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Shameful: California High School Bars Unvaccinated Students From Attending Graduation Ceremonies

Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS) in suburban Los Angeles County plans to prevent 70 seniors from participating in person in their outdoor graduation ceremonies on Thursday evening. Yes, the p...

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Man Dies of Heart Attack After Paramedics Allegedly Refuse to Go Inside

A 56-year-old man was stricken with a heart attack, but paramedics allegedly refused to enter the acute-care facility where he was taken, out of fear of COVID-19. Police bodycam video shows a cop going into the facility in California while paramedics rema

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Colorado Hospital Denies Kidney Transplant for Unvaccinated Patient

On Tuesday, the University of Colorado’s hospital system declared that it will no longer allow organ transplants for patients who have not yet received the…

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announces that masks will be mandated in most outdoor settings, regardless of vaccination status

The mandate doesn't cover "fleeting encounters," like two people walking past each other.

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5 Months Pregnant, I Face Losing My Job And Health Care For Choosing Not To Get A COVID-19 Injection

The state of Oregon is forcing me to contradict what I think is best for myself and my baby or face losing my job and health coverage when I need it most.

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Ohio Woman Arrested and Tased For Not Wearing a Mask at Son's Outdoor Football Game

An Ohio woman was arrested for not wearing a mask while social distancing at her son's outdoor football game.