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Google went down after traffic was routed through China and Russia

Google's services went down for an hour yesterday after its IP addresses were routed way from normal paths to Nigeria, China and Russia. Google told Ars Technica it doubted the leak was malicious, despite the fact that government-owned China Telecom was

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Google is using AI to help The New York Times digitize 5 million historical photos - The Verge

Google is working with The New York Times to digitize its huge photo collection of between 5 million and 7 million photos that are kept in a storage area known as "The Morgue." Google will use AI to scan the hand- and type-written captions and s

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Google+ to shut down after coverup of data-exposing bug

Google is about to have its Cambridge Analytica moment. A security bug allowed third-party developers to access Google+ user profile data since 2015 until Google discovered and patched it in March, but decided not to inform the world. When a user gave per

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'F***. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL': Google Lead Designer Attacks GOP, Conservatives, Christians Over Kavanaugh Vote

Imagine for just a moment if you were a conservative employee, and this man was your supervisor. How do you think an employee at Google would feel knowing that the company's leaders publicly wish for them to violently burn in flames while people chee

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The Most Fun (and Useful) Things You Can Do With an Amazon Echo or Google Home

Smart home devices will tell you the weather and answer trivia questions, sure, but they can do so much more. Try these tips to streamline your day, relax a little or just have some fun.

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Leaked video shows Google co-founder compare Trump voters 'fascists' | Daily Mail Online

Google co-founder Sergey Brin can be seen on stage in front of hundreds of employees saying he was 'deeply offended' by Trump's election and that it 'conflicts with many of Google's values.'

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WATCH: Google Execs Bash Trump Supporters, Want To Make Trump Admin 'Blip' In History

A leaked video from a Google "all hands meeting" following the 2016 presidential election shows the tech giant’s top executives voicing their opposition to Donald Trump and making disparaging remarks about the newly-elected president’s supporters.

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Chrome’s new design brings fresh problems for Google to fix

Even though Google gave Chrome a makeover with an entirely new look, a number of users would like the option to revert back to an older build of the browser for more stability. Chrome's new design also brought new problems, and many users are reporti

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How Google Thinks: SEO Done The Right Way

If there was one SEO factor that summed it up, then it would be to design not for a search algorithm but for a person.

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Alexa voice control is coming to Toshiba televisions | VentureBeat

Starting next year, many of Toshiba’s OLED, 4K, and Full HD Smart Range televisions will respond to Alexa voice control, the company announced today. Alexa in Toshiba televisions will be able to do things like change the channel or volume, deliver movie

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Rush: ‘Anti-trust’ is answer to Google-Facebook - WND

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh says the way for conservatives to deal with the blatant censorship from social media companies is to use antitrust laws. Not net neutrality, he said in response to a caller who suggested that. “I think the way to go aft

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How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location

A new report shows that Google still tracks your location even if you thought you opted out.

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How to turn off Google's location tracking | Technology

Turning off location history won’t hide where you are when you use search, Maps or weather. Here’s how to stop being tracked

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First-Of-Its-Kind 'Play Disney Parks' Mobile App Debuts This Week at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort | Ma

BURBANK, Calif., June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Guests can explore the Disney theme parks like never before with the Play Disney Parks mobile app, a transfor...

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Google will fix Home and Chromecast bug that reveals your location

Don't look now, but your Google Home speaker or Chromecast could give away your whereabouts... for a little while, that is. Google has promised a fix for an aut...

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Google Drops Defense Contract: Its Slogan Should Be 'Don't Fight Evil'

The original slogan of Google was "Don't be evil." When Google changed its corporate name to Alphabet in 2015, it changed the slogan to "Do the right thing." If it were to be true to its values, Google should have changed its slogan fr

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Moral Cowardice: Why This Should Be Google's New Slogan

If it were to be true to its values, Google should have changed its slogan from "Don't be evil" to "Don't fight evil."

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Xbox One may work with Alexa and Google Assistant

You can already use Cortana if you want to command an Xbox One with your voice, but that's not very practical now that Kinect is no longer an option for the con...

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Google Rolls Out Gmail Redesign for Web Browsers, Featuring Email Snoozing, Confidential Mode, and More

Google launched its redesigned Gmail web interface today, introducing several new features including some the company trialed in its Inbox for Gmail...

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Google’s astounding new search tool will answer any question by reading thousands of books

Called "Talk to Books," the AI-powered utility will scan every sentence in 100,000 books in half a second.

