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Justin Trudeau Installs Taxpayer-Funded Tampon Dispensers in Canadian Men’s Bathrooms

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has begun dispensing feminine hygiene products in the men's rooms of Canada's Parliament.

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After Seal-Clapping for a Literal Nazi, Justin Trudeau Blames 'Russian Disinformation'

 During a recent visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Canada's ruling class found itself giving a standing ovation to a former nazi SS soldier. The surreal scene was supposedly the result of a lack of due diligence. Apparently, no Canadian politician was expected to know that Ukraine was allied with Adolf Hitler during World War II.

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Trudeau: 'Using Protests to Demand Changes to Public Policy Is…Worrisome'

Aside from the idiocy of the proposition — for what other purpose would protesters petition the government if not to change policy? — Trudeau's inconsistency is striking.

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Tyranny: Canadian Parliament Votes for Emergencies Act Motion

The Canadian Parliament voted Monday night to approve Trudeau's motion to invoke the Emergencies Act by a vote of 185 for and 151 against.

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Troopers Cush Convoy - More Arrests as Canadian Cops Sweep Through Ottawa with Clubs. Financial Blacklisting Probe ‘For Months’

Canadian police have made dozens more arrests in the capital city of Ottawa as they move to crush the anti-vaccine mandate Freedom Convoy.

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The Real Terrorist Attack Trudeau Ignored While Cracking Down on the Freedom Convoy

Trudeau’s regime should have fallen over his invocation of the Emergencies Act; it should have fallen also over his inconsistency regarding various protests.

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Democracy Dies in Canada: Trudeau Government to Make Some of Their New Authoritarian Measures Permanent

If the Trudeau government doesn’t fall next week, we may look back on the invocation of the Emergencies Act as the end of freedom north of the border.

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PODCAST: Canada’s Trudeau Proves The Case for Why The World Needs Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Who would have thought that the gateway to the demise of freedom; to the oppressive kingdom of totalitarianism would have been through the Prime Minister of Canada? The Canadian government, under the rule of Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has froz

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Watch: Lawmakers Burst out Laughing at Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau faced another round of heckling in Parliament, prompting audible cackling at his use of the term "responsible leadership."

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Trudeau Invoked 'Emergency' Act Only After Biden Administration Urged Canada to Use 'Federal Powers'

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act just days after the Biden administration urged him to use "federal powers."

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BREAKING: Trudeau Will Respond To Freedom Convoy With Unprecedented Emergency Power: Reports

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will respond to the Freedom Convoy by using the nation’s Emergencies Act that would give the federal government additional power to counter protesters across the nation according to reports.

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'Let Him Answer, He's Not Good at It!': Heckling Silences Justin Trudeau in Canadian Parliament

Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced jeers and insults in Parliament on Tuesday over his coronavirus restrictions.

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Trudeau’s D-Day Proclamation Ignores D-Day, Talks About Military’s ‘Sexual Misconduct And Gender-Based Violence’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau neglected to mention the 77th anniversary of D-Day during his Sunday proclamation commemorating Canadian Armed Services Day.

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Justin Trudeau Faces Backlash After Shaking Hand With Iranians Who Shot Down Plane With Canadians Aboard | The Daily Wir

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing anger from his own countrymen after he was photographed chatting, shaking hands, and even bowing to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, after the rogue nation shot down a commercial airplane with 57 Cana

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Justin Trudeau’s Celebrity Schtick Has Finally Blown Up in His Face - VICE

Trudeau’s Indian misadventure was an epic misfire.

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WALSH: 13 Words That Are Even More Offensive And Sexist Than 'Mankind' | Daily Wire

At a recent town hall, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau explained that the word "mankind" is not inclusive enough. "Peoplekind" is the acceptable form.