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They Teach Third Graders To 'Decolonize' Themselves. They Also Advise a Prominent California Public School District.

For most kids, third grade is spent learning concepts such as fractions, long multiplication, and telling time to the nearest minute. For the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium, an education consulting group, it's spent pursuing a differ

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FAFO: Sonoma State President on Leave for INSUBORDINATION After Anti-Israel Email

 Perhaps some sanity is being restored in the campus protest. Mike Lee, president of Sonoma State University in California, is on leave following an email he sent. One that announced a deal with campus protesters that included an academic boycott of Israel.

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48,000 California Student Workers Vote to Strike Due to Protest Crackdowns

 If you want to see what happens when the inmates are running the asylum, just wait until the 48,000 graduate student teaching assistants, researchers, and other student workers go on strike at the 17 University of California schools.

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Wild Disneyland beatdown by mob of moms caught on shocking video

Video footage posted on Instagram captures a mob of moms pounding another woman at Disneyland as young children looked on in puzzlement at the famed California theme park.

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UC Riverside Strikes Deal with Pro-Palestinian Mob, Violates California Anti-BDS Law

UC Riverside gave in to the "encampment" and may divest from Israel and boycott Sabra hummus. But the deal violates California's anti-BDS law.

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Long Beach Declares Public Health Emergency Due to 'Surprising' Tuberculosis Outbreak

Officials declared a local public health emergency on Thursday due to a tuberculosis outbreak in Long Beach, California.

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Anti-Israel protests at Brooklyn Bridge, Chicago O’Hare, Golden Gate Bridge, many other sites

A coordinated effort on April 15 (tax day) aimed to shut down economic activity at sites throughout the United States and in other countries.

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Gavin Newsom Forces Fast Food Franchises To Pay Their Workers $20 an Hour. His Luxury Restaurants Pay Their Workers Less

California’s fast food franchisees must hike their minimum wage to $20 an hour under a law Gov. Gavin Newsom (D.) hailed as "extraordinarily beneficial." His own luxury restaurants, meanwhile, are paying their workers less.

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Nothing to See Here! Newsom Crony is the Big Winner With New California Minimum Wage Exemption

 It's no secret that California Governor Gavin Newsom has his sights set on a higher political office than simply being governor of California.

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VIDEO: California Democrat Introduces Bill Requiring ‘Intelligent Speed Limiters’ in Cars

Proposed legislation in California may make it the first state to require vehicles to have a device that can limit a driver's speed.

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Palm Springs home values in ‘free-fall’ after city cracks down on Airbnb

Palm Springs home values are in a free-fall after the city began cracking down on short-term rental permits, according to the Los Angeles Times. Call it “Airbn-bust,” after years of complaints from residents in the desert enclave, the city passed an ordin

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San Francisco Hilton in Financial District Defaults on Mortgage

The Hilton Financial District in San Francisco has defaulted on its loan, the latest major commercial failure in the struggling city.

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100-Year-Old Roadside Stop Pea Soup Andersen's Closes Without Notice

The iconic Pea Soup Andersen's has closed its doors permanently after 100 years of service.

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Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down California Legislature

Over 100 anti-Israel protesters shut down the California Assembly on Wednesday during its first legislative session of the year, as lawmakers face a massive $68 billion deficit and crises from rising homelessness and crime.

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Antisemites Convince Long Beach City Council to Vote for a Ceasefire in Gaza

 Apparently, on Tuesday night, pro-Hamas activists spoke at a six-hour city council meeting in Long Beach, California, ending with the council voting for the city to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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Orange County City To Vote on Resolution That Accuses Israel of Ethnic Cleansing

One of the largest cities in Orange County, Calif., is set to vote next week on a Gaza ceasefire resolution that accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing and minimizes Hamas’s Oct. 7 terror attacks, according to the finalized language posted to the Santa Ana Ci

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Victor Davis Hanson: California, the Great Destroyer

In 1996, the California legislature created the high speed rail authority. In 2008, voters passed an initial nearly $10 billion bond to build an envisioned 800…

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Even California Democrats Can't Quell the Pro-Palestinian Mob. Activists Take Over CA Dem Convention

 You'd think the Democrats would be golden with the pro-Palestinian crowd considering the Squad's dedication to spreading Hamas propaganda.

