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Frustrated moms meet up in a parking lot to scream

Massachusetts moms, exhausted by the Covid-19 pandemic, decided to meet up in a local parking lot for a "primal mom scream."

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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announces that masks will be mandated in most outdoor settings, regardless of vaccination status

The mandate doesn't cover "fleeting encounters," like two people walking past each other.

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‘Sociopath’: Kamala Harris handed out Kamala Harris cookies to the press on AF2

What happened to her face?

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Green Beret Congressman Sets Record Straight After AOC Claims Lawmakers Effectively 'Served in War'

Rep. Waltz set the record straight after Rep. Ocasio-Cortez concluded that members of Congress effectively "served in war."

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New York School Official Says She Was Fired For Not Giving 'Wakanda' Salute

A Bronx school superintendent says she was fired as a result of Chancellor Richard Carranza's "equity" agenda that advanced people of color over whites.

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Who Believes in Science, Now? Medical Journal Claims Biological Sex Has 'No Clinical Utility'

The New England Journal of Medicine has argued for removing sex from birth certificates in order to support transgender identity.

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‘I don’t believe it should be blown up’: Tribal leader suggests there are other ways to do away with Mount Rushmore

Specifics are thin, but he thinks there are more environmentally friendly ways to remove Mount Rushmore.