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How LA's Honey's Kettle Has Been Perfecting Fried Chicken for 40 Years — First Person

At Honey’s Kettle in LA, chef Vincent Williams has been perfecting the art of making crispy fried chicken over the last 40 years. Inspired by colonial-style ...

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California's Attorney General Leaks Names, Home Addresses of Gun Carriers – Including Cops, Judges

On Thursday, June 23, the Supreme Court released the Bruen decision which settles the pitched battle over whether the Second Amendment assures the God-given right to self-defense by being able to conc...

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Triptides - Visitors (Full Album)

https://requiempouruntwister.bandcamp.com/album/visitorshttps://www.docdroid.net/5QEck2b/prsheet-triptides-visitors-bio-eng.pdfSomeone do the tracklist pleas...

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California's Newsom Loads Billions Into the Cash Cannon to Pay Off Voters in November

Gov. Newsom, awash in federally-issued, inflation-inducing COVID greenbacks, will load billions of them into his cash cannon and shoot them all over California.

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Inside / Out at Santa Barbara’s Boom Boom Bike Room – Jim Bob Barnett

I met Alex when he was probably 15 or 16 years old in our local Santa Barbara bike shop Velo Pro. I had recognized him from punk/hardcore shows and I vividly remember him wearing a Minderaser shirt. He came up and was like “what's up dude I’ve

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I Traveled Route 66 From Chicago To Santa Monica, Here Are My 9 Favorite Experiences

From the Pontiac Murals to the Winslow, Arizona, corner made famous by the Eagles, these are the best Route 66 stops from Chicago to Cali.

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Paddleboard Duo Rescues Swimmer Attacked By Great White Shark Off California Beach

“The shark bite was unlucky. But after that I ... had so much good luck," the survivor said after his horrifying encounter.

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Create true multimodal networks for vibrant cities, Griffith Park Drive closes to cars next week, and ticketing speeding bicyclists - BikinginLA

...says the secret to creating vibrant US cities — and meeting US climate goals — is to invest in true multimodal transportation.

Politics | The Decline Of America

Bleeding Heart of Darkness: My Journey to the Left Coast

To paraphrase a line inaccurately attributed to Mark Twain: The most unsafe I ever felt in Iran was seven years later on the streets of San Francisco.

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Where Californians go, homelessness and violence follow | Washington Examiner

When the renovated Denver Union Station was unveiled in 2014, there were bands, food trucks, and plenty of activities for families with children. The $500 million project was designed to be the “crown jewel” of lower downtown. And for a number of years, i

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Selfish Californian

We hear plenty of reasons for the perfect storm that imploded California. One-party, progressive government, of course. Decades of unchecked illegal immigration…

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Los Angeles is the 'worst' metro area in America for first-time home buyers — but you may be surprised by the 'best'

The U.S. housing sector is slowing down but homes are still extremely expensive in many parts of the country, according to Bankrate.

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Gavin Newsom Celebrates Primary Win, Declares California the ‘Antidote’ for America

Gov. Gavin Newsom celebrated news of his primary victory by declaring California to be the "antidote" to what ails America.

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7 Things to Do in Greater Palm Springs You’ve Probably Never Thought of Before

From Joshua Tree to Palm Desert, Explore Greater Palm Springs Like Never Before With These Unique, Off-the-Grid Activities, Hidden Gems

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Grinduro California 2022 Presented by Giro

Highlights film from 2022Whoa… Something special happened Mt Shasta, California - a place uniquely touched by all four seasons and watched over by a legendar...

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Shameful: California High School Bars Unvaccinated Students From Attending Graduation Ceremonies

Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) in suburban Los Angeles County plans to prevent 70 seniors from participating in person in their outdoor graduation ceremonies on Thursday evening. Yes, the p...