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Massive Homeless Encampment Fire Shuts Down LA FWY Indefinitely

A massive fire at a homeless encampment beneath an underpass in downtown Los Angeles has shut down the 10 freeway indefinitely. 

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Chaya Raichik SLAMS CA Democrat for Openly Denying the Holocaust and Laughing About It

 It seems like we're writing the following statement more than even usual, and considering how awful people have turned out to be in the last several years, that's really saying something.

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Newsom Publicly Backs Israel. His Private Fundraising Tells a Different Story.

California governor Gavin Newsom (D.) has publicly backed Israel since Hamas’s terror attack earlier this month, even announcing a surprise pit-stop in Israel to offer his state’s support. But privately, he has raised funds for the primary backer of a gro

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West Coast, Messed Coast™ — Kaepernick's Friend Is 'Rounding Up Jews' at Stanford

Woke Nazis have sullied the reputation of yet another university on the West Coast, Messed Coast™. Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, where a Stanford University lecturer is suspended fo...

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California Goes Full Segregationist With Alert System Just for Missing Black Children

I’v never heard of anyone getting an Amber Alert and wondering what race the missing child was. Yet for some reason, California saw a problem that didn’t exist and addressed it. On Sunday, Gov....

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PODCAST | This Activist Principal Actually Deserves The January 6th Treatment

Listen now | I wanted to touch on two things that we didn't get to talk about too much this morning. The first one was Gavin Newsom's appointment of Laphonza Butler, the director of Emily's List, to fill in for Dianne Feinstein's vacan

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California electricity pricing exploded in the last three years, far outpacing inflation

Energy Toolbase’s latest analysis reveals, following six years of stable, inflation-adjusted electricity prices, California’s electricity bills have surged, increasing nearly three times faster than the Consumer Price Index.

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Beach Eats: 21 Of Your Favorite SoCal Oceanfront Restaurants

We asked for your favorite places to eat and drink at the beach, and you delivered. Here are 21 seaside restaurants that serve up a view.

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The Hidden Factors Driving up Gas Prices in California

 I am writing to address the concerns raised in a recent letter from your "Oil Czar," Tai Milder, regarding gas price fluctuations in the state. While it is commendable that you are taking steps to better understand these issues, I believe it is imperative to highlight the significant role that local, state, and federal gas taxes, as well as California’s stringent environmental regulatory regime, play in driving up the retail price of gasoline sold in California.

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We must shun California's radical ethnic studies

The greatest danger of Jewish proponents of radical ethnic studies is that they end up supporting outrageous political positions completely at odds with traditional Jewish interests.

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YIKES! Chaya Raichik shares tweets from Burbank mayor PADDLED by drag queen that make him look even WORSE

 As Twitchy reported earlier today, Burbank Mayor Konstatine Anthony was caught on film being paddled by a rather large drag queen at an even that very well could have been attended by children because the age limit for said event was 15+.

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WATCH: Mass Youth Brawls Hit California Malls

Two massive brawls were reported on Sunday at malls in California, including the Del Amo mall in L.A., and the Bay Street Mall near Oakland.

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'A sad day': Nordstrom officially closes San Francisco flagship store, shoppers say goodbye


Politics | Woke Insanity

Leftists Hate The Minutemen Mascot Because They Love Tyranny

Radicals will never be content to tear down just the 'Redskins' and 'Chiefs' mascots. They'll always come for the proverbial Minutemen.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

GOP Lawmakers In a Blue State Are Seeking to Shift the Party's Stance on Two Major Issues

 Republicans in California may remove opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage from the state’s official party platform to resonate with voters, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

California Considers Eliminating Requirement to Notify Law Enforcement of Suspected Domestic Violence

 Former California State Senator Melissa Melendez, one of the shining sanity beacons in the not-so Golden State’s body politic, tweeted on August 14 that the state legislature is considering a bill eliminating the present requirement of healthcare providers to notify law enforcement when they suspect a patient has, or is, suffering from domestic violence.

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First photos of Chinese-run lab in California experimenting with dangerous viruses and engineering mice

Court documents revealed nearly 1,000 dead and diseased lab mice and haphazard storage of infectious diseases at an illicit chemical lab in a sleepy California town still struggling to find answers.

