this question when the valuatio...

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10 Brands That Will Disappear In 2015

Each year, 24/7 Wall St. identifies 10 American brands that we predict will disappear before the end of the next year. This year’s list reflects the fact that mergers and acquisitions are at unprecedented levels. While some of the companies on ...