Politics | Woke Insanity

The 8 Most Insane Proposals in California’s 492-Page Reparations Report

Black Californians could enjoy child support forgiveness, free college, free health care, fewer police, and a longterm "truth and reconciliation commission" should Golden State lawmakers pass the proposals outlined by the state's Reparations Task Force.

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California Votes To End Mandatory Reporting On Students Who Threaten Schools

The bill passed two days after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas

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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Arrested In California

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was reportedly arrested in California over the weekend for allegedly driving under the influence.

News | Antisemitism Watch

California Republican Goes Full Ilhan Omar in Anti-Semitic Rant

California's upcoming primary elections could deliver Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) an unlikely foreign policy ally—Republican Greg Raths, who last week said the "Jewish community" uses money to "control" U.S. politicians. 

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

Newsom Criticizes Abbott For Discussing Evil And Mental Health After Mass Shooting

Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom criticized Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) on Wednesday after the tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

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San Diegans about to have more eviction protections

The city of San Diego’s no-fault eviction moratorium went into effect Sunday.

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Best California Road Trips - The Most Epic Scenic Drives

The best California road trips that will take you on epic scenic drives through the stunning desert, amazing coast, and gorgeous wine country

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Explore a photographic history of San Francisco

Loved by the likes of Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck, San Francisco has always had an air of romanticism. Delve into these images of its history and arts.

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62.2MPH (100KMPH) On A Road Bike - Cycling Mt. Whitney Portal

Part 2 of our mountain cycling adventure took us up Highway 395 to Lone Pine, CA home to The Whitney Portal. This area is the base camp essentially for hiker...

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California Law Requiring Women in All Boardrooms Ruled Unconstitutional

Capitalism is the hammer to break the glass ceiling, not misguided laws.

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New Wave Theatre #01 - 1982 - Ivy & the Eaters, Frisbees from hell, Real Life

This is the first episode of the Los Angeles punk/New Wave public access program, New Wave Theatre. RIP Peter Ivers. It debuted in 1982.

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CritCross is INSANE - Crit Racing Meets Motocross?

Welcome to CritCross. This is a weird mash-up of criterium bike racing with some parts similar to what would usually be considered super cross on a dirt bike...

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A Bike race at a GoKart track at night - Adam's Historic Sprinters Challenge

First event of the Adam's Historic Sprinters Challenge held at Adam's Motorsports Park in Riverside, California. Eric Bierman hangs on with cycling superstar...

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The Tee Shirt Ride EP005 - Taylor Warren (CS Velo and Source Endurance Cycling Coach)

I recently linked up with Taylor Warren, my coach and San Diego local to go for yet another tee shirt ride. On this episode we cruise his neighborhood of Nor...

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The Best Gondola Ride In Southern California Is This Canal Adventure

If you're wishing for a romantic getaway to Italy, there's no need to buy a ticket. Enjoy the best gondola ride in Southern California.

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California will keep workplace pandemic rules through 2022

California workplace regulators have extended mandatory pay for workers affected by the coronavirus through the end of 2022

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El Matador State Beach In Malibu Is America's Most Beautiful

El Matador State Beach in Malibu, California, just may be the most beautiful beach in the entire United States.

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

University of California to make ‘Anti-Racist’ Education a Prerequsite for Admission

The University of California (UC) system is set to implement new guidelines that will force all potential applicants to first take an ethnic studies or “anti…

Politics | Joe Biden/Biden Administration

Report: Secret Service Pays $30k/Mo for Malibu Mansion to Protect Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is renting a home in Malibu for $20k/mo -- and the Secret Service is paying $30k/mo to rent an adjacent home, ABC News says.

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Mass Shooting in Sacramento Leaves Six Dead, Fifteen Wounded

Downtown Sacramento erupted in what may have been automatic gunfire on early Sunday morning as at least one gunman opened fire and left a trail of bodies,

Politics | The Decline Of America

WATCH: This Is the California Dream of Public Transportation for All

As California trains go, so goes the rest of the nation's trains

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Wednesday Cartoon: California Democrats Are Pouring Gasoline on Taxpayers and Lighting Us on Fire

Democrat lawmakers want to burn taxpayers to the ground.