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‘The Book of Jews:’ San Diego Human Relations Commissioner Forced to Resign Over Antisemitic Comments

A member of San Diego's Human Relations Commission was forced to step down this week following a furious response to antisemitic comments he proffered at a meeting of the body on July 18, in which he claimed that the Torah instructs Jews to murder Palesti

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10 Landmarks You Didn't Know Existed In Pasadena

Beyond the most famous attractions in Pasadena are some of the city's lesser-known highlights. These are among the best landmarks in Pasadena to see!

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I Couldn't Believe the Truth About Shoplifting

It wasn’t until just moments ago that I became aware of just how shockingly bad the shoplifting crime wave is — and I’m the former San Francisco resident who can’t seem to stop writi...

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California Approves New Math Guidelines that Emphasize social justice

California's new math guidelines are based on a concept known as

Politics | Woke Insanity

California adopts new math framework emphasizing equity and cultural responsiveness

 We thought things were bad when they were pushing Common Core. But then we came to a time when alleged intellectuals argued on Twitter that two plus two can equal five.

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California Democrats Block Bill To Lock Up Repeat Child Sex Traffickers: Prison Is Not the Answer

California Democrats on Tuesday killed a bipartisan bill to strengthen punishments for repeat traffickers of minors, continuing a years-long push to empty prisons.

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NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour Will Stand Tall Once More

The trusty old Shuttle is being made into a museum display, and it'll be the first time the 20-story spacecraft is fully stacked outside of a NASA facility.

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Gavin Newsom Says Something So Mind-numbingly Stupid, Only a Leftist Could Believe It

Occasionally a Leftist will utter something so extraordinarily stupid that I am compelled to call it out. Today's honoree is 2024 understudy Gavin Newsom.

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There’s an abandoned theme park just down the road from Disneyland

Knott’s Berry Farm’s Jungle Island lasted just under 20 years before being shut down — but it was never demolished.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

Disaster: Homelessness Skyrockets in Los Angeles; Over 75,000 on Streets in L.A. County

Homelessness in Los Angeles skyrocketed over the last year, increasing by 10% in L.A. County and 9% in the city.

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Park Employees At Yosemite Violate Uniform Code For Pride March

'Nothing like a horde of people making a political statement while you're trying to enjoy your brief break from society,' someone commented.

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Can Anyone Fix California? | Vanity Fair

Climate. Housing. Crime. Depending on who you ask, the Golden State is a bellwether for progress, or a liberal hellscape. A journey through a land in crisis.

Politics | Op-Ed

Gavin Newsom: The Groomed Leftist Who Expects To Be President

If lefty globalists were to spawn the perfect politician in a vat, Gavin Newsom would emerge from the goo.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

Filmmaker Has Stunning Example of How Crime in San Francisco Is Out of Control

 Eli Steele, a filmmaker, detailed his experience of what happened when the SUV he was using in San Francisco was broken into and thousands of dollars of equipment was stolen.

Politics | Politics

California Bill Would Punish Parents Who Don't 'Affirm' Their Child's Gender Identity

A newly revised California bill would treat parents' refusal to "affirm" their child’s gender identity as a violation of health, safety, and welfare in the context of custody disputes.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

California Takes a Big Step Towards Legalizing Shoplifting

If California isn’t already the nation’s shoplifting leader, it soon will be if State Senator Dave Cortese’s SB 553 becomes law, according to some retailers. The bill just passed the...

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Apartment under LA bridge on market for $250,000, in high demand

This Alhambra apartment under a bridge is one of the 10 Los Angeles County properties under $250,000.

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California Senate passes proposal to liquidate investments in fossil fuels | Just The News

SB 252 is one of three bills in the Climate Accountability Package that “align public investments with climate goals, and raise the bar on corporate action to address the climate crisis.”

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White Marxists, Black Pawns, and the Inevitable Clash With Reality

You likely won’t read this in the Pravda Press, but the women of Oakland, Calif., are finally tired of teens beating the crap out of them, and they are no longer remaining quiet about it....

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Build Back Red California

The transformation of Dust Bowl migrants into surfing suburbanites was a social and economic miracle that supercharged the American dream. It can be replicated today.

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Newsom's Nanny State: California Set to Ban Skittles & Other Candy Over Health Concerns

Do you know what poses health risks in California? Everything. Everything poses a health risk in California. Don’t believe me? Start checking labels. You may be surprised at the number of produc...

