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Tlaib Vote Shows That the Barbarians Aren’t At the Gates; They’re in Congress

 One of the most open-and-shut issues in the history of the United States came before Congress Wednesday, and any decent human being had every reason to expect that the vote on it was unanimous.

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'Not Rooted in Science': Media Won't Judge Biden's Brain After Throwing the DSM-5 at Trump

Pundits disparage the special counsel and accuse Joe Biden's critics of ageism. It’s a sharp change from when the media diagnosed Donald Trump with all kinds of disqualifying brain problems.

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California: Person of Color™ Torches College Students, Doesn't Even Get Probation

A California DA has let a Person of Color™ convicted of literally setting UC Berkeley students on fire skate without prison or even probation.

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Newsom's Real Spring Break Begins - At an Expensive, Members-Only Bahamas Beach Resort

Newsom's visit is tone-deaf and a slap in the face to struggling Californians, who are footing the bill for his security detail.

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Tlaib and her crocodile tears

A Palestinian-American, Azzam Muslih was murdered, but, strangely, Rashida Tlaib had nothing to say about it. Op-ed.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Skipped WHCA Dinner, Citing Coronavirus Risk — but Appeared at WHCA Weekend Party Maskless

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared at a White House Correspondents' garden party on Saturday even after he dropped out of the dinner.

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Biden's Disinformation Chief: Non-Binary People Can Give Birth

The woman Biden chose to be the government-sanctioned arbiter of truth believes "there are many non-binary people who give birth."

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Liverpool anti-racism festival omits antisemitism, prompting accusations of double standards

A Liverpool-based anti-racism festival has come under fire after it failed to plan any events or discussions about antisemitism. Liverpool Against Racism consists of a series of cross-city events. There will be performances by musicians Rebecca Ferguson,

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WATCH: Bezos Was a ‘White Knight’ for Washington Post Purchase. Now, Musk’s Twitter Buyout a ‘Danger’ To Free Speech.

When Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post for $250 million in 2013, the media hailed the Amazon founder as a "white knight" who could "transform" the newspaper industry. Now that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion, however,

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How I was bullied out of Levi's by the intolerant woke mob

After all these years, the company I love has lost sight of the values that made people everywhere want to wear Levi’s.

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10 Examples of the Left’s Blatant Hypocrisy | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsThe American Spectator | USA News and Politics

Hypocrisy of the Left? Let me count the ways. Well, at least some of them, since there are more than...