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Disney no longer saying 'boys and girls' in park greetings to promote gender inclusion

Disney is working to take out "boys and girls" in recorded park greetings in the company's push to promote gender inclusion.

Politics | The Decline Of America

Can we guess first? News station reports ‘what’s behind the shocking exodus’ from Los Angeles

"Gee, it's a real mystery."

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Mask Theater Is Alive and Well in Los Angeles

State officials last week announced that as of March 12, California would no longer require schoolchildren to wear masks. Happily…

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California Returns To A Divisive And Highly Politicized Ethnic Studies Curriculum

California high school students will soon be required by state law to take courses in ethnic studies. The state’s Department of Education (CDE) oversaw the development of a model curriculum, one that took four drafts and was years in the making before app

Politics | Malfeasance

Which Greedy Execs Make All That Money From $7 Gas?

AAA announced that the U.S. average gas price is now slightly more than $4 per gallon. Gas is at its highest since 2008. But before gas prices took a jump due to the first Green New Deal War, being ho...

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne quitting Los Angeles for UK to avoid soaring tax rates

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne have lived stateside for many years, but the couple - who celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary this year - are set to return to the UK

Politics | Covid 19

L.A. Teachers Union Wants to Preserve Masks in Schools as State Ends Mandates

Students in Los Angeles County public schools will no longer have to wear masks at school, though the teachers union wants masks to stay.

Architecture & Interior Design | Threatened History & Preservation

Viper Room Site To Become Home To 12-Story Mixed-Use High Rise Project

Viper Room Site To Become Home To 12-Story Mixed-Use Project With Memorabilia, Condos & Redesigned Music Venue

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Joshua Tree National Park: Essential Tips for Your First Visit

Joshua Tree National Park showcases breathtaking desert scenery, and its namesake trees are just the start. Here's what you need to know before you visit.

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STOP BUILDING CITIES FOR CARS - What Bikes Are Up Against and How To Get Involved (Wherever You Are)

Event this weekend: https://www.strava.com/clubs/310850/group_events/1120941If you’re a registered city of LA voter, are involved with cycling club or a bike...

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It's Now Cheaper To Travel To Disneyland In Paris Rather Than California

According to a recent report, it's now cheaper for Californians to visit Disneyland in Paris than it is to visit the theme park's California location. The report from KGPE shows that a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim is now almost twice as expensive as traveling to Disney in Marne le Vallee, France.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Jim Crow Returned in Sacramento, Leftists Went Wild, But Yes, It Was Yet Another Fake Hate Crime

It was predictable that a fake hate crime would lead the apostles of race hate not to confess that their hysteria was unfounded, but just to double down.

Politics | The China Threat

Meet the California Dem Who Invited the CCP Into His Local Classrooms

A Democrat running for Congress in California worked to bring an educational program sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party into his community's K-12 classrooms.

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Top L.A. Officials Blast County’s Mask Mandate, Rampant Non Compliance – Deadline

Top Los Angeles Officials Blast County's Mask Mandate Amid Rampant Non Compliance At Super Bowl

Politics | Second Amendment

New CA Bill Would Force Parents Of Schoolkids To Reveal Firearm Ownership, Storage Locations

The key sponsor of this bill not only shows his utter disrespect for the rights of others, but his monumental hypocrisy when it comes to supposedly caring about history and the extermination of approximately a million Armenians.

Politics | From CNN

SoFi Stadium and the Super Bowl: 6 cool features of the NFL's newest venue | CNN Travel

Like the Super Bowl itself, the new SoFi Stadium is full of superlatives. It's got a six-acre lake and an enormous videoboard hovering over the field. Find out what else makes it unique.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area is now so bad residents are being asked to house a homeless person in their OWN HOMES

Some charities have urged local families - who are sick of seeing the homeless crisis on their doorsteps - to do something about it personally.