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California: Person of Color™ Torches College Students, Doesn't Even Get Probation

A California DA has let a Person of Color™ convicted of literally setting UC Berkeley students on fire skate without prison or even probation.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Demanding transparency on antisemitic ethnic studies

We’ve asked a California Superior Court to compel Hayward Unified School District to answer the Public Record requests they’ve ignored.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Multiple Antisemitic Incidents Reported at University of California Santa Cruz

Back to back antisemitic incidents occurred on and near the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) late last month, school officials confirmed in a statement shared with The Algemeiner. The incidents involved a group of students organizing a party co

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California Democrats Kill Legislation that Cracks Down

If they were effective, more than 5,000 users would still be alive. This is not about public health. It's not about crime prevention. This is about race and the radica

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Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan dies at 92

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan has died at the age of 92.

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13 Off-The-Beaten Path Ideas For Your Next Trip To Los Angeles

Finding the hidden gems of LA can give travelers an insider's feel of the city. For a trip you're unlikely to forget, check out these spots on your next trip.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

California Goes Full Communist: Utilities to Base What They Charge on How Much You Make

California is implementing full Marxism before our very eyes. Now there can be no doubt: instituting Communism has been what “equity” has been all about.

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Cruise California During The Golden Age In Beautifully Restored Videos

A YouTube channel called NASS features restored and colorized videos of city streets in the 1950s and 1960s, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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Video shows baby lying on San Francisco sidewalk with mother who apparently just gave birth

A viral video shows a crying baby lying on a San Francisco sidewalk with the mother, who apparently just gave birth.What do we know?The baby was born Thursday, KRON-TV reported, citing the city's fire department. The video in question began circulating Sa

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Newsom's Real Spring Break Begins - At an Expensive, Members-Only Bahamas Beach Resort

Newsom's visit is tone-deaf and a slap in the face to struggling Californians, who are footing the bill for his security detail.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

DISNEYLAND: How the Anaheim theme park changed from 1956 to 1959

In honor of the park’s anniversary, this story is the second part of a seven-part series looking at how Disneyland has changed decade by decade. This part deals with the many changes and addi…

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CA Rep. Ted Lieu Tweets Photo of Fetus That Looks Like Cotton Ball, Ridicule Ensues

Unborn babes are more than balls of cotton, despite what Ted Lieu would have you think.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

9 Fun Facts About Knott’s Berry Farm

From its humble beginnings as a tiny berry farm to its current status as one of Southern California’s premier family theme parks, Knott’s Berry Farm has a rich history.

Travel | Travel

7 Unique Themed Restaurants In Northern California

Themed restaurants in Northern California are more than places to grab a bite, they’re dining destinations! From fantasy theme to themes from other countries, these places have something everyone can enjoy!

Architecture & Interior Design | Architecture

Finding and Renovating a Fullerton Forever Home

Discover a 1955 Eichler Fullerton Forever home that, with hard work, creative visions and clever strategies, became an MCM dream.

Politics | Op-Ed

Realigning California Would Realign America

The conventional wisdom on the Right in most of the rest of America is that California is a lost cause. Rather than fight inside California, where you are up…

Politics | Woke Education

Victor Davis Hanson: What Happened to Stanford?

Stanford was once one of the world’s great universities. It birthed Silicon Valley in its prime. And along with its nearby twin and rival, UC Berkeley…

Politics | Politics

Newsom Under Fire For Failing to Disclose Personal Ties to Silicon Valley Bank While Lobbying for Bailout

Three of Gavin Newsom's private wineries had been clients of the Silicon Valley Bank. Ken Klippenstein of the Intercept uncovered that Newsom's involvement

Miscellaneous | I Like This

30 Candid Photos Capture Street Scenes of San Francisco From the Second Half of the 1970s

San Francisco in the 1970s was a global hub of culture. It was known worldwide for hippies and radicals. The city was heavily affected by dr...

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Jewish Parents, Schools Challenge California Special Education Law

“It takes a special kind of chutzpah to deny Jewish kids with disabilities equal access to special education benefits.”

News | News

PODCAST | In Washington There Is No Truth And No Consequences

Listen now | I wanted to talk a little bit about honesty and government. It makes me cringe to use those two words in the same sentence, especially when we're talking about the federal government.

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

10 Facts About the Hollywood Sign

When developers put up a larger-than-life advertisement for their new L.A. housing development in 1923, they had no idea it would become one of the most iconic landmarks of all time.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

Driver mows down biking doctor before stabbing him to death on Pacific Coast Highway

Vanroy Evan Smith struck cycling doctor Michael Mammone with his car before stabbing him to death on the Pacific Coast Highway Wednesday, law enforcement officials said.