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5 Google search tricks that get you what you want

Have you ever searched on Google only to be presented with results so baffling you want to throw your computer out the window? Use these 5 search hacks to put a stop to that now.

Business & Finance | Marketing

Site Not Mobile Friendly? You Can Kiss Your Google Rankings Goodbye

In recent years, Google has been pushing more and more to ensure all websites are mobile friendly. This makes sense as mobile searches have consistently been on the rise since 2009 and finally…

Science & Technology | Science & Technology

Website Marketing in 2018: 5 Ways to Win Big with Google.com

We all want our websites to stay in good favor with Google's search engine and become the provider of choice as customers search for products and services related ours. But to get there, these are 5 critical things you should do first for your busine

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Discriminating Against White Men Isn't Google's Big Diversity Problem - Bloomberg

It's doing diversity all wrong. That's why it's vulnerable to a suit by a white man.

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Google’s new Bristlecone processor brings it one step closer to quantum supremacy | TechCrunch

Every major tech company is looking at quantum computers as the next big breakthrough in computing. Teams at Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and various..

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Google and NCAA team up on March Madness AI competition with $100,000 in prizes | VentureBeat

Google and the NCAA have teamed up on a $100,000 competition to see who can predict the best March Madness outcomes with machine learning.

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The Case Against Google

Critics say the search giant is squelching competition before it begins. Should the government step in?

Politics | Politics

Survey Finds Conservatives Out of Place in Silicon Valley

Online poll adds to concerns that political divisions are affecting tech workplaces.

News | News

Google and Facebook Have Failed Us - The Atlantic

The world’s most powerful information gatekeepers neglected their duties in Las Vegas. Again.

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The future of loud autoplay videos is in doubt, and we're stoked

As Apple and Google move to block autoplay video with sound, will the rest of the industry follow?

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The AIY Voice Kit Lets You Build a Google Home for Only $35 | WIRED

Google's official kit lets anyone with a Raspberry Pi build a smart speaker.

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Learn how to rank higher on Google by mastering SEO

In today's digitally driven world, it's no longer a surprise to any business that in order to remain viable and competitive, it's essential to have a strong online presence.

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Google engineer's anti-diversity manifesto sparks outrage - CNET

The document, originally posted on an internal network, argues that women make up less of tech's workforce because of biology, not bias.

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Google Aims to Reinvent How We Discover the News | Inc.com

The platform for information launched a revamped content discovery feed, taking on Facebook and Twitter, but without a social component. Will Google succeed?

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Yelp’s Six-Year Grudge Against Google

Once courted, then spurned, the smaller rival sought revenge for years. Now Europe’s regulators give it reason to cheer.

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Google to stop scanning users' Gmail inboxes to send ads - Business Insider

Google will use data other than your email messages — like your search history — to figure out which ads to show you.

Business & Finance | Business & Finance

Google posts Financial Times op-ed outlining YouTube plans to combat terrorism

YouTube lays out how it plans to regulate itself regarding terrorist activities, before the UK government does.

Travel | Travel

7 Google hacks to use on your next vacation

These little-known tricks will save you tons of time.

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Google starts tracking your offline shopping — what you buy at stores in person

Google already monitors your online shopping — but now it's also keeping an eye on what you're buying in real-world stores as part of its latest effort to sell more digital advertising.

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Google's 'superpower' for teachers: AR and VR

So far, Google's AR program has taken 2 million kids to the coral reefs and space.

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The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Havas denies stopping Google ad spend in the UK, Facebook's secret projects team, and WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell on the YouTube ad boycott.

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Google's tool to edit your iPhone's awkward Live Photos just got better

Google's Live Photo editing app, Motion Stills, was updated to include improved motion stabilization, Live Photo export and more to improve iPhone pictures.

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Google Redefines The Word ‘Fascism’ To Smear Conservatives, Protect Liberal Rioters

Has Google, the world's most popular search engine, changed the definition of the word "fascism" to protect liberal mobs using violence to silence those who disagree with them politically? The evidenc

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Report shows how much money publishers make from platforms like Facebook, Google, and Snapchat

The report, from Digital Content Next, reveals the average amount a premium publisher makes from distributing their content across third-party platforms.

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How to Set Up 'Google My Business' for Your Small Business

One of the most important aspects of a small business is getting found by new customers.

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All the reasons people are ditching Android and switching to iPhones

Apple's first-generation iPhone started a revolution 10 years ago today. It seems like just yesterday that late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs walked out on stage at the Macworld conference in January 2007 and put an end to years of rumors and speculation.