News | The News

LA County Sheriff's Department set to lose 4K employees for vaccine noncompliance

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is pushing back ahead of a vote that could cost the department 4,000 employees who have yet to comply with COVID-19 vaccination rules.

Politics | POLITICS

San Francisco Promotes Illegal Drug Use, Overdose Deaths 'Skyrocket'

San Francisco launched a “bizarre medical experiment” in which the city helps the homeless use illegal drugs. Environmental and urbanization writer Michael Shellenberger notes that since t...

Politics | Politics

COVID rules never applied to Democratic politicians in California

California Democrats rely on the partisanship of their state to avoid answering for their misdeeds. That is why, once again, prominent politicians were pictured partying it up without masks in Los Angeles, which has among the most strict mask mandates in

Politics | Politics

Gavin Newsom moves to dismantle nation's largest death row in California by moving all condemned inmates to other prison

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is moving to dismantle the nation's largest death row by moving all condemned inmates to other prisons within two years.

Politics | Politics

Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti photographed without a face mask alongside Magic Johnson at LA Rams, 49ers game at SoFi S

Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti face criticism after being spotted at the LA Rams, 49ers game without their face masks on.

Politics | Politics

‘Unmask my children now’! Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom & friends didn’t seem concerned about the ‘science’ at NFC Championship

"Every parent should print out this photo and when their children are told to mask up, present it to the person asking and say no."

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20 'Secret' Spots Along California's Pacific Coast Highway

California's iconic Highway 1 has many natural and historic attractions along the Central Coast, famous for its beaches and migrating whales. But there are also numerous "secret" spots along the approximately 440-mile coastal drive between San Francisco t

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California likely to extend paid sick leave amid pandemic

California workers would get up to two weeks of paid time off if they get sick from the coronavirus.

News | News

Hundreds evacuated, stretch of Pacific Coast Highway closed as wildfire rages near Big Sur

Hundreds of residents remained evacuated from the California coast Sunday as a wildfire continues to tear through Palo Colorado Canyon in the Big Sur.

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Soft-on-crime Los Angeles DA ripped after child molester faces little or no time

Hannah Tubbs faces a short stint in a juvenile hall or probation, according to the LA Times, which reported that the Sheriff’s Department has offered to house her in an adult facility.

Politics | Politics

California: Gavin Newsom’s 2022 Vision

California will be the first state to provide universal health care access for all residents regardless of legal status, Governor Gavin Newsom announced on…

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California named the best state for tacos

In a new study from Rent.com, the state of California came in as the number one state for best tacos, with the city of Huntington Park listed as the best city in America to find the delicious meal.

Politics | Politics

Report: More Than 600K People Leaving New York And California For Lower-Taxed States

A new report released on Monday revealed more than 600,000 people have left New York and California during the pandemic for lower-taxed states as the two Democrat-led states continue to extend strong COVID-19 restrictions.

Politics | Politics

Gavin Newsom Proposes Universal Healthcare ‘Regardless Of Immigration Status’

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom proposed providing universal healthcare to all low-income residents, regardless of immigration status, living in the Golden State on Monday.

Miscellaneous | Opinion

Marijuana Is Here to Stay, But Local Sales Bans Drive it Underground

by Paul Armentano / Times of San Diego / Jan. 9, 2022 The majority of Californians in 2016 cast votes to displace the illicit cannabis market with a taxed and regulated marketplace — one that would…

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

You Won't Believe Why California Is Considering Raising Taxes

There’s a certain type of architecture from the mid-20th century called “California Crazy.” Think of a donut shop shaped like a big concrete donut or a restaurant shaped like a hat....

Politics | Woke Insanity

Victor Davis Hanson: California Is a Confederate Society with 'Sick Fixation' on Race

California is a neo-Confederate state with a "sick fixation" on ethnicity and race, Victor Davis Hanson said.