Politics | Politics

Gavin Newsom's 'Suicide Pact' With the Truth

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s anti-gun narrative is as thin and ineffective as one-ply toilet paper to a guy on Colon Blow. If you weren’t sure of it before, Newsom’s lame message after two mass shootings in his state in the past few days should make it clear to all.

News | News

PODCAST | The Open Secrets Of The Biden Administration

Listen now (27 min) | Before we get into this morning's segment on The Captain's America: Third Watch with Matt Bruce, I’d like to send my condolences to everybody who is affected by the mass shooting in California. I do want to point out that

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Victor Davis Hanson: Reckless Reparations Reckoning

The last time racial reparations made the major news was on the eve of September 11, 2001 attacks. The loss of 3,000 Americans, which for a time fueled a new…

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California professor with history of pro-terrorism comments honored

The Middle East Studies Association gives Rabab Abdulhadi its Annual Service Award.

Politics | Politics

Biden Blames Climate Change for Storms in California, Experts Disagree

President Joe Biden blamed the latest storms in California on climate change while visiting the damaged Golden State on Thursday. 

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If You Think You're Middle Class in California, Chances Are You're Wrong

The American middle class continues to wither as the lower and upper income tiers keep growing, especially in California

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California's Reparations Task Force Chair Says Blacks Are Owed $1M Each

Black Californians should each receive $1 million and those who are homeless should be first, according to the Reparations Task Force chair.

Politics | Politics

California Begins Enforcing Law Taking Away Parental Rights Over Child Transitioning

On Sunday, the state of California began enforcing a new law that has made the state a “sanctuary” for children who believe they are of the opposite gender and…

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Posters Glorifying Palestinian “Martyrs” Found in LA

Various posters glorifying Palestinian “martyrs” were found in Los Angeles on December 16. The Palestinian Youth Movement announced in an Instagram post

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This San Francisco museum holds secrets to Disneyland

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco has insider knowledge of the happiest place on earth that even die-hard theme park fans likely missed.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

Year in Review: California Got Even Crazier in 2022

Progressives had a banger year in California, even by the Golden State’s standards.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

Newsom Humiliated as California's Migration Exodus Is Worst in Nation

Remember when Newsom ran ads in Florida encouraging Sunshine state residents to ditch freedom and move to California? Well, I guess it didn’t work out so well.

Politics | Op-Ed

The ‘Reparations’ Scam › American Greatness

California is considering paying “reparations” to black Californians who are directly descended from enslaved people, which may surprise most Californians.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

Universal Basic Income Hits the Bay Area—If You’re Black

At least three guaranteed income initiatives in the San Francisco Bay Area openly discriminate against white residents, limiting or entirely preventing their participation in programs that dole out no-strings-attached cash.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

San Francisco Is A Hellhole For A Reason

Earlier today I wrote about an infant who overdosed on fentanyl while playing in a park. The child’s nanny had taken her to the park for a walk and among the detritus left by druggies was enough fentanyl to cause a near-fatal overdose. Luckily the EMTs arrived and saved her life.

Miscellaneous | Things To Do: Los Angeles

9 Places Where You Can Go to Learn Unusual Skills in Los Angeles

Part of getting older is getting better. And part of getting better is learning new things. One of the…

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Fentanyl's scourge plainly visible on streets of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In a filthy alley behind a Los Angeles doughnut shop, Ryan Smith convulsed in the grips of a fentanyl high — lurching from moments of slumber to bouts of violent shivering on a warm summer day.

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

The 7 Wackiest Restaurants In Southern California Where Dining Is A Blast

Why just eat when you can dine somewhere quirky and unusual? Get ready for fun when you visit these wacky restaurants in Southern California.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

9 real-life destinations that inspired Disneyland - The Points Guy

Walt Disney loved to travel — and many of those travels inspired the design of and attractions at Disneyland. Here are 9 destinations you can still visit today.

Politics | Campus Watch

Berkeley Develops Jewish-Free Zones

Nine different law student groups at the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Law, have begun this new academic year by amending bylaws to ensure that they will never invite any speakers that support Israel or Zionism.

Politics | Politics

WHAT HAPPENED? Gavin Newsom had a 10-year plan to end homelessness in San Francisco … back in 2008

Gavin Newsom had a 10-year plan to end San Francisco homelessness back in 2008. How has that worked out?