Architecture & Interior Design | Architecture & Interior Design

How Amazon, Google, and Facebook Will Bring Down Telcos | WIRED

These tech titans didn't plan to take down the telcos. But they depend upon you having fast, reliable internet, so they're bringing everything in-house.

Books | Books

These are the top 100 books of the year, according to Google

Google ranked the top books and graphic novels of the year, based on their popularity in the Google Play store.

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You will love this Siri versus Google Assistant infographic | VentureBeat | Bots | by Dennies John, Zlated

Siri is the go-to personal assistant Apple iOS users are proud to have and rely on. It had nearly no competition in the world of smartphones with its speed, clarity, and accuracy — until Google Assistant entered the picture and turned the tables.

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Google's A.I. Just Taught Itself How to Use Encryption

Google researchers tasked A.I. systems with keeping their communications private -- so they taught themselves encryption.

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Google acquires FameBit to help YouTubers cozy up to brands

Google announced today that it has acquired FameBit, an "influencer marketing platform for branded content." That is a lot of buzzwords packed together, so lets break it down. For a while YouTube...

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Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon are all eyeing up a Twitter bid | TechCrunch

Twitter continues to inch its way to a sale process, and the latest developments come in the form of alleged bids from potential buyers. Today CNBC is..

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Project Sand Hill: Google’s Unknown Campaign to Track the World’s Hottest Startups | WIRED

Google runs its own venture capital fund. But it also runs this weird thing called Project Sand Hill.

Business & Finance | Business

What it's really like to work at Google, the best company to work for in the US

Google is ranked as not only the best tech company, but the best company to work for overall in the US. Here's what employees say about being a Googler.

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No, Google Says, It Did Not Delete ‘Palestine’ From Its Maps

There is a social media storm of outrage about the removal of a “Palestine” label, but Google says the label was not there in the first place.

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Families Can Now Share All Their Google Play Purchases - Fortune

Google Play has a new Family Library feature that lets up to six family members share apps, games, movies, TV shows, and digital books.

Gaming | Pokemon Go

The Pokémon Go Trainer's Advanced Tactics Handbook

You’ve tossed a few PokéBalls, caught a few Caterpies, and spun your way to a few items at the PokéStop, but it’s time to take things to the next level. These tips and tricks will help you go from novice trainer to unbeatable gym leader faster than

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One Googler’s Insider Guide To Using Google Docs At Work | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Ritcha Ranjan works on the team that builds Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These are her top five tips on how to use them.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

5 Of The Most Googled Health Questions, Answered

Mehmet Oz, MD, is the host of The Dr. Oz Show (weekdays; check local listings). 

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How to see everything Google knows about you - Business Insider

Even if you consider yourself a privacy buff, it's worth taking a look at your settings to make sure that you're comfortable with what you are sharing.

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Google talks up its self-driving cars’ cyclist-detection algorithms

Today might be conspicuous in the annals of autonomous vehicles for a more serious reason, but another month is over and Google has issued its self-driving..

Science & Technology | Tech

How to see everything Google knows about you

You can access a lot of the information Google is collecting on you.

Science & Technology | Technology

Google teams up with MIT to make programming easier for kids

Google is teaming up with MIT's Media Lab to create Scratch Blocks, an updated version of the kid-centric programming language.

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

How to find out everything Google knows about you

Here's how to find out what Google knows about you and is sharing with advertisers, and how to get Google to stop.

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Woman's home demolished after Google Maps error - Mar. 25, 2016

Google admits to Google Maps error that led a demolition crew to destroy the wrong home in Texas.

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Scary New Ways the Internet Profiles You - The Daily Beast

Facebook, Google, and the other Internet titans have ever more sophisticated and intrusive methods of mining your data, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Google employee lives in a truck in the parking lot - Business Insider

"The main things that I have are a bed, a dresser, and I built a coat rack to hang up my clothes."

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iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: A Detailed Look At ALL The Rumours | Know Your Mobile

How will 2016's biggest flagships compare? We take a look at the rumours behind Apple's iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7

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R.I.P Picasa: Google shutters aging photo service

Image organizer Picasa was Google's first headlong dive into the photo sharing and storing service, and in a lot of ways has paved the way for the company'

Science & Technology | TECH

10 things in tech you need to know today

Jack Dorsey shot down a big rumour about Twitter, GitHub is going through some big changes, and Apple started selling a VR headset.