News | News

‘Please Do Not Break Glass’: San Franciscans Leaving Car Trunks Open To Prevent Smash-And-Grab

In the robbery-infested areas of San Francisco and Oakland, California, some residents are so fearful of having their cars broken into that they are deliberately leaving their car trunks open so robbers won’t shatter the windows.

News | News

Los Angeles shopping center The Grove adds coil fencing to deter smash-and-grab robberies

As a recent wave of mob-led store robberies has put retailers, mall operators and communities on edge, one popular shopping center is keeping an unusual security measure in place through the holiday season.

Politics | Malfeasance

California paying six figures to its ‘superintendent of equity’ who lives and works in Philadelphia

California's superintendent of equity lives and works as a life coach in Pennsylvania.

News | News

California To Reimpose Statewide Indoor Mask Mandate, 18 Omicron Cases Detected

California is set to reimpose an indoor mask mandate on Wednesday in an apparent response to the Omicron coronavirus variant.

Politics | Politics

California reimposing indoor mask mandate amid sharp increase in COVID cases

California will require indoor masking once again starting Wednesday, following a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases since Thanksgiving, health officials announced Monday. The new mandate will be in effect from Dec. 15 to Jan. 15, Health and Human Services

Politics | Liberal "Tolerance"

California Diner Kicks Out Uniformed Police Officers to Create 'Safe Space'

The staff of a San Francisco restaurant denied service to three uniformed police officers, claiming the officers' weapons made them feel "uncomfortable."

Politics | The "Squad"

Republicans, Business Leaders Slam AOC For ‘Tone-Deaf’ Remark About Smash-And-Grab Robberies

Congressional Republicans and business leaders slammed far-left “Squad” member and New York Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over comments she made about the recent rash of “smash-and-grab” thefts taking place all over the country.

Politics | Politics

Lawsuits Opposing California School District Mask and Vaccine Mandates Show Who Is On the Side of Right

California's push to mandate vaccines for children are running into legal roadblocks and unraveling.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Mojave Trails National Monument Could Become A Dark Sky Sanctuary

Interns with the Women In Science Discovering Our Mojave, or WISDOM, program spent long pandemic nights measuring light pollution in the desert.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

California’s Gavin Newsom Goes on Vacation to Mexico After Extending ‘State of Emergency’ Order

Just one week after declaring that he would extend a statewide “state of emergency” order, California Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) left for a vacation to…

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

California's Santa Cruz County mandates mask-wearing in private homes - TheBlaze

An indoor mask mandate has been reinstated in Santa Cruz County, California, after a surge in winter coronavirus cases has led to increased hospitalizations. The county health department is requiring that people wear face coverings in indoor settings, inc

Politics | The Decline Of America

California Gas Price Averages Soar to All-Time Record High

On Sunday, California gas prices rose to a record-setting high average of $4.676 per gallon for regular gasoline, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). The previous record average pr...

News | News

Despite Mandates Aplenty, California's COVID Rate Now Doubles Florida's

New COVID-19 cases in California are double the rate in Florida, prompting debate about draconian public health measures implemented across the Golden State.

Politics | Covid 19

Masked-Up California Reporting 4x More Daily Cases than Florida

California, which has certain mask mandates in place, has a daily average of Chinese coronavirus cases four times that of Florida's.

Politics | Malfeasance

L.A. Times and LAPD Ignore the Realities of Crime in the City

It would be comical if the results weren’t so deadly and far-reaching.
A story in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times ran under the headline, “Inside an LAPD crime briefing: Homicides, ‘hood days’ and the ‘com...