History | History

Remembering Queen Elizabeth's Royal Visit to Los Angeles

In 1983, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip went on a 10-day tour to California, where the Queen was "thrilled" to meet Ronald Reagan

Travel | Travel

Labor Day weekend 2022: The perfect California road trip

This weekend, opt for California 154, a sun-soaked, 32-mile road connecting Santa Barbara and Los Olivos.

Politics | Politics

California Asks Residents To Avoid Charging Electric Vehicles Due To Blackout Risk Days After Unveiling New Gas Car Ban

Days ago, officials in California unveiled a plan to phase out new gas-powered cars. Now, officials are asking residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles in the interest of not overwhelming the power grid.

Politics | Politics

California Regulators Approve Banning New Gas Car Sales

California regulators have approved a plan to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 in a Thursday vote.

News | News

CA Life Expectancy Falls 2 Years as State Drops in National Rankings

Hawaii tops the list again for oldest-growing Americans, while California falls behind Washington and Minnesota

Business & Finance | Business

Fender reportedly lays off hundreds of California employees

Fender has reportedly made over 300 employees at its California operation redundant, with the layoffs including everyone from production line workers to senior management positions.

Travel | Travel

11 Historic Seaside Inns to Put on your California Road Trip List

From Old Hollywood hideaways to the officer quarters for a WWII blimp air base, these are 11 of the best historic seaside inns and hotels in California.

Travel | Travel Tips

How to Find Free Camping in California's National Forests

Here are our picks for free dispersed camping spots near you around California's national forests, all within six hours' drive of San Francisco.

Politics | Opinion

Victor Davis Hanson: Gavin Newsom’s Weird Idea of ‘Freedom’

In a run-up to what is likely to be a 2024 presidential bid, California Governor Gavin Newsom hit upon the bizarre idea of boasting in commercials that…

News | News

PODCAST | Will The Independent Truckers Be The Ones To Correct California?

After addressing the childish social media feud between Donald Trump and Elon Musk and touching on the imbecilic response from Vice President Hyena Laugh, the discussion comes down to independent truckers and a Convention of States. With California trying

News | News

California's Attorney General Leaks Names, Home Addresses of Gun Carriers – Including Cops, Judges

On Thursday, June 23, the Supreme Court released the Bruen decision which settles the pitched battle over whether the Second Amendment assures the God-given right to self-defense by being able to conc...

Politics | Politics

California's Newsom Loads Billions Into the Cash Cannon to Pay Off Voters in November

Gov. Newsom, awash in federally-issued, inflation-inducing COVID greenbacks, will load billions of them into his cash cannon and shoot them all over California.

Miscellaneous | Random

I Traveled Route 66 From Chicago To Santa Monica, Here Are My 9 Favorite Experiences

From the Pontiac Murals to the Winslow, Arizona, corner made famous by the Eagles, these are the best Route 66 stops from Chicago to Cali.

News | In The News

Paddleboard Duo Rescues Swimmer Attacked By Great White Shark Off California Beach

“The shark bite was unlucky. But after that I ... had so much good luck," the survivor said after his horrifying encounter.

Politics | Politics

Where Californians go, homelessness and violence follow | Washington Examiner

When the renovated Denver Union Station was unveiled in 2014, there were bands, food trucks, and plenty of activities for families with children. The $500 million project was designed to be the “crown jewel” of lower downtown. And for a number of years, i

Politics | Opinion

Victor Davis Hanson: The Selfish Californian

We hear plenty of reasons for the perfect storm that imploded California. One-party, progressive government, of course. Decades of unchecked illegal immigration…

News | News

Los Angeles is the 'worst' metro area in America for first-time home buyers — but you may be surprised by the 'best'

The U.S. housing sector is slowing down but homes are still extremely expensive in many parts of the country, according to Bankrate.

Travel | Travel

7 Things to Do in Greater Palm Springs You’ve Probably Never Thought of Before

From Joshua Tree to Palm Desert, Explore Greater Palm Springs Like Never Before With These Unique, Off-the-Grid Activities, Hidden Gems

Politics | Politics

Shameful: California High School Bars Unvaccinated Students From Attending Graduation Ceremonies

Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) in suburban Los Angeles County plans to prevent 70 seniors from participating in person in their outdoor graduation ceremonies on Thursday evening. Yes, the p...