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Google weighs using anti-jihad results to fight terrorism | The Times of Israel

Pilot program will use algorithm to divert would-be extremists to anti-radicalization websites, where they will 'find a community of hope, not harm'

Business & Finance | Business

Alphabet Passes Apple to Become the World's Most Valuable Company | WIRED

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is now the most valuable company in the world.

Business & Finance | Marketing

Google's Star Wars deal is ending on February 1st - Business Insider

Google's 'Star Wars' experience, which adds fun elements from the movie to Waze, Gmail and other services, ends on Monday, February 1st.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Google finally launches an AdWords app for iPhone and iPad | 9to5Mac

Google has finally launched a full-fledged iOS app for users of its AdWords advertising service. The AdWords app arrives today as the first official iOS app for the service and it's available for b...

Business & Finance | Business

The Best Apps to Run a Startup From Your Phone - WSJ

There’s been an explosion in apps designed for small companies. Here are the best offerings.

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Microsoft beats Google, Intel, Tencent, and Qualcomm in image recognition competition | VentureBeat | Big Data | by Jord

Microsoft Research has taken first place in several categories at the sixth annual ImageNet image recognition competition. Technology from Microsoft was able to outperform systems from Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and Tencent, as well as entries from startups

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10 free Chrome hacks that will change the way you browse the Internet

Google’s Chrome web browser accounted for 31.41% of global desktop browsing in November, according to Net Marketshare. That makes it the second most popular browser in the world behind Internet Explorer, which had a global market share of 50.03% in No

Science & Technology | Tech

Google finally cutting off Chrome updates on Windows XP and Vista | PCWorld

Google announced Tuesday that it will finally stop providing updates to users of Microsoft's nearly geriatric, insecure operating system.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Facebook notifications get Google-inspired update

Facebook's notifications will now let users see personalised updates based on location or favourite TV shows

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

How Google handles searches it's never seen before

Google has been testing an AI-based system to help parse users' queries, especially those that the search engine has never encountered before.

Science & Technology | Tech

How to listen to (and delete) everything you've ever said to Google | Technology | The Guardian

Whether you’re asking directions or drunkenly swearing, Google never forgets, recording everything you’ve ever said to it. Do you dare listen back?

Science & Technology | Israeli Innovation

Why The World’s Largest Tech Companies All Want A Piece Of The Israeli Pie

250 multinational companies such as Microsoft and Apple have chosen to open R&D centers in the Startup Nation. Why did they pick Israel?

Science & Technology | Technology

Meet the man who owned Google.com for one minute

Former Google employee Sanmay Ved bought Google.com for $12 on September 29, 2015. He owned the domain for a full minute before somebody somewhere realized this probably wasn’t supposed to happen and revoked Ved’s backstage access.

Science & Technology | Technology

Here's everything we're expecting to see at Google's big event this week

Google is holding a big event on Sept. 29, and we're likely to see new Nexus phones, new Chromecast devices, and more.

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Why You Hate Google’s New Logo - The New Yorker

Sarah Larson writes about Google’s new, streamlined logo, and how the typeface change brings with it a loss of innocence.

Science & Technology | Technology

Which One Is More Secure: Android or iOS?

In addition to looking at things like the selection of emoji and your options for selfies when comparing one mobile platform to another, it’s time to also start paying close attention to how they compare for security.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Inside the sad, expensive failure of Google+

Create a social network or risk everything. That was the original pitch for Google's Facebook rival, Google+, a refrain hammered over and over by the social network's chief arch...

Science & Technology | Tech

Yelp Cries Foul at Google's Mobile App Ad Declaration

Another tweak from Google, another beef with one of its noisiest rivals.

Science & Technology | Social Media

The 5 Most Meaningful Google Analytics Reports for Social Media

We've identified the 5 most useful and meaningful Google Analytics reports that social media marketers can start using today. Plus, a free dashboard!

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Google removes Google+ account links in Gmail, search results | VentureBeat | Social | by Jordan Novet

You can still access Google+ with the grid icon that shows several Google apps, and you can go to plus.google.com, but the link at the top of the page is no more.

Business & Finance | Business

Google offered to buy social app Path for $100 million when it was 3 months old — but the founder turned it down

Path founder Dave Morin didn't expect to sell the company.