News | News

California stimulus checks: See when your zip code will receive a payment

More than 1 million Californians who qualify for a Golden State Stimulus check but haven’t received one yet could see a payment as soon as this week. That’s because the state is preparing to distribute another round starting this Friday. A total of 1.15 m

Politics | Politics

Mark Ridley-Thomas and ex-USC dean indicted in bribery case - Los Angeles Times

A former USC dean is charged with paying off Mark Ridley-Thomas in exchange for millions of dollars in L.A. County contracts with the university.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs law banning sale of new gas-powered lawn mowers as early as 2024

So the state with rolling blackouts is going to ban gas-powered generators?

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy Much? Newsom's Daughter Isn't Vaccinated But Your Kids Better Be

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s daughter Montana turned 12 almost a month ago. Newsom announced the first statewide COVID-19 vaccination requirement for schools on October 1....

Politics | The War On Gender

Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Requiring Gender-Neutral Toy Sections

Having solved all other problems in the state, California Governor Gavin Newsom has now signed into law a bill that mandates large retailers to provide a section for gender-neutral toys....

Travel | Travel

10 Facts About Joshua Tree National Park | Mental Floss

Only two hours outside Los Angeles, Joshua Tree National Park has always had a glamorous cachet. But it also has a fascinating history filled with Hollywood-style drama.

Travel | Travel

This Storybook Town Will Transport You Straight to Europe

Like a Danish fairytale, Solvang is one of the best small towns to visit in California’s Santa Ynez Valley.

Politics | Politics

ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: Gov. Gavin Newsom Makes Universal Vote-by-Mail Permanent in California

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday signed legislation making universal vote-by-mail a permanent staple in California.

Politics | Politics

California Bans Single-Family Zoning In Most Neighborhoods Statewide

Mere days after surviving a vigorous and expensive recall attempt, California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom wasted no time quietly signing three authoritarian housing bills into law....

Politics | Campus Watch

Antisemitism Masked as Anti-Israel Bias at Berkeley

Poster held by a protester at a UC Berkeley student senate meeting on Feb. 3, 2020. Photo: Moi Stern Weisleder. …

Politics | Politics

Riding Post-Recall Mandate, Newsom Bans Most Single-Family-Only Zoning In California

Less than 48 hours after squashing an attempt to oust him from office, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom signed sweeping housing legislation on Thursday afternoon that reportedly bans single-family-only zoning in most neighborhoods across the state.

Politics | Liberal Fascism

‘The leftist persecution campaign begins’: Less than 24 hours after Gov. Newsom survived recall, L.A. County issues ‘new health orders’

"Of course they wouldn't have announced this yesterday."

Politics | Media Watch

Smear Campaign Against Larry Elder Reveals Fraud by Woke Media

Larry Elder was smeared continually by California media at the behest of the left in the most absurd and often quite offensive ways.

Politics | Covid 19

California Recall Exit Poll: Pandemic Top Concern, Homelessness Second

The California recall election exit polls show a plurality of citizens in the Golden State consider the pandemic their number one issue.

Politics | The Hall of Idiots

The Morning Briefing: Racist CA Democrats Reject Chance to Elect Historic Black Governor

Top O’ the Briefing
Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Most struggling magicians are also car thieves.
Not gonna lie, I’ve had that headline at the ready for a while n...

Politics | Politics

Attack On California Gubernatorial Hopeful Larry Elder Goes Viral – Will It Impact The Election?

Elder, who had arrived in his "Recall Express" campaign bus and is leading in the polls among the 46 candidates running to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom, spent just 12 minutes in the neighborhood before protestors threw eggs in the candidate's direction and m

Politics | Politics

CA RECALL: So It Begins: Woodland Hills Voters Report Trouble Casting Ballots

The issue of voting machines and voter disenfranchisement has reared its ugly head in the Newsom recall election.

Travel | Travel

Why Is Pacific Coast Highway So Loved (And What To See Along The Way)

It's easy to see why the Pacific Coast Highway is so popular, but you don't really know until you've driven - and experienced it - for yourself.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Whether It's Racism, Mental Illness, or Intentional, Progressives' Silence on the Larry Elder Attack Is Deafening

We all know why they're silent, but it's disappointing nonetheless.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

Now They Love Audits: Experts Call for Rigorous Audit to Protect California Recall - Breitbart

AP: A group of election security experts on Thursday called for a rigorous audit of the upcoming recall election for California's governor after copies of systems used to run elections across the country were released publicly.