Politics | Politics

California Votes To End Mandatory Reporting On Students Who Threaten Schools

The bill passed two days after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

News | Antisemitism Watch

California Republican Goes Full Ilhan Omar in Anti-Semitic Rant

California's upcoming primary elections could deliver Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) an unlikely foreign policy ally—Republican Greg Raths, who last week said the "Jewish community" uses money to "control" U.S. politicians. 

Travel | Travel

Best California Road Trips - The Most Epic Scenic Drives

The best California road trips that will take you on epic scenic drives through the stunning desert, amazing coast, and gorgeous wine country

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

Explore a photographic history of San Francisco

Loved by the likes of Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck, San Francisco has always had an air of romanticism. Delve into these images of its history and arts.

Politics | Politics

California Law Requiring Women in All Boardrooms Ruled Unconstitutional

Capitalism is the hammer to break the glass ceiling, not misguided laws.

Travel | Travel

The Best Gondola Ride In Southern California Is This Canal Adventure

If you're wishing for a romantic getaway to Italy, there's no need to buy a ticket. Enjoy the best gondola ride in Southern California.

News | In The News

California will keep workplace pandemic rules through 2022

California workplace regulators have extended mandatory pay for workers affected by the coronavirus through the end of 2022

Miscellaneous | Los Angeles Stuff

El Matador State Beach In Malibu Is America's Most Beautiful

El Matador State Beach in Malibu, California, just may be the most beautiful beach in the entire United States.

Politics | Politics

Wednesday Cartoon: California Democrats Are Pouring Gasoline on Taxpayers and Lighting Us on Fire

Democrat lawmakers want to burn taxpayers to the ground.

News | The News

Disney no longer saying 'boys and girls' in park greetings to promote gender inclusion

Disney is working to take out "boys and girls" in recorded park greetings in the company's push to promote gender inclusion.

News | News

Mask Theater Is Alive and Well in Los Angeles

State officials last week announced that as of March 12, California would no longer require schoolchildren to wear masks. Happily…

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California Returns To A Divisive And Highly Politicized Ethnic Studies Curriculum

California high school students will soon be required by state law to take courses in ethnic studies. The state’s Department of Education (CDE) oversaw the development of a model curriculum, one that took four drafts and was years in the making before app

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne quitting Los Angeles for UK to avoid soaring tax rates

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne have lived stateside for many years, but the couple - who celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this year - are set to return to the UK

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Viper Room Site To Become Home To 12-Story Mixed-Use High Rise Project

Viper Room Site To Become Home To 12-Story Mixed-Use Project With Memorabilia, Condos & Redesigned Music Venue

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Joshua Tree National Park: Essential Tips for Your First Visit

Joshua Tree National Park showcases breathtaking desert scenery, and its namesake trees are just the start. Here's what you need to know before you visit.

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It's Now Cheaper To Travel To Disneyland In Paris Rather Than California

According to a recent report, it's now cheaper for Californians to visit Disneyland in Paris than it is to visit the theme park's California location. The report from KGPE shows that a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim is now almost twice as expensive as traveling to Disney in Marne le Vallee, France.

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Top L.A. Officials Blast County’s Mask Mandate, Rampant Non Compliance – Deadline

Top Los Angeles Officials Blast County's Mask Mandate Amid Rampant Non Compliance At Super Bowl

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SoFi Stadium and the Super Bowl: 6 cool features of the NFL's newest venue | CNN Travel

Like the Super Bowl itself, the new SoFi Stadium is full of superlatives. It's got a six-acre lake and an enormous videoboard hovering over the field. Find out what else makes it unique.

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LA County Sheriff's Department set to lose 4K employees for vaccine noncompliance

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is pushing back ahead of a vote that could cost the department 4,000 employees who have yet to comply with COVID-19 vaccination rules.

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San Francisco Promotes Illegal Drug Use, Overdose Deaths 'Skyrocket'

San Francisco launched a “bizarre medical experiment” in which the city helps the homeless use illegal drugs. Environmental and urbanization writer Michael Shellenberger notes that since t...

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COVID rules never applied to Democratic politicians in California

California Democrats rely on the partisanship of their state to avoid answering for their misdeeds. That is why, once again, prominent politicians were pictured partying it up without masks in Los Angeles, which has among the most strict mask mandates in