Science & Technology | Technology

Everything Google is rumored to announce at its I/O dev conference this week | VentureBeat | Dev | by Harrison Weber

Google I/O is a big deal; it’s where Google unveils the future of Android, Chrome, and services like YouTube — plus, it’s where the company showcases its wonkiest experiments, like Project Glass. Ahead of the event, the tech industry is buzzing over everything Google is expected to announce. For your convenience, here’s a collection of this year’s most interesting rumors and reports.

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Google security temporarily compromised by fake digital certificates | VentureBeat | Security | by Dylan Tweney

Bad news for Google — and for anyone who uses its products: The company revealed today that it has discovered several fake digital certificates for some of its domains.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Google may finally liberate Photos and Hangouts from Google+ | The Verge

The current iteration of Google+ may not be around for much longer. In an extensive interview with Forbes, Google's product czar Sundar Pichai says the company may break out features like Photos...

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Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps

The Hollywood Sign might be one of the most recognizable things on Earth. In Los Angeles, it's also one of the most visible. You can see it from a plane as you glide into LAX. You can see it from a car as you drive up the 101 freeway. But a group of peopl

Science & Technology | TECH

GOOGLE CHAIRMAN ERIC SCHMIDT: ‘The Internet Will Disappear’ - Business Insider

"Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic."

Business & Finance | Business

Google to become wireless provider with Sprint and T-Mobile – reports | Technology | The Guardian

It’s still unclear when service will launch but offering discounted data plans would bring more customers online and pose a threat to major carriers

Business & Finance | Business

Google's First 21 Employees: Where Are They Now?

Only seven early Googlers still work for the search giant that made them rich.

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

9 Apps to Help You Completely Organize Your Life

Google—and some rivals—want to tame your inbox, calendar and more

Science & Technology | Tech

Here's Why You Probably Won't Get Hired At Google

Google is one of the most selective companies in the world. Here's what its hiring process is like.

Miscellaneous | Judaism

Google Builds Sukkahs at NY Office!

Google joined the Festival of Sukkot this year, creating two sukkahs.

The company used the balcony of its headquarters in New York to build two 21st century booths for the holiday.

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Google, Microsoft claiming Apple's crown, albeit from 1994

Google is riding high, with a peak stock valuation and an army of devoted fans ready to explain why none of the problems the company is facing (including its clumsy transition to mobile) are actually problems. Companies that make money never stop making money, right?

Business & Finance | Business

Facebook Gain Makes Zuckerberg Wealthier Than Google Guys - Bloomberg

Mark Zuckerberg is now richer than Google Inc. co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Science & Technology | Tech

Google mulls transforming NYC pay phones into Wi-Fi hot spots

NEW YORK _ Google is among several technology companies considering a plan that uses pay-phone locations to give New Yorkers free wireless Internet access.

Science & Technology | Tech

3 Years Later, Google+ Drops Its Dumb Real Name Rule And Apologizes | TechCrunch

Since Google+ launched, many have complained about the service's requirement that users use their real names. Complaints grew ever louder once Google started..

Science & Technology | Apps I Like

Here’s one way Apple Maps is getting better than Google Maps

A hidden iOS 8 feature that Apple barely mentioned onstage during its WWDC 2014 keynote – flyover city tours – has been discovered in iOS 8 beta 2 by a developer who managed to access it using hidd...

Science & Technology | Tech

50+ of the strangest things you will ever see on Google Street View

Google Maps completely changed the way we travel. Planning even the shortest of trips to unfamiliar areas had been a huge hassle, but Google changed all that. Then the company took things a step fu...

Business & Finance | Business

Here are some of the awesome perks you get as a Google intern

Google's employees are among the happiest of any company in the world so it's not surprising that its summer internships offer some pretty sweet perks. The Associated Press, via CBS News, takes a l...

Science & Technology | Tech

Chrome Is Now More Popular Than Internet Explorer

Google Chrome has edged out Microsoft's Internet Explorer in the ongoing battle of the browsers, according to Adobe Digital Report (ADI) data.

Science & Technology | Tech

Mobile disruption eating away at Google's lead in search

Is Google's dominance of search finally starting to show some cracks?

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

14 Google Search Tricks That Make Life A Whole Lot Easier

You think you know how to Google? You don't know how to Google. Even the most seasoned Googler might not know every tip and trick available with just a few extra keystrokes in the search bar. Consider this your instructions manual for the world's ...

Science & Technology | Tech

Even limited to 25 mph, Google's car will arrive faster than you think!

Google's new self-driving car prototype surprised even robo-car experts and suggests the company is further along than expected.