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Google is turning Android Phones into seismometers

Google is launching a handful of new Android features today that don’t really have a lot in common but that are all interesting in their own right. There are updates to Android Auto and Android’s emergency location service, new accessibility features than

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Earthquake warning app didn't alert users before 2 major quakes. Here's why.

The Shake Alert LA app was changed to detect lower intensity shaking after users were frustrated by a lack of warning following two earthquakes.

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California's Eerie 'Earthquake Pause' Is Unprecedented

California hasn't seen a ground-rupturing earthquake in 100 years. That's unprecedented.

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The ancient earthquake detector that puzzled modern historians

The earthquake detector that existed long before we knew what earthquakes really were.

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Is Your Home in an Earthquake Zone

Search by address to see whether you are in an Earthquake zone.

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Can An Earthquake Happen Near You? Find Out Here

Find Out If You're Living On A CA Fault Line - Beverly Hills, CA - Do you live on a fault line or near one? Find out with this interactive map released by the California Geological Survey.

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Earthquake fault maps for Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and other Westside areas could bring development restrictions - LA

The California Geological Survey has released a draft of the Santa Monica fault map, which, when finalized, will restrict development on top of the earthquake fault.

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Major earthquakes might be caused by the moon

The 2011 earthquake in Japan and the 2004 temblor in the Indian Ocean may have been precipitated by tidal stress from the moon.

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Some earthquakes on San Andreas fault are triggered by gravitational tug of sun and moon

The gravitational tug between the sun and moon is not just a dance of high and low tides: It can also trigger a special kind of earthquake on the San Andreas fault.

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Huge movement detected near San Andreas fault - AOL

A worrisome new analysis of GPS data has shown new areas of motion near the San Andreas Fault system.

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Continental Collision Could Trigger California Tsunami - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: Massive undersea earthquakes off the coast of California could send a tsunami crashing into Los Angeles or San Diego, new research suggests. As the North American and Pacific tectonic plates grind past each other, large chunks of Earth's

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Quakes are increasing, but scientists aren't sure what it means

No, it's not your imagination: The Los Angeles area is feeling more earthquakes this year.