Miscellaneous | Stuff

Opinion: ‘Granny flats’ are destroying San Diego neighborhoods

Increases in population density must also consider infrastructure, such as sewer limitations, traffic conditions and water supply.

News | News

Hundreds of California Recall Ballots Found in Felon's Car Ahead of Recall Election

Police in Torrance, California, said they discovered hundreds of recall ballots in a vehicle where a felon was found passed out with...

Politics | Malfeasance

Gavin Newsom Blames Everyone Else for His Recall. Here Are 100 Reasons That Might Jog His Memory.

California Governor Gavin Newsom faces a recall on September 14 and the more desperate he gets,  the lower he goes to save himself. Odds are 50-50 that Newsom will survive. It’s not a good place...

Politics | Politics

CA RECALL: Why Gavin Newsom and the CA Democratic Party Want the Candidate Choice Question Left Blank

Democrats want the Special Election ballot to be filled out a certain way, and it is diabolical.

Music | Music

Suicidal Tendencies - I Shot Reagan (I Shot The Devil)

From the 1983 self titled album on Frontier Records (FLP 1011)I do Not own any rights to the music heard in this video, i am just uploading it to share with ...

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Group of ‘Alarmed’ Holocaust Survivors, Descendants Press California Lawmakers on New Ethnic Studies Bill

California State Capitol in Sacramento. Photo: Wayne Hsieh / Flickr Over 100 Holocaust survivors and their descendants issued an open …

Politics | Politics

Larry Elder Says He’ll ‘Suspend’ Statewide Vax And Mask Mandates If Elected CA Gov, Vows To Fight Local Orders

Leading GOP candidate promises to “fight any and all vaccine and mask govt mandates at the state and local level.”

Humor | Humor

New Rule: The Tragedy of Trump Voters | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: http://itsh.bo/10r5A1BBill calls on Democrats not to write off all Trump voters as deplorable and asks Republicans to con...

Music | Music

The MERMEN - LIVE at The Fog Fest - 9/29/2018 pt.1

The MERMEN bring out the Sun at The Fog Fest in Pacifica, CA - LIVE - on Saturday September 29th, 2018 !!! With Jim Thomas, Jennifer Burnes and Martyn Jone...

News | News

Newsom Casts Political Blame In New California Vaccine Push

The Democratic governor on Monday blamed “right wing" politicians and media for perpetuating misinformation about the shots and hindering vaccine efforts.

Sports | Cycling

Inside Belgian Waffle Ride California 2021

San Diego hosts it’s Belgian Waffle Ride and it was the first time it was held in July. We saw up close both the mens and womens racers who gave it their all...

News | News

The California Dream Is Dying - The Atlantic

The once-dynamic state is closing the door on economic opportunity.

Politics | Politics

‘This Is Just The Beginning’: Larry Elder Wins Case Against California, Judge Orders State To Include Elder On Ballot

A Judge in California has ordered the state to include radio host and author Larry Elder on the ballot in the upcoming California recall election.

Politics | Liberal Hypocrisy

California Exempts Gavin Newsom from Tax Return Rule It Applied to Larry Elder

The Secretary of State exempted Governor Gavin Newsom from releasing tax returns -- even as she excludes Larry Elder over his tax returns.

News | News

Disney Introduces A Revamped Jungle Cruise Ride Without The Racist Imagery

The ride, which previously featured racist imagery of Africans as spear-waving headhunters, has been transformed into a slapstick comedy in which the wildlife bests clueless safari-goers.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Erasing Years of Work, California Bill Revives Anti-Semitic Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Rossman-Benjamin was the first to expose how the discipline of Critical Ethnic Studies is deeply antisemitic and anti-Zionist.

News | The News

Disney to Move Thousands of Jobs from California to ‘Business Friendly’ Florida

The Walt Disney Company is joining a growing number of businesses to move some operations out of California to states considered to have a “business friendly climate,” in this case Florida where its second theme park is located.

News | In The News

San Francisco won't follow LA County's lead, but could update mask guidance

Hours before LA County officials reinstated its mask mandate, San Francisco Mayor London Breed stopped short of saying the city would also bring back its own. But new guidance could be issued in the coming days.

Miscellaneous | Interesting stories

How these areas became the U.S.

The Story of how the US/Mexico border got its shape.I learned all my video/animation skills on the internet. you can too. Go get two months of FREE Skillshar...

Politics | Politics

Radio host Larry Elder makes late entry into CA recall race

Los Angeles-based talk radio host Larry Elder announced Monday that he would enter the recall race with a little more than two months to go before voting day, joining a crowded GOP candidate list that includes former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, faile

News | News

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is facing a recall — here's what to know and why he'll likely win

Gavin Newsom is the second California governor ever to face a recall election. Experts say he'll likely win.

Politics | Politics

California endeavors to do away with ‘white supremacy culture’ in the mathematics classroom

California is looking at the framework, "Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction."

News | News

I guess I missed out on Newsom’s cash giveaway

Helping the American economy reopen and get people back to work is a civic obligation not a bargaining chip.

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Newsom Misled the Public About Wildfire Prevention Efforts Ahead Of Worst Fire Season On Record

Gov. Gavin Newsom dramatically overstated the amount of fire prevention work performed on “priority projects” he touted and cut Cal Fire’s mitigation budget by $150 million last year, an investigation by CapRadio and NPR’s California Newsroom foun

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Voter Fraud: California Still Has Massive Irregularities on Its Voter Rolls

It’s now more than seven months after the contentious November 2020 election and California still has massive and downright fraudulent-appearing irregularities on its official voter registration...

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Green Energy Not Serving the Needs of Californians Amid Heatwave

In another example of how green energy isn’t ready to be a primary energy source, triple-digit temperatures on the West Coast have forced...

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California governor signs orders to roll back virus rules

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — It's official: Most of California's coronavirus rules governing public gatherings will disappear on Tuesday after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Friday afternoon that heralds the end of the pandemic's hold on much of

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CA County Cuts COVID Death Toll By 25% After Reevaluation: Deaths ‘Clearly Not’ Caused By Virus

A county in California has revised their COVID-19 death total down 25% — by 411 cases — after initially counting all deaths with a positive COVID-19 test as a COVID-related death.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

California Teacher Union Activist: U.S. Is An ‘Evil Empire’ That Funds ‘Ugly Zionism’

An anti-Israel activist within UTLA called Zionism a “sick bourgeois” ideology and claimed that Israeli committed “war crimes.” 

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Only 2 days to ride our boards in one of the best skateboard cities in the world. We crammed as many fun spots as we could in that time. A great way to end a...

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Amid Recall Threat, Gov. Newsom Announces ‘$116.5 Million Giveaway for Vaccinated Californians’

On Thursday, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new incentive program to motivate residents of the Golden State to get vaccinated

Politics | Woke Insanity

San Francisco Seeing an 'Epidemic' of Shoplifting

San Fransisco, once one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities in America, is being destroyed by an ideology that promotes "permissiveness."

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How California's DMV is making it easier to get a REAL ID

At a DMV service window, it should take less than 10 minutes to complete the REAL ID...

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3 L.A. County DMV employees admit to accepting cash bribes in exchange for licenses – Press Telegram

The employees accepted cash in exchange for giving drivers licenses to people who could not pass the written test, driving test, or both, court records showed.

Politics | The Decline Of America

Anti-Israel protesters swarm a police car in California, things do not go well for them

Why do these protesters keep